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jturnerhas anyone been able to get a libsndfile-32 to actual work?01:42
jturnerI keep getting sndfile.c:312: sf_open: Assertion `sizeof (sf_count_t) == 8' failed. since it expects 64bit file offsets01:43
jturnerarchlinux does some weird getconf thing, but our glibc-32 doesn't install any lib32/getconf files and copying in those from archlinux didn't seem to have an affect01:47
joacimheh. that game looks really cool01:48
joacimbeen wanting to get into it, but I've never been willing to set aside the time for it01:48
joacimI just end up playing Outrun 2 or something01:49
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jturneryeah, looks pretty intense01:49
jturnerI have it working minuse sound01:50
jturnerjust need to get libsndfile-32 working01:50
joacimhavent they fixed sound on linux yet? :D01:50
jturnerhehe, i just wish people would ship 64bit versions of their linux games01:51
joacimI tried it on my mac for a bit, but OS X no longer comes with X11 preinstalled, and I can't be arsed to install that just for one game.01:51
jturnermake my life easier01:51
joacimI have it installed on my windows pc now01:51
jturneryeah i just run OpenBSD and now crux01:51
jturnerno windows or macs here01:51
joacimyeah I don't get why current games are still 32-bit only01:51
joacimI remember some had 64-bit patches back when those cpus were new01:52
joacimeverything on my mac is 64-bit, except for skype and games. on windows only winrar is 64-bit01:53
jturnerdoes chromium come with the built in flash? i need flash 11.5 for a game and it seem the firefox plugin is 11.201:53
jturneri'm compiling but figured I'd ask if anyone knew off hand01:54
jturneri guess I could download the chrome binary if not01:54
joacim"Compiling Chromium takes at least as long as compiling the Linux kernel."01:55
joacimarch spouting lies!01:55
joacimcompiling the kernel on my cpu takes 10-15 minutes. compiling any modern browser takes closer to 2 hours =)01:55
joacimI dont know about flash. I think google chrome comes with a bundled flash.01:56
jturneryeah i know chrome does, but chromium normally doesn't, but wasn't sure if the proprietary_codecs switch enabled it01:57
jturneri guess i could just google01:57
joacimseems like arch has it as its own package
jaegerI love Dwarf Fortress, though I haven't played the current one02:04
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jturneryeah it seems epic, arg i wish sound worked02:06
jaegerbeen some time since I played it last, will give it a try sometime soon02:13
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jturnerfuck yeah, got a patch that make libsndfile-32 work!02:39
jturnerthis is going to be epic!02:39
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jturnerbasically s/off_t/int64_t/g02:40
jaegeramazingly pepperflash performs worse than adobe flash... which I didn't think was possible02:47
jturnerboo i was hopping to play card hunter, just got an invite02:47
joacimpretty bad seems to be good enough for adobe02:48
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frinnst"Printer busy; will retry in 30 seconds."09:53
teK_CUPS rocks09:53
teK_just like printers do in general09:53
teK_no YT for me09:54
frinnstOffice Space- PC Load Letter09:54
niklaswefrinnst: wanna come to sthlm and eat lunch ? :D09:57
frinnstheh, will take me 4hrs by car :/09:57
frinnsti'll let you know when/if i have business up there09:58
niklasweyay :)10:07
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frinnstProcessing - "Printing page 1, 38%"12:38
frinnstPC LOAD LETTER12:39
frinnstparallel printing ftw12:39
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frinnst"POST /printers/5100 HTTP/1.1" 200 411 Print-Job successful-ok13:07
frinnstwoot, bitches!!13:07
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doomicidehey sepen13:20
doomicidesepen, I need a mail address change in the portdb, yet again. lavabit shut down... New email: dxm@openmailbox.org13:21
sepenyou have the world record for address changes ;D13:22
doomicideYeah sorry about :D But this time it's not my fault.13:22
joacimheh. buy yourself a domain =)13:22
sepenok let me change it13:22
sepenor use an email alias :D13:22
doomicideNo money atm :( Job starts in April...13:24
doomicideAnyway thanks, sepen. And prepare for another change next year :D13:25
doomicideI need to defend my title after all.13:27
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Romsteri haven't done email addresses at my domain names yet either. another todo item13:39
sepensepen at crux-arm dot nu ;D13:40
Romsteri could do rom at ster dot so13:43
joacimit is hard to speak out such domains13:44
joacimi have i feel a domain you have to explain isnt that great of a domain =)13:44
joacimso i'm looking for a new one13:44
Romstereh i wanted but some biatch parked it.13:44
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frinnsti have my last name .se15:29
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joacimprivate entities cant get personal domains in norway15:32
joacimyou can only get some shitty subdomain15:32
joacimseems like my last name is reserved or hogged by some email provider anyways.15:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pulseaudio: Removed setuid bit in proximity-helper, fixed libeexec dir16:42
frinnstused to be like that here too, you could only get * (PrivatPerson)17:20
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