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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libdvdcss: 20110603 -> 1.2.13, fixes FS#94302:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mc: update to 4.8.1008:09
pitilloprologic: ok, I got it running yesterday the beta version (no Pkgile, just with the installer)08:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.6 -> 1.7.009:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gstreamer1: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.909:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-base1: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.909:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-good1: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.909:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-bad1: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.909:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-ugly1: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.909:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-libav: 1.0.8 -> 1.0.909:34
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: util-linux-32: 2.23.1 -> 2.23.210:12
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: 9.1.5 -> 9.1.610:12
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niklaswegaah I will update my frimware on my hp smart array 6i, but the problem is that the file is from 2008 and it need old libs :(10:36
niklasweRomster: yupp10:43
Romsterwhat old libs in particular look at ldd10:43
niklasweRomster: its need
Romsterah crux 2.7.1 has that10:44
Romsteroh and 2.810:44
niklasweyeah but debian doesnt ahve it10:44
Romsteroh debian... well you could compile a older gcc to get it.10:45
Romsterdon't need to even install it, compile it add it to PATH=... then run that firmware upgrade10:46
niklasweI wondering if i should add so I can boot the cd from grub and then install it via ilo10:49
Romsterit's firmware you'd want to be careful how you upgrade it.10:51
Romsterand i hope you got your array backed up incase it goes south and you can't access your array anymore.10:51
nogagplztomorrow feels like a good day to finally start updating stuff10:52
frinnstyou cant do the upgrade offline?10:53
Romsteri would jsut boot the crux 2.8 cd and do it from there off a flash usb stick10:54
Romsterif i were niklaswe10:54
Romstertomorrow i work again. weekend just been where i was doing a darts tournament.10:54
Romsternogagplz, what's happending with crux stuff have you decided to stick with arch or are you still gonna import that stuff to crux?10:55
niklaswefrinnst: I dont have access to the server :P10:56
nogagplzfor now I'll keep holidaying in arch Romster, but I'll start maintaining my crux stuff again, been too distracted/lazy10:59
jueniklaswe: the lib is part of our old libstdc++-compat port, see, just copying the lib and the symlinks to you /usr/lib should work11:06
pitilloRomster: bison problem in wine solved with that update11:06
Romsterpitillo, but how many other things break with bison i wonder.11:07
pitillohere I haven't hit anything yet... only wine11:07
niklaswejue: the tinyurl doesnt work..11:09
jueI've a _lot_ of checkouts of git repos here, search for *.y files and tried to build them with bison, found not a single issue11:09
Romsterwine did on version=1.611:09
pitillogreat jue (here I've done only with basic updates)11:10
Romsterbut it's on 1.7.0 now so perhaps nothing else broke.11:10
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niklaswehlelo again :)11:37
Romsteri'm quite happy with mplayer2 so far.11:47
Romsterif ya bored retro commodore remixes live show on now.11:47
jueniklaswe: wb, success with your stdc++ problem?12:04
niklaswejue: yupp, and I have now update my hp smart array controller to :)12:05
juegreat :)12:06
niklasweyeah and Im happy ^^12:07
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cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eet: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: evas: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: ecore: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: efreet: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eina: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eio: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: embryo: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: edje: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: evas: fixed footprint13:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: e_dbus: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eeze: updated to 1.7.613:47
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: e17: updated to
pitillopfff what am I doing wrong with this git repo? always appear the same messages? On gitweb the message is right13:50
pitilloI'm afraid to remove an empty file (eeze/Building) and push... (repo cloned again and switched to 3.0 branch...)13:54
frinnstah, maybe the bot is broken?14:07
pitillono idea frinnst, but omething happens with e17 repo. I'll look for logs to verify these messages were shown last time I did the last update14:09
pitillo2013-05-16 16:2414:11
pitilloonly the last cruxbot message should be shown... this time, it hasn't shown the last one, only those... (I don't know if it's my fault... but this is really strange)14:12
frinnstdoubt it14:12
frinnstou, 3.10 next long term kernel14:13
frinnstmaybe the message is too long?14:18
frinnstyou could try to push a test commit14:18
niklaswefrinnst: do you know which bot application you are using for cruxbot?14:21
pitillofrinnst: I have some waiting... I group efl libs to don't spam here too much messages... (now I need to remove the empty file, and update elementary, emotion, ethumb...)14:22
frinnst"ruby cruxbot.rb" <- guess thats it :)14:24
pitillofour commits ready to push... and probably I'll spam the same or more messages here :(14:24
frinnstgo for it :)14:24
pitillosorry before hitting...14:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eet: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: evas: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: ecore: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: efreet: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eina: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eio: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: embryo: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: edje: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: evas: fixed footprint14:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: e_dbus: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eeze: updated to 1.7.614:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: e17: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eeze: removed empty file14:25
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: elementary: update to 1.7.814:25
pitillosame messages... and only 2/4 commits14:25
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frinnstI dont have rights to do much about it im afraid14:29
nrxtxbison update to 3.0 broke wine in opt, upgrading wine to 1.7 or downgrading bison to 2.7.1 solves the problem14:39
nrxtxthat remembers me of creating a bugtracker account :)14:41
pitillofrinnst: currently all should be updated, no more spam until next updates... Thank you anyways14:45
frinnstyeah, you might wanna poke sepen about it tho, its his bot i think14:46
pitilloummm ruby bot? I don't think so, btw, I'll tell him about the problem to see if he can take a look to git's hooks or the repo14:51
Romsternrxtx, i've bumped wine already14:56
nogagplzhey Romster you see in that epsxe pkgfile, the dcaf-security $url crap14:56
nogagplzdo you still have those archives somewhere14:56
Romsteroh i probably do.14:56
Romsteris decaf down?14:57
nogagplzit 404's on distfiles14:57
nogagplzalso epsxe for linux finally has a new version, it only took 30 years14:57
nogagplzfingers crossed it ditches that ancient gtk1 also14:59
Romsterand lat one15:04
nogagplzok cool15:05
nogagplzgoing to have to check them and prune what works/what doesn't15:05
Romsteri got sick of not having the correct sums on a file on my mirror so i do that now.15:06
nogagplzok got them15:08
Romstercool glad i saved those...15:08
Romsterwill have to slap brett if he ever returns.15:09
Romsterhe probably rmed that directory :/15:09
nogagplzwas that predatorfreak15:09
Romsteryeah his real name was brett...15:09
Romsterwhere is he i don't even see him sign in skype anymore.15:10
nogagplzI didn't think you had skype15:10
Romstersure i do...15:11
nogagplzhich is weird because I remember you wrestling with it so much15:11
Romsteryeah i got it on for text i never bother to use sound on the linux one. i got it on my phone for sound and my laptop15:11
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nogagplzyou me and drijen should cyber one day15:12
Romsteryeah should15:13
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Romsterdoomicide, you made them bug reports for libdvdnav, libdvdread libdvdcss right?15:18
doomicideanything wrong with them?15:18
Romsterit would pay to look at the release date libdvdnav libdvdread is not newer then my 2011 tarballs granted i need to regenerate those to a newer version15:18
Romsteronly libdvdcss was outdated. they enver released a tarball in ages now they have that newer one i bumped now.15:19
doomicideBut the current libdvdread and nav version 4.2.0 not 4.1.4, I don't understand the problem, the tarballs for 4.2.0 seems fine.15:20
Romsterthey seem fine but miss some changes that i got in the newer tarballs. they wont bother to make a new tarball for ages later.15:23
Romstermemory leaks etc.15:23
Romsterbasically smaller maintenance commits.15:24
doomicidemhm but the version in the repo says 2011-06-03 while the release of 4.2.0 was on 2011-10-1015:25
Romsterblah did just die...15:28
Romsteri can't connect to it now.15:28
doomicideit's fine here15:28
RomsterIt is just you, appears to be Online!15:29
Romsteryet it loaded a few seconds ago now it wont15:29
Romsterno it's just the bug tracker that's not loading the site is ok.15:30
Romsterflyspray has died.15:30
Romsterright when i need to look something up15:30
doomicideflyspray works here, too15:31
Romsterbah it just loaded /now/15:32
Romsterit wasn't working a minute ago15:32
doomicideanyways the project moved to dvdnav.mplayerhq.hu15:32
doomicideand according to that 4.2.0 is newer than the distfiles currently used15:33
Romstercurl -sI
RomsterLast-Modified: Sat, 08 Oct 2011 22:08:31 GMT15:34
Romsterhmmz oh ffs i was looking at there old project page15:34
Romsterthat really shits me whent hey do not put a project has moved her page on the old fucking page.15:34
doomicidesorry I propably should've made that clearer15:34
Romsteri've been monitoring the origional page.15:35
Romsterno mention on there what so ever of ever moving.15:35
Romsterthat's not your fault there fault.15:35
doomicideI was confused at first, too.15:36
doomicidempv didn't autodetect libdvdread because their minimum version was 4.2.0 (they lowered it now)15:36
Romsteri couldn't see why you mentioned it changed. when i say my snapshots being newer.15:36
doomicideI see :)15:38
doomicideI had to look at Arch's PKGBUILD to see they moved the project15:38
doomicideThe Pkgfile I uploaded is pretty much a merge of Arch's and your buildscript.15:40
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Romsteri can just do autoreconf -f -i before ./configure15:43
Romsteryeah i see that now.15:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libdvdread: 20110603 -> 4.2.0. Fixes FS#94415:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libdvdnav: 20110603 -> 4.2.0. Fixes FS#94515:54
Romsteri really hate projects that don't do that this page is now obsolete we have moved to ...15:55
Romsterthough some have no option too if the previous project owner goes awol.15:55
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Romsterdoomicide, small tip we don't list glibc gcc or binutils as they are always on the system.15:57
Romsternearly every port links to glibc15:57
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Romsteri don't nearly have enough time anymore. that's why i need spotters to let me know when projects move etc.16:02
doomicideRomster, ok I'll remember that.16:03
Romsteri need time to work on the version sort more too -_- one day i'll get that done.16:04
doomicidebtw, I made port for mpv and they don't do versioned releases for some reason16:06
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doomicideSo I used to specify the commit as an internal variable and name the version after the date of the commit16:06
doomicidethen get the zip from github16:06
doomicideNow I moved to repackaging as tar.gz and rename it to the date and upload it myself16:07
doomicideI'm still not sure if this is preferable16:07
doomicideI mean on one hand it might avoid confusion and tar.gz seems superior to zip16:08
doomicideon the other hand I usually prefer getting sources straight from upstream, so the user doesn't need to put trust in the maintainer16:08
Romstertar.xz is even more compression16:09
Romsterbut gz is fine if it's already small16:09
Romsternamgint it after the date is what i did followed by the commit hash see x264 in contrib.16:09
Romsterversion="$(cd work/${name}-repo && git rev-list HEAD -n 1 | head -c 7)"16:11
Romsterin a script i use that auto does all the work and archives it for me and uploads it to the server.16:11
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doomicidemhm that seems like a decent compromise16:12
doomicideI think I'll adopt this practice for the next version16:13
Romsteron the other hand i'm in the process of writing a patch to pkgmk so i can use my mirror like this
Romsterand have pkgmk use the md5sum out of the .md5sum file to pick the correct file.16:15
Romsteras a bonus i can do a diff on it and see what they changed.16:15
Romsterfor those silent updates some sites sometimes do.16:16
Romsterhave yet to add in e-tag, modified-date and other such checks to test automatically, and re-download if changed.16:16
Romsterdoomicide, oh another one i did the get the file and add my own name is iptables-geoip16:17
Romsteradd my own version... i version it to the modified date.16:17
Romsterand it's xtables-geoip sorry16:18
Romsteror i could of moved it to the build() function to wget it there.... which i think is very ugly.16:19
doomicidenp, I just wish everyone would do versioned releases16:19
Romsterso do i.16:19
doomicideyep, wget should be done before16:19
Romsterand not change them but to bump the patch level if they need to fix a last minute bug.16:20
doomicidearch has support for some vcss in the PKGBUILD now16:20
Romsterand if the bug is that bad they should bump the patch level and remove the older file so it breaks 404 downloads so others notice fast there is a newer fixed version.16:21
Romsterwe don't like to abstract like that.16:21
Romsterend user shoulnd't have to have git installed to build ports, for that matter cvs subversion monotone mercedial etc.16:22
doomicideThat's what I thought.16:22
Romsteri don't see it as a big issue but that's what the rules are around here.16:22
Romsterof course non-official ports trees like emulators do just that/ even some of my ports in romster do that notably mplayer216:23
Romsteri go a step ahead i use a commit point and not head when i do it that way so end users get the same results as me.16:23
Romsteri retest a later commit and if it breaks i wait longer.16:24
Romsterfollowing what they are doing helps. some trees are just bug fixing, some are massive rewrites.16:25
Romster2;24am and i'm still awake this is not good...16:25
Romsterby the time i get tired it'll be nearly work time.16:25
doomicideI usually just check upstream regulary and when I see they fixed something critical I update, but I update at least once a month16:25
Romsteryeah likewise... though i have no set time it's when i've got time to check16:26
doomicidecoffee has to be good for something ;)16:26
Romsterdoesn't keep me awake, does help to wake me up in the morning though16:28
doomicidethat's the first step at least16:28
Romsterhappen to have 2 cans of jack danials i got from the darts tournament, spent all weekend, well msot of it serving food, cleaning up empty cups... cleaning the hall after the event.16:29
doomicidedarts is a strange sport, the player nicknames are pretty funny though16:30
Romsternot really much of a sport.... i like playing but i was helping out the club i'm a member of.16:30
Romstermmm bourbon whisky16:31
Romsterin extreame cases 1-2 drinks is enough to relax me enough to get to sleep16:31
Romsteri rarely ever do this.16:31
Romsteri usually drink at the pub play pool/snooker16:32
Romsteri've thrown a 174 in darts never got a 180 yet damn it.16:32
doomicideIs that good? :D I don't know shit about darts.16:33
Romsterbeen very close usually 121 or 13516:33
Romster180 is the highest you can get triple 20 3 times.16:33
Romsterbuless eye is 50 3 in bull is 15016:34
Romsterbut 3 in triple 20 is 18016:34
Romsterif ya can do that every shot then peg out you will beat anyone at darts.16:34
doomicideso that's harder to hit than bullseye? how's that16:34
Romsterit's not in the middle it's up higher...16:35
Romstergo get some darts try hitting triple 2016:35
Romsterlet me know how you go...16:35
Romstersure get 2 in easy try 316:35
Romsterless room after two and usually you go all oh shi i got two in i'm excited throw third dart and totally miss... done that before.16:36
Romsteror i hit my other dart and it falls to the floor16:36
Romsteri must say darts is good for accuricy and basic maths i was pretty crap at subtracting in my head, adding up is easy.16:37
Romsteri'm so much better at subtraction in my head and the times tables.16:38
Romsterlike triple 17 is 51 triple 19 is 57 etc16:38
Romsterthen add all them up for the 3 darts and take that off the 501 for a singles game.16:38
Romsterdoubles use a starting point of 601, triples 3 in a team is 801 and a teams game 4 or more players is 1001 starting score.16:39
Romsterit's a easy game to play if you can hit what your aiming at.16:39
Romsterand... i'm monologuing again.16:40
Romsternext up frinnst will go holly f at the the backlog again :P16:41
Romsterno i'm not drunk just bored and not tired enough to sleep yet.16:41
doomicidesorry :D I was afk, I have to cook now. No, really!16:43
doomicideAnyways, enjoy your Jack and good night :)16:43
Romsteroh i'm used to monloging don't worry16:45
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niklaswebooooring :(18:00
pitillosystem reboot and e17 isn't working anymore... (only cleaning config... amaaaaaizing)18:03
pitillobut it does under Xnest without cleaning config dir... more amaaaaizing18:04
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prologicpitillo, the beta version of the catalyst driver?22:02
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