IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-07-28

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Romsterseems networking interfaces are the common problem lately.03:22
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drayevargfor some reason rebuilding libpcre fixed the chromium segfault on startup issue i had06:32
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Romsterdrayevarg, strange there is nothing but gcc and glibc that libpcre depends on07:44
drayevargi need to revoke my earlier statement about sandbox being broken in 27, everything is fine there, they just removed the seccomp-legacy sandbox in 28, i need to think more before i type07:57
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Romsteri didn't pay any attention to you earlier on sandbox so that's ok10:17
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elderKHey guys!11:12
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lennartanyone else having a problem with setting a non-C locale in a 32-bit program?13:26
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lennartit works with locales generated by localedef from glibc-32, which is deleted by default in the Pkgfile14:55
lennartit even works with locales generated by localedef from glibc-32, but it seems to me 32-bit applications only search in /usr/lib32/locale for locale-archive14:58
lennartwould it be a problem to create a symlink in glibc-32 from /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive to /usr/lib32/locale/locale-archive?15:00
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frinnstlennart: does it work?18:00
lennartfrinnst: it works for 3 test programs18:01
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jaegerI don't have any objections to that, have you tested that it causes no problems and does what you want in 32-bit apps?19:17
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lennartit works for 3 sample applications i tried, where it didn't work before symlinking that file.19:58
lennartI don't know about any problems that this change might cause though19:58
jaegerI doubt it causes any, just want to be sure20:02
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elderKHey guys.20:40
elderKIf I have a giant tarball of pre-built packages, how do I generate a listing of what of them, require others?20:40
elderKwithout extracting everything and ldd'ing20:40
teK_feed the name of every single one to prt-get and let it list the deps from the ports tree?20:43
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elderKGood idea20:49
elderKUnfortunately the system doens't have prt-get...20:49
elderKthe packages for x86 and ppc will b the same on the base media.20:49
elderKCruxPPC don't do desktop snaymore... just chroot.20:49
elderKI might just have to list the stuff, filter the entries myself20:49
elderKls *.tar.xz20:49
elderK*go through*20:50
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