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RomsterelderK, run x again look a dmesg and Xorg.log02:34
Romsterif you start off with the .config file off the crux iso you should have the majority of stuff enabled by default for xorg, just network sound hard disk controllers really need to be enabled.02:40
Romsterthen X should just start.02:40
Romsterwithout a Xorg.conf file.02:40
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frinnstSqllib error: OLEDB Error encountered calling IDBInitialize::Initialize. hr = 0x80004005. SQLSTATE: HY000, Native Error: -214689304807:32
frinnstcrystal clear errormessage07:32
niklaswegood morning frinnst :)07:53
frinnstmmm very. google has no results for the error message "Error message: SQL Server Network Interfaces: The token supplied to the function is invalid07:54
niklaswenot exactly the same ID number but.. maybe it can help you a bit..07:55
frinnstnope, seems unrelated08:02
frinnstsql 2008 standard on server 2012 - probably not the most common configuration08:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: djvulibre: librsvg is required, remove obsolete options and 'cs' locale08:51
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prologicI just learned about gpg and how to use it10:57
prologicmore how to use it :)10:57
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frinnstprologic: your irc-logger doesnt like non english-chars11:28
frinnstsuch as:11:28
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frinnstoh, it printed "EUR" instead of the symbol11:40
Romsterenglish distro why do we even need that in a irc logger frinnst ?11:43
Romsteri don't wanna start a flamewar but the entire stripping NLS is stupid... ie's easy to use pkgmk.conf to not install other .po files. since we dom't use NLS why does our irc logger but need to support non english-chars?11:44
frinnstwell it ignores the whole line11:44
frinnstjust discards it11:44
Romsterprologic, could just strip any non-english chars out.11:44
Romsteror convert them to there html equivalents.11:45
frinnstalso, characters and nls are two very different things :)11:46
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Romsterso is locale and NLS but i fail to see the difference. other than the later is language strings in programs than the libc strings being in ones native language.12:08
prologicfrinnst, cool12:22
prologicI'll look into that for you12:22
jueRomster: from a CRUX point of view is everything ok, we don't have NLS but can use whatever locale and character set you want12:23
prologicI suspect it stores the right unicode characters12:23
prologicbut isn't displaying them correctly12:23
Romsteroh ok so we can use what ever char set but those that want text in there country can not in programs.12:24
Romsterthat makes more sense now jue12:24
jueRomster: right, e.g. the output of 'grep -h' is always english regardless your locale settings12:28
Romsterright, just text input liek utf-8/16 and iso... and others.12:30
Romstershoudln't we all be using wtf-16 as tilman called it :P12:30
Romsterthe confusing part is english american english australian ... many others for the locale.12:31
Romsterif it's utf-8 it's utf-8 encoding.12:31
Romsteri'm certain it also picks the spellings of glibc english like color vs colour. else it would be pointless and just call it utf812:33
juewell, mostly ;) there are still differences if we are talking about locale settings, things like collating or time settings are still different12:35
Romsterlocaledef configuring why it has divverent variations of english with still urf812:35
Romsterstring formatting stuff i'm aware of that.12:36
RomsterLC_TIME="en_AU.utf8" like that says my date is dd/mm/yyyy and not mm/dd/yyyy i know that stuff.12:37
Romsterbut the fact that NLS is stripped out if there was an an nls and it can't find it.. it'll revert to the C locale string. which is fine for me. but some users prefer there own language. but then that's outside the scope of crux.12:39
Romsteri guess it boils down too not leaving the door open a bit with NLS stuff to then have others submit other non-english patches or some such stuff.12:40
Romsterfrankly annoys me when i see the word color and not colour... and i used to do <colour..> in html and wonder why it wasn't working either.12:41
Romsteranyways small nit picks everything works as is.12:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.913:10
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niklaswe_niklaswe: a13:11
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libx11-32: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.113:13
Romsterah crap i screwed up the commit message....13:14
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prologichey guys14:01
prologicgcc-fortran fails here for me14:01
prologicI havn't really found out why14:02
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Romsterno surprise there... i need to spend more time on ports.... wehn i am in the mood.15:09
drayevargi made a crda port and its dependencies if anyone's interested, i couldn't get the kernel's internal method to call wireless regdom to work
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frinnstdamnit, fix your mime-types.. BIN file?17:10
joacimnot as bad as servers sending movies and pictures as text17:15
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frinnstsweet, sweet justice17:17
joacimoh man17:25
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drayevarg.log does not seem to be in /etc/mime.types18:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tunctl: initial import23:04
prologicsorry frinnst23:27
prologicanyone know why gcc-fotran fails to build?23:28

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