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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.0.3 -> 2.0.402:34
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libpciaccess-32: 0.13.1 -> 0.13.202:55
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prologichas anyone here played around with xcompmgr or compton?03:57
prologicor any other compositing engine?03:57
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Romstervery long time ago i did some transparency07:48
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libxfont: 1.4.5 -> 1.4.609:11
Romster got myself an old fashioned weather station antique. made in west Germany.09:24
teK_so it doesn't have USB 3.0.. hm09:33
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frinnstwow, thats cold09:52
frinnst21C in my office right now, without a heater!09:53
nogagplzwhat's the humidity like09:57
nogagplzseems pretty nice10:15
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prologic -- ports for lightdm and lightdm-gtk3-greeter -- Does anyone feel like trynig to get these to work?12:55
prologicAs it turns out XFCE 4.10's nativeuser switching relies on either GDM, KDM or LIGHTDM - frankly lightdm has less dependencies12:56
jaegerone of them is PAM, unless you've patched that out12:56
frinnst# Depends on:  linux-pam12:57
frinnstguess not :)12:57
niklasweI can recomend this program if you haven't use it yet..
jaegerfair enough, hadn't looked yet. Just mentioned it because some cruxers seem allergic to PAM :)12:57
frinnstniklaswe: port?12:57
niklasweI have just built an port for it.12:57
jaegerregarding compositing, I've used xcompmgr in the past. it works exactly as expected but has zero features12:58
frinnsturl? (im senile)12:58
jaegernow I just use the builtin compositing in marco (which works exactly like metacity's did)12:58
jaegerprologic: so what's not working about your lightdm ports?13:06
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prologicjaeger: i believe the greeter doesnt start14:27
prologiccant find anything useful in my searches14:27
jaegerlog output or error messages?14:32
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drayevarghmm, does anybody know if an hourly rdate is sufficient versus ntpd? i kinda don't like ntp's open port ..15:20
drayevargas long as i don't end up with stuff like "time skew detected! your build may be incomplete" i'll be happy15:20
rmulldrayevarg: ntpd doesn't listen by default15:23
rmullsee man ntpd.conf15:23
drayevargalso i get this when i try using our openntpd port  fatal: stat: No such file or directory dispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed15:23
rmullDid you make sure to check the readme and use the post-install script for that port?15:28
drayevargahhh, no, thanks15:29
rmullHope that helps15:30
jaegeryes, an hourly rdate or ntpdate would work. hourly might be overkill, though, unless the machine's clock really sucks15:33
drayevargopenntpd and the contrib ntp fine now but it seems like overkill somehow, i will keep up with rdate, it seems ok so far, as long as doesn't ban me :)15:36
drayevargwork fine*15:36
jaegerI use openntpd pretty much everywhere these days15:37
drayevargthis might be a problem some day [  518.316599] warning: process `rdate' used the deprecated sysctl system call with 1.40.15:38
jaegerIt's been saying that for a LONG time, no idea when they'll remove the deprecated call15:40
jaegerIf you get tired of the warning, use ntpdate15:40
drayevargok :)15:42
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juedrayevarg: ever tried chrony?16:41
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drayevarg   no, sounds pretty good for a/my laptop though :)16:47
jueit's pretty nice, running it on every box here16:48
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drayevarghi there17:06
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drayevargRomster:  it says here that gnutls is used instead of openssl now, should we have a gnutls-32 port?17:35
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nrxtxRomster: do you still update/use the bumblebee and its dependencies at your repo?19:09
drayevargi don't think pitman or romster's ports for those are up to date19:10
drayevarghowever i have used pitman's in the past without problem19:11
jaegerI don't think he ever used it, I think he made it for someone else19:11
nrxtxi created updated ones of pitmans repo19:12
jaegerv33, if I remember right19:12
nrxtxthought about uploading forks of the Pkgfiles which i use19:12
drayevargi put stuff on github, no pressure of being 'offcial' ;) but if someone googles enough they might find something useful19:12
drayevargplus i'm too ocd, the releases would be pushed out like crazy19:13
drayevargrelease 10. deleted comma.19:14
nrxtxhm i'll just add it to the Pkgfile header that i modified the Pkgfiles of pitman and then i'll upload them19:14
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nrxtxdrayevarg: do you still use the packages?19:25
drayevargno, i rarely have use for the nvidia card, it's always off with bbswitch, if i really need it i use nouveau19:29
drayevargi think patches for nvidia and 3.10+ kernel is not perfect yet also19:30
nrxtxok, i'm still at 3.9.10, nvidia binary 325.08 is working fine there19:31
drayevargi don't know, i haven't used arch in a while, maybe they fixed it19:32
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nrxtxteK_: can you check the md5sum on "pyparsing" ?20:51
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teK_the gentoo mirror still has the old md5sum ... hm21:08
teK_stupid upstream :o21:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pyparsing: update md5sum21:09
teK_thx for the heads up21:09
nrxtxteK_: changing md5sums are nearly as good as .tar.gz which are only .tar files21:12
teK_ok I don't understand that21:12
nrxtxteK_: there are a lot of .tar.gz files of tools/software which are just plain .tar files with ".tar.gz" ending21:13
nrxtxthey always mess up some build scripts21:13
teK_name-version.tar.gz unpacking to Name-version.tar.gz is another annoyance21:14
nrxtx:D didn't see that yet21:16
teK_Name-version I meant21:16
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prologicjaeger:  I forward the email I sent to the lightdm-gtk-greeter devel list22:18
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