IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-07-27

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drayevargjue: do you have any interest in adding this patch to screen? it works around screen refusing to run if $TERM is long, like in the case of urxvt
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drayevarghas anybody by chance used scim or uim?10:20
tilmanjue: i'd like to see that patch in, too <310:31
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elderKHey guys, I was wondering if anyone here has used crux-ppc?11:10
elderKThey only have an iso for 2.7a.11:10
elderKI'd like to use 3.0 and they have a giant txz of all the 3.0 packages.11:10
elderKSo, I figure it's just a matter of installing the relevant packages?11:10
elderKpkgadd -u, say?11:10
elderKBut perhaps in a special order? Is there a way to configure prt-get to work from a CD or something?11:11
elderKLike, there's no ports-style hierarchy in their txz.11:11
elderKor on the CD.11:11
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nrxtxgot a little time today are there currently things/ports/isos to test/verify of crux?11:59
elderK:P You could answer my question maybe?12:05
elderKYou just came in :)12:05
elderK:P Have you tinkered with Crux ppc at all lately?12:06
elderKAs for ports, you could try out mine at
drayevargnice, thanks for linking that12:09
elderKI've tried to make them sane regarding the dependency listings, like, trying not to miss anything.12:10
elderKAnd I've also tried to make the descriptions decent.12:10
elderKIf you find issues, let me know. Every package, afaik, has my email.12:11
elderK:) Just mail me the package that doesn't work and why.12:11
elderKNone should require x86; they should all build on whatever architecture you happen to be running.12:11
elderKBut... I recall that there is one that IS x86. I think it's sml.12:11
elderKor smlnj12:11
drayevargby the way, is the giant txz full of pkgfiles or pre-built ports?12:12
elderKprebuilt ports.12:12
drayevargcouldn't you do something cheesy like cd thatdir ; pkgadd -u $(find ./ | grep '#') ?12:13
elderKwell, aye.12:14
elderKI was just going to get the packages from pkginfo that I have installed, strip the version info and just... upgrade them.12:14
elderKWhat about upgrade order?12:15
drayevargif they're prebuilt i don't know if it'd matter12:15
elderKSome stuff might need to be updated before other stuff can be updated.12:15
elderKWell, sweet :)12:17
elderKThat solves a bunch of my problem sthen12:17
elderK:P Here goes.12:20
elderKSee, I bought an old G4 Powerbook on the cheap.12:20
elderK:) Naturally, I'm installing Crux on it.12:20
elderKBut it seems the Crux PPC project is on it's deathbed.12:20
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nrxtxelderK: didn't work with ppc long time don't have platform around12:24
elderKI /like/PPC if only because it's not Intel.12:25
elderKI used to do a lot of embedded stuff and kernel hacking.12:25
elderKIt was neat when there were m68k, PPC, x86... sparc, mips...12:25
elderKit was interesting using several architectures on a near daily basis, you know?12:25
elderKThese days it's all Intel or all ARM.12:25
elderKUnless you pay some big bucks for a IBM PPC workstation...12:26
elderKBuy old, used machines that may or may not be near death.12:26
elderKIn my case, I'm surprised by the condition of this machine. It's near perfect.12:26
elderKI mean not even a scratch.12:26
elderKFor a laptop that was built in 2003, that's pretty incredible.12:26
drayevargyeah, my laptop workhorse is only from 2010 and the mouse buttons barely work anymore and the spacebar is falling off12:27
elderKI mean it goes without saying, at least in my experience, that machines built ... well, ages ago, seem to live longer.12:29
elderKThe build quality seemed better.12:29
elderKLike, with Lenovo/IBM or shit, even Hewlett Packard who aren't known for their great PCs.12:29
elderKLots of people hate Compaq with a passion but I've always had good luck with their machines and great support.12:30
nrxtxand they didn't have special points where to break after some years12:30
elderKYeah, exactly.12:30
elderK``age of obsolescene'12:30
elderKhowever you spell it.12:30
nrxtxtodays hardware often are built to break afetr a specific time period12:30
nrxtxthat's horrible12:30
elderKNot just computers, dishwashers, everything.12:31
jaeger"planned obsolescence" is the phrase12:31
elderKThat's the one.12:31
elderKThanks jaeger :)12:31
elderKI had a friend who got a job years ago, he got he job only to buy a graphics card.12:32
nrxtxelderK: so you're using a ppc platform at the moment?12:32
elderKA fancy one because he was in that ``phase'' where he had to have the best, most recent.12:32
elderKNo, not just yet. I will be.12:32
elderKIt's beside me :)12:32
elderKHe worked for a few months, saved 2k$12:32
elderKI spent around 1k$ on some Geforce card back in 2k7 or 2k8.12:32
elderKAn 8800GTX or something when it came out.12:32
elderKIt was meant to be pretty awesome.12:32
elderK:P He wanted to show off so we went to his house.12:33
elderKTurns out he couldn't play anything beacuse the drivers were not yet complete.12:33
elderKThey were buggy.12:33
elderKHe ended up using his computer from years before to play old games untilt he drivers were sorted.12:33
elderKIt was sad and hilarious.12:33
elderKhillarious? :)12:33
elderKEr, not me.12:33
elderKHe spent around 1k$12:33
elderKAs for the PPC machine, just got wireless up :)12:34
elderKIt's awesome how UNIX/Linux really is the universal platform.12:34
elderKI mean, like,12:34
elderKIt's the same no matter on what you run it.12:34
elderKCrux there is crux here.12:34
elderKFreeBSD on this machine is freebsd on that.12:34
elderKIt's awesome.12:34
nrxtxif the ports compile :D12:35
elderK:P Yeah.12:35
elderKIf the ports compile.12:35
elderKWhich they mostly do. Sometimes you might have to pkgmk -uf but otherwise it's great12:35
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drayevargi love freebsd, it just doesn't support my hardware12:36
elderKSame here.12:36
elderKThe boon of having old hardware is that it probably DOES support it perfectl ynow.12:36
elderKProbably maybe.12:37
drayevargyeah, if i had an older desktop that's what i'd be running most likely12:37
nrxtxelderK: the last time i had a ppc platform it was some embedded hardware and the first thing i had to do is writing the asm-bootloader for u-boot :D but afterwards it just was linux :)12:38
elderK:D Man that sounds fun.12:39
elderKFrustrating maybe but fun.12:39
elderKdid you have good debugging tools?12:39
elderKI've always wanted to experiment with the Motorola 68K / Coldfire.12:39
nrxtxbut if i look around those these there a likely no embedded ppc boars for usage at home12:39
elderK;) I hope to get myself a Coldfire board at some point.12:39
elderKNetburner sells them reasonably cheaply.12:39
nrxtxelderK: a bdi200012:39
elderKAnd yeah.12:40
elderKIT's hard to justify an embedded board just for home playing.12:40
nrxtxdepends on the price12:40
elderKSomething for PPC... can be expensive.12:40
elderKAnd most that have an MMU /are/ expensive.12:40
elderKAVRs and basic ARMs, shit like that, can be had for really cheap12:40
elderKBut they don't do what I want to do :P12:41
elderKWhat kernel do you guys think I should run?12:42
elderKReckon it's worth updating the stuff to 3.x, Crux and kernel?12:42
elderKOn an old Powerbook G4?12:42
elderKIt is going to be connected to the net, so that alone makes it important to have recent releases of the usual stuff.12:43
elderKssl, bla bla12:43
nrxtxelderK: the link to the ports you posted some lines ago just ones for ppc or ports in general?12:43
jaegerI imagine it will take a lot of time/work12:43
elderKPorts in general.12:44
elderKjaeger: updating, etc? Hells yes.12:44
elderKIT's going to take fucking ages to compile stuff.12:44
elderKI'd setup a cross-compiler on my amd64 machine but... man.12:44
jaegerI used to have a powerbook g4 years ago, so slow12:44
elderKThey used to be seen as powerful at one time, didn't they?12:44
jaegersure, everything does when it's new :)12:45
elderKBuilding X is going to take fucking lightyears.12:45
elderKso I think I'll only update what I feel is important.12:45
nrxtxelderK: you could try to compile libreoffice ;)12:45
jaegerIt would be worth building cross compile tools12:45
nrxtxelderK: cross-compiling with distcc might work good12:46
elderKI've never done that before, at least, not for building things that aren't mine.12:46
elderKI'm going to have to basically build the cruxppc system, on my amd64.12:46
elderKor at least, ensure that I ahve the same version of all the shit I need.12:46
jaegerThe crux-arm project has a lot of that done, maybe you could take some suggestions from their git12:46
elderKGood idea.12:46
elderK... it also doesn't have control  keys in handy places.12:48
elderKthank fuck for loadkeys.12:48
elderKrunning firefox on the g4 is going to be death.12:48
elderKI tried running Firefox on a p2-200MHz back in 2006...12:49
elderKthe system just fell to it's knees.12:49
elderKwell, its knees.12:49
elderKThe Internet takes so much power now if you want to wander it... even if you don't use flash, a lot of the time, you're going to need JS enabled.12:49
elderKwhich is shit.12:49
elderKNoscript is great and all but it'd be better if many sites were designed with the consideration that people may not have or want to use, JS.12:50
nrxtxelderK: you could run firefox, running linux inside :)12:50
elderKHm, prt-get wasn't around back in 2.7?12:51
nrxtxdo you know the js x86 emulator running linux? :D12:51
elderK:P Yeah.12:51
elderKHave you seen Visual 6502?12:51
elderKThat's pretty cool12:51
elderKjaeger: Yep. You're right. It's going to take centuries.12:52
elderKprt-get is taking ages to build on the g4.12:52
elderK:P It is pretty cool.12:55
elderKI always wanted to write a nice simulator for mc68k.12:55
elderKwith the ability to open a window or get some kind of dynamic display of the waveforms.12:55
elderKin the same style that they have in their manuals.12:55
elderKfor the pins, the signals, etc.12:56
elderKthat'd be pretty cool12:56
elderKbe able to inspect the state of the simulated processor's caches, pipeline, etc.12:56
elderKBecause of all that detail it'd probably be slow as hell12:56
elderKbut man it'd be neat.12:56
elderKGood ol' plain C compiles reasonably quickly.12:56
elderKC++ on the other hand is taking fucking forever.12:56
elderKBut... that's not entirely unusual.12:56
elderKA more complex language to lex and shit than C.12:57
jaegerIt could be worse... I have a 50MHz sparc box in my closet12:57
elderK:D AWESOME12:57
elderKWhat kind?12:57
jaeger <-- that12:57
elderKso cool.12:57
elderKI had an UltraSPARC III box at one point.12:57
elderKIt had no hard disk or anything12:57
elderKand I couldn't afford to get it running.12:57
elderKBought it for 50$ on the 'net.12:57
jaeger <-- most of these I no longer own, only have the LX still12:57
elderK:) Wow.12:57
elderKQuite a collection you had.12:58
elderKWas your work around SUN stuf?12:58
elderKTechnician or something?12:58
elderKOr just liked their machines?12:58
jaegerThe Ultra 5s were the fastest and even they were slow12:58
drayevarg ?12:58
jaegerWe used a lot of them at an old job12:58
drayevarg'lunchbox chassis' XD12:58
jaegeryeah, that's the one12:58
elderKA lot of people said how Sun was pretty slow...12:58
elderKso what was the big deal about them?12:58
elderKWere they slow in their day or were they something special then?12:59
elderKAs for l unchbox, fucking love it.12:59
elderKI wish I could get a machine like that /now/12:59
jaegerThey were impressive when they were made12:59
elderKthat didn't try hard to look like some device from a bond movie.12:59
jaegerthe RISC architecture was pretty popular for a long time12:59
elderKThese days the water is far more muddy in terms of RISC vs. CISC.12:59
elderKAt least, afaik, PPC has some CISCy shit. X86 has tons of RISCy shit in it, secretly.13:00
elderKAnyone played with MIPS? :)13:00
elderKAlso jaeger , what was the sun environment like?13:00
jaegeron those machines either old sunos or early solaris13:01
jaegerI think solaris 2.7 might run on some of them13:01
jaegerMine has OpenBSD on it, I think. Haven't plugged it in in a couple years13:01
elderKDid you cross-compile stuff for it? :)13:01
elderKOr just wait a few weeks?13:01
elderKI think I'll jsut leave this machine on, working away for a week.13:02
jaegersome of both13:02
elderKI really don't knwo why I'm bothering to sys-up 2.7.13:02
elderKI should just install 3x overtop13:02
elderKWould that be safe, jaeger ?13:02
elderKpkgadd -u *all the new stuff in the giant 3.0 ppc txz of prebuilt packages*13:03
jaegerMost likely, if you concentrate on the toolchain13:03
jaegeroh, if you're not building it yourself, probably fine13:03
elderKlibc first?13:03
jaegerIt doesn't really matter if you're pkgadding but if you build the system yourself, you definitely want the toolchain solid first13:04
jaegersomething like binutils -> gcc deps -> gcc -> glibc -> binutils -> gcc deps -> gcc13:04
elderK:P Man13:05
elderKlittle g4 is going to be busy for DAYS.13:05
elderKI think I might let it run just for the hell of it :)13:05
elderKI'm mostly just going to be using the machine for programming, nothing more.13:05
drayevargthis will be its 'burn-in'13:05
elderKexperimenting with ppc assembly and th elike.13:05
elderKWhoever had it first upgraded it to a whopping 2G of RAM.13:05
elderKFucking slow hard disk though, 4200RPM.13:06
elderKHard to stomach compared to this machine's SSD.13:06
elderK1GHz PPC G4.13:06
elderK:P THE POWER! :)13:06
jaegeruse NFS or something :)13:06
elderKMy laptop only has fast ethernet, no gigabit for me.13:06
jaegerThat's what I did for the rpi packages13:06
elderKWifi, too.13:06
jaegerraspberry pi13:06
drayevargi have this in my closet
elderK:) I had a 2110US.13:07
elderKor rather a 2100ap13:07
elderKor something like that.13:07
drayevargnothing too old or cool unfortunately13:07
elderK:P NO13:07
elderKToshiba 210013:07
drayevargold toshibas seem to be tanks13:07
elderKcan't find it.13:08
drayevarg ?13:08
drayevargor close to that i guess13:08
elderKthe middle one.13:08
elderKMy first laptop.13:08
elderK25MHz 386sx.13:09
elderKI Think.13:09
elderK8M RAM.13:09
elderK50MB hard disk.13:09
elderKA friend from high school gave it to me at the time.13:09
elderKNo working batteries13:09
elderKbut some weird ... hack... that used alkaline batteries.13:09
elderKlike a whole fucking stack of them13:09
elderKGreyscale screen.13:09
elderKI did a bunch of programming on it :)13:09
elderKPlayed with OS/2.13:09
drayevargoh, actually i have some ibm laptop in the closet too .. it gives some error codes, i thought the cmos battery was dead but replaced it and it gave the same error13:09
elderKPlayed DOOM A lot too.13:09
elderKYes, in black and white.13:09
elderKHad to zoom the screen out a bit :)13:10
elderK:) Love IBM.13:10
drayevargthey love their little red dot mice, whatever they're called13:10
elderKclit mouse?13:11
elderKI think they're really called TouchStick.13:11
drayevargeither way works for me ;O13:11
elderKTrackpoint, I think.13:11
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elderKGo us.13:12
jaegerer.... hehe13:12
elderKI do a lot of travelling, from home to work to home.13:12
jaegercurse you, fingers!13:12
elderKSo, I'm hoping the powerbook will make a good 'travelling' laptop.13:13
elderKNot my 'main' that I use for work13:13
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elderKbut a good one to use on the bus, with a couple replacement batteries.13:13
elderKIt doesn't need to be powerful :)13:13
elderKReplacement batteries for the unit seem to be reasonably cheap.13:13
elderKso, that's neat.13:13
elderKand I'm hoping that because it's PPC and shit, it'll run for longer than an x86 would.13:14
elderKStill hoping.13:14
drayevargi should probably replace this one's  Battery 0: design capacity 3914 mAh, last full capacity 1969 mAh = 50%13:14
jaegerIt might be less efficient and last less time since it's so old but I don't know13:14
elderKjaeger: I had an iBook back in 2k5 that would last regularly for about 3 hours.13:15
elderKThat's far more than my laptop does, it gets maybe 2 if I'm lucky.13:16
elderKIf all Idid on the ibook was write code and do a compile sometimes, it'd last maybe 4.13:16
elderKThat's insane time for me.13:16
elderKThat's pretty awesome.13:16
elderKSo if this old G4 can pull that with replacement battery...13:16
elderKI'll be a happy camper.13:16
drayevargit seems to still last about 2 hours for me so that's ok i think13:17
elderKAnywho peeps, I'm going to fault out and be lazy. Play a game for a little.13:17
elderKThat's not bad.13:17
elderK2 hours has always been the "usual" for me.13:17
drayevargyeah waht's up with that, hehe13:17
elderKI always feel lucky if I get more time than that.13:17
drayevargok ttyl :)13:17
elderKPeace out peeps.13:17
elderKThanks for the help, too.13:17
elderK:) nrxtx Hopefully the ports have something you'll like.13:18
drayevargyeah thanks for the link!13:18
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nrxtxjaeger: what is the difference between the crux isos on your page and the official released ones?13:23
jaegerUsually it's just updates to the ports and kernel13:23
jaegerSometimes, though, I'll test features13:23
jaegerI just built another ISO today, for example, so I can fix USB booting... something wrong with it in 3.9+ kernels13:24
drayevargoh, jaeger, would you like me to test the iso if it books for me with a flash drive? is that the issue?13:32
jaegerThat is the issue but I know it doesn't work properly right now :) Thanks for the offer, though13:32
jaegerOnce I get it fixed I'll definitely upload for testing13:33
nrxtxjaeger: does it have usb 3.0 enabled?13:33
drayevarghas there ever been any discussion to include firmware on the iso?13:33
jaegernot sure13:34
jaegerThe ISO will wait until after breakfast, though :)13:45
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juedrayevarg: yes, will do even though I'd suggest tmux nowadays14:23
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-iceauth: update to 1.0.614:26
drayevargthanks :)14:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: smartmontools: update to 6.214:27
jaegerthe silly little things I can do with linux amuse me greatly14:29
jaeger$ ssh ragnarok "cat /usr/src/iso/crux-3.0-updated.iso" | pv | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=16M14:29
jaegerfor example14:29
jaegerhow odd, seems the USB boot issue is gone with 3.10.314:35
tilman3.10.3 doesnt boot at all for me14:35
jaegerWell, once I readd f2fs, want to test the ISO?14:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: screen: extend length of screen variable, patch by drayevarg14:35
jueoops, s/screen/term/14:36
jaegeroops :)14:36
jaegerI sometimes run into an issue with isohybrid these days where the USB media will end up having a fake extra partition on it and that causes weird errors after booting14:55
jaegerNot sure if that's isohybrid, something wrong with my ISO setup, or cheap USB media14:55
jaegercan't track it down so far14:55
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nrxtxjaeger: still have "broken" iso around?15:20
nrxtxwhat does fdisk say if you open the file?15:21
*** GLN has joined #crux15:34
jaegerthe ISO itself?15:37
jaegerit shows as having a single partition, I'm guessing that's isohybrid's doing15:38
jaegersince the image is written directly to the device, not a partition15:38
jaegerto clarify, the ISO doesn't have a partition until it's run through isohybrid15:44
drayevarghave you tested the nvidia driver with kernel 3.10.3 by chance?15:50
jaegernot yet, will probably need a version check patch again15:50
nrxtxjaeger: sure, but if fdisk shows only one partition if you open the iso after processing it with isohybrid then your hardware may be broken. If fdisk shows the fake extra partitions in the iso-file its a bug of isohybrid15:53
jaegermaybe I worded that badly... it's not adding more than one, I just didn't even think it should be adding one, honestly15:53
jaegerI wonder if I have to add some bullshit logic to the init script to ignore sdX and only use sdXY15:54
drayevargsyslinux is kinda wonky, i actually use it as my boot loader, well, extlinux that is15:54
drayevargcurrently the .c32 stuff doesn't work for me, menu/vesamenu.c3215:54
jaegerI'm not a big fan of isohybrid in general, it does weird stuff15:55
jaegerrecursive partition table warnings in parted, etc.15:55
drayevargi don't know if it's related15:55
nrxtxjaeger: ok now i got it15:55
jaegerSo I guess what happens is that /dev/sdb (in this case) is mountable and seems fine until later in the boot process, so it doesn't try sdb1, which maybe should be the proper one in this case15:56
drayevargthat kinda sounds like how i can't do extlinux -i /dev/sda1 to install the boat loader, i have to do mount /dev/sda1 /mnt extlinux -i /mnt/boot/extlinux ... kinda funny15:57
drayevargthe arch isos always have that recursive partition table as well15:59
drayevargisohybrid has an option --partok  allow booting from a partition, i don't know if that'd do anything16:00
jaegerAlready tested it, no luck there16:01
jaegerI might just go back to scripted creation of the USB image, isohybrid is flaky16:04
nrxtxjaeger: did you know which filesystem has been used to mount sdx instead of sdxx? maybe he mounted the iso filesystem?16:07
jaegerIt should only be able to mount one, not both, I would think... if it mounts sdb many errors result... if it mounts sdb1 it's happier16:08
jaegerok, apparently I'm completely wrong and chasing a red herring16:10
nrxtxhm just tested it you can mount it directly without using the partititon table16:10
jaegerI just forcibly disabled mounting sdb and it still fails... so now I'm wondering if it's the 3.7.x ehci_hcd kernel bug, maybe that never got fixed16:10
nrxtxthen its mounted as iso-filesystem16:10
jaegerI guess I should try it on a system with usb3 or usb1.1 so ehci isn't used16:11
drayevargi can't help you there16:11
nrxtxyou can try, but maybe have a look at the dmesg output what filesystem he uses when mounting sdx directly16:11
jaegeranother easy test would be to go back to the 3.6.11 kernel config without changing anything else16:12
jaegerI bet that one works fine16:12
nrxtxhas iso9660 filesystem been enabled in newer kernel?16:12
jaegerof course :) the CD boot wouldn't work otherwise16:13
jaegerand it is able to mount either partition when booting from USB, you just get a lot of problems with it16:13
Romsterholly f the backlog and i'm drunk i'll read it all later...16:13
jaegerthat I'm now thinking are ehci_hcd's fault, perhaps16:13
drayevarglol hi Romster16:13
drayevargwe had a chatty kathy earlier16:14
Romsterhey drayevarg16:14
jaegerno real need, just me complaining about isohybrid and ehci16:14
Romsterah the usual boot loaders16:14
drayevargi'm testing building chromium-28.0.1500.11 now16:15
Romsteron your hardware a day later :D16:16
Romstermake any headway on the tls stuff in wine?16:17
Romsteri dunno if any of the stuff would fix the certificate issues.16:17
drayevargno, i added p11-kit to gnutls and it still prompted about certs twice16:17
Romsteri really think it's missing stubs in wine.16:17
Romsteri got it 3 times.16:18
drayevargyeah, who knows16:18
Romster the heck is that.16:19
Romster bet that one was from my repo.16:20
Romsterseems to have nettle gnutls and stuff that i did recently -_-16:20
Romsterif users are gonna fork stuff why don't they do it with some major difference or let us know about this stuff.16:22
jaegerout of curiosity, does it matter?16:22
Romsternot really i'm just fussy <<16:22
Romsterthey can do what they like but i am still entitled to an opinion16:23
Romstermost of the stuff that is done could of been done in the distro, if i had known about it. then again i think i try to do too much.16:24
drayevargif i modify a pkgfile i include # Packager:16:24
Romsteri always do16:24
Romsterthese others leave the maintainer as is or wipe it all out and have themself as the packager.16:25
Romsterit's free but i like to give credit where it's needed.16:26
jaegerpersonally I think the quality of my ports is better if I focus on things that I actually use and care about16:26
jaegerwhich is why I don't have a large number of them16:26
Romsterbeen narrowing down but i need to narrow down some more.16:26
jaegeralso it encourages others to figure out how to make their own ports if I don't do it for them16:26
joacimmy repo only contains stuff that i use16:26
Romstermy romster repo needs a clean out.16:29
Romsterbut my time lately is largely diminished16:29
drayevargmy crap laptop is a serious champion though, it's building chromium and running qemu windows 8 just fine at the same time16:31
Romsterif you nice stuff yeah16:31
drayevargi don't know, bfs scheduler does things a bit differently16:32
Romsteri'm using bfs for ages now love it16:32
drayevargyeah :)16:33
drayevargi only discovered it recently16:33
Romsterand bfq for that matter16:33
drayevargi didn't try it yet16:33
GLNI can't get my crux install to reconise my ethernet connection, when I run ifconfig it doesn't appear, yet on the livecd it works fine once I run dhcpcd -t 10 eth0 any ideas?16:34
jaegerGLN: what kind of card is it? did you make sure the proper module is in your kernel?16:35
Romster use ip addr just so you know.16:35
jaegerifconfig isn't the problem, though16:36
drayevargsorry but did you do make modules_install ? i sometimes forget that16:36
Romstermissing module usually... no but it's nto god to be using ifconfig.16:36
jaegermaybe not but trying not to confuse the issue16:36
GLNJager: It's a RealTek RTL8111/8168B and as far as I know the kernel is fine16:36
jaegerr8169 is what that should use16:36
RomsterGLN, lsmod |grep 8169 returns anything?16:36
jaegerDoes it show up in "ifconfig -a" output but not "ifconfig" ?16:37
GLNJaeger: Yep, that's what I had r816916:37
GLNRomster: Nothing returns16:37
Romsterdid you enable it as a module in the kernel?16:37
Romsterr8169 is very common set it to M in the kernel, you did do make modules_install ?16:38
GLNI'll do a full install again, just incase I missed something silly.16:38
Romsterif not do that and depmod -a and modprobe r816916:38
jaegerA full reinstall surely isn't necessary, just might need to fix the kernel16:39
Romsterno need todo a full install just go over the previosu steps of the kernel16:39
Romsteri'm still sobering up off to bed <<16:40
GLNTrue, well just checking to see if I have r8196 as a module16:40
GLNThanks for the help.16:40
Romsterjaeger, will guide you.16:40
jaegeryou can also check your config file with grep16:40
jaegergrep -i r8169 /usr/src/linux-$(uname -r)/.config16:40
GLNIt was tagged with a *, instead of as a Module16:41
jaegerdoes it show up in "dmesg | grep 8169" ?16:43
jaegeror even "dmesg | grep -i eth"16:43
GLNAfter I fixed that and recompiled the kernel it's showing up in ifconfig now thanks.16:44
jaegerah, ok16:44
GLNWorking perfectly now, thanks.16:45
jaegergood deal16:45
drayevargchromium's release stages system confuses me, i'm not sure if this 28.x is dev, stable, or beta16:46
drayevargwell i guess it's not dev16:47
jaegerI don't even try to follow chrome/chromium versions anymore16:47
drayevargyeah it seems kinda madness16:47
drayevargbut i have some issues syncing profiles with earlier versions16:47
nrxtxsomeone already tried to build cyanogenmod on a crux-system, kind of trial-and-error ...?16:54
*** roquesor has joined #crux17:17
jaegeralright, ehci seems to be the problem, removing it from the kernel entirely allows the boot and mount to work17:20
jaegerI'll reenable it and upload the ISO so others can test17:22
nrxtxinteresting ...17:23
drayevarghm, please link me when it's uploaded :)17:25
jaegeruploading to, ETA 15 min17:38
drayevargok :)17:38
drayevarghm, irclogger skipped my message that had non-english characters in it17:41
drayevargor non-latin i should say17:42
*** roquesor has joined #crux17:53
drayevargok i will test crux-3.0-20130727.iso on a dell laptop first, chromium's not quite done building18:16
drayevargtheir bios is usually not too buggy seems like18:17
drayevargcan't access tty ; job control turned off18:18
drayevargcan't find a valid f2fs filesystem, 'magic mismatch', can't find a valid f2fs filesystem in second superblock... is that what you meant by fake partition, jaeger?18:24
jaegerno, that's unrelated18:24
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:26
*** nrxtx has quit IRC18:31
frinnst21:05, 27,6C indoors19:05
tilmanfrinnst: when i read/hear the forecast and they say temperature will drop to 20 degrees at night i cry a little19:14
tilman23 actually19:15
tilmanfrinnst: i've been contemplating sleeping on the balcony :D19:17
frinnsthumidity gets so high at night :/19:18
drayevargsepen: seccomp-bdf sandbox works now but there's some weirdness in creating initial profile, after that everything runs smooth, the speech dispatcher patch is no longer necessary due to the -Dlibspeechd_h_prefix change
*** drayevarg has quit IRC19:32
*** vee_ has joined #crux19:36
*** drayevarg has joined #crux19:36
*** vee_ has quit IRC19:43
lennartI'm not that badass. I'm not /that/ lennart either, though :)19:57
*** jdolan has quit IRC20:24
*** snyp has joined #crux20:34
snypI just installed crux. I can't see the eth0 device. There's a lo and sit0.20:36
snypso i can't configure the network.20:37
snypbecause ping doesn't receive any reply20:38
snypjust a long pause and then i press ctrl-z20:38
snypi did set the interface up20:39
snypand added the ip address and gateway. plus edited the /etc/resolv.conf to include the dns20:39
jaegerProbably missing the right ethernet driver in the kernel. What does "lspci | grep -i ether" show?20:41
snypok. wait i will connect the wire to laptop and chat from there. i am on the same pc on another OS.20:42
*** snyp has quit IRC20:42
*** snyp has joined #crux20:43
snypjaeger, what is the command again?20:44
jaegerlspci | grep -i ether20:44
snypumm.. bash says lspci command is not found.20:44
jaegertry /usr/sbin/lspci20:45
snypyes. shows 00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579V Gigabit...20:46
jaegerok, should be e1000 or e1000e, can't remember which for sure20:58
jaegerbut check your kernel config for those20:58
snypjaeger, how do i check kernel config?21:00
jaegerYou can search in "make menuconfig" with the / key21:00
jaegeror if you just have the .config file handy,21:01
jaegergrep E1000 .config21:01
snypthe one i made while compiling the kernel in /usr/src/linux-3.6.11 ?21:01
snypit shows21:02
snypCONFIG E_1000=y21:02
snypbut underneath a commented line #CONFIG_E1000E is not set is also there21:03
snyp"#CONFIG_E1000E is not set"21:03
snypCONFIG_E_1000=y (forgot the underscore)21:04
snypCONFIG_E1000=y (mistyped again, sorry)21:04
snypis sit0 just another name for eth0?21:06
*** snyp has quit IRC21:08
*** snyp has joined #crux21:19
snypHmm.. I can see there is no "Kernel Driver in use: driver_name line" under "Ethernet Controller: Intel ..... "21:21
snypwhen I lspci -k | grep -A7 Ether21:21
snypunlike some other devices like usb21:22
drayevargjust a bit ago a guy fixed a similiar problem (different card though) by building it as a module instead of built in21:24
drayevargCONFIG_E1000=m instead of =y21:25
snypmine is =y already. so i change that to m and modprobe the module?21:25
snyperm.. i would need to rebuild the kernel?21:26
snypalso, how do i build the ethernet module?21:26
drayevargyeah, make ; make modules_install should only take a sec21:26
drayevargit won't rebuild everything from scratch21:26
snypk trying it.21:27
drayevargthen you should be able to modprobe it21:27
snypwhat is the command in vi that would take me to the line CONFIG_E1000=y ?21:28
jaegerchanging it from builtin to module will not help21:28
jaegerE1000E is the one you want if E1000 doesn't work21:28
jaegersit0 is a tunneling device, unrelated to your ethernet device21:28
snypI need to enable E1000E?21:29
snypHow do I do that? I  am confused.. enable E1000E or set E1000 to module?21:31
snypi am trying the module way first21:32
jaegerok, first off, module or builtin makes no difference in this case.21:33
jaegermodule=M, builtin=Y or *21:33
jaegersecondly, if you have E1000 enabled but the card doesn't work, E1000E is the right driver21:33
jaegerso you can disable E1000 and use E1000E instead, they're separate drivers21:33
jaegerwhen you built the kernel the first time, did you use menuconfig or do it some other way?21:34
snypok, how do i enable  E1000E? i used menuconfig21:34
snypdidn't really change anything21:34
snypbut i did take a look on each of the sub categories.21:34
jaegerdisable E1000 in menuconfig and enable E1000E instead21:34
jaegerthey're right next to each other in the ethernet drivers section if I remember right21:35
snypit's set to M21:35
snypinstead of *21:35
jaegerthat's fine, either will work21:36
snypoh that's probably just because i changed it to m.21:36
snypthere are a lot of Intel Ethernet devices21:36
jaegerIntel(R) PRO/1000 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support21:38
snypah. that one is the first item not marked. this should be it.21:38
snypnow i just build the kernel?21:39
snypi can see the eth021:42
snypjaegar thanks a lot!21:42
*** snyp has quit IRC21:45
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:56

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