IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-08-02

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frinnstServer Error in '/' Application.09:47
frinnstyay, microsoft website09:47
Romsterlooks like they fixed it already10:14
frinnstI still get it10:20
Romsteri get redirected to11:35
Romsterand i see a login user pass forfront online protection for exchange11:36
Romsterjava  and css errors on web devaloper plugin for firefox but no html errors.11:37
Romsterfrinnst, maybe your cookies are stale11:37
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elderK:/ Guys. Updates to icu always break a bunch of programs.11:43
elderKVLC won't run now, for example.11:43
elderKAnywawy that I can get around this without having to rebuild those programs?11:43
Romsteryeah too late to revert you can either pkgmk -u the older icu and prt-get lock icu11:45
Romsteror run revdep over all your ports and rebuild.11:45
Romsteri shouldn nto have pushed that but lack of time i tested stuff compiled i did not test that other stuff that does not list icu as a dependency also uses icu as a optional dependency11:46
elderKAnd np  man.11:47
Romsteri don't know why i bother to update stuff sometimes.11:47
elderKTime's a bitch.11:47
elderKNo, I appreciate your hard work, don't get me wrong.11:47
Romsterit is11:47
elderKBut I feel your pain, too.11:47
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(revdep)11:47
Romsteri should not push icu it should of waited for crux 3.1 as it is a very invasive port to bump.11:48
Romsterso i screwed up there.11:48
elderKrevdep being set for each port?11:48
Romsterrevdep returns ports that have broken links to libraries and rebuilds them.11:49
Romsterwell the later prt-get part rebuilds them11:49
elderK:) Thanks for that; that's a useful command.11:49
Romsteror you can luck icu at the older version if you prefer11:49
elderK:) I'll use the update.11:50
elderKBesides, if there wasn't an issue I wouldn't have learned about revdep!11:50
elderKAlso: The g4 saga. Got it dying again.11:50
Romsterhonestly i don't care if i have to recompile 40 ports because of a program bump...11:50
elderK:P There's like no useful information.11:50
Romsterbut seems lots do not like that.11:50
elderKJust a segfault when the radeon driver's trying to int10.11:50
elderKIt takes time.11:50
elderKUsually it's no big deal, like.11:50
Romsterthen prt-get lock that port.11:51
elderKBut if you planned to use VLC to watch a movie, say and update and it breaks, it b reaks your plans11:51
elderKbut then...11:51
elderKyou shoudl learn and not update if you don't have the time to do it all :P11:51
elderKSo lesson learned.11:51
elderKOn my side, I mean.11:51
elderKNot yours.11:51
Romsteryeah i nver update when i'm pressed for time.11:51
elderK:) Seeeee. A positive outcome.11:51
elderKFuck I'm glad it's FRiday.11:52
elderKSo sick of work this week.11:52
Romsteri've let stuff sit longer lately.11:52
elderKAre yo ubeing hit with a massive workload lately?11:52
elderKHow so? Longer update period or?11:52
Romsterman so am i this week has been a prick pardon my language11:52
Romsteryes boss is on holliday so i'm doing the work for 2 people.11:52
Romsterfixing computer's and photocopiers.11:53
Romsterlike i even have 4 massive copiers at the shire as well as at engineering shops. then there is the other study and primary and secondary schools11:54
Romsterand businesses that some print out books that are stapled.11:54
Romsterlots of moving parts. lots of maintenance. and lots of error codes to deal with.11:54
Romsterand i strip stuff down rebuild it with new parts when needed.11:55
elderKA lot of work, no wonder you're feeling squeezed man.11:55
elderKIt's a similar story at my workplace. I work with morons.11:55
Romstermeanwhile customers are waiting for there comptuers that i'm removing spyware,pups, viruses other crap...11:55
elderKOr rather people with skills, etc but that do not meet my expectations.11:55
elderKTheir work doesn't seem really up to scratch.11:56
elderK(Software dev.)11:56
Romsteryeah i've backed off on crux stuff lately because i need a break.11:56
elderKFair enough.11:56
elderKI do that sometimes with my personal projects too.11:56
elderKWell quite often.11:56
elderKIt's hard to keep motivation up when things hit you.11:56
elderKESPECIALLY when it's been a hard week of work.11:56
Romsterput them on stall atm... the version sort one i'll resume on sometime when i got time/in the mood.11:57
Romsteroh i forgot to mention most weekends are tied up with sound mixing too.11:57
Romsterso yeah slightly over worked.11:57
Romsterexcept this weekend i'm taking the weekend off bands for a weekend of darts tournament... gonna be helping out with catering etc.11:58
Romstermaybe play a game or two if someone doesn't show up.11:58
elderKBusy man.11:58
elderKWhat do you normally do to relax?11:59
Romsteryeah sit at home and play with linux stuff :D11:59
elderK:P Likewise.11:59
Romsterother times movies music or go for a drive and walk on some quiet bush track.11:59
Romsteryeah people go huh you go to a computer at home after working on them all day.11:59
Romsterbut it's linux not god damn windows.12:00
Romsterso you program?12:00
elderKfor leisure and work.12:00
Romster21:42:10 up 46 days,  1:36,  1 user,  load average: 22.60, 17.95, 10.8812:00
Romsteron a quad core :P12:01
elderK:P Is it accurate?12:01
elderKNice :)12:01
Romsterwell load has backed off now.12:01
elderKIs it a server?12:01
Romstermy desktop12:01
Romsteronly because i got distcc -j12:02
Romsterand i'm compiling something that's not using distcc12:02
Romstercan't be bothered to lower the -j number for that.12:02
elderKdo you need to use distcc to take advantage of multicore for compilation?12:02
Romsternot often that happens.12:02
elderKI didn't think you would?12:02
Romsterno need SMP is fine as it is just do -j4 for a quad core12:03
Romsteri use distcc over 5 machines atm.12:03
Romsteryou seen the verison sort project i'm working on? it's a hobby project.12:03
Romsteri don't program very well sadly.12:04
Romsteri need more time to learn. that i haven't got and when i did, my attention span was not good enough to program that much then either.12:04
Romsterso i get help with the more tricky stuff.12:05
elderK:) I haven't n o.12:05
elderKIf you want I can review it sometime, or a little anyway.12:05
elderKGive ideas on how to improve it, if I see anything obviously wrong.12:05
elderKAnd hey, all the power to you to learn a new language or skill.12:05
elderKIt takes time.12:05
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/gcc-fortran#4.7.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' oh goodie done.12:05
elderKBut it's worthwhile, even if it's frustrating.12:05
elderKI find a lot of things are fun... but in a weird way. Frustrating fun.12:05
elderK:P Woot12:06
Romsteri got the ideas and what i want done it's the implementation to do it.12:06
elderKLike me and painting.12:07
elderKOR me and my guitar.12:07
elderKI hear what I want to play.12:07
elderKI just can't do it yet.12:08
elderKBut I will, eventually ;)12:08
elderK:) Link me to your project.12:10
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Romsterdoens't stay around for long.12:15
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Romsternice one <_<12:17
Romster that's on hold though got a python implamentiaon going on atm.12:18
Romster^ some output of the python version.12:18
Romster and that's my older bash version of it.12:18
Romsteractaulyl no the one is the mirror of where did i put my example output of the python one.12:19
elderKThe output looks good.12:19
elderKHow are you determining the version? Like, is it from the Pkgfile?12:20
Romsterit's from the urls.12:20
elderKOr do you feed that in with the data?12:20
elderKOh cool :D12:20
Romsteri parse them i split the version strings up with regex i sort them.12:20
elderKI figure you pass in, in the code, what sorting algorithm to use?12:20
Romsterjust sort atm12:20
elderKAnd it's implemented in Python?12:21
elderK:) Cool12:21
Romstersome cases it'll not sort correctly. working on that. yep in python but that you see is my bash one. let me generate the output in python gain.12:21
elderKIt might be useful to write a program to decompose URIs.12:21
elderKRather than use a regular expression.12:22
elderKRegexps are hard to maintain12:22
elderKOr rather they can be.12:22
Romsternot how this is done.12:22
elderK:) Perhaps I will write the program for you.12:22
elderKThe URI splitter.12:22
Romsterrules.append( MatchingRule('/([-a-zA-Z]+)-(([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+))\.tar\.xz', '.tar.xz') )12:23
pitillois wine building right? can someone take a look?12:23
Romsterlike that only i got about 300 lines of it so far.12:23
Romsterit built right last time i tested it pitillo12:23
elderKlikewise pitillo12:23
Romsterthat is one port i really do maintain.12:24
elderKFor which I am eternally grateful :)12:24
elderKI use Wine a bunch for work and personal stuff.12:24
pitillo../../../wine-1.6/tools/wrc/parser.y:2840:15: error: 'YYLEX' undeclared (first use in this function)12:24
elderKpitillo: Do you have bison/flex installed?12:24
pitilloI was trying to patch it to play poe, and got the error... tryied with current opt version and the same (the patch shouldn't affect)12:25
pitilloelderK: both are core ports, so yes, I have them installed12:26
Romsteroh that would be the newer bison in core12:26
Romstermeh how do i get around that....12:26
Romsterthey depreciated some stuff i read.12:27
pitilloyes, first look to the error sugest downgrading bison..12:27
RomsterelderK, some older output of the python tool
Romsterwhen i update ports i at lest make sure it works on all official ports that depend on it....12:28
elderKNice :)12:28
Romsterbut no one else seems to test it.12:28
elderKYOu mean new ports don't break other things?12:28
Romsterhard to know that wine uses bison though it's not listed as a dependency12:28
Romsteri try not to break stuff when i bump versions. i test all ports with prt-get dependent --all foo12:29
elderKRomster: I'm pretty sure it does, configure should usually catch it.12:29
pitilloI've hit this problem with luck Romster12:29
pitilloit was built and running well here12:29
Romsterit's only a compile time error pitillo ?12:29
pitilloadded last new dependencies and applied the patch...12:30
pitilloyes Romster12:30
Romsteri'd doubt being a run time error.12:30
pitillolet's see if there is a patch around there... I haven't looked anything12:31
Romsteryeah added gnutls recently. got another set of changes that jaeger done but core/libgmp hasn't had a stub header added like python has to not have nettle-32 look for libgmp-32 headers in a non-standard location12:31
Romsterit'll probably be too soon for a wine bug dunno...12:31
pitilloyeah, I took a look this morning before doing anything12:31
Romster$ ./ --common-ext | sed -e 's|\?path=.*$||g' | grep 'libmatroska' | ./ --print-sorted -1 | cut -d' ' -f312:33
Romster# [filter-tool] libmatroska: omitted 47 more line(s) due to --head12:33
RomsterelderK, so i can do that in future and auto bump version= and build bot it.12:34
Romsterand download sources when they are out.12:34
elderK:) Sweet.12:34
Romsterand other stuff.12:34
elderKI can see how it'd be of use to you and others.12:34
elderKCould even use it at work for version bumping12:34
Romsteryeah i know there is other version tools out there but this is a beast to build.12:34
Romsteryeah it'll have a few uses.12:35
elderKHVLinux looks cool :)12:35
elderKNice webpage.12:35
Romsterwhich is why i'd like it written in C for libvs as well for the version sorting part. for package managers to use.12:35
elderKthe homepage, that is.12:35
elderKfrom FReecode.12:35
Romsterah you found that.12:36 has links to stuff.12:36
elderKAye. You'll want to write it in either C, C++ or something that can compile to them.12:36
Romsteri made that page ages ago it's stale.12:36
elderKSTill useful!12:36
elderKStale or not.12:36
Romsterhand coded.12:36
elderKThe way it should be ;)12:36
elderKFucking hate shit like Dreamweaver or whatever.12:37
Romstereven most of the javascript though i did punch a few snippets12:37
elderKPoor snippets :P12:37
Romsterpitillo, i don't know how long that was depreciated before bison decided to remove it.12:38
elderKSorry, pet peeve.12:38
pitillono problem Romster, I'll downgrade bison...12:38
elderKMy boss'd always use ``depreciated'' instead of ``deprecated.''12:38
pitilloI don't want to mess with API changes (or whatever they did...)12:38
Romsterwhat did i type wrong now?12:38
elderKEven in API specs for third-parties.12:38
elderK:P Depreciated => Deprecated.12:38
elderKEasy mistake to make.12:39
Romsteroops extra i12:39
elderKBut there's a subtle difference.12:39
elderKRight! Back to fixing my girlfriend's laptop.12:39
elderKBought her a new one to replace the one that's dying.12:39
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Romstereasier fix but i don't like how it'll break on everyones compiles now after a sysup12:40
Romsterwhat to do.12:41
Romsterheck i haven't even pushed ffmpeg 2.x yet due to it breaking other stuff.12:41
Romsterdamn that is a really easy and subtle grammar error but it's not a spelling error.12:44
elderKNo, not spelling. Just grammar, you're right on that.12:48
Romsteri know my English is not that great.12:48
Romsterbut i didn't see that one.12:49
Romsterwhat languages do you code in and have you got any spare time?12:50
Romsterjust curious12:50
Romsteri got another guy helping me or was he is doing other stuff currently while i'm taking a rest.12:50
elderKA ton.13:01
elderKC, C++, Java, Scheme, Common Lisp are my main languages.13:01
elderKA bunch of others that I'm far less experienced in.13:01
elderKLike Smalltalk, Haskell, Bash, Python, Scala.13:02
elderKSoem web stuff, not much.13:02
elderKIA32 and M68K/Coldfire assembly.13:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gcc-fortran: 4.4.2 -> 4.7.313:02
elderKA little of AMD64 assembly.13:02
RomsterASM has to be tough13:03
elderKIt's actually a good deal simpler.13:03
elderKThere's just more to consider and keep in mind.13:03
Romsteri know of registers and stuff but past that i get lost.13:03
elderKIt's like anything else really. Just takes time and practise.13:03
elderKpractice, rather.13:04
Romstertrue. i am good with a soldering iron and hot air gun. been doing smd work.13:04
elderKOh. Php, standard sql, HTML, etc.13:04
elderK:D Sweet.13:04
elderKI'm shit with soldering irons :P13:04
elderKI have crappy eyesight so I can't solder for jack.13:04
Romsteron various stuff including notebook motherbords13:04
elderKOr if I do manage to make a connection with it, it's giant :P13:04
elderKand over many tracks.13:04
elderKAlso, btw, your English is pretty good :)13:05
Romstergot good eye sight and a steady hand.13:05
Romstereh i spell correct alot fo the time.13:05
elderK:P Sweet.13:05
Romsteroops of...13:05
elderKI have unsteady hands, am clumsy as hell and am blind as a bat :)13:05
Romsteracquire skills that i enjoy doing.13:05
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elderKI figure you've got a lot of living left.13:06
elderKLots of time.13:06
Romstergo join prologic he can barely see either.13:06
elderKLots of time to learn and explore.13:06
Romsterand also programs13:06
Romsterbut mostly in python13:06
elderKPython's a language I've got to skill up in, as it were.13:06
elderKHave been using C# a lot more, too. For work.13:06
Romsterthough i remember he did poke around in free pascal for a while too.13:07
elderKHe should take a peek at Ada.13:07
elderKHe might like it.13:07
Romsterdunno if i'd go near C#13:07
elderKIt's alright. Nothing special, imo.13:07
elderKIt's cool that a good deal of it is cross-platform, with Mono;13:07
Romsterthat gnome pre-processor to C seems like a interesting one to poke at though.13:08
elderKBut a lot of ``enterprise, batteries included'' stuff is MS specific.13:08
Romsteroh and rust a variation on C++13:08
elderKRust's javascript.13:08
frinnstzomg the backlog13:08
frinnstyesterday: not a word13:08
Romsteryeah i prefer to stay clear of MS stuff even though i work with them every work day13:09
teK_btw frinnst I ended up forwarding the only port on the 2nd guest ip to host:port .. :)13:09
Romsterwadda ya mean not a word....13:09
frinnstheh, hacky13:09
frinnststill no clue why it didnt work?13:09
Romsterit's even a song by the beatles.13:09
teK_nope.. it worked then it stopped again.. turning off one interface in the VM made the other work13:09
frinnsthm, routing problems?13:10
teK_tcpdump listed my echo requests on br0, tap{0,1} and in the 'virtual' NICs but no reply was sent13:10
teK_I have no clue13:10
Romsterrouting table issues?13:10
teK_but --------------------------^ means that the guest linux ignores the request for REASONS13:10
teK_Romster: maybe.. both virtual nics had entries13:11
Romsteri'd suggest you formulate a accurate question and ask it in #Netfilter13:11
*** jdolan has joined #crux13:11
Romsterthey are smarter than me when it comes to routing.13:11
Romsteri only know the basics13:11
teK_Romster: fwiw:
teK_I asked in #qemu13:12
frinnstgot my free patchsee kit today, nifty networking cables13:12
teK_yeah ;)13:12
Romsterok so yoo have two different metrics on each interface.13:13
Romsterand in the guest you have a rule to say what interface for each source ip to take.13:14
Romsterok you lost me there.. i'd of done it all in the routing table and not in the guest.13:15
teK_I used a howto proposed for a single guest ip setup provieded by my hoster13:16
Romsterit's not multi-homed is it?13:17
Romsteryou just got an ip-block?13:17
teK_the mac addresses are needed too as it does mac based port filtering (the provider..)13:17
teK_I have three IPs13:17
Romstersingle isp network?13:17
teK_in two blocks13:17
Romsterwan cable that is?13:17
joacimfrinnst: one unit is one box of 6/12, or is it just a single cable?13:18
joacimi'm looking at their pricing13:18
teK_Romster: I have no idea it's a normal switched / routed environment I guess13:19
Romsteri mean you only have 1 cable to 1 isp13:19
joacim10 euro is damn cheap for a box of 6 2 m cables. if that is the case.13:19
Romsterright so not multi-homed with 2 ip blocks.13:19
teK_I have enabled the two 'virtual' mac addresses in the ISPs web panel so they should and mostly do work13:20
Romsterso yu ened ot bind to the correct ip in the routing table13:20
Romsterso you need to13:20
frinnstjoacim: i really like the optical identifier thingy. very useful13:20
teK_so the host needs additional routing entries you think?13:20
teK_bridged packages are not subject to routing afaik13:21
joacimi just think the colour clips are pretty sweet13:21
Romsterhmm doing research on this before i open my mouth.13:22
teK_they arent except if you use ebtables13:23
Romsteri know of ebtables but not used that.13:23
teK_ohh.. I had too ....13:24
teK_hm no :)13:26
teK_I could have set up that, too13:26
Romsternot sure if that is exactly what your after...13:26
Romsterwhat i do have now is 2 ip's binded on my eth0 on my desktop13:26
Romster10.0.0.2 and
Romsterin my router i filter anything in to a lower QOS level for p2p stuff. and i bind such services to that ip on my desktop13:27
Romsterfar easier than trying to guess the ports it uses.13:27
Romsteryou can bind each VM to it's own local ip13:28
Romsterand then in the routing table send packets off to each VM based on the outside destination ip13:28
Romstersomething like that... sorry i'm not up to scratch with this stuff.13:29
teK_outside destination? these are not known before-hand13:33
Romsterthe ip your binding too13:33
Romsteryou find the dst ip in the packets sent to you if it matches one of the MV ip's you send it to the correct routing table.13:34
Romsterhm i'm getting myself lost... how does a rout9jg table help to get to the VM.13:34
Romster that might give you an idea.13:36
Romsterrouting table has use interface that can be each of the VMs13:36
Romsteryou use the metric to send to the correct route.13:37
Romsterso you jsut have to ip mark packets for the correct metric due to the dst ip it's trying to send too.13:37
*** sammi` has quit IRC13:38
Romsterso incomping packets with different sdt ip's coming in hit the firewall that marks stuff with a metric that then sends it to the correct route table entry that sends it to the correct interface.13:38
Romsteri think i am on track.13:39
RomsterteK_, this might be a bit more clear
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*** DaViruz has joined #crux14:00
Romsterbut in your case you listen for the correct ip and point it to the correct metric.14:00
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doomicideRomster, it looks like libdvd{css,read,nav} need updating15:46
doomicideYou can also ditch the custom distfile I think15:46
doomicideI prepared new working ports, shall I open a bugreport, if so one for all or seperate ones? I could then attach them.15:48
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:58
doomicideOk, thanks I'll check it out.16:16
*** felixos has joined #crux16:16
doomicideok nvm I just opened some bug-reports.17:00
*** doomicide has quit IRC18:26
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*** jturner_ has joined #crux19:07
gnghello everyone, could someone please help me troubleshooting my wlan on crux?19:07
*** gng has quit IRC19:09
*** gng has joined #crux19:11
rmullgng: What's up? Just ask19:18
gngmy wlan is atheros ar24xx, which uses ath5k module19:18
gngi have installed ath5k as kernel module19:18
gnglspci shows that the module is being used19:18
gnghowever i can't scan for network using iwlist scan and wicd19:19
rmulldoes lsmod show the module loaded?19:19
gnglsmod output19:20
gngath5k / used by 019:20
*** jturner has quit IRC19:20
*** Amnesia` has quit IRC19:20
gngath / 1 used by ath5k19:20
gngmac80211 / 1 used by ath5k19:20
gngcfg80211 / 3 used by ath,ath5k,mac8021119:21
rmullDid you bring the interface up before scanning?19:21
rmullAnd are there any errors reported?19:21
gngifconfig wlan0 up shows no errors19:22
rmullScan was performed with the interface up, correct?19:22
rmullAny errors reported in relevant log files in /var/log?19:22
rmullHow do you know you can't scan? You know the network exists but it isn't returned in scan results?19:23
gngno errors from /var/log19:23
gngiwlist wlan0 scan: wlan0 interface doesn't support scanning19:24
gngrefreshing in wicd-curses shows no network while i'm sitting next to the router19:24
rmullNo hardware switch setting the wlan off? No setting in the BIOS disabling it?19:27
gngno, switch on19:27
gngwhen i booted into my arch partition wlan works right away19:27
gngi just did an ifconfig19:27
gngwlan0 Link encap:Ethernet19:28
gngisn't it weird because it's a wireless interface?19:28
rmullAny information in iwconfig?19:28
rmullYou've installed wireless-tools and all dependencies?19:28
gngiwconfig no wireless extensions19:28
rmullprt-get depinst wireless-tools ?19:29
gngwireless-tools installed when i set up crux19:29
gngprt-get gives me "wireless-tools is installed"19:29
rmullTried "iw wlan0 scan" ?19:30
pitillowhat about dmesg? does it show something strange when the ath5k loads?19:30
rmullKernel config correct?19:30
gng@pitillo: no, ath5k loads correctly19:30
gng@rmull: iw not found19:30
jturner_gng: what does rfkill list all show?19:31
gngrfkill command not found19:31
jturner_whats in /sys/class/rfkill ?19:32
jturner_cat /sys/class/rfkill/rfkill0/state19:33
gngthe cat command shows 119:34
gngso that means rfkill is on?19:34
jturner_k, thats what you want, means wifi is active19:34
jturner_I'm out :/19:34
gnghmm rfkill: command not found19:34
gnghow can i get rfkill?19:34
gngprt-get search rfkill doesn't show anything19:35
gngnever mind, i found rfkill port19:36
gngwill try and get back to you19:36
gngthank you19:36
rmullYou can write to some of the sysfs knobs directly without an rfkill executable:
gngCurrent softblock state. This file is read and write. Values: A numeric value. 0: inactive The transmitter is (potentially) active. 1: active The transmitter is turned off by software.19:45
gngcat soft shows me 019:45
gngso does it mean that rfkill is not blocking wlan?19:46
gngi unblocked wlan using rfkill, still can't scan for network19:50
rmullAre you using the same kernel you used in arch?19:51
gngno, i built another kernel from the 3.6.11 source given with the crux iso19:52
rmulldid you make oldconfig with the .config from your arch sources?19:56
gngthe arch kernel was a prebuilt one19:56
gngthis crux is my first kernel build19:56
rmullYou can still take it's .config with gunzip -c /proc/config.gz > .config19:57
gngthank you, i will try doing so tomorrow19:59
gng4am and i'm dead tired19:59
gngthank you all for your assistance!20:00
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Romsterdoomicide, busy weekend i'll look at that later23:16
RomsterteK_, it basically boils down to this:23:17
Romsterit basically all falls down to how the routing is set up on the ISP's side ... if he has two subnets (one for the gateway/hypervisor an one for the guests), you *must* use routing, as the ISP's hardware will try to route the second subnet via some addr in the first one23:17
Romster if, on the other hand, both subnets are independent and ISP's hardware sends out ARPs for each address separately, the easiest solution would be bridging, ... you can still use routing, but only in combination with arp_proxy / ipv6 ND proxy23:17
RomsterFYI, this is *way*, *way* easier than traffic control :)23:18
Romster should really cover it.23:18
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