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drayevarg  :O02:58
drayevarghm, i'm slow, i guess that happened at least two days ago03:00
joacimfirst time i've heard about it =)03:51
joacimall i've seen are people talking about the recent attack on the apple dev center.03:52
joacimi guess the news people much rather talk about apple than other companies.03:53
drayevargi got an email today saying i needed to reset my apple password.. i don't have any apple products :o03:54
joacimdid you sign up for itunes or anything like that?03:54
joacimi havent gotten any emails from apple, and i've had a couple of apple products03:54
drayevargi don't think so...03:55
drayevargit's not addressed to me but some thomas guy03:55
joacimi guess it is good to use different passwords everywhere04:06
joacimalso a point for using a password manager detached from your browser, and having browser support for external password managers04:06
prologicI use a ~/.passwd.cpt (plain text when unencrypted) with ccrypt cli tool04:16
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frinnst<3 lastpass06:29
frinnstand keepass06:29
niklasweGood Morning06:38
niklaswehow can i convert 2013-07-23 08:50:00 to epoch seconds06:57
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frinnstniklaswe: maths07:44
frinnstor google:
niklaswefrinnst: I have already fix it :)07:53
niklasweand used google:
niklaswebut it would be nice if date command could fix it.07:53
frinnstdate +%s07:55
frinnstits all on that site, unless im missunderstanding you07:56
niklaswefrinnst: but I want to convert this time 2013-07-23 08:50:00 to seconds and then I cant use date +%s.., I only got the current time in seconds then :)07:57
niklasweso I used the site instead..07:57
frinnstdate +%s -d"2013-07-23 08:50:00" ?07:58
frinnst*back to writing boring documentation* :(07:59
niklaswefrinnst: thanks :)07:59
frinnsttimezones are probably a gotcha with that method08:02
frinnstattacker '', file '/var/www/index.php'08:34
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:~$ host domain name pointer
niklaswehaha :)09:02
frinnstphp warning09:26
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teK_was ist falsch mit euch09:30
niklaswemet mij?09:34
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pitillohey, someone has webkit's build log by hand?12:42
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rmullpitillo: I have a log from pkgbuild for webkit - do you want that?15:49
rmullwebkit 2.0.415:50
pitillormull: yes please15:57
Romsterwhy do you need that?15:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hpcups: update to 3.13.716:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: nasm: update to 2.10.0916:02
Romstertoo slow on replying heading to bed.16:03
pitilloRomster: I want to take a look to it and check how much time is left to finish the build... (at least to make an idea...)16:04
rmullHoly crap, it's 111MBytes16:11
rmullLet me compress...16:11
pitillodon't worry rmull...16:11
pitillothank you anyways...16:11
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-cf-files: update to 1.0.516:11
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-imake: update to 1.0.616:11
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-makedepend: update to 1.0.516:11
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-videoproto: update to 2.3.216:11
rmullpitillo: Just hold on a minute, it won't take long16:12
jaegertext compresses really well, too :)16:12
pitillormull: thank you :)16:20
rmull912k, much better16:20
pitilloyeah :)16:20
pitillo23% in the log... much time ahead if all goes well...16:22
rmullpitillo: What did you use to determine that?16:32
pitillonop... I look for the object created in the log, with vim's rules I look for the percetage to get an average...16:38
pitillothis kind of ports are maddening on arm when there are more things todo...16:39
rmullAre you updating the webkit port on crux-arm?16:44
pitilloI'm building current contrib/3.0 on the smarttop (both, the rpi and the smarttop are synced with 3.0 ports here)16:51
rmullOh, should I try that with cubox?16:58
pitilloyou are the only one who can answer that question... are you ready for a big rebuild? because I think your cubox won't run only core ports... (on the smarttop there were problems with last kmod and it needs to be locked and some with the GL drivers... repatched the last patch I did with newer xorg-server API) :P17:01
rmullI'll get up to date with the 2.8 stuff and then I'll take a look17:01
rmullI don't really use the thing much so I'm not too upset if it breaks. I guess I feel a little badly that I still have some things to do to get crux-arm support up to date on it.17:02
pitillohere I always try to feed them... 2.8 were running up2date pretty well. Last thing was GL drivers and finally they seem to run "well"... but I've hit some segfaults (on both, 2.8 and 3.0) and this is the main reason about the kernel update (lot of fixes related to vpu/gpu)17:04
pitilloI don't feel right when they aren't computing xD17:05
rmullI'm gonna start with contrib -> 3.017:21
pitilloummmm not sure if that's the right order... when you update opt/xorg collections may be you'll need to rebuild some from contrib17:23
pitilloI've started with core, which is the important and probably the one which can give real boot problems (you know, udev for example... Here was kmod the one blocking the boot process)17:24
rmullAlright, I'll reconsider17:25
rmullI'll see what breaks in core I guess17:26
pitilloif you update something depending on gtk, which depends on some xorg stuff... when you update these you'll end rebuilding againthe upper ones17:27
rmullYep, makes sense17:27
pitilloall this "testing" stuff for 3.0 was done keeping in mind a future release... which I hope we can work on soon17:28
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