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prologicwhat do we use as an office suite these days?05:03
prologicstaroffice, openoffice, libraoffice?05:04
Romsterno issues with gcc-fortran now prologic ? and what are you using that for?05:17
prologicoh it got fixed?05:25
prologicit's used by a gdal dependency05:25
prologicfor geospatial libraries05:25
prologicI was trying to (btw) find a replacement for google docs05:25
prologicsomething I can install up on my own server, etc05:25
prologicbut I can't find anything sutiable05:25
Romsteryeah ages ago...05:38
Romsteri'm on a hunt again for a SAS controller does not need raid just SAS prefferbly using mpt2sas int he linux kernel any ideas?05:39
Romsterjut gonan use a multiplexer to a sas enclosure to fill up with sata hdds05:39
Romsteri need to double check these core 2 duros to see fi i got a x8 slot to use. i know there is a x16 fro grapchis but i'm using those as headless so i was hoping i could use that slot for a sas card.05:41
Romsterout of stock damn it05:47
RomsterSupports 63 devices :/ that's not many...05:49
Romster 255 devices that'll do fine06:27
Romstercan't find that card in australia :/06:27
Romsteroh i can but for $299.... what a rip off06:29
jaegerI have some LSI 1068e or something at work that work well06:37
jaegerprobably not cheap, though06:37
Romster$160us dollars and i see em in australia for $29906:49
Romster$189 for that card 1 internal 1 external port i can get this for $22606:53
Romsterboth internal..06:54
Romsteri dunno i thinki'll just use the spare sata sockets and get like 6 or so 3TB hdd's to start with.06:54
Romsterand for that 9211 it's $399aud06:55
Romsterno wonder i don't buy stuff in australia06:56
Romsterjaeger, got no spares your wiling to part with?06:57
Romsterfor the price of this and being 24 port it's a bargin
Romsternot sure if thats an pcie for controlelr or expander only plus it's out of stock....07:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gstreamer: fixes bison 3. FS#94610:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gstreamer1: fixes bison 310:27
Romsterjturner, export GETCONF="getconf -v POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG" export GETCONF_DIR="/usr/lib32/getconf" for libsndfile-3210:46
Romsterjturnerarchlinux does some weird getconf thing, but our glibc-32 doesn't install any lib32/getconf files and copying in those from archlinux didn't seem to have an affect.10:56
Romsteryou're wrong there. prt-get fsearch getconf returns /usr/lib32/getconf/10:57
Romsterjturner also be sure to touch .32but in libsndfile-3210:58
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: flac-32: initial import11:18
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libsndfile-32: initial commit11:18
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frinnstremotely restarting a hp gen8 server always give me a heart attack15:09
frinnsttakes forever to boot15:09
doomicideinstall systemd *duck*15:18
frinnstheh, its the bios/uefi stuff that takes ages15:26
frinnsttakes maybe 2-3 minutes to post15:27
doomicideOh ok, how old is that thing?15:29
frinnstall new servers are like this15:29
frinnstdell too15:29
frinnstwe use these blades at work:!tab=features15:30
doomicideIs all that fancy stuff worth the boot-time?15:32
frinnstwell, you dont really seem to have a choice15:33
frinnst :)15:33
doomicideHeh, ok.15:35
jturnerRomster: yes there is the /usr/lib32/getconf directory, but it's empty15:57
Romstertoo drunk now to care16:12
Romsteri'll look at it later16:14
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Rotwangso, how are you guys doing?17:03
frinnstwell, its the weekend :)17:03
Rotwangindeed it is17:04
Rotwangany holiday plans?17:04
frinnstprepare 3.0 ports for crux-arm17:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: filezilla: -> 3.7.317:09
Rotwangafter two weeks of holidays I went on sick leave for a week17:10
Rotwangthat is 3 weeks of holidays this year for me \:D/17:10
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Rotwangthat sucks17:55
Rotwangthat sucks too17:56
doomicideoh man that intro is really catchy18:10
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joacimmake it your pcs boot jingle18:25
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frinnstbtrfs: offline dedupe HEAD master20:57
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