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prologicAny of you guys recommend a replacement for google apps to migrate to?08:07
prologiccommercial or oss (5 users)08:07
prologicThere's Hordge, eGroupware, AtMail (min 15 users), Zimbra (min 25 users), Kolab (quite nice)08:08
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niklaswehas someone get problem with this setup in centos..
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: fbgrab: 1.0 -> 1.110:30
pitillohey, can someone verify this?11:14
pitillo+ rm -r /home/pkgmk/work/nettle-32/pkg/usr/bin /home/pkgmk/work/nettle-32/pkg/usr/include /home/pkgmk/work/nettle-32/pkg/usr/share11:14
pitillorm: cannot remove '/home/pkgmk/work/nettle-32/pkg/usr/share': No such file or directory11:14
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ROKO__polkit @_@12:05
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Romsterinternet has gone kaput tonight....12:13
Romsterbusted cable or something... only some sites load i couldn't even get out of australia unitl now.12:14
Romstermtr is showing different paths to what i usually see. seems they re-routed but i'm getting 89% packet loss eep12:19
ROKO__to get work12:26
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Romsterfu wont load and errors out13:00
RomsterSorry, an error has occurred. Reason: There was an error communicating with the database (error block 160).13:01 wont load either grr13:01
ROKO__i found error compile gstreamer13:02
Romsteram i the only one that's not getting errors on gstreamer?13:02
ROKO__ nope... dpaste is partly loaded but not done yet.13:03
Romstershitty outage.13:03 is aight13:03
Romsternot where i am with this packet loss and crappy routes.13:03
frinnstis that the bison issue?13:03
pitilloyes frinnst13:03
doomicideRomster, try Easily available through the command-line: cat $file | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us13:03
Romsterdpaste now loaded... 30 seconds later13:03
joacimhow about github?13:03
ROKO__ideas about gstreamer13:04
doomicidewhich gstreamer?13:04
pitilloROKO__: downgrade bison and rebuild...13:05
Romsterand it wont load the input box13:05
Romsterwhat's with the docbook stuff?13:05
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/gstreamer#0.10.36-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.13:06
Romsteryeah that's bison error ROKO__13:06
pitilloROKO__: check if you have another version (2.7.1 is the last before 3.0.0 push)13:06
ROKO__Romster: so13:06
ROKO__# prt-get search -vv bison13:06
ROKO__bison 3.0-1: The GNU Project parser generator13:06
ROKO__only 3.0-113:06
Romsterjust pkgadd -u /var/ports/packages/bison#2.7.1.....13:07
RomsterROKO__, then cd /usr/ports/core/bison/13:07
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Romsteredit the Pkgfile change version to 2.7.1 ; pkgmk -um ; pkgmk ; pkgmk -uf ; pkgmk -u13:07
Romsterprt-get lock bison13:07
pitillofrinnst: jue posted the other day a bug report, where bison downgrade was one solution13:09
pitillothe other, a patch (but IMHO ugly) because it segfaults...13:09
Romsterjust made my /nss-32#3.15.1-1.pkg.tar.gz update too. and i found you commented out that stuff so i fixed that.13:09
pitilloI've made one patch for it... but I'm lazy to send to gstreamer bugs...13:09
Romsteryeah i read that too pitillo best to keep bison at the older version for a time period.13:09
pitilloif someone wants to take a look or make any test...
pitilloROKO__: ^13:11
ROKO__pitillo: ?13:11
RomsterROKO__, you use funtoo and yet you have no patching experience?13:12
ROKO__so if i know how to write in Pkgmake13:12
Romsterpitillo, was that the same patch/change as the bug tracker for gstreamer suggested?13:12
ROKO__the patch line13:13
pitilloROKO__: that's this irc channel log, where rmull_ had the same issue you are reporting and jue_ show that link, where there are some patches13:13
pitilloRomster: no, the bugtrack I saw is changing parameters of a function, removing one of them...13:13
Romsterbison removed depreciated functions as much of it i read.13:14
pitilloI think there is a problem with bison while parsing some functions... but as I'm not a developer... I'm not sure13:14
Romsteri hadn't read any more due to time constraints.13:15
ROKO__so i downgraded bison to 2.713:16
ROKO__and lock it13:16
Romsterdoes not seem to affect gstreamer1 only gstreamer13:16
Romsteryeah jsut leave it locked for awhile until this issue is resolved13:16
Romsterbah wont load for me.13:17
pitilloit does for gstreamer1 too (at least I've noticed it here on an ARM box and I thought it was related to the arch until rmull_ asked about it)13:17
Romsterthis is not one of my nights.13:17
ROKO__but what about footprint mismatches ?13:17
RomsterRomster> edit the Pkgfile change version to 2.7.1 ; pkgmk -um ; pkgmk ; pkgmk -uf ; pkgmk -u13:17
Romster-uf updates the footprint13:17
Romsteror just ignore that and do pkgadd -u /usr/ports/kde4/upower/upower#0.9.21-1.pkg.tar.xz13:18
frinnstRomster: why not just patch gstreamer?13:18
Romsterbecause the patch on the bug tracker causes it to segfault13:18
Romsterand plus i havne't had time to look at it13:18
frinnstwell thats a good reason i guess :p13:18
pitilloRomster: check mine :)13:18
Romsterand i'm messing with firefox-32 right now. on a shitty network13:19
pitilloif you are adventurous...13:19
Romsteryeah later after this.13:19
pitillo*adventurer xD13:19
ROKO__Romster: hhh where from you get this future version of firefox?13:19
Romsteropt/firefox is already there ; ports -u ; prt-get update sysup13:19
ROKO__but firefox 32 ?13:20
Romsterprt-get sysup13:20
ROKO__ops or this is 32bit version13:20
Romsteroh that's my port in romster and i'm working on that right now...13:20
Romster64bit is in opt/13:20
Romsteri have a firefox-32 in romster repo off ports database.13:20
RomsterROKO__, i keep a 32bit version for playing a game in the browser that is 32bit only13:30
Romstereven then i haven't been playing in awhile i should and just relax more.13:31
ROKO__Romster: not bad for personal use :>13:31
Romsteri think i spent more time getting it to work than playing the game :D13:32
Romsterwith opengl acceleration that is.13:32
jturnerpitillo: re nettle-32 I got that as well, just last night13:38
jturnerhad to rm share from the rm list, then it was fine13:38
pitillojturner: yes, fast and easy fix, I've put it here to notice anyone to put hands on :)13:40
Romsteryeah i should fix that too...13:46
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Romsterreal29m46.525s to compile firefox-32#23.0-1.pkg.tar.gz13:59
frinnststill building gcc here, going on two days now :)14:00
Romsterwhat on a arm?14:00
frinnstyeah, raspberry14:00
Romstercan't cross compiel it on a linux box?14:01
frinnstthat requires effort14:01
frinnsteasier to just type pkgmk and walk away14:01
ROKO__gstreamer-app wtf ?!14:04
Romsterfirefox-32 pushed get it while it's hot14:06
ROKO__Romster: ?14:06
Romsterthat's part of gstreamer afaik ROKO__14:06
ROKO__so i have installed gstreamer14:07
Romsterif ya gonna use gstreamer do you have gst-plugins-base installed as well?14:08
Romstergrr i can't even load up random sites in search for stuff14:10
ROKO__but why it doesn't install with depinst ?14:10
ROKO__as kde dependency14:10
Romsterbecause it's not a dependency for qt414:10
Romsterbut qt4 can use it if it's pressent.14:10
ROKO__also policykit not available on main repos @_@14:11
ROKO__-- missing packages14:13
ROKO__kdegames from kde4-meta-medium14:13
ROKO__do i can ignore this messages14:13
Romsterprt-get --ignore=kdegames,kde4-meta-medium14:14
Romsterlike that.14:14
Romsteryou'll need to bug alan about missing stuff.14:14
frinnstfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu windows14:45
frinnsthow can their own updates fail to apply so much?14:46
Romsteryeah it's a disgrace14:48
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: iptables: update to 1.4.2014:48
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frinnstok, so not microsofts fault this time. disk ran out of space14:58
frinnstthe error message suggested something very different15:00
Romstersince when is windows error messages sane?15:01
Romstermake: Circular CLOBBER <- CLOBBER dependency dropped.15:13
Romster-j20 fail :D15:13
ROKO__Romster: you really have 20 core cpu ?15:14
Romsteri got 14 cores over 5 machines15:20
ROKO__for all sweden users here :>15:22
Romsterfound a old 2008 live show by bozretro on slayradio, been listening to that15:34
Romsteron my hdd, i must of forgot i had that15:35
Romsterthe mood15:48
Romstererr moon15:48
ROKO__ hmm15:52
RomsterROKO__, try this
ROKO__Romster: but how to apply in Pkgfile16:18
ROKO__i dont know Pkgfile syntax16:19
Rotwangpkgfile is just bash script16:19
Romsterpatch -p0 -i $SRC/gcc47.patch16:20
Rotwangcopy the diff to a file and then use teh patch inside Pkgfile16:20
Romsterand add the gcc47.patch to source=()16:20
Rotwangbtw. dog ate my belt while camping16:21
Romsterpatch before ./configure16:21
RomsterRomster, rofl what a bummer16:21
Rotwangso new thunderbird has only security fixes16:25
Rotwangand it wasn't my dog16:27
Rotwanganyway, I got back from holidays a few days back, and I must say they was awesome16:28
ROKO__there have any login managers kdm lightdm ?!16:31
ROKO__cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8) polkit-kde but 2.8.11 installed16:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: fixed cflags.16:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] chrony: update to 1.2917:18
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rmullhi nrxtx18:28
doomicideshit seems like lavabit will be down for some time or maybe completely18:32
rmulldoomicide: completely?18:37
frinnstvisit the site18:37
rmulloh geez18:37
rmullI registered recently18:37
doomicideat least the owner demonstrated his integrety, respect18:38
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niklaswegood evening!19:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: thunderbird: 17.0.7 -> 17.0.819:32
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niklaswehow are you guys?19:33
frinnstnote to self: rebuilding gcc on the rpi takes 33 hrs19:42
nrxtxfrinnst: that's why it has low energy consumption ;)19:43
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nrxtxfrinnst: what distribution are you running on it?19:52
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RotwangI just experienced kernel panic out of the blue20:25
Rotwangon a kernel that I run for months20:25
rmullhardware error?20:49
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frinnstwhat did it panic on?21:38
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nettle-32: removed share from rm list23:32
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