IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-08-17

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diverseDoes wine run both 32bit and 64bit windows apps together?02:28
diverseRomster: ping02:31
diverseWorkster: ping02:31
drayevargyes, of course02:33
jaegeryes, if you build it that way02:36
jaegerunless you mean simultaneously, not sure if it can do that02:36
diversewell I was just wondering if the wine port in opt can run 32bit without hassle02:37
jaegeryou just need to specify WINEARCH=win32 the first time you run an app or winecfg to create .wine02:43
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diversejaeger: configure: error: FreeType 32-bit development files not found. Fonts will not be built.02:52
diverseI did prt-get depinst wine, so I don't know why02:57
jaegerdoes 'prt-get depends wine' show freetype-32 installed?03:03
diverseno it doesn't, neither the other 32lib versions03:05
diversejaeger: is there a quick way to install the missing packages without having to type out each individual one?03:06
diversenvm, I know where I screwed up03:08
jaegerwhat was it?03:16
diverseVery simple. I didn't enable the compat-32 repo.03:17
diversenever had to, until now03:17
nogagplzyou don't have to specify WINEARCH, by default it can run both 32 and 64 bit things03:42
nogagplzif you just want a pure 32bit though you use WINEARCH=win3203:43
diversegood to know04:01
diverseso if I want to run a windows installer, I just do: wine /path/to/installer.msi?05:22
diversefound it05:40
diverseit was wine start /path/to/installer.msi, for msi files05:41
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diversepitillo: when do you think a bugfix release will come out for e17?10:25
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pitillodiverse: I have no idea really. Seems they are more focused in e18 than e17 currently12:09
diverseThat sends red flags... They should at least stablize this one a little more before working on the next version12:12
diversepitillo: btw is there a configure option to disable the splash screen in e17?12:32
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-neomagic: updated to 1.2.812:36
diversepitillo: I mean when you compile it of course.12:37
pitillodiverse: no, there isn't. It's in .e config and it can be tweaked with edje_cc I belive12:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: updated to 23.0.114:11
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vee_good day everyone19:26
diversevee_: sounds like you are having a good day?19:26
vee_not really, i just woke up and my legs are sore as hell from muay thai19:28
vee_anyone know what happened to horrorStruck?19:31
diverseRomster: are you around?19:37
jaegerI don't think he liked my last comment to him, haven't seen him since then19:45
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vee_jaeger: were you talking about romster or horrorStruck?21:21
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diversejaeger: how long ago was that?22:12
jaegerI don't remember, sorry... few weeks?22:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.5.2 -> 1.6.022:31
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vee_jaeger, just saw the post and all. didn't seem like that big of a deal o.o22:43
jaegerI don't know if he left because of my comment, it's speculation22:45
jaegerthe timing just made it seem like that22:45
vee_i doubt it was that. i mean hell, i get insulted far worse than that and i still nag the hell out of you guys22:45
jaegerIt was also my opinion, not everyone's :)22:46
vee_he was a chill dude. sad to see him go22:47
vee_he also had a copy of my kernel which i cant find....xD22:47
diversehe will probably come back, sometimes I am not on for a while, maybe he is taking a break from irc.22:50
vee_we shall wait and the mean time, that optimus thing needs to hurry up. i hate running ubuntu22:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.5.2 -> 1.6.023:09
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frinnstholy hell, veeam7 seems to be a lot more aggressive than previous versions23:28
frinnst500mb/s backups \o/23:28

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