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Worksterjturner, new dependency lcms200:25
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jturnerhmm, i thought prt-get sysup handled new depends, i guess not00:44
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jturnerthat did the trick thanks Workster00:48
jturnerto use to openbsd's00:48
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niklaswehas someone got this problem with rsyslog, sometime does one of our logserver has more rows in the log then the other..06:54
niklaswethe server has the same configuration..06:54
niklaswegrep -i segm logfile.log |wc -l 506:56
niklasweon the other logserver06:56
niklaswegrep -i segm logfile.log |wc -l is the result 106:57
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xprop: update to 1.2.207:02
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xset: update to 1.2.307:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hpcups: update 3.13.807:04
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Romsterdoomicide, check the ML i sent you some stuff.11:19
doomicideJust saw it. Thanks!11:39
Romsterand i discovered bison broke webkit so i need to fix that too.11:41
doomicideabout sxhkd, I just remove xorg-libxcb as a redundant dependency11:41
Romstersxhkd.c:2:27: fatal error: xcb/xcb_event.h: No such file or directory11:42
Romstercompilation terminated.11:42
Romsterfindredundantdeps -s sxhkd11:43
doomicidebut xorg-xcb-util-keysyms should pull xorg-libxcb11:44
Romsterreturned none after the missing dependency11:44
doomicideI removed it, because sepen's mail pointed it out as a redundant dependency11:44
Romsterso it should.... no idea why i got that then.11:45
Romsterthat's xorg-libxcb i had to add xorg-libxcb-util11:46
doomicidewhoops, ok I misread that11:46
Romsterxorg-libxcb is pulled in by xorg-xcb-util-keysyms, how ever xorg-libxcb-util does not.11:46
doomicideThank you11:46
Romsterhmm what is going on here.11:47
Romsternot xorg-libxcb-util11:48
doomicidepmounts new tarball is corrupted -.-11:48
Romsterprt-get fsearch xcb_event.h11:48
Romsteri'd say it's downloading a html file due to missing certificate.11:48
doomicidemhm ok, I'll investigate11:49
Romsterseems it's not covered in ca-certificates11:49
doomicidearrrg wat do? I don't have experience with this stuff11:50
Romsterany way to get it with http and not https?11:51
Romsterelse we'll need to find the certificate and add it to ca-certificates perhaps?11:51
doomicidehttp fails too11:52
Romstercurl -sI
RomsterHTTP/1.0 200 OK11:53
RomsterContent-Type: text/html11:53
Romsterwhy html11:53
doomicideI need to go now. I'll check on this, this evening when I return.11:54
frinnstlooks like a debian fuckup11:54
doomicideThanks again for pointing out all the issues! Seems like my ports aren't as good as I thought they were :)11:54
Romsteri'd look for another mirror to use.11:55
frinnstdoomicide: bah, just cosmetic/small things11:55
frinnstthey look good imo11:55
Romsternothing major doomicide11:55
Romsterjust a clean chroot helps to find missing deps.11:55
Romsterso that prt-get depinst works.11:55
frinnstas for some formatting "changes" that was suggested they are more or less personal preferences imo11:56
doomicideYeah I'll set one up when I have time.11:56
Romsteryeah feel free to ignore the formatting if you want too.11:56
frinnstexcept "$name-$version" - that one really bothered me :D11:56
doomicideWe'll see :) See you guys later.11:56
Romsterlater doomicide11:56
Romsterand the deps=() line frinnst11:56
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Romsteri iddnt think ted would ever compile it goes over like configure 6 or so times.11:59
Romstermust bundle tons of stuff.11:59
nogagplzbig ted12:00
Romsterall we need now is a bill port.12:01
nogagplzthinking the bear from play school12:01
Romsterah that ted12:01
Romsteri was thinking of teddy off that cartoon12:02
nogagplz lol12:02
Romstersuperted that's what i was trying to remember12:03
Romsteroh wait i did type it right the first time d'oh12:03
Romsterthere's a bear in there and a hand grenade .....12:03
Romsterdamn i used watch that sooty show too that was funny.12:05
RomsterSooty - A mute yellow bear who is the protagonist of the show. He owns a magic wand whose power is invoked using the words "Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!".12:07
Romsterthe crap that i grew up with -_-12:08
nogagplzyeah got tapes of that12:08
Romsterif i ever ddi have a family i'd probably get these ol time classics for the kids.12:10
nogagplzforce them to watch masters of the universe and play nes, and progress them in stages12:11
nogagplzrofl I never knew existed12:13
Romsteri don't want them to be like you <<12:13
RomsterI'll be back" yeah he never came back12:16
Romster O_O12:18
nogagplzoh sweet jesus, clearly those 30 minute toy commercials did work12:19
Romsteri didn't think anyone collected those.12:23
frinnstmasters of the universe ftw!12:24
frinnsti had the grayscull castle too!12:24
nogagplzdid either of you watch thunderbirds12:25
Romsteryeah i used too12:26
Romstergot boring in the end though same stuff over and over.12:26
frinnstnot really12:26
nogagplzlol it was so ridiculous12:27
frinnstRomster: btw, i had issues with STAGE_CC_WRAPPER12:45
Romsterhad worked in the past.12:48
Romsteri haven't done much with that lately.12:48
frinnsttrying without it at the moment (still compiling)12:49
Romsterall it does is prepends tot he line for stage 2 and stage3.12:49
nogagplzsdl 2 is finally out13:02
nogagplzonly took 30 years13:02
Romsteryeah i saw but what uses it yet?13:03
nogagplzdolphin I guess13:03
nogagplzmaybe mupen13:03
nogagplzI think the source games use it too on linux13:03
teK_ah _yet_? dunno :')13:03
Romsteryeah _yet_13:05
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_timi just stumbled upon crux17:41
_timi actually am a mostly netbsd user that has been experimenting with slack lately17:43
_timbut im unhappy with a lot of things, still too heavy for me. so i was looking around and found crux17:43
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_timanyone in here ever used CRUX with "runit" ?17:46
BurnZeZI have17:46
_timthe supervised services init scheme?17:46
_timBurnZeZ, thoughts? That's my plan.17:46
BurnZeZIt worked extremely well17:46
BurnZeZI've never seen better boot times17:46
_timim mot interested in the supervised services17:46
_timim assuming CRUX uses udev? and not systemd?17:46
BurnZeZ_tim: runit is nice, but the code is not17:47
_timis crux using an older udev or is it extracted from current systemd?17:47
_timBurnZeZ, im not looking at the code :p17:47
BurnZeZBad code means bugs17:47
_timive used it with an older distro called Annvix and i really liked it17:47
_timwell what would you recommend as an alterative for having services come back up automagically if/when they crash17:48
BurnZeZI rewrote the system boot scripts in rc, along with simple supervisors17:48
BurnZeZUnfortunately, I don't have access to the partition the packages for that are on17:48
_timdo you have docuemtnation i can read17:48
BurnZeZThe scripts are the docs17:48
_timi see17:48
BurnZeZIt's kept really simple17:49
_timhow are you supervising services?17:49
_timrunit runs a seperate runit process for each daemon that monitors the daemons17:49
_timim actually not sure what happens if the runit monitor crashes.17:49
BurnZeZI do that using rc17:49
_timim not sure how that works, but okay.17:49
_timrc is just a script17:49
BurnZeZI was going to write a small program to handle that, but I never got around to it17:50
BurnZeZI moved to Plan 9 before I finished some things17:50
_timi would love to see your code17:51
_timif you say its better than runit17:51
BurnZeZI blame runit for having borderline insane code17:51
_timis it really that bad?? i havent ever looked at the source17:51
BurnZeZThe idea is nice17:51
_timits tiny though. like sub 400 lines17:51
BurnZeZI can't remember exactly17:52
_timwhats so insane about it17:52
BurnZeZI think it was closer to 1000, but I could be completely wrong17:52
_timeither way. still tiny17:52
BurnZeZIt was just the way many things were written17:52
BurnZeZFor example, if I remember correctly, there were somewhere between 15-30 source files17:52
BurnZeZIt's better to just take a look, than to listen to me17:53
jaegerhaven't messed with runit myself but seems like others have17:55
_timdoes runit come with PAM by default17:58
_timi mean17:58
_timdoes CRUX come with PAM by default17:58
jaegerit's available but not default18:00
_timBurnZeZ, you are right..looking at the src there are like 100 files18:06
_timso strange18:06
_timmost of them are really small files too18:06
_timlike one is literally six lines - has two includes, and one function that returns fcntl(x,x)18:06
_timthis is strange18:07
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_timBurnZeZ, im having a hard time finding any criticisms of runit online18:16
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frinnststupid national geographic, putting a bunch of episodes in hd on youtube19:02
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_timcant tell you how hard i laughed at that21:25
_timwhoa, wrong channel. sorry22:56
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elderKHey peeps.23:15
elderKPPC Linux hell.23:15
elderKIt's like everyone's forgotten the platform.23:15
elderKI guess that makes sense for people who want to use it as a desktop system.23:15
elderKBut yikes...23:16
joacimany ppc platforms still around?23:17
joacimi think morphos got ported to ppc macs, but those are already 7 years old.23:18
elderK:(  Makes me sad23:19
elderKI have a nice G4 PPC laptop23:19
elderKbut I can't really use it23:20
elderKand it's more than powerful enough for my needs.23:20
elderKJust seems like I'm going to have to basically roll my own distributio23:20
elderKMakes me a sad cat.23:21
joacimydl got updated last year23:26
elderKit's pretty out of date considering.23:36
elderKold gcc, old firefox23:36
elderKfirefox 3.0.0.x23:36
elderKer, 3.0.223:37
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