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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: glibc-32: added --enable-multi-arch for missing getconf04:57
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: glibc: added --enable-multi-arch for consistency, no rebuild necessary04:57
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frinnstgfffffsdg, caffeine OD08:06
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teK_ Maximilian Dietrich?13:30
doomicideYeah? I posted my alias in the first mail ;)13:31
teK_I have a bad memory13:33
doomicideNo problem :D13:34
teK_+1 for your application.. so I think we can grant you access to the contrib repository13:35
teK_(so mpv arrives in CRUX, too :-))13:35
doomicideGreat, thank you!13:36
frinnstand slock!13:36
teK_oh and dwm. For all those wm-hipsters out there *g*13:37
frinnstisnt that hard to package? iirc you specify your settings in a header before compiling it?13:37
doomiciderichtig vorrausgesetzt13:37
teK_falsches Fenster :p13:37
teK_frinnst: I think so, yea13:38
frinnstso yeah, thats the result of 3 years studying german13:38
teK_uuuh stereotyping germans 'd shout all the time13:39
doomicidefrinnst, hehe. It's a hard language for non-native speakers.13:39
teK_don't make me laugh while at work. People begin giving me looks13:39
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doomicidedwm and the suckless stuff with config.h just have the respective file seperately in the source array/port-dir it is copied to the build-dir at compile time, so you can just change it up and ignore/update the md5sum13:41
frinnstfuck, its "kupplung" :/13:41
frinnstkoppling heter det ju13:42
teK_testing your new doppelkupplungsgetriebe at a german autobahn</steretypes>13:42
frinnstmanuals ftw13:46
frinnstbtw anybody know how to find what file/inode causes zfs to find a cksum error?13:55
jaegerMaybe the drive is failing rather than files being corrupted13:57
frinnstnah, shitty controller/driver. I get a ton of scsi timeouts. I've tested it on another drive with the same issue13:58
jaegerWell, if ZFS reports no data errors I'd guess it was able to work around the checksum problem13:59
jaegerfrom another source13:59
frinnstgonna switch the disks to another server14:05
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frinnstmeh, same crap14:54
frinnst(scsi timeouts)14:54
jaegerdifferent controller?14:55
frinnstno, same.. longshot but i was hoping it was something flakey with that controller15:15
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BurnZeZAnyone know if this guy's on IRC somewhere?16:25
doomicideyes, I think I've seen him around16:26
doomicide ;)16:26
nogagplzyeah same, but not for a while though16:26
BurnZeZdoomicide: Your ports list is almost identical to the ones I made when I was using CRUX16:26
doomicideDid you publish them somewhere?16:27
BurnZeZI wish16:27
BurnZeZIt's on my other partition16:27
BurnZeZI can't access it because it's stored in ext3, and I don't have a way to mount that filesystem16:28
BurnZeZOh yeah16:28
BurnZeZMight want to add libass to mpv dependency list16:28
nogagplzthought you could mount ext3 as ext4, just sans some sparkle16:29
BurnZeZI'm on Plan 9, and don't have a way to mount ext3/416:29
doomicideBurnZeZ, it is already.16:30
nogagplzoh ok16:30
BurnZeZThat's weird16:30
BurnZeZI wonder why it didn't complai- Ah16:31
BurnZeZFor some reason it didn't complain about them missing because I didn't have a repo including them16:32
doomicideBtw, some of the ports are going to contrib soon. Just finished the application process.16:32
BurnZeZYeah, you saved me a crapload of time last night16:33
doomicideI'd like to see the overlapping ones, so I can improve them maybe.16:33
doomicideNice to hear someone actually uses them :)16:33
BurnZeZdoomicide: Even crawl16:36
BurnZeZ(And runit)16:36
BurnZeZ(((((and sic)))))16:36
BurnZeZYours are probably better quality than mine16:37
doomicidemeh, I'd really love to see another runit port, I'm not really sure if mine is good.16:38
BurnZeZrunit was probably the port I worked on most16:38
BurnZeZHad to do a lot of cleaning16:38
doomicideCleaning, in what way?16:38
BurnZeZrunit scatters itself, a bit16:39
BurnZeZI figured out a simpler configuration for most of the stuff, and got it going nicely16:39
doomicideBurnZeZ, I'm sorry. I have to go for ~15m. Will you still be there later? So we can continue this conversation.16:40
BurnZeZI'll be here all day16:40
doomicideOk great!16:41
BurnZeZalexta: Lol'd at the VERSION/TIME16:47
doomicidere, so how did you set up the configuration?17:07
BurnZeZI remember the directories and services being kinda everywhere17:08
BurnZeZI consolidated locations, and made it easier to clarify whether a service should be up or down17:08
BurnZeZrunit originally advised using symlinks17:09
doomicideso you implemented runlevels? I think those are the worst part.17:09
BurnZeZI thought that touching a file in the service directory to indicate it should run was a better idea17:10
BurnZeZI think I cleaned up the boot stuff too17:10
BurnZeZIn the end, I jumped to Plan 9 before getting completely involved with everything17:11
doomicideok, I pretty much left it vanilla, even without runlevels17:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] libtiff: fixes for CVE-2013-4231 CVE-2013-423217:11
BurnZeZThe term "runlevels" was kinda weird in the first place, considering what the scripts did17:12
doomicideDid you have any problems with the tty's not shutting down? For some reason I have to send HUP to the tty-services to get them down without killing them17:14
BurnZeZActually, yes17:14
doomicideSo, how did you solve it?17:17
BurnZeZKilled them17:18
doomicidehaha, ok17:18
doomicideOk, doch nicht. Permission denied.18:02
jaegerBurnZeZ: what's your take on Plan 9? What do you like about it?18:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: abcde: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: cd-discid: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: curseofwar: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: curseofwar-sdl: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dvtm: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dwm: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: quvi: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libquvi: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libquvi-scripts: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sic: initial commit18:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: slock: initial commit18:28
Amnesiavw00t quite some suckless ports :)18:33
doomicideyes, but for some reason cruxbot didn't catch all the commits. Anyway, enjoy :)18:34
Amnesiaalready had them:)18:34
Amnesialibquvi does have a missing dependency though18:34
Amnesiait requires lua18:34
doomicideit requires libquvi-scripts, which requires lua so no need to list to specifically list it18:35
niklaswegood evning18:36
Amnesiadoomicide: nor libquvi as quvi require libquvi-scripts18:37
Amnesiaw00ps, nvm18:38
Amnesiawrong repository^^18:38
doomicidehehe ;)18:39
AmnesiaI wish quvi didn't require lua18:39
rmulldoomicide: Thanks for adding your ports to contrib18:40
jaegerBurnZeZ: perhaps a better question, then, would be why do you prefer it to linux? I've never used it, just read about it and seen some videos18:41
Amnesiadoomicide: where'd you hear of mpv:-)?18:41
rmullI use the quvi family and sxiv18:41
doomicidermull, No problem, it's fun!18:41
BurnZeZmpv master race18:41
BurnZeZjaeger: It doesn't suck18:41
BurnZeZIt's similar to CRUX, in spirit18:42
BurnZeZBut on a completely thorough level; from kernel to userspace18:42
Amnesiarmull: I assume "family and sxiv" is a reference to quvi scripts?18:42
doomicideAmnesia, man I don't know anymore. I think the very first time was on 4chans /g/. But I think someone here made a port for it an posted it here, that's where I got interested.18:43
Amnesiampv's neat^.^18:43
niklasweis it someone in here some using netatalk?18:43
BurnZeZMe and a couple other guys viral mpv on /g/18:43
doomicideha, good work then :D18:43
BurnZeZIt had so few people using it18:43
BurnZeZI say "viral", but it was more just one-upping people18:44
doomicideThat's true it's just slowly spreading. But now they have releases, so maybe more distro will make a package.18:44
AmnesiaI've been running 0.1.0 for a while18:44
Amnesiaand it's running great18:44
Amnesiampv > mplayer18:45
BurnZeZAll those commits dropping loads of code18:45
BurnZeZSo great18:45
doomicideThe only thing that I need/want in mpv is dvdnav support. But they are or will be working on it.18:46
BurnZeZGotta love opengl-hq18:47
rmullAmnesia: quvi, libquvi, and libquvi-scripts18:47
Amnesiarmull: :-)?18:47
rmullmpv, first I've heard of it... so now we have mplayer, mplayer2, and mpv?18:48
BurnZeZmpv has decent developers18:48
BurnZeZYou know something good is happening when the codebase is getting smaller over time18:48
Amnesiamplayer's codebase is a disaster18:49
BurnZeZMy system is now purged of the ssh menace18:53
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BurnZeZWasn't there an OSS4 port?22:09
joacimI had one in my repo, but i didn't want to maintain it anymore since i never play any sounds on my linux computer.22:14
BurnZeZcinap_lenrek: Oh god22:14
drayevargi believe i still use oss for some things, it creates a /dev/sequencer that dosbox can usee22:19
drayevargalso nice ports doomicide22:19
drayevargmpv is great22:20
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BurnZeZ./src/video/x11/SDL_x11sym.h:168:1: error: conflicting types for '_XData32'22:52
BurnZeZIn file included from ./src/video/x11/SDL_x11dyn.h:34:0,22:52
BurnZeZfrom ./src/video/x11/SDL_x11dyn.c:26:22:52
BurnZeZmake: *** [build/SDL_x11dyn.lo] Error 122:52
BurnZeZ=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/libsdl/libsdl#1.2.15-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.22:53
BurnZeZAnyone else have this problem?22:53
BurnZeZjoacim: Ah, I see22:55
BurnZeZI can probably just pipe the output to my Plan 9 rig22:55
BurnZeZShouldn't be difficult22:56
BurnZeZcinap_lenrek: Know anything about where mouse handling starts in linux?23:00
BurnZeZI can't into channels23:00
Worksteri'll look at libsdl after work.23:32
Worksterthough it's sepens port and i see a patch for it applied relating to libx1123:34
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