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frinnstRomster: have you tried dm_cache?06:36
frinnst_tim: :D07:50
frinnstgod why do people ruin a perfectly good computer with lights and crap?07:50
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frinnstsome nice music to listen to^^09:22
drayevarghas anyone tried mpv? it seems to be a quite good mplayer derivative, at least it works better than mplayer with va-api so far09:31
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drayevarghey there09:34
frinnstoh, patch-tuesday09:36
frinnst~150mb patches for server 201209:36
drayevargi always thought it funny how windows has a 'patch day'09:37
drayevargcritical security update! see you next tuesday!09:37
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teK_at least theres none ffrom adobe, drayevarg09:38
teK_(this tuesday)09:38
_nono_looks like has been offline for at least a few days, os is it an issue on my side?09:40
_nono_I keep getting connection timeouts09:40
_nono_(from if that matters)09:40
drayevargtek_, yeah ;)09:41
teK_resolves to for me09:42
frinnstand morpheus.net09:42
teK__nono_ but no open rsync port there either09:42
teK_I had nothing to do with the setup of that09:42
frinnstjaegers old server (down these days)09:42
teK_meh. ___mavrick61: ping?09:43
drayevargmy isp's dns is actually broken right now coincidentally, i'm having to use google's09:43
frinnst_nono_: i'd suggest syncing directly from crux.nu09:44
teK_me neither..09:45 is documented at
frinnstah, i see09:48
_nono_and the contents of looks different from what I have at
frinnstjaeger probably wants to remove that, since that server is no more09:48
_nono_I am trying to resync all stale contents on, I'd just like to make sure I am syncing from the right place :)09:49
frinnstuse crux.nu09:49
_nono_it looks like several other mirrors serve the same contents I do, maybe an announcement would make them switch to the right source? I juste had a look at, and, all have very different contents from
frinnstyep, thanks09:54 is syncing right now, thanks for your time ;)09:54
Romsterfrinnst, nope not tried dm_cache but have been following the bcache ML but not used that either.10:06
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frinnstThe DNS server has encountered a critical error from the Active Directory. Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly. The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is "".11:29
rauzhi guys11:38
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rauzi hate rpm based systems !11:53
teK_there.. there..  :)11:54
frinnsti prefer centos over debian/ubuntu11:54
rauzi prefer slackware for debian for centos for rel11:56
teK_I google almost every packet manager command for yum and apt-get. For configuration I grep(1) wildly in /etc12:03
teK_works for every distro minus stupid gconf stuff :}12:03
teK_oh and emerge, of course.12:04
sepeni prefer to decide the distro to use, and that does not always happen in a company12:08
sepenATM I'm using zentyal (which is based on ubuntu-lts)12:08
rauzwe have lots of centos and rel server so i have to go along with it12:11
jaegerwe use lots of ubuntu server here but I don't mind centos/rhel when it's necessary12:51
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pedja42something is fscked, after login, shell does not start, it just shows login again.ideas?15:47
pedja42no ssh too, it just closes the connection after login15:48
jaegerAnything in the syslog? Is the shell in /etc/shells? Is the user's shell set properly?15:49
pedja42after reboot all went to hell15:50
jaegerI like to have syslog printing to /dev/tty12 for occasions like that15:51
pedja42i tried passing init=/bin/sh in grub, kernel panic15:51
jaegermaybe bash itself is broken?15:52
pedja42/bin/sh is sysmlink to bash, right?15:53
pedja42it all worked, then I shutdown to recconect dvd drive.after that, trouble :)15:54
jaegerI would try booting the install media and checking if you can chroot into it with bash15:55
pedja42i have crux-3.0.iso on this laptop.was there a script for making usb pendrive, or do I just dd it?15:56
pedja42it is hybrid, iirc15:57
jaegerdd should work, yeah15:57
pedja42well, there goes my afternoon chill :)15:57
pedja42jaeger: thanks15:57
jaegernp, hehe15:58
pedja42setup-chroot segfaults16:21
jaegersounds like bash or something it links is broken16:23
pedja42ldd shows no missing libs, and i don't think pkgadding bash from the iso would make a difference16:28
pedja42and there is no other shell on the iso.oh well16:32
jaegerdid you try pkgadding bash?16:35
pedja42pkgadd -u -r /mnt ?just did.let's if chroot works16:37
pedja42segfault again, diff line in setup-chroot, though16:38
pedja42wth is 1006 segfault error?16:40
pedja42chroot /mnt /bin/bash line16:40
pedja42i really wish chroot has a verbose option16:42
drayevargis strace on that iso?16:43
pedja42sadly, no16:43
jaegermaybe re-pkgadd glibc, ncurses, and readline, too?16:43
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pedja42jaeger: you awesome,awesome man :)16:51
pedja42that worked16:51
jaegergreat :)16:51
pedja42jaeger: i owe you $beverageOfChoice in epic proportions16:52
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jaegerhaha, no worries :) glad to help16:53
pedja42i am now afraid to update bash/glibc :)16:56
jaegercan be tricky, yeah... did you do any custom updates to them?16:57
jaegernormally the ones from ports should be fine, we do a lot of testing of them16:57
pedja42I have learned over the years not to tinker with core ports :)16:58
pedja42prt-get sysup it is.hopefully Murphy has had his fun17:00
pedja42glibc,glibc-32 then bash.this might take a while17:03
pedja42jaeger: does latest nvidia driver build with 3.10.x kernel?17:06
jaegerI haven't tested it yet, it probably needs a hack like 3.9.x17:10
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drayevargi'm using it with this patch
pedja42jaeger: ok17:12
tim--i have a question hehe17:12
tim--when installing packages in Crux, are rc scripts automatically put in rc.d17:12
drayevargi only use it with bumblebee, not as my main gpu, so i can't comment on its stability, however i haven't had any issues so far17:13
BurnZeZtim--: Yeah17:13
jaegertim--: if they are included with the package, yes. check the .footprint file for your package17:13
tim--does CRUX use rcorder17:13
tim--how are the order of rc scripts handled? if i missed that in the docs , sry17:14
jaegerthey're called in the order they're specified in /etc/rc.conf17:14
jaegercheck the SERVICES=() array17:14
tim--alrighty thx17:21
pedja42sysup went smoothly, as expected.phew17:21
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tim--oh darn, just realized - this is only for x86_64? are there other archs avail?17:29
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jaegernone at present, no... x86_64 is the only official and arm is contributed. there are no current plans for an x86 release, though one could be built with some work. it's just that nobody has expressed the desire to do that work18:11
_timalrighty. thanks.18:12
drayevarglol :D19:04
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