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frinnstMicrosoft SharePoint farm topology collector process is failed with exit code -106:49
frinnstWin32 error:The operation completed successfully. Code: 006:49
nogagplzsounds legit, shut'er down and call it a day07:09
Romsterjsut like a microsoft update server filled the hdd then exchange crashed.07:58
Romsterno size setting on microsoft update server07:58
Romsterso it's being moved to it's own disk 120GB worth07:59
frinnsttune2fs -m 5 /dev/c: :)08:03
frinnstargh, fucking selinux snakeoil08:07
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Romsterlol wtf08:48
Romster someone should light that up08:50
Romster hahahaha08:51
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Romster the hell09:11
Romsterwaits for stuff to compile09:21
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Romsteri loaded that for what....12:01
nogagplzto see how frinst goes to work each morning12:02
nogagplz how he starts off12:02
Romsterfrinnst, lives in a bunker though12:02
rauzwhat a awesome method to start the day :)12:05
Romsterif i tried that i'd injure myself on that rail....12:06
nogagplzyeah, some people just outright have testicles made of railing magnets12:07
Romster...that would explain all the screws i drop out of notebooks ends up in my lap.12:08
nogagplzwell played12:09
Romsteronce in a blue moon i come out with something half semi decent.12:09
nogagplzpractise makes perfect12:10
Romstermakes perfect sense, knew you learned life's important lesson from your father.12:18
nogagplzwhat can I say, you were always there for me dad12:19
Romsteri see what you did there.12:20
Romsterthe lvm2 source gives 550 error directory change still.12:51
Romsterfound a url that worked
Romsterat least half them mirrors for sourceware are link rot city.
Romsterthen i saw you mention lvm2 in the other channel12:57
Romsterfrinnst, compiling stuff on new toolchain13:00
frinnstwould be nice if you could try out some contrib stuff13:01
Romsteri intend too.13:01
frinnstthe stuff i run all works fine13:01
Romsteryeah but your a minimalist.13:02
frinnstyep :)13:02
nogagplzare you one of those xmonads13:03
frinnstno, im sane13:03
nogagplzso openbox then13:03
frinnstfluxbox actually13:03
nogagplzclose enough13:03
Romsterall in the same boat.13:04
nogagplzalmost like cousins, twice removed13:04
drayevargi'm one of those xmonad nutters13:04
Romsteri'm still using pekwm13:04
nogagplzprepare for the shunning of a lifetime drayevarg13:04
drayevargOk :: => String -> string13:05
drayevargjust kidding, i don't really know haskell13:06
nogagplzwho does :P13:06
rauzi have it on the university13:20
teK_Im done with that13:20
rauzi hate it, worte the damn test and never spoken of haskell again !13:21
teK_I managed to know and understand recursion before I knew Haskell so it was a rather pointless encouter13:23
tilmandrayevarg: that looked pretty good13:23
tilmanteK_: what13:24
teK_what what13:24
teK_we were told that haskell is told to make us understand recursion.13:24
teK_I knew it before I was taught haskell so there was not much gain in learning it for 2 tests13:25
teK_most of the time I battled with its syntax and casting rules (you know the _important_ stuff in academia)13:25
teK_rauz: which university?13:27
teK_which Semester?13:28
rauzhaskell is in the first or second i don't remember13:30
teK_what's your current semester I meant13:30
teK_I know that GdI is taught in Semester 113:30
rauzi'm in the 6th13:34
teK_so you're hopefully finishing your thesis until september? :>13:35
rauz:D i hopefully finish my thesis until january (stupid analysis 2)13:37
teK_Matheschwerpunkt.  m( m(13:38
teK_sorry but: serves you right.!13:38
rauzmhm schwerer fehler !13:38
rauzso you know the uni passau very well13:40
teK_hey.. I had to get through Stochastik either way13:40
teK_< studying for a masters degree, first semester13:40
rauzat passau ?13:40
teK_ stalk moar13:40
rauzwhat master courses you took, i had 2 master courses this semester Rechnernetze 2 and System Security13:46
teK_Rechnernetze 2, Sicherheit in Netzen, Softwareprojektmanagement and Dependable Distributed Systems13:47
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deus_exIt seems that dl links for lvm2 and libdevmapper are broken.14:10
deus_exi used one of the mirrors.14:10
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frinnstdeus_ex: yep, will fix once i get home unless jaeger/jue beats me to it14:14
frinnstthe mirror romster found looks good:
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pedjafrinnst: ok.and now, lunch.14:17
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frinnstmm food.. so hungry D;14:19
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libdevmapper: alternate source URL14:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lvm2: alternate source URL14:22
tilmanwoo, linux 3.10.9 is booting for me \o/14:26
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