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Romsterpitillo, at some point02:19
Romsteri haven't even looked at the proposed changes to lvm2 and mdadm handling in init scripts even02:19
Romsterand i think we ar waiting on a few thngs like this libusb/libusbx merge02:20
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Angst337hello. can you help me to make colored man pages in CRUX? it's just doesn't work. I use "export LESS_TERMCAP_??", but nothing happens :(03:43
Angst337for example, here simple instructions
Angst337terminal is rxvt-unicode, but colored man/less also doesn't work in tty (where TERM=linux)03:45
Angst337anybody use colored man pages? :)03:46
Angst337in CRUX..03:46
dkobyAngst337, use "most" instead of "less"04:17
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frinnst"Important information from"07:42
Romsterhah ubuntu hacked08:22
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z3braI'm new to crux, and I'm facing a little problem with pkgmk. I don't know the "good way" to build packages as a normal user. should I change the port tree group ? change the pkgmk.conf var to point to my $HOME ? copy Pkgbuild to my home for building ?08:35
pitilloz3bra: hey, check this, may be can help you08:36
Romsterz3bra, best way is to use prt-get08:36
Angst337just use fakeroot -- pkgmk --download --ignore-footprint --ignore-md5sum08:37
frinnstI have PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/usr/ports/work/$name" on this box, and obviously r/w on work08:37
Romsterunless your in the habit of building testing or maintaining packages.08:37
Romster--ignore-footprint --ignore-md5sum is not ideal08:37
Romster--ignore-new is ok to use.08:38
z3braThanks for help =) I never (or rarely) used a port system before, so I'm not used to it08:38
z3braAngst337: the problem I faced with fakeroot, is that my user don't have write access to the port tree, so "cd /usr/ports/opt/git && fakeroot -- pkgmk -d" just fails08:40
z3braRomster: I plan to use prt-get in the future, but unless I'm used to the building/installing process, i'll used pkgutils08:41
frinnstz3bra: take a look at pkgmk.conf, there are variables that you need to change for this to work08:41
frinnstsuch as source, work and pkg-dirs08:41
frinnstthese obviously need to change to something you have rw on08:41
z3braThat was my question ^^08:42
z3braOkay thanks !08:42
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frinnsti think im OD'ing on coffee08:43
frinnstfeels great tho08:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: don't export JOBS if $MAKEFLAGS is not defined08:49
Romsterz3bra, what i did was a bit hacky i made a pkgmk group09:20
z3braI though of it ^^09:20
Romsteri changed them paths to the group pkgmk and i edited the mask in pkgmk to allow it to make 774 on files09:21
z3braOh yeah, not that far ^^09:21
Romsterlike i said hacky09:21
z3brayep. well done anyway :)09:21
Romstercould do it how jaeger has09:22
Romsterif i can find it09:23
Romstermakecommand      fakeroot nice -n10 pkgmk -in09:27
Romsteraddcommand       sudo pkgadd09:28
Romsterremovecommand    sudo pkgrm09:28
Romsterrunscriptcommand sudo sh09:28
z3braWhat's that ?09:30
Romstersettings for /etc/prt-get.conf09:30
Romsterprt-get depinst foo09:31
Romsterto install a port then.09:31
z3braOh okay. So that it builds the package under fakeroot =)09:31
Romsteryo can't use fakeroot though sudo/root09:32
z3brait's pointless anyway09:33
Romsterit defeats the use f fakeroot.09:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: better fix for the last commit, only export JOBS if nonzero10:05
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rmullHas anyone noticed issues building ports when llvm is installed?11:28
rmullsome ports pick clang as the compiler during ./configuration and then shit gets a little wonky11:28
rmullDisclosure, I'm on arm11:28
rmullc compiler cannot create executables, trying to execute part of the CFLAGS string, just weird stuff11:29
rmullI'm going to remove llvm to complete the sysup11:29
frinnstim not surprised11:44
frinnstdont use llvm myself so11:44
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Romsteri haev llvm installed but i set CC and CXX for distcc.12:35
Romsterso i havne't noticed any weirdness on llvm. but i am on x86_6412:35
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juermull: latest cups defaults to clang if installed, but I've added a sed to force the use of gcc because it didn't compile for me with clang12:44
frinnstclang binaries are also slower iirc13:06
rmullSomething's up with opt/krb5 - it downloads a .tar file but then tries to extract a tar.gz file13:26
rmullIt's sepen's port but it should be an easy fix if someone with the right perms wants to take care of it13:26
Romsteri don't wanna get into trouble touching other peoples ports.13:27
rmullhaha, fair enough13:27
Romsteri get yelled at enough in the past <<13:27
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Romsterbest to mail sepen or file a bug report.13:27
Romsteryou'll probably find the tar file has a tar.gz file contained.13:34
Romsteri'm assuming the tar file has the tar.gz plus signature files13:34
rmullThat's probably right13:36
Romsterkrb5-1.11.tar.gz      krb5-1.11.tar.gz.asc13:36
Romsterso it's right how it is.13:37
Romsteralthough i would really prefer to override the unpack_source() function in the Pkgfile than to shove it in build()13:38
Romsteris anoying when you do pkgmk -eo only to have to also extract other archives before searching for files or something...13:38
Romsterin the source.13:38
rmullFeel free to add comments to
Romsterproblem is the more i look at it the features i was after is more towards arch than crux.13:41
Romsteri don't see an error with that... what error -z, --gzip, --gunzip, --ungzip13:42
Romsterand it is a gz file.13:42
rmullIt doesn't extract it right13:47
Romsterhow so?13:47
Romsterpastebin the log13:47
rmullI tried pkgmk -eo like you suggested and it just copied the .tar file into the work/src dir13:48
Romstereep it extracts but i get a build error...13:48
Romsterof course...13:48
Romsterthat is the expected behavior.13:48
rmullI thought it was supposed to extract13:48
rmullOkay, well, I'll paste the log, one sec13:48
Romsterpkgmk -kw then ctrl+c it after a few commands then you cans ee the source or tar -xzf it13:49
Romsterto see the real source13:49
Romsterit's also out of date 1.11.3 is out13:53
Romsterdid you remove your source and download it again?13:55
Romsterextracted fine here.13:56
rmullYeah, I start with a bare port dir13:56
Romstertar -x krb5-1.11-signed.tar13:56
Romstertar -xzf krb5-1.11.tar.gz13:57
Romsterls krb5-1.11/13:57
Romsterdoc  NOTICE  README  src13:57
Romsterperfectly fine13:57
Romsterother than the version is out by .313:57
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/krb5#1.11.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:57
Romsterand that worked.13:58
rmullVery very strange.13:58
Romsteri suggest you bump yoru krb5 version pkgmk -um ; pkgmk ; pkgmk -u13:58
rmullwhen you say tar -x, you mean tar -xf, right?13:59
Romsteroh sorry i meant -xf13:59
rmulljust checking13:59
Romsteri forgot the f then i did it with f after...14:00
Romsterelse it sits there and i look dumb waiting for something to happen14:00
rmullThe manual commands work fine for me14:00
Romsterbump the Pkgfile ^14:00
Romsteroh that reminds me gnutls-32 for wine i need to build.14:01
rmullSame problem after the bump14:01
Romsterdistcc -j14:01
rmullI have nothing weird in pkgmk.conf...14:02
Romsterwell i'd say you have to rebuild your gunzip or tar or both...14:02
Romsterprobably broke something...14:02
rmullOkay, I'll try that14:02
Romsterfailing that prt-get update -fr $(revdep)14:02
rmullrevdep was run recently and I have bindutils, openldap, and webkit - nothing affecting extraction14:03
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Romsterno weird flags used during compile14:28
rmullRomster: jaeger noticed that my pkgmk called "cp" instead of "bsdtar" when unpacking14:31
rmullSo there's obviously something wrong with my system14:31
rmullI'll sort it out - thanks for helping14:31
Romsterwell if it's not a archive it'll call cp14:32
Romstersee my ddrescue port as an example14:32
jaegerbsdtar supports .tar files which is the case here14:32
jaegerthe problem is his pkgmk isn't calling bsdtar14:32
Romsterthe case in pkgmk does nto see tar.lz so it'll cp the file to $SRC14:32
jaegerit's calling cp instead as if .tar isn't listed in the $LOCAL_FILENAME case in unpack_source14:32
Romsteroh that is weird did he edit pkgmk?14:33
juewe added plain .tar support not so long ago, maybe rmull is using an old version?14:33
jaegerthat was my guess14:34
Romsteroh that could be it.14:34
Romsterin any case krb5 1.11 fails to compile 1.11.3 works.14:34
jaeger1.11 works fine here14:34
juethe commit to pkgutils was at 2012-11-28, so version 5.35.3 should work with .tar14:36
Romsterugh sepeens depends on lines are getting sloppy.14:36
Romsternettle depends on libgmp but it's not listed.14:37
Romsterelse libhogweed is not built which makes gnutls fail.14:37
jaegerRomster: regarding the annoyance of unpacking archives to find more archives, I agree, though I feel like upstream is a better place to get that changed14:38
Romstertrue jaeger14:38
Romsterthat would benefit everyone.14:38
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libgmp-32: initial import for gnutls-3214:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nettle-32: initial import for gnutls-3214:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libidn-32: initial import for gnutls-3214:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gnutls-32: initial import for wine14:51
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/wine#1.6-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.15:21
Romsterreal14m24.773s user27m33.505s sys2m29.484s15:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] wine: added new dependency gnutls-3215:26
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-videoproto-32: 2.3.1 -> 2.3.215:40
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doomicidesec I'll put you on the OP list18:24
doomicidearrrgh wrong channel18:25
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