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niklaswehow are you guys?05:27
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frinnstso our fridge at work broke maybe ~6months ago. nobody cared because nobody used it.10:31
frinnstbut someone put milk and eggs in it a *long* time back10:31
frinnstthank god for gassmasks10:32
teK_IT IS ALIVE!!10:34
frinnstsetting up ccache *before* i start building gcc was probably a good idea11:18
teK_I thought you were using a core i7?11:19
teK_gcc is way smaller than firefox or webkit... heck even glibc builds quite fast these days11:19
frinnston my raspberry11:21
teK_which hosts are you dividing these jobs to?11:22
frinnstnone, just building on the hardware11:23
frinnsttakes ~33hrs11:23
teK_I tried copying stuff via usb-wlan to usb-2.0 wd mypassport on my raspi.. result is: 'usb port yy reset' and the copying stalls. Not sure if it's too few cpu our ampre power ;)11:24
teK_it's a nice toy but nothing more.. so long raspi-NAS11:25
frinnstwell its 100mbit so that makes it quite pointless as a nas :)11:30
frinnst[130345.354791] smsc95xx 1-1.1:1.0 eth0: kevent 2 may have been dropped11:31
frinnst[130345.360465] smsc95xx 1-1.1:1.0 eth0: kevent 2 may have been dropped11:31
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teK__may_ _MAY_ .. :)11:35
teK_NAS as in I want all my media accessible for my tv etc even without my main machine running so even the 54 wlan-mbit/s would be good enough11:35
Romsterhope you set STAGE_CC_WRAPPER="$CC" frinnst else you'll not get much of gccv cached/speedup11:45
frinnstwhat does that do? (maybe add that to the readme?)11:47
frinnstfor gcc stage1, stage2 etc?11:48
frinnstmind posting your pkgmk.conf ?11:56
Romsterwell if you set STAGE_CC_WRAPPER="ccache" it'll prepend that before the xgcc so it'll cache the bootstrapping of gcc.12:31
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Romsterfrinnst, ^12:37
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frinnstcheers. I just changed the PATH var in pkgmk.conf, should be enough, no?12:40
Romstertwo ways of using distcc i was using the masquerade directory way. that you set in PATH12:41
Romsterthe later way i'm using now is setting ccache gcc and cccache g++ on CC and CXX12:41
Romsteri don't think it's needed to masquerade the path anymore personally.12:41
Romstersetting CC="ccache gcc" and STAGE_CC_WRAPPER="ccache" should be sufficient.12:42
Romsterfor gcc12:42
frinnstthen you need to update the README ;)12:43
Romsteryeah i should....12:44
Romstereither way works though12:44
Romsterand as youc an see i got distcc backend to ccache too that may not play nicely with gcc.12:44
Romsterbut is ok for everything else provided gcc on every box is the same version.12:45
Romsterfew quirks to watch out for... been meaning to make it more robust.12:45
Romsterccache on it's own though, rarely ever can go wrong.12:46
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jaegerThat should be mostly sufficient, yeah, but if you run into problems disabling ccache should be one of the first troubleshooting steps12:51
Romsterthe fact i have set CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux" has helped me manage a single ccache database across various chroots and systems.12:54
Romsterthe crux bit was really important when i was doing 32 and 64 and multilib flavours.12:55
teK_that's a nice feature of CC, never heard of it12:57
teK_I dsicovered that dmesg allows for nicely time-formatted colored and level-filtered output13:00
Romsteri was using pretty_make at one point for neat compiler output.13:00
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frinnstdmesg -xL \o/13:59
jaegerneat features :)14:00
teK_yet.. the only kernel which has a standard configuration option to specfiy the color of boot time messages is the one from NetBSD!14:01
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jaegerman, linux needs to get with the program! :D14:11
jaegerno colored boot messages! This is affecting PRODUCTION14:12
teK_indeed, indeed.14:16
nogagplzit also doesn't run on a toaster to my knowledge14:33
nogagplzyear of the netbsd everything14:33
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teK_hehe yeah17:23
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Guest74111does anyone over here code for a living?19:36
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jturneranyone else seeing this with the latest cups-filter, I'm running the latest poppler, pdftoraster.cxx:(.text.startup+0xa49): undefined reference to `GfxColorSpace::setDisplayProfile(void*)'23:33
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