IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-07-26

jaegerfrinnst: haha, nice00:11
jaegerfrinnst: that sign is 2.5 miles from my house00:11
jaegerI drive by that strip club on the way to work00:11
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drayevargRomster,sepen: actually on 7/14 gnutls 3.2.2 was released, maybe it will fix the wine ssl problem (git versions of nettle and nettle-32 didn't help me)06:51
drayevarghowever i just built lynx with  --with-gnutls --without-openssl  to test https and it worked fine06:52
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niklasweehmm strange.. I can connect to my raspberrypi, If I ssh from my own firewall at home.. but when Im somewhere else I cant.. the raspbeerypi has an external ip from my ISP.07:13
frinnstjaeger: :D07:22
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Romsterdrayevarg, i just dired up my distcc cluster time to test.07:54
Romstergnutls 3.2.2 is looking for makeinfo argh...08:01
Romsterwhich is in texinfo08:02
Romsterbut we use texlive now...08:02
Romster--disable-doc --disable-nls added retrying08:05
drayevargi wish i could do more but the most powerful machine in my house is probably the playstation 3, heheh08:12
Romster--disable-doc seems to work but now i have no man pages but i never read them for gnutls anyways08:12
Romsteri want a bigger cluster for more speed :D08:14
Romsteronce ya start there is no stopping.08:14
Romsterrebuilding wine now.08:15
Romsterthen i'll know if this fixed it or not08:15
drayevargif you try nettle-git-32 you have to add --enable-shared to get the libhogweed* stuff08:15
Romsteri would notice that in the footprint.08:16
Romsterno that still failed.08:20
Romsteralso if .so libs are not executable that wont matter.08:21
drayevargwhat the hell... and ok08:21
Romsteras long as the other programs can read them...08:21
Romster ecc-random.c:66: _nettle_ecc_modq_random: Assertion `nbytes <= ecc->size * sizeof (mp_limb_t)' failed.08:21
drayevargi didn't find a damn thing08:22
Romsterworks for you?08:22
drayevargno, i get no results08:22
drayevargon google08:22
drayevargabout that error08:22
Romsteri'm using stock nettle and libidn08:23
RomsterWINEDEBUG="+all" wine ...08:23
Romstertry that08:23
Romstermay be a bit excessive using all :D08:23
Romsterhmm that'll take a while on +all08:24
drayevargyes and i forgot to start it with nohup so i can paste it, one sec08:26
RomsterWINEDEBUG="+error,+tld" wine iexplore
Romsterperhaps gnutls-32 needs --host set aswell...08:28
Romsteror actually --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu08:29
Romsterhmm but i got host there...08:29
drayevargfor some reason it just loads a blank page now but doesn't crash
drayevargyou can ignore the ld_preload stuff, it's a stupid side effect of spectrwm08:32
Romsteri don't even get that many fixme's so mine is ending sooner.08:33
drayevargdo you get a crash when you go to ? i get 'bad request'08:38
drayevarghe even rocks out in his sleep... gross08:49
Romsteroh screw it still errors out08:50
Romsternope i get a problem with the certificate gui box twice then it crashes08:51
drayevargi don't understand why they made gnutls mandatory in the first place..08:52
Romsterif you ask me that frameworks is crap08:52
drayevargi've never used it for anything08:53
Romsterglib-networking uses it which libsoup uses that webkit uses.08:54
Romsterother than that i don't use it for anything else than now wine08:54
Romsterhmm trying a clean WINEPREIX09:01
Romsterhas to be in nettle09:02
drayevargi think the new version of gnutls is worse, not better[0]=&sev[0]=&pri[0]=&due[0]=&reported[0]=&cat[0]=&status[0]=open&percent[0]=&opened=&dev=&closed=&duedatefrom=&duedateto=&changedfrom=&changedto=&openedfrom=&openedto=&closedfrom=&closedto=09:08
Romsterlong url is long09:16
Romsterfor god sake i'm trying to remove bugs not make more while trying to find a solution for https in iexplore09:17
drayevargi'm testing downgrading nettle to 2.609:18
Romsterhmm may be an idea09:19
drayevargok, maybe that's not possible,   *** Libnettle 2.7 was not found.09:20
drayevargwhen rebuilding gnutls09:20
Romsteryou do have nettle-32 and nettle installed?09:23
drayevargum of course that's with nettle 2.6, the current gnutls can't use nettle 2.609:25
Romstergnutls{,-32}n 3.2.0 built ok09:26
Romstercan't it?09:26
Romsternettle is 2.7.109:27
Romstercan't use a older nettle with later gnutls...09:27
drayevargya, that's what i mean09:28
drayevargi can test downgrading gnutls too but i don't know if that's acceptable09:29
Romsterno harm in trying...09:29
Romstertrying gnutls 3.2.009:29
Romsterthough i think i might have to goto 3.1.x09:29
Romsterya know what i shouldbe doing is make test in nettle-32 and gnutls-3209:33
drayevargok here's something fun09:34
Romstereven with a cluster it's still taking ages to keep recompiling wine on each change.09:34
drayevargi just downloaded firefox 22 for windows09:34
drayevargand installed it, works fine there09:35
Romsterin wine09:35
Romsterfirefox bundles everything as you should know. it's it's own OS09:35
drayevargoh, right :(09:35
Romstersorry to burst your bubble.09:37
drayevargit's ok09:37
drayevargmake check fails with that wine error on nettle-3209:39
drayevargFAIL: ecdsa-verify09:39
drayevargecdsa-keygen-test: ecc-random.c:66: _nettle_ecc_modq_random: Assertion `nbytes <= ecc->size * sizeof (mp_limb_t)' failed.09:39
Romsterah there we go it is in nettle-32 then09:40
Romsterok so gnutls 3.2.1 is ok but not 3.2.209:42
Romsterso we need a version of nettle that hasn't got that bug...09:42
Romsterbut you tried nettle 2.6 and gnutls hates that right09:43
Romsterhmm nettle 2.7.1 was released 38 hours ago but nettle 2..7 was 8 weeks ago09:44
Romsterlets try 2.709:44
drayevargi wonder if this is some kind of race condition because the first time i ran it 3 tests failed, now 8 tests fail.. note to self:
Romstertrying make check -j109:49
drayevarg  2.7 added the ecdsa keygen algorithm09:50
Romsterstill 8 of 67 tests failed09:50
Romsterit's all ecc except for 2 of  ecdsa09:51
RomsterAn upgrade of gnutls to 3.2.2 breaks pretty much everything that uses TLS.09:58
drayevargyeah that's the gist of the long ass arch link i posted09:58
Romsterbetter notify sepen so he does not bump gnutls09:58
Romstereven using i686 and -O0 and -j1 on make does not make a difference.10:04
drayevargwith nettle 2.6 and gnutls 3.1.5 i get *** glibc detected *** iexplore: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00ff0008 ***10:06
drayevargand it freezes, hehe10:06
drayevargbut i didn't rebuild wine10:07
drayevargi'll be back in about 15 min10:18
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Romsterjust got back home from getting dinner10:36
Romsterdrayevarg, as a thought i wonder what gcc version and nettle version other distros use10:50
Romsterperhaps our gcc is too new for nettle10:50
drayevargmake check passes with nettle but not nettle-3210:51
Romstereven if you add --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu10:51
drayevargi think its only dependency is libgmp-32 .. so i dunno what to do..10:52
Romsterin the past i've only had issues with 32bit ports that had asm stuff where build or host setting to i686 fixed that10:52
Romsteri don't get the overload on nettle where i do on nettle-32 due to different types.10:54
drayevargsame here10:55
Romsterwarning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type [-Woverflow]10:55
Romsterthat has to be causing the issue10:55
drayevargyeah and it spams it a bunch of times10:56
Romsterto me that is the issue i can't see any asm errors10:57
drayevargecc-256.c:179:7: warning: left shift count >= width of type [enabled by default]10:57
drayevargthere's also that one10:58
drayevargi don't know if they used it to build things but arch is using gcc 4.8.1 , i read in some dev mails that they are having problems with libdrm with it though11:03
drayevarg's/build things/build current-packages/'11:03
drayevargi used arch for a long time and i noticed that if you use abs and build stuff yourself it doesn't actually build, so they seem to make binaries of stuff available that weren't built with what they offer to upgrade to, if that makes sense11:05
Romsterhrmm oh i think i know what the go is seems to also mess up on gmp11:13
Romsteri bet the headers for libgmp-32 is not the same types as libgmp11:13
Romsteryeah i see the fault now...11:14
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drayevargi saw arch did with libgmp-32 --includedir=/usr/lib32/gmp and then on nettle did ./configure --with-include-path=/usr/lib32/gmp  but i didn't think that'd matter11:17
Romsteryeah i just found that now.11:17
Romstermakes sense when you see this though
Romsterand that still failed...11:22
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/nettle-32#2.7.1-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.11:26
Romsterbiatch i finally got it11:26
Romsterdoing some more testing before i push this drayevarg11:28
drayevargyeah, libgmp is important11:28
Romsterit's headers are the cause...11:28
Romsterit was throwing me off.11:29
drayevarggood job :)11:29
Romsteryou helped.11:29
RomsterYou know that PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR was added to pkg-config specifically11:29
Romsterfor dpkg-cross, right?  If it's not working, that's pkg-config's fault.11:29
Romsteris that true?11:29
drayevargthis seems contradictory:11:31
drayevargPKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR should never be set by the user (Or, if they do,11:31
drayevargit's wrong).  Using PKG_CONFIG_PATH doesn't remove /usr/lib/pkgconfig11:31
drayevargfrom the search path.  PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR does.11:31
Romsterwe have PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR for .32bit files in ports11:32
Romsternow i question this.11:32
Romsterseems confusing with PKG_CONFIG_PATH11:32
drayevargi figured touch .32bit would do the magick automatically11:32
Romsterit uses the case in /etc/pkgmk.conf11:32
Romsterhave a look there.11:32
Romsterby the man page PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR should be fine as is.11:33
drayevargshould pkgmk.conf add PKG_CONFIG_PATH as well?11:34
Romsterdunno testing without to see what happens11:34
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Romsternah it's just arch being dumb.11:40
RomsterPKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR is the preset path.11:41
RomsterPKG_CONFIG_PATH is like PATH only for extra locations on top of PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR11:41
Romsterthe issue is i didn't add ABI=32 to libgmp-32 nor a path to it's includes.11:42
Romsterand nettle-32 needs CC="$CC -m32"11:42
drayevargi didn't see that export ABI until the last minute11:42
Romsteri bet some Makefile somewhere is not listing LDFLAGS where it should be.11:42
drayevargyeah it seems like a dumb makefile not to look at cflags or ldflags11:42
drayevargalthough i tested with file that they were indeed 32 bit elfs11:43
drayevargwhy it doesn't work after that is beyond my limited knowledge11:43
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libgmp-32: fix ABI so it really builds as 32bit and install it's header files for nettle-3211:45
Romsteryeah the file is but it does something with the headers i think11:45
Romsterdue to the type defs11:46
Romsterthere's libgmp-32 fixed ^11:46
Romsterbut i'm not happy doing gcc -m3211:46
Romsteri'd rather find the issue in the makefile.11:46
drayevargi think with the limited time you have avaialble and the difficulty of understanding others' c code it's pretty reasonable to just work around it that way ^11:47
Romstersometimes i think i am doing far too much then i get yelled at when i make a mistake, because i'm doing the majority of the work = i get blamed/applauded more often or something like that -_-11:49
drayevargit's the nature of high responsibility i guess11:50
drayevargas long as the applud is in line with the critique11:50
drayevargyou deserve a lot of cred11:51
Romsterand i'm not just talking about crux but in real job as well.11:51
drayevargyour effort in crux is probably a reflection of your work ethic in general11:51
Romsteri don't deserve it all, the others that do the core work of crux need credit too.11:51
drayevargof course11:51
drayevargyou're one of the letters in teamwork :p11:52
Romsterit is, i try todo everything once and do it good. so it never needs redoing.11:52
Romsterso what do you do. you've only been here a short while.11:52
drayevargi just go to a community college, not much11:53
Romsterstill in your teens messing with gnu linux crux?11:53
drayevargnah, i'm older than that, i just suck at life ;p11:54
Romsteri didn't get serious in linux until early 20's11:54
drayevargbut i've been using crux abnout 6 months11:54
Romsteroh lol well if it helps i am autistic and have dyslexic but doesn't stop me.11:55
drayevargi got into linux about a year ago i guess11:55
Romsterlinux if your doing it at crux level is effort but the rewards are a decent system.11:55
Romster21:56:02 up 103 days,  1:26,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.0511:56
drayevargfull control of it i like very much11:56
Romstermy home server it would of been over 200 days had it not been for a power outage.11:56
Romsteryeah and stable if you do it right.11:56
Romster and they broke there web site...12:00
Romsterdrayevarg, the hell there is no LDFLAGS in Makefile.in12:00
Romsterwell i'll be damned.12:01
drayevargi'm having trouble visualizing that link12:05
Romsterthat's the issue it's meant to render...12:06
drayevargis this dr. who?12:06
Romsterah stuff is in config.make.in12:07
drayevargi have seen quite a few dr. who episodes, everone likes tom baker but12:07
drayevargwhat's his face.. .perry... i like the late 60s guy12:07
Romsteryeah i grew up with tom baker but i also like david tennent12:07
drayevargthat's the doctor i liked best12:08
RomsterJon Pertwee12:08
drayevargi saw some tennant episodes too and they're good but i was spoiled on what i saw first, and i only saw pertree first because one of my ex-gfs is a huge nerd12:09
RomsterMatt Smith is also awesome12:09
Romsterbut yeah Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison was also interesting like the riddle in batman with his umbrella handle doing the ?12:11
RomsterWibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff :D12:13
drayevargoh yeah, lol12:14
drayevargmr. cleancut12:15
drayevargyeah i guess all of dr. who is good :p12:15
Romsterof all of them i never liked Christopher Eccleston12:15
Romsterjust doesn't look or act the part that well.12:16
Romsterya know tom bakers scaff was actaully some ball of wool and handed to a lady, here knit a scaff.... they ddin't say to use all the wool but they did then that became his iconic mark. he came dressed up in white overals from a boiler maker to audition for dr who part.12:17
drayevarghaha i love his overbearing scarf12:18
Romsternow i see the issue in nettle-3212:18
drayevargwait, is scaff australian for american scarf ?12:18
Romsterhmm not sure.12:19
drayevargwe're talking about the long cloth thing around the neck?12:19
drayevargk i guess so12:19
drayevargis nettle-32 still broken after fixing libgmp?12:21
Romsterno not when you add in --with-include-path=/usr/lib32/gmp12:21
Romsterbut the make check fails without export CC="$CC -m32"12:22
Romsterbut the build doesn't spit out errors like it did before.12:22
Romsterso the make check code is missing -m3212:22
drayevargi remember a while back there was discussion of including the arch binary, i wonder if it checks for that12:23
drayevargi don't know how it works or if it always would return x86_6412:23
Romsterno idea where the check stuff is included...12:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nettle-32: fix errors for wine https use, thank you drayevarg12:33
Romsterwhy would you want to include the arch binary?12:33
Romsterdrayevarg, prt-get update -fr libgmp-32 nettle-32 gnutls-32 wine12:35
Romstershould be fixed now12:35
Romsteroh after doing a ports -u12:35
Romsterpeople are gonna like having to build wine yet again -_-12:35
drayevargi'm just trying not to totally discredit the person/people that wrote the makefile, though unfortunately it seems they forgot about multilib.. man, i wish 32 bit would just kinda... go away ;(12:37
Romstersadly it wont for a very long time.12:37
drayevargmaybe in 20 years12:37
Romsteryeah most seem to forget other use cases.12:38
drayevargwould it be too big a leap to say it's up to m$?12:38
Romsteri'm always hitting bugs that others don't12:38
Romsteralthough we get some users in here that break stuff but can't find the problem.12:38
drayevargwindows 8 drops a bunch of deprecated windows functions and removes 16 bit support by default so maybe it won't take forever12:38
Romsterwell for wine you need 32bit libs else you can only run 64bit PE binaries.12:39
Romsterwell dosbox and wine will be taking over for them few programs that arn't maintained or updated anymore.12:39
Romsterso i would think 20 years is still too soon.12:39
Romstermaybe another 20 years windows will not do 32bit at all12:40
drayevargthe only use cases i can think of for 32 bit are windows based12:40
Romsterbut then there will be some emulator for 32bit stuff.12:40
Romsterin windows.12:40
Romsternot all.12:40
Romsterskype is another windwos binary 32bit only12:40
drayevargi tested windows hyper-v and it seemed really bad12:41
Romsterand then there are emulators that are 32bit only as they are so ugly coded that converting them to 64bit and all there ASM as well would be hell.12:41
drayevargi'm a qemu fanatic personally12:41
Romsterwine finished building crosses fingers.12:41
drayevarghey, tell me12:44
Romsterscarf to wrap, cover, or adorn with or as if with a scarf12:46
Romsterit failed....12:46
Romstermaybe i do nee to kee gcc -m3212:46
drayevargsorry that was the default /slap on mirc in the mid 90s or so12:47
Romsteryeah i remember that well.12:48
Romsteri used to use mirc myself12:48
drayevargi was like 12 or 13 then12:48
drayevargshould i cancel this wine build ?12:49
Romsteryeah no point running that yet12:50
z3braHi eve"rybody12:52
z3braIs there a tool somewhere that performs a port search on the website ?12:55
Romsterah another discovery LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used by make check12:55
Romsterz3bra, there is actually i think sepen made one.12:57
Romster in there somewhere12:58
z3braOh cool ! thanks :)12:58
z3braJuste to know, how many ports do you guys use ?12:58
Romsteri think it's in pkg-misc12:59
Romsterpkginfo -i |wc -l12:59
drayevarg463 here12:59
z3braokay ! From how many collections ?13:00
Romster6 ports trees atm13:00
doomicide337 Ports here, from the official ones, contrib, my own and jaegers13:01
z3braokay :) Thanks for sharing then13:01
Romsteri'd be more keen on knowing how many of mine get used13:02
Romsterso i can focus on those more.13:02
doomicidehaha, me too13:02
z3braI'm glad I found a distro that *really* focuses on simplicity :)13:05
Romstersimplicity comes at more effort though. but can be molded into anything13:05
drayevarggeez doomicide, i thought i was a minimalist13:06
Romstercrux maybe simplistic but i arn't :P </joke>13:06
Romster176 on my router13:07
z3braYep, but that's the way I like it ! I'm actually "learning" linux, so it seems to be the perfect deal for me13:07
Romsteroh yeah you'll learn more of how it all works this way13:08
Romsterbut then i spend most of my time on packages13:08
z3braI'm coming from arch. where I learnt a lot of stuff with it's simplistic installation, system config, etc...13:09
Romstercursing the quirky bugs non-standard build systems use13:09
Romstercrux is lower level and less ports13:09
z3braI have A LOT to learn about compilation flags, etc...13:09
Romsterreally LFS + package manager13:10
Romsteris what i summaries crux as13:10
z3brawithout systemd. :x13:10
drayevargjust out of curiosity i asked arch about my wine problem 06:02 < Earnestly> ecc failures, they seem to be a new thing going around13:10
Romsteryeah without that13:10
drayevargyeah when i think of crux i think of --without-systemd --without-pulseaudio13:11
drayevargso i always lol when i see this lennart guy in our channel13:11
Romsterdrayevarg, but they seem to have solved it in arch, except they bumped gnutls to 3.2.2 so that is broken13:11
z3braOh, lennart comes here sometimes ?13:12
Romsterpoor lennart cops highlights due to the systemd lennart which isn't our lennart *ducks for cover*13:12
Romsternot /that/ lennart. heck no13:12
z3braArf, okay ^^13:12
drayevargthis lennart is probably some badass13:12
drayevargbut he's the strong silent type13:13
Romsterif that one did, we would really go off at him for screwing up stuff13:13
Romsteror i would at least13:13
drayevargi'd ask him what a cgroup is13:13
Romsteromg yes i got https on wine13:14
Romsterbut i keep seeing gui's of certificate errors13:15
drayevargnatively i've only seen that when a/my clock is wrong13:15
drayevargof course our clocks aren't wrong..13:15
drayevargi don't know if the keygens have to do with that since the crash happens after cert message13:15
Romsterno crash now i'll push this13:16
jaeger267 ports installed on my ISO builder :)13:19
jaeger498 on my workstation13:19
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nettle-32: really fix errors13:20
Romsterdrayevarg, should be good now to do.13:21
drayevargok :)\13:21
drayevargjaeger do you still have WoW installed?13:21
drayevargor wine for that matter13:22
jaegerdrayevarg: sorta... I just removed *-32 to clean up my system a bit but will reinstall wine when I get around to it13:22
drayevargah ok13:22
drayevarggood timing then, ssl has been kinda borked13:23
jaegerI was running it in 64-bit mode anyway13:23
drayevargdamnit, that's right, so was i13:23
drayevargi am having trouble finding actual use cases for 32-bit wine ssl and yet it bugs me greatly that it's broken13:24
Romsterwine runs in pure 64bit but it'll only run PE64 binaries.13:30
Romsterdrayevarg, correction was.13:30
jaegerIt should definitely be fixed, yeah... I don't use it, myself, but quality over quantity, always13:31
Romsterbugs make me OCD on fixxing them.13:32
*** doomicide has quit IRC13:32
Romsterand.... webkit ML is talking about HTTP authentication13:33
Romsterusualyl someone uses flyspray to say there is a new version but has anyone done so to say do not bump to x version as it's broken?13:34
drayevargRomster: yes, without rebuilding wine i was asked about cert twice but https links load now13:49
Romsterwell we would have more users if things worked. some will just go and try another distro when something is horribly broken.13:49
Romsteryeah what's with the certs stuff?13:50
drayevargbut in a way it's good because people with slow machines won't have to rebuilt ^_^13:50
Romsteri was wondering why i was doing all the -32 stuff jaeger nuked it off his system13:53
jaegerI did that like 30 minutes ago13:53
drayevargi think we have lots of users that never come on irc13:53
jaegerI still use it, just cleaning13:53
Romsteroh lol okay13:53
Romsteryeah we do13:53
drayevargi came upon a goldmine of ports on github from a guy i didn't recognize the other day13:54
Romsterdo share13:54
jaegerseems unmaintained but still interesting13:57
drayevargyeah a bit but there seems to be lots of patches13:57
drayevargi think there was another page i found too... one sec13:58
drayevargthere was some chinese dude, sorry chinese guys out there, can't find it now14:01
drayevargyeah! found it
drayevarg^ for some reason "github crux chinese" found that ^ hahah14:05
*** doomicide has joined #crux14:13
drayevargthat latter one actually seems to be quite maintained, though i've never seen a dram in here14:18
drayevargand this hideous one is mine
*** doomicide has quit IRC14:26
Romster that's one of my ports -_- i know my patches anywhere14:36
Romsterincluding .sha256sum dead give away14:36
Romsternot everyone uses irc drayevarg14:37
drayevarghehe, i know.. but do you know dram?14:37
Romstercan't say that i do or even remember that14:38
Romsteralsa with transparency patch  without the patch file O_O14:39
Romster even has my name in it still haha14:40
Romsterwhy can't people fix the maintianer line if the are gonna fork stuff.14:41
jaeger <-- great name14:41
frinnstRomster: because it requires some effort14:42
Romsteryeah i think nearly everyone is14:43
drayevargpoor bohoomil, i hope he's not in here14:43
jaegerAlso, if a port repo is not listed in the portdb and not advertised by its author, they probably don't feel like it's necessary14:43
jaegerIt's probably mostly for him/her to aggregate/patch ports he/she likes from other repos14:44
drayevargpersonally i can't figure out how to get httpup or rsync to work with, it always times out for some reason14:44
drayevargi know doomicide and pitman made it work (not sure who pitman is either)14:44
jaegerdoes github run an rsync server?14:45
jaegerI would expect httpup to work but probably not rsync14:45
drayevargi think httpup works if you look at doomicide there is a REPO file14:45
drayevargand he's listed on portdb14:45
Romsterusers come and go and they leave there ports around at various places.14:46
Romstervery few of them make the public let alone contact us for inclusion into portdb14:46
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:52
drayevargjaeger: that link .. sounds like an eve online weapon15:05
drayevargaw but the video is unavailable due to copyright now15:10
Romsteryeah :/15:10
drayevargworld: stop trying to block humor15:11
rmullI'm getting this while trying to update pango: /usr/bin/grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory15:13
rmullI've tried rebuilding libpthread-stubs15:14
rmullAny other suggestions?15:14
jaegerprt-get update $(for F in $(grep /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d: -f1); do pkginfo -o ${F} | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }'; done | sort | uniq)15:14
Romstersed all *.la files that mention libpthread-stubs15:14
Romsteror what jaeger said15:15
Romsterjaeger's line may need a few runs over.15:15
jaegerthe sed way is probably less work, mine requires multiple runs15:15
jaegerit's hands-off, though, aside from hitting enter15:15
jaegeryour choice :)15:15
rmullI can do that15:15
Romsterasplodes :D15:15
drayevargis this something to do with libtool?15:15
rmullthanks to you both15:15
Romsternope but it involves it15:16
drayevargRomster: just a hunch but i think the certificate problem has to do with not using p11-kit15:53
drayevargi will test15:56
Romsterfigures more ports :D15:59
drayevargi know that's why i feel bad15:59
drayevargi'm making a test libtasn1 port which is necessary too :(15:59
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Romsterdrayevarg, pastebin or something me the changes you did to get it working. i'll look at it after i sleep.16:27
drayevargk, good night16:28
Romsteralso jaeger's changes i'll look at to remove the libgmp-32 header mess
*** heroux has quit IRC16:32
drayevarg-_- now i get two prompts instead of three16:35
drayevargi'm not sure what p11-kit wants for --with-trusts-path16:37
drayevargso i disabled it, but i think that's a problem16:37
frinnstfree silly t-shirt:
frinnstwasnt even charged shipping costs \o/16:52
drayevargahhh i need a free shirt today16:54
drayevarg/usr/include/gmp.h:13:20: fatal error: gmp-32.h: No such file or directory17:36
*** heroux has joined #crux17:41
drayevargcp /usr/lib32/gmp/gmp.h /usr/include/gmp-32.h allows gnutls to build with p11-kit but no improvement in wine18:10
drayevargi'll mess with it more once i wake/sober up18:11
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doomicidebtw, I have to correct myself regarding make and compiling different versions20:11
doomicidemost projects use something like make OPTION1=yes OPTION2=no20:12
doomicidearrrg wrong channel again sorry guys20:12
rmulldoomicide: What IRC client do you use?20:23
doomicidesic that's the problem20:24
doomicideI only idle in two channels so it should be enough if I wasn't so stupid sometimes20:26
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