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vee_hello folks00:44
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jaegerI like how it says "no smart ass attitudes" when the entire thing is written that way03:12
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joacimsounds pretty reasonable to me. I would never hire someone who walked around with socks in sandals05:11
BurnZeZSo, no germans05:11
BurnZeZPeople use anything but C and rc on Plan 9?05:15
BurnZeZMe in charge of messaging the right channels05:16
drayevargmandals... ugh ;(05:35
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teK_BurnZeZ: that hurt :\07:14
BurnZeZShould I fetch the burn heal?07:14
teK_no thanks07:15
teK_sandals are for infants and tourists only imho.. yet I'm german :O07:15
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: kbd: update to 2.0.007:25
BurnZeZHas anyone looked at libsdl?07:36
drayevargyeah, romster and sepen built it without any problems07:36
BurnZeZI wonder what's up07:37
BurnZeZLet me see...07:37
RomsterBurnZeZ, might need todo a prt-get update -fr `revdep`08:04
Romsteris my only guess08:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_svn: update to 1.8.108:13
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frinnsthow did we manage to live with 100mbit lan?08:57
frinnstTime remaining: About 8 minutes08:58
rauztime has changed08:58
BurnZeZData sizes scaled with bandwidth08:58
Romsterjust like how we lived with dialup08:59
Romsterweb pages back then were small.08:59
frinnstwe didnt "live" with dialup. We suffered through it08:59
Romsteri can still hear that horrid sound.09:00
frinnsti remember when i got isnd09:00
Romsteri don't think i'll ever forget that sound09:00
frinnstisdn even09:00
Romsteryeah until a phone call then your bandwidth gets cut in half.09:00
frinnsti only ever used one line. my superb isdn card only supported one09:01
frinnsti bought it for low ping-times anyways (QUAKE!!!)09:01
nogagplzI just played quake on dialup09:02
nogagplzand jedi outcast/starcraft09:02
nogagplzcould've been worse tbh09:02
drayevargyeah, quake on a 56k seemed alright09:03
drayevargbut when someone killed me i said 'ping'09:03
frinnsttsk, 250ms -> 50ms on isdn09:03
Romsteryeah dialup lag was really bad09:03
frinnstmodern games seem to move back to that, with peer-to-peer play where a consumer connection hosts a lobby of +15 gamers09:04
rauzi remember when my sister almost killed me when she was on the telephon and i dailed up with my computer an cut her line :)09:09
nogagplzcall waiting09:10
nogagplzalmost got me killed lots09:10
frinnstor phonebills that could feed a big family for months09:10
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nogagplzyeah page after page after page of connections09:11
rauzgood times :)09:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: iotop: fix manpage permissions09:38
Rotwangfrinnst: thanks for the info, I didn't notice that09:40
joacimmy mom thought this internet was some kind of corporate conspiracy to suck more money out of people, so i didnt get a connection at home until i could afford to pay for it myself09:43
Rotwangjoacim: that sucks09:44
joacimsame went for mobile phones. had to buy it myself with my own money. she thought she would have to pay my bills. didnt understand the concept of prepaid.09:44
joacimi never had to endure dialup because of it, but i had to endure my mom instead =)09:44
Rotwangmy parents never used computers so they've thought that they are basically useless and they didn't want to buy me one09:45
Rotwangso I got one very late in my teens09:45
nogagplzhad a c64 and 386 from when I was little09:45
Romsterjoacim, hehe fun09:50
frinnstRotwang: np :)09:52
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Rotwangit is time to go to work :C09:55
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teK_have fun09:59
joacimmy mom is still ok tho. makes good food. (think that's from the swedish part of the family)10:03
Romstermums are usually great but they can drive you insane sometimes10:09
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Romsteri ordered a BDXL burner10:24
Romsteri really never bothered to look at that part more deeply until now.10:25
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to 2.21.1517:19
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drayevarg  i have always used nano but it's not so good at handling large files in my experience18:19
drayevargif anyone is interested check that out ^18:19
drayevargit makes vim act like nano ;)18:20
jaegerhow weird18:20
drayevargi had to change the colorscheme to elflord to make the colors look like nano too18:21
tilmanwhat the shit am i reading?18:59
drayevargvim users are fanatical!19:00
teK_nano sucks golf balls through tiny pipes19:02
teK_'handles large files badly'19:02
teK_what the fuck? That has nothing to dowith it's non-existing concept of handling19:02
drayevargwait, what?19:02
drayevargare you for or against nano?19:03
teK_I won't dignify that with an answer.19:03
drayevargwell, whatever, the point is, i'm converted to vim :p19:06
tilmanyou're just saying that because you don't want to get flamed further19:07
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drayevargno, i'm using that e4r i linked19:07
drayevargyou guys will probably appreciate this then, where i found out about it
teK_you're converted to a castrated vim version that looks pretty like nano D:19:09
drayevargcan't help it, my muscle memory is too used to nano19:09
BurnZeZAcme master race19:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: wmctrl: fix for undetected windows on 64-bit systems19:18
drayevargnow i'm mad at you guys, i i propose a quake deathmatch19:22
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BitPuffinIs there a way to install xorg-server 1.12 in crux 3.0?21:02
BitPuffinI am considering just switching to crux, I switched from arch to elementaryos and it didn't work very well with proprietary drivers, so I think I am gonna go back to a tiling wm in a tiny linux like crux :)21:02
teK_you could try to go to  find the corresponding commit for xorg-server in the xorg.git repo, then get the whole tree at this point of time, put it in your /usr/ports/xorg and pray^Wcompile21:03
teK_sounds harded than it is21:06
BitPuffinyou mean clone a separate ports tree? not replace the whole thing right?21:06
teK_do you have xorg installed at present?21:07
BitPuffinI don't even have crux installed at present21:07
BitPuffinI just wanted to know if this was doable hehe21:07
teK_it's probably best to remove everything installed from xorg and reinstall by doing a prt-get depinst after replacing the ports tree of corg21:07
teK_you want to build ports without having a running version of crux?21:08
teK_but yeah it'd be doable on a live installation :-)21:08
teK_though I never pulled a stunt like this21:08
BitPuffinah well no I just wanted to know if I could run xorg 1.12 instead of 1.13 in 3.0 haha, doesn't matter when it is :P21:09
jaegerMaybe even xorg-server by itself could be replaced. Might have to rebuild some stuff (guaranteeed for at least input/video drivers) but maybe not the entire xorg tree21:10
jaegerJust a guess, haven't tried it21:10
BitPuffinwell those "packages" aren't installed by default are they? i mean just the base install should be without X at all?=21:11
BitPuffinSo I could use a separate computer to browse docs etc hehe21:11
teK_you can choose which ports / repos to install21:12
teK_during setup21:12
BitPuffinCan I pin different packages to different ports?21:12
teK_prt-get lock does just that21:13
teK_i.e. pins the port its current version21:13
BitPuffinthis sounds like it could be complicated21:13
teK_which video driver do you intend to use?21:13
BitPuffinbut it might just be worthwhile21:13
teK_I have had very good results for the proprietary nvidia driver21:13
teK_ah fglrx.. my old enemy :P21:13
BitPuffinI know right21:14
BitPuffingot it working in arch21:14
BitPuffinwas a bloody battle21:14
BitPuffinIt is even more difficult because Radeon HD 4850 is no longer updated21:14
BitPuffinwhich is the gpu I have21:14
teK_maybe the open source driver works for it, too?21:14
BitPuffinit does21:15
BitPuffinbut I need the proprietary21:15
BitPuffinbecause I do gamedev21:15
rmulldoes anyone forgo using, say, ports -u and keep their port dirs up to date with git?21:15
BitPuffinBut it feels like I am going to have to read up on how crux actually works21:15
BitPuffinbefore making the jump21:15
teK_rmull: I sometimes build ports from the git repos but mostly for doing maintainer-stuff21:16
rmullseems like keeping them in git would allow a little more flexibility in terms of being able to install old ports and stuff21:20
rmulljust wondering if anyone actually bothered21:21
teK_it's not supported officially21:21
BitPuffinOne thing that I like more about crux than arch is that the people in the irc are actually nice and helpful. There are nice people in arch too, but the "overly cool" outnumber the nice people :/21:21
nrxtxBitPuffin: your card should run with radeonhd21:21
nrxtxHave a look at: your card is RV7xx / RV77021:21
BitPuffinnrxtx: yeah I know, but like I mentioned, I need the proprietary for my gamedev21:21
jaegerrmull: haven't had a need to, myself21:22
BitPuffinnrxtx: I would like to switch to the open source drivers but they aren't quite there yet. First Mesa needs to get a higher opengl version number too21:23
rmulljaeger: Does anyone even use the "ports" command for anything other than a ports -u?21:25
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nrxtxBitPuffin: if you check the table the open-source driver should have 3d support except for some primitives21:25
nrxtxat least it is more usable than no acceleration or x-server :D21:26
rmullseems like prt-get does everything ports does except -u, which could be handled with a git pull21:26
BitPuffinnrxtx: yeah it is getting there, but it isn't quite there *yet* :) mesa also needs to get a bit further too, they currently have only implemented up to opengl 3.121:27
BitPuffinWell managing to get through the installation doesn't seem like it's gonna be too hard, only compiling the kernel might be more difficult hehe22:01
BitPuffinbut it shouldn't be too difficult22:01
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BitPuffinshouldn't I just be able to do something like pkgadd xorg#1.12.pkg.tar.gz?22:05
teK_if the *.tar.gz is in $PWD yes22:06
teK_pkgadd/pkgmk do no dependency resoultion22:06
BitPuffinwell then I guess I just need to build the appropriate xorg later and go ahead and do that :P22:07
BitPuffinwell prt-get then :P22:07
BitPuffinteK_: does prt-get search have the capability to search for a specific version?22:08
teK_it can printf port's versions so it should be doable but I don't think with one command22:09
teK_I have an alias pinfo='prt-cache info' for that22:09
BitPuffinyeah but like does it only have access to the latest version of the package or does it have a back log?22:10
teK_there's no backlog for prt-get22:13
BitPuffinoh well22:14
BitPuffinI will get to that in a minute22:14
teK_you still can clone from git and go back22:14
BitPuffingotta finish reading this chapter22:14
BitPuffinyeah that should work fine22:14
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BitPuffindoes crux use systemd?22:44
BitPuffinor is the whole initscripts crux's own systemd thing :P22:45
teK_it does _not_22:46
teK_our rc starts as fast as systemd but has no service monitoring or automatic parallel service startup22:47
teK_I have never experience the need for that, though, either.22:47
BitPuffinI guess not22:47
BitPuffindoes this mean that you can't have something like catalys-hook that recompiles the catalyst kernel module when upgrading kernel?22:48
tilmanshit like that is in systemd? o__O22:49
BitPuffinI dunno o.O don't know if it has to do with systemd, it is just a kernel hook thingy22:49
teK_tilman: yep22:50
teK_BitPuffin: not really, but you will be upgrading your kernel by hand anyway.22:50
teK_use the crux port and run prt-get update -fr fglrx or so after kernel upgrades22:51
BitPuffinteK_: true, so I'd upgrade the module manually I guess22:51
teK_I do that for nvidia (update -fr ...)22:51
BitPuffindon't think fglrx has a port lol22:51
teK_not even contributed22:51
teK_haha it must suck hard :D22:51
BitPuffinit's okay :P as long as you have the correct X11 versions22:52
teK_sure @_@22:52
teK_I can run the most recenbt kernels with nvidia, too (just saying)22:52
BitPuffinah, my unsupported driver only runs on 3.422:57
BitPuffinbut there is patches n stuff22:57
teK_that's really poor22:58
BitPuffinyep :/22:58
BitPuffinthere is patches up to 3.1022:59
BitPuffinwill probably have to port this:
BitPuffinbut since 3.10 apparentl will be lts it should be smooth sailing23:04
BitPuffin"super smooth"23:04
BitPuffin" The reason for the shift in support policy is largely due to the fact that the AMD Radeon HD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 3000, and AMD Radeon HD 2000 Series have been optimized to their maximum potential from a performance and feature perspective."23:05
BitPuffinwell i am probably gonna put off the installation of crux until tomorrow hehe23:07
BitPuffingoodnight guys :)23:09

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