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joacimi hate it when i have to deal with sourceforge =)01:16
joacimthat thing doesnt always work right01:16
nogagplzsourceforge is a real pos lately01:35
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frinnstfuck windows and its windows update06:43
frinnstinitiate a update on a new server just before heading home, come into the office and see it has stalled on "do you want to install internet explorer 9?"06:44
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frinnstinstall all updates, reboot -> install all updates, reboot07:31
frinnstnever ends, new updates keep appearing07:31
nogagplzit's like the goal of windows is to seed misery07:32
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niklaswefrinnst: hehe :)07:33
frinnstand no template to use on this hardware :(07:33
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pitillohey, has someone gnome-icon-theme package built?09:13
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pitillogot it from a backup :)11:05
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niklaswetaking long time for osa-dispatcher to start...12:08
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teK_be happy _IF_ your WSUS servers works at all12:11
teK_it's a pain in the neck to install and if it breaks a commons suggestio seems to be: reinstall! which brings you back to installing that thing :-)12:11
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libx11: updated to 1.6.118:19
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niklasweurk asterisk dialplan, I got headshake when I reading them..18:21
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frinnstyeah, can be somewhat confusing19:18
frinnstlowe set up ours at work. i just break it :)20:00
niklasweI have bought cash account from phonzo..20:00
frinnstwould probably take me a week to do from scratch :)20:00
niklasweit would take a year for me :P20:00
frinnstwe use cellip20:01
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niklaswecellip?20:13 :)20:15
frinnstnope, no umlauts here20:18
frinnstsilly nested screens20:18
tilmanthose umlauts look perfect to me20:23
frinnstahhh, i dont believe you!20:24
tilmani'm not kidding20:25
tilmanperfectly honest20:25
frinnstright, post a screenshot!20:25
jaegerthey look fine to me, too20:26
teK_screenshot following:20:26
teK_22:15 <@frinnst> .se :)20:26
teK_22:18 <@frinnst> nope, no umlauts here20:26
teK_to me20:26
frinnstlies lies lies!20:27
frinnstgeez, you even managed to modify prologics irc-log20:29
frinnstthe whole line is redacted20:29
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teK_gotta watch back to the future part one with my son <320:45
teK_brb :p20:45
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elderKHey guys.23:24
elderK3.0 saga continues but now with X.Org woes.23:24
joacimhey dude23:24
elderKJust dies on startup. I had to build Mesa, X, etc from x86' ports repo.23:24
elderKTweaking things as I went.23:24
elderKAny idea what would make X just... segfault?23:24
elderKI'm afraid I don't have logs : I formatted the machine in rage.23:24
nogagplzwere you the g4 or w/e guy23:26
elderKThat's me.23:26
nogagplzcan't say I remember X just segfaulting on mine23:27
elderKWhat were you running on?23:28
elderKNote that I installed Crux 2.7a first, PPC.23:28
elderKThen redid it but with Crux 3.0 PPC packages.23:28
elderKCrux-PPC 3.0 doesnt ``support'' X.23:29
elderKI figured building it would be fine but that didn't work either.23:29
elderK:) Any tips on how I can track it down for later?23:29
elderKIt died around linux_vdso23:29
elderKon the stack trace.23:29
elderKThat's all I remember now unfortunately.23:29
nogagplzit wasn't crux explicitly, but debian, and with a slight bit of fiddling even hardware acceleration was working on the crappy radeon 955023:30
nogagplzI guess you could just see what they do with their X23:31
elderKI found Debian.23:33
elderKI just don't want to use Debian.23:33
elderKI want to use Crux.23:33
nogagplzso don't stick with it23:33
elderKGentoo justdisplayed a bunch of errors, failing ``hwsetup''23:33
nogagplzjust lift what they do23:33
nogagplzmght even have been as simple as defaulting to the wrong driver or we23:34
elderKThat's true.23:34
elderKI was wondering if there are any general techniques that help figuring this shit out?23:34
nogagplzkeeping the log for one :P23:34
elderKSome people told me they use strace to help find out what they maybe missing or something23:34
elderKYeah :P23:34
elderKI was frustrated.23:34
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