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elderKdrayevarg: :) Did you get a chance to play with my ports?00:19
elderKThe saga of 3.0 on PPCG4 continues >:)00:19
elderKI've got it running, kind of.00:20
elderKJust building linux-3.10.00:20
elderKBut I couldn't just update overtop.00:20
elderKI had to install the packages from the tarball manually, but, I wrote a little script to do what I needed.00:20
elderKTo recalculate the dependencies and shit.00:20
elderKsetup.dependencies file or whatever.00:20
drayevargsorry, i didn't get a chance to look at them more00:28
drayevargwhat do you use virtualgl with?00:29
elderKI was trying to get my dedicated card working on my laptop :P00:29
elderKswitchable graphics.00:29
elderKI'm having trouble with FGLRX;00:29
elderKit corrupts the display.00:29
elderKHasn't been fixed in two versions.00:29
drayevargi think DRI_PRIME has preliminary support for radeon now00:30
drayevargfrom some chat i saw in #nouveau00:30
drayevargone sec00:30
drayevargsorry, i didn't read too closely  but you might have some luck with open source driver00:31
elderKWhat's DRI prime?00:32
elderKThe latest xorg stuff says it has newer support for switchable graphics00:32
elderKbut zero informationr egarding how to use it :P00:33
elderKor turn it on, whatever.00:33
drayevargit's a way to use your dedicated card's power as the source and the integrated card as the sink with xrandr00:33
drayevargan alternative to bumblebee in the case of intel/nvidia00:34
drayevargunfortunately the card is always powreed on at this point00:34
elderKthe idea was to setup a dedicated x server on the radeon and use virtualgl to forward gl stuff to that card.00:34
elderKbut I never got it to work00:35
elderK:) kept hte package anyway.00:35
elderKI may get it working later after all :P00:35
elderKI've been here.00:37
elderK:/ No luck.00:37
drayevargi think it will happen really soon, i read that kernel 3.11 adds some nice features for radeon gpus00:38
drayevargi get some scary acpi warnings with it though00:39
drayevargas far as using prime with open source driver:00:40
drayevargtry xrandr --listproviders first00:41
drayevargand something like xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink amd Intel   your names might be different00:41
drayevargyou preface the cards you want the discrete card to run with DRI_PRIME=1  .. DRI_PRIME=1 glxgears00:42
drayevargyou need a compositor running to use it, even xcompmgr will work00:42
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drayevargmy unhelpful irc client just closed with the message 'parse timeout', i hope i didn't get kicked for blabbing too much00:53
elderKwb :)00:55
elderKand thanks, drayevarg .00:55
elderK:P Remapping isn't working with the g4.00:55
elderKcaps -> control00:55
elderKwell, keycode 58 = Control00:55
elderKwhen I press caps lock,00:55
elderKstuff isn't caps. Good.00:55
elderKs not working as control either00:55
elderKcaps+c != ^C00:55
drayevargi somehow have been using crux for 6 odd months without ever having installed a driver for my smbus controller, that seems really bad00:58
drayevargwe have problems ;(00:59
elderKI did that too onc.01:00
elderKnever had any issues01:01
elderKI guess it relaly depends.01:01
elderK;) Excited.01:01
elderKWhen I reboot, I should be 3.0 on the G4.01:01
elderKa ton of work so far.01:01
elderKjust waiting for kernel build to finish01:02
drayevargnice, your xrandr should already have --listproviders then01:07
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elderKFUCK YEAH01:18
elderKFUCK YEAH!01:21
drayevargi feel a sense of dread though for when you have to build something01:22
elderKYeah. :P Me too.01:22
elderKLike prt-get sysup01:22
elderKwhich I will do shortly.01:22
elderKproblem is that ports -u gives me x8601:22
elderKand ppc01:22
elderKI figure using x86 pkgfiles will be alright since it's all from source.01:23
elderKI'll do a grep for x86, etc, though01:23
elderKI doubt crux-ppc is in sync.01:23
elderKIt is a basically dead project.01:23
drayevargtheir penguin is so cute though ;(01:24
elderKyeah, it is.01:24
elderKmaybe I'll make it my wallpaper for fun.01:24
elderKI don't knwo wtf the ``connector'' is for in the kerne01:26
elderKnever seems to cause issues when I omit it.01:26
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jaegerthe only thing I've used that needed it was uvesafb, which doesn't even work anymore02:14
Romsterennart> anyone else having a problem with setting a non-C locale in a 32-bit program? <- nope as i haven't used that.02:29
RomsterelderK, feel free to contact them and maybe pick up where they left off?02:35
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: 2.21.12 -> 2.21.1302:51
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angry_vincentnot because of flame reason but considering crux as one of the lasts bastions against poettering-zation10:28
angry_vincentwhat 's crux policy with newer udev/gnome3/systemd10:28
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Romstersystemd is not the unix way.11:38
Romsterone tool one job not one tool every job.11:38
Romsterlasts bastions against, surely there are others.11:38
Romsterand binary log file wtf man11:40
Romsterand the fact it's forced on to everyone. and there is more than one init system out there.11:44
Romstersystemd kills diversity.11:45
z3brawe're going into lennart's OS...11:46
z3braone tool, does every. single. thing11:47
Romsterwe already have firefox that's it's own OS on it's own :D11:47
Romstersystemd feels so windows-ish11:48
Romsteroen tool does everything, binary....11:48
z3brasystemd is the reason i switched to crux11:51
Romstervista was the reason i switched to crux.11:52
Romsterand that xp was restricting anyways11:52
Romsterwell i did go though a few distros before crux.11:53
z3braI hope you did ^^11:54
z3braOr maybe you *really* like to learn the hard way11:55
Romsteri work with windows i compile stuff at home... the hard way you say?11:55
Romsternothing but the hard way :D11:55
Romsteri learn more that way.11:56
z3braswitching to crux as a first distro can be *kinda* hard :p11:56
z3braBut I agree, the hard way is the best way11:56
Romsteryeah i failed at the start on configuration.11:56
Romsteri had help.11:56
z3braand man :p11:56
z3braI took me 1 week to get my wifi working11:57
Romsterthen i started to tinker and break stuff :D11:57
z3braThat the point of linux11:57
Romsterthen i learned how to fix stuff.11:57
Romsterthen i started making packages and i've never stopped -_-11:57
z3braIt's quite easy to do on crux11:58
Romsterbut i like my sexy desktop and servers at home11:58
z3braI don't have set up an X environment on crux atm11:58
z3braI'll probably on my main desktop when I'll be used to the distro11:58
Romsteri started on kde but then went the whole window manager only route11:59
Romstercoffee time12:02
frinnstwin2000 -> crux on my desktop12:03
frinnstwin2k was wonderful12:03
z3braI might be too young for that ^^12:04
z3braI actually used win98 when I was a child12:05
z3brausing IE and msn :p12:05
z3brabut my first pc was under vista12:05
frinnstgeez, thanks for making me feel old :)12:06
frinnstmy first pc that i bought in -98 ran win9512:07
frinnstbut with a muted modem :). still, you could hear the click when someone dialed in12:08
z3braI miss that sound12:09
z3braI can't I'm at work12:10
niklaswedoes someone running nginx here and added your own mimetypes?12:17
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niklasweI trying to add so Pkgfile so it see it as plain text.. but it doesnt work..12:18
Romsteri started with ms-dos, actually no i started on a apple []2 and a commodore 64 and Macintosh plus/classic then ms-dos12:33
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Romster the horror12:40
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frinnstamiga <312:44
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rmullHuh, I think I fixed my libpthread-stubs issue13:42
rmullI uninstalled libpthread-stubs and tried rebuilding the problem packages - the first one at least seems to have worked13:43
rmullEasy fix, I guess13:43
rmullDidn't occur to me to check that moving from 2.8->3.0 would remove the libpthread-stub port entirely13:44
rmullthanks to those who helped me13:44
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frinnstlibpthread-stub can be a pain14:28
jaegerlibpthread-stubs still exists as a package, it only has a pkg-config file now14:29
Romsteri felt like nuking that package but it caused too many more issues.14:32
frinnsti *think* ive removed it at home14:43
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tilmananyone else having trouble booting the 3.10.3 kernel?17:30
doomicideNope, I had trouble shutting down, though. Since 3.9.717:30
doomicideBut 3.10.4 is out, you might want to look at that.17:31
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joacimI havent rebooted yet18:22
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teK_I have performance issues with it..19:16
teK_i.e. windows opening slowly and websites rendering slowly, too19:17
teK_this is on a thinkpad with i915 graphics19:17
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frinnsttilman: i had some issues with it, drm i think19:26
frinnstoh sorry, read that as 3.11 for some reason19:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.221:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.221:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] wireshark: 1.10.0 -> 1.10.121:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libssh: 0.5.4 -> 0.5.521:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nmap: 6.25 -> 6.4021:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sslh: 1.14 -> 1.1521:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vlc: 2.0.7 -> 2.0.821:06
drayevargnice! that reminds me, alsa-lib and alsa-utils had a new version too.. saw that yesterday working on my choppy audio21:26
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frinnstteK_: dont forget about bind, remote dos22:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: 9.9.3-P1 -> 9.9.3-P222:45
teK_ck4up didnt catch that22:45
drayevargwhoa, i hadn't heard of ck4up, nice... gonna try it out22:51
drayevargi got a ton of new files in the ruby footprint when i did depinst for it22:59
drayevargah it's because i have tcl and tk installed23:00
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