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prologicanyone here tried wayland/weston?00:26
nogagplzcanonical did, and the verdict was they'd rather have their own attempt and name it after an ultimately doomed space station00:33
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drayevargyay, thanks guys for making gnutls-32 and its dependencies... /me drinks, err, plays on wine again00:50
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drayevarghmmm... wine iexplore  ecc-random.c:66: _nettle_ecc_modq_random: Assertion `nbytes <= ecc->size * sizeof (mp_limb_t)' failed.02:31
drayevargand then immediate crash02:32
drayevargif it works for someone else i just probably need to rebuild some things02:39
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niklaswegood morning07:07
niklaswehow are you guys?07:07
z3brafine and you ?07:08
niklasweIm fine, I just came in to the office so... :P07:10
z3braSame here07:11
niklasweI wondering if I should try zabbix or not..07:12
niklasweright now we are using nagios and munin.. would be nice if we had all in one instead..07:12
z3braI can't help you on that point I'm affraid :/07:14
niklasweno problem.. :)07:19
niklasweso what are you working with?07:19
z3braI'm still a student07:21
z3bra(well, an apprentice in fact)07:21
z3braI'm dealing with system/network administration + developping software for my company07:22
z3bra(sys/net admin == I can't get outlook to work. I'd better call the apprentice...)07:22
niklasweah okey :)07:31
frinnstthe solution to getting outlook to work is always to create a new profile for it :)07:43
z3braMost of the time, yes.07:47
z3braPlus, adding an 'archive' folder pointing to the old .pst :p07:47
Romsterdrayevarg, you got this ?07:56
Romsterz3bra, there is a scanpst.exe file lurking around that can fix most pst database corruptions07:58
Romsterthe rest of the issues are pretty simple email account stuff07:58
z3braRomster: thanks, that will be usefull. But the problem I'm facing most of the time is ~=4Gb .pst on a FAT32 formatted hdd08:00
z3braNothing more to do than reformatting hard drive08:00
z3braHoppefully, MS can convert FAT32 fs to NTFS without any data loss. It has saved me a few times08:01
frinnstgeez, some brand-name box that, in their infinite wisdom, decided to image windows on fat32?08:01
Romsterewww easy fix08:03
Romsterconvert C: /fs:ntfs08:03
z3braeasy. Not fast.08:03
Romstergive it the LABEL then reboot.08:03
Romsterbut you ought to chkdsk then check that the 4K page size is aligned first.08:04
RomsterIt is, therefore, important to realign the partition before conversion, by moving all the data area up to a 4K boundary. (This will absorb odd sectors at the far end which otherwise would not get used). For this, I suggest BootIT NG, from This is a shareware program, priced at US$30 but with a 30-day fully functional trial. You may well find it valuable also for its Disk Imaging and Partition Management capabilities.08:05
z3brayep. I chkdsk everytime before reformatting. Anyway, the problem is still the same why the fuck are thoses formatted as fat32 ?!08:05
Romsterfree download burn to iso08:06
Romsterboot off it  slide partition tick align for 4K boundry ok08:06
Romsterif it doesn't need to be slided at all ie is already on a 4k boundery it'll complete in seconds.08:06
drayevargRomster: yeah,
Romsterelse it'll spend a good half hour or more shifting it into align.08:07
z3braUsually, I just take the PC for a day, defrag, chkdsk, convert.08:07
z3braAnyway, thanks for the hint ;)08:07
Romsterbut you never check 4K boundry?08:07
z3branever ^^08:07
Romsteralso if oyu really want to be sure smartctl -t long08:07
Romstertsk tsk08:07
z3braI never heard of it08:07
Romsteryou have now08:07
z3braI will ;)08:07
z3braI have to go08:08
Romster9/10 times it's fine. the 1/10 it'll not be fine.08:08
z3braA printer is not working upstairs...08:08
Romstersomeone unpluged it :P08:08
z3braprobably :p08:08
z3brasee you later !08:08
z3braand thanks for tips08:08
z3brawell, he'll call back later08:10
Romsteroh he went?08:12
Romsterdrayevarg, i'm poking a dev about it.08:13
Romsterdrayevarg, if you really get stuck you can use wineserver -k08:15
Romsterlike killall but for wineserver08:16
drayevargok, thanks :)08:17
drayevargit's not hurting my productivity, i just wanted to test gnutls08:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: glew-32: 1.9.0 -> 1.10.008:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glew: 1.9.0 -> 1.10.008:22
Romsterthat's not the point. it should not error at all.08:24
drayevargyes yes08:29
Romsteri'm certain there is a bug in nettle08:29
Romstertry adding --disable-openssl  to nettle08:33
Romsternettle-32 that is08:33
Romsterwhich also requires rebuilding nettle-32 gnutls-32 and wine to test...08:36
RomsterOpenSSL is used only for benchmarking (examples/nettle-benchmark), which is not installed.08:43
Romsteror maybe not the bug i was hoping it to be.08:43
Romsterno that didn't fix anything drayevarg08:45
drayevargthat was fast :o08:48
drayevargmy poor laptop probably has a few hours left08:48
Romster-j20 over 5 machines.08:48
drayevargok, control-c !08:48
Romsteryeah cancel it's still broken i see a patch testing that next.08:48
drayevargi don't know what libtasn is but arch claims it's a dependency of gnutls-3208:50
Romsterdoh i hate when i use patch and forget -i and wait for it to do nothing....08:51
Romsterwarning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type [-Woverflow]08:51
Romsteri really dislike that too.08:51
Romsteri just found that today...08:52
Romsterassert (nbytes <= ecc->size * sizeof (mp_limb_t));09:21
Romstergetting too tired to solve this09:22
drayevargthat's an overflow, right?09:22
drayevargi'll keep poking at it tomorrow09:22
drayevargi tried some things and got it to the point where it says the certificate is invalid, then crashes09:22
Romstersad state of gnutls09:23
nogagplzwho gnu09:34
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frinnststupid cifs crap09:50
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Romsternot tested too tired.09:57
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drayevargi also noticed ls -al /usr/lib/libnettle*  that so file is not chmod 75510:32
drayevargsame with /usr/lib32/
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niklaswehas someone here used graphite?'14:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libgcrypt: 1.5.2 -> 1.5.318:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.7 -> 5.0.818:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docutils: 0.10 -> 0.1118:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pyparsing: 1.5.7 -> 2.0.118:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice: 0.12.3 -> 0.12.418:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: postfix: 2.7.13 -> 2.7.1418:53
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frinnstjaeger: posing as an electrical repair man?
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