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darfo 103:26
darfooops, wrong window03:26
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teK_I created a port for libvdpau-va-gl and made chromium use it.. this decreased flashes cpu usage by 10% from 40 to 30%11:34
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teK_14:01 < mikko> Cracking passwords in Cairo:12:06
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frinnstheh, nice. guess that's easier than a HPC for breaking encryptionkeys12:33
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joacimheh. had a similar experience earlier this week18:32
joacimfound an old 500 GB hdd being sold for 800 NOK18:32
joacimthink you can get a couple of TB for that now18:32
joacimseen a few old defunct mmorpgs being sold too18:33
frinnstthe price of 1tb WD passport drives hasnt changed in sweden since they were introduced a few years back18:48
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