IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-08-23

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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 319.4902:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 319.4902:46
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frinnst<3 ati06:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ghostscript: update to 9.0907:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.3607:03
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: kmod: update to 1507:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: kmod: fix install of man-pages08:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] php: update to 5.4.1908:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fcgi: update to 5.4.1908:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fpm: update to 5.4.1908:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-mysql: update to 5.4.1908:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.4.1908:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_php: update to 5.4.1909:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] chromium: updated to 29.0.1547.5709:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pkg-get: updated to 0.4.609:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pkg-get: removed old patch09:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: minicom: updated to 2.6.209:45
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frinnstsepen: =======> ERROR: Source file 'nss-3.15.diff' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).09:54
frinnstforgot to git add it ? :)09:55
pitilloforgot to remove it from source file :P10:07
pitillo*file/line :)10:09
frinnstand .md5sum :)10:12
sepenoh sorry10:18
sepeneasy to fix10:18
sepenonly from md510:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: updated md5sum10:23
frinnstits still in the Pkgfile10:24
frinnst1         $ nss-3.15.diff)10:24
sepensorry guys10:25
sepenI just bought a tv and the dealer has taken it to another site10:26
sepenI had the mind on another place :P10:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: removed old patch from sources10:28
sepensorry, I need 3 commits instead of 110:28
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BitPuffindo you do the kernel building as root in crux?11:09
BitPuffinisn't that a bit dangerous? :)11:09
tilmanyou don't build the kernel as root11:13
BitPuffinnot even during install?11:13
tilmanoh, that11:13
BitPuffinthat's as root isn't it?11:23
Romsterunless you wanna chown a bunch of locations then yes.11:27
BitPuffinWell I guess when building the one that comes with the distribution it's safe to do it as root since it is probably tested?11:28
Romsteri've never had any issues building a kernel as root.11:30
Romsternow back to movie watching and more scotch :D11:31
BitPuffinhave fun :)11:31
BitPuffinIs the kernel packaged with crux already configured to work on most systems or do I configure it manually before building?12:04
frinnstyou probably want to configure it12:10
frinnstsome "sane" defaults are selected but make sure the critical stuff for your hardware is there12:10
BitPuffinI see12:12
BitPuffinIs the default config already in the src dir or do I have to copy it from somewhere?12:13
frinnstif you screw up you can always boot the install media, mount your installed rootfs, chroot and try again :)12:13
frinnstits already there iirc12:13
BitPuffinHmm, I wonder if there is a neat way to set up crux so that building of packages all happen in a tmpfs, I will deal with that later though12:14
BitPuffintime to burn crux :)12:15
BitPuffinkind of overkill to put crux on a dvd I guess but I didn't have any cd12:15
frinnstcheck out /etc/pkgmk.conf12:15
BitPuffinI'll have a looksy when I get set up12:15
BitPuffinI think I am going to first set up my system with the xorg that ships with crux and the open source drivers, then downgrade and use the fglrx driver patched for 3.1012:16
BitPuffinanyways, will be back from my laptop soon12:16
frinnstwhat do you need fglrx for?12:18
BitPuffinanyways brb!12:18
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frinnst:) or :( ?12:32
BitPuffinhmm? currently :)12:37
BitPuffindo I need gdk-pixbuf?12:37
BitPuffinwell what is it for?12:38
BitPuffinpixel buffers I guess12:39
BitPuffinbut does anything in particular use it?12:39
teK_gather info about it by issuing:12:39
teK_prt-get info gdk-pixbuf12:39
teK_prt-get dependent gdk-pixbuf12:39
BitPuffinWell can't really do that while installing crux, guess i will skip it for now and install it later if I need it12:40
teK_chromium depends on it12:40
BitPuffindon't use chromium12:40
teK_I know that because it screwed displaying chromium's windows12:41
BitPuffinI wonder if I need harfbuzz12:41
BitPuffinhaha :)12:41
tilmanit's safe to install everything from opt12:42
tilmanmoreso if you don't know what they are about12:42
tilmanif you think you have to ask in here, just install it12:42
BitPuffinwell don't see why I'd need wvdial and talloc12:43
teK_talloc is a dep of samba, iirc.12:44
BitPuffindon't think I use samba12:44
teK_setup will tell you if you missed deps, any way12:44
BitPuffinbut yeah12:44
BitPuffinwell i'll only skip the ones I know I won't need12:45
BitPuffindon't use nfs either so that should be safe to remove12:46
BitPuffinand I don't use raid so no mdadm  for me12:47
BitPuffinman there is a lot of xml parser here12:49
BitPuffinis wpa_supplicant needed if you don't use wireless?12:50
teK_it can do 802.1x, too12:51
BitPuffinwhich is on wired?12:52
BitPuffininstalling :312:53
BitPuffintalloc was apperently required by something, too bad it didn't tell me what12:53
BitPuffinthese packages are already compiled aren't they?12:54
BitPuffini kind of like just running in a shell hehe, too bad I can't do gamedev without an x server :)12:55
BitPuffinand run games12:56
teK_we should provide a zsh on our iso, ... it has tetris. *ahem*12:57
BitPuffindon't underestimate the power of tetris12:58
frinnstyou need gdk-pixbuf if you want gtk13:03
BitPuffinI think I did install it in the end iirc13:03
frinnstsame with harfbuzz13:04
BitPuffinshould /boot have a pass value of 2 or 1?13:04
BitPuffinin fstab?13:04
frinnstonly / should have 1 iirc13:04
BitPuffinyeah that's correct13:05
BitPuffinshould /boot have noatime? I have noatime for root and home but don't know if it is good for boot or not13:05
tilmanisnt relatime the default these days?13:06
BitPuffinyeah I just read that13:06
BitPuffinso I am switching to that13:07
BitPuffinbut still, should /boot have it too?13:07
tilmanjust use 'defaults'13:07
BitPuffinrelatime gives better performance13:08
tilman(15:06) <@   tilman> isnt relatime the default these days?13:08
BitPuffinokay I'll go defaults then13:09
BitPuffinI didn't think he ment actually default in the default lol13:09
jaegerSince Linux 2.6.30, the kernel defaults to the behavior provided by this option (unless noatime was  specified)13:09
jaegerfrom the mount manpage13:09
BitPuffindoes the order of stuff in fstab matter all that much?13:10
jaegerIf you mean individual lines, not particularly13:10
BitPuffinno I ment like what people put in fstab by default lol13:11
BitPuffinanyways, sway shouldn't be fsck'd so it should have pass 013:11
BitPuffinhow does dvorak-sv-a5 and dvorak-sv-a1 differ?13:19
BitPuffinah found it13:20
BitPuffinI'll deal with network after installation is done13:25
frinnstdoubt you need "good performance" for /boot :)13:25
BitPuffinboot speed :D:D:D:D no but I get it13:25
jaeger /boot isn't even needed in most cases13:26
BitPuffinit's needed during boot13:26
BitPuffinanyways time to configure kernel, scary13:27
jaegerObviously I meant as a separate partition13:27
tilmanjaeger was referring to a separate fs for /boot13:27
jaegerOf course you need the /boot directory13:27
BitPuffinprompting for development drivers is safe to say no to right?13:28
tilmani'd say it's safe to say yes ;p13:30
jaegerSafe in the "no damage" sense though you might miss out on some drivers13:31
jaegerUSB3 for example13:31
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BitPuffindon't have usb3 so :)13:33
jaegerThat's just an example as I said... if you find that you're not missing anything with it disabled then it doesn't matter13:33
BitPuffinyeah, otherwise I suppose I can just recompile13:34
BitPuffindo I need BSD Process Accounting?13:38
BitPuffinseems to be for logging user activity, don't know if I need that really13:41
jaegerThe kernel suggests it's a good idea. I've never used it directly myself13:41
BitPuffinjaeger: and you didn't put version 3 file format in there?13:41
jaegerI went with the kernel's suggestions on those so probably not13:44
jaeger# CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V3 is not set13:45
BitPuffinI don't think I need open by fhandle syscalls13:46
BitPuffinpicking N on control group support, this ain't virtualization :)13:51
Romsterprt-get dependent --all gdk-pixbuf14:07
Romsteryes a few things use that BitPuffin14:08
BitPuffinI see!14:08
Romsternot many but namely gtk that alot do use.14:08
Romsterwatched sister act 2 on tv and kickass -_-14:09
Romsteri could of watched movies i got on my pc but eh.... liked them two.14:10
BitPuffinshould I enable SMT scheduler support? I have intel core 2 due e840014:10
Romsterthe defaults in the config are sane enough for that.14:10
Romsterdon't think core 2's have HT14:11
BitPuffinno I don't think so either14:11
Romsterbut it wont hurt to enable it for later cpu upgrades/14:11
BitPuffinwhat I probably only want is the option below14:11
BitPuffinmulti-core scheduler support14:11
Romsteronly I3's and up i think have HT14:11
BitPuffinRomster: then I can just recompile :)14:11
BitPuffinRomster: it said online that HT was for pentium 4 though lol14:11
BitPuffinbet those had HT I guess, but not dual cores14:12
Romsterthe main thing is built in disk controller and filesystem for root14:12
BitPuffinactually I am not sure why I am so picky right now, I plan to build the 3.10 kernel later so14:13
Romsteri'm using a kernel patch for BFS14:13
Romsterfine tuning a kernel takes awhile.14:13
Romsterwasn't you talking about kernels hours ago...14:13
Romsteryeah backlog proves that.14:14
BitPuffinI should just get on with it I guess14:14
BitPuffinI'll fine tune 3.1014:14
Romsterdowned half a bottle from a 700ml scotch bottle 40% alcohol -_-14:14
Romsterover a period of a few hours.14:15
BitPuffinwhere do I find disk controller?14:15
Romsterin devices14:15
BitPuffinbelieve I use sata14:15
Romsterata is sata.14:16
Romsterserial ata14:16
BitPuffinI know14:16
BitPuffinis SCSI for laptops?14:16
Romsteryou can do stuff like lspci -k14:16
Romsterthen search in make menuconfig with /14:16
Romsterin the early days ata was under SCSI but not anymore.14:17
Romsterso SCSI is not for laptops now.14:17
BitPuffinwith /?14:17
BitPuffinso do i need scsi or not?14:17
Romsterlook for libata drivers.14:17
Romsterlspci -k14:18
Romstersee what devices your disk controller is it may even suggest a kernel module in use.14:18
Romsterthen search for it in make menuconfig14:18
Romsterwith /14:18
Romsterfirefox uses the same / for searching too.14:18
BitPuffinyou can use / in menuconfig? cool14:19
Romsterthe only anoying thing is i'm always pressing "n" for vim but F3 in firefox for next.... -_-14:19
Romsterit is case sensitive search in make menuconfig14:19
BitPuffindidn't find ata_plix wtf14:21
Romstertry /PLIX14:22
BitPuffinahci also14:23
RomsterAHCI is always good to have on14:23
Romstersorry i can not be of much more help i am drunk after all.14:23
Romsteris not often i do drink at home. but work week had been supper busy so needed to unwind.14:24
RomsterBitPuffin, i guess you have not manually compiled a kernel before?14:25
BitPuffinRomster: I think I have done it once before (last time I attempted going crux) and failed14:25
Romsteri needed help when i first started in crux. but if you persist you should get it eventually.14:26
BitPuffinyeah I hope so14:26
Romsterit's the only major hurdle really.14:26
Romsteror was for me.14:26
BitPuffinHmm it says that SATA_AHCI_PLATFORM in N and SATA_ACARD_AHCI also is N14:26
BitPuffinbut Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers are set to y14:26
Romsterjust look for your chipset number.14:27
BitPuffinis it JMB363?14:27
Romsterword of advice try not to use the generic driver with your chipset driver at the same time. i've done that before and it caused nothing but problems.14:27
Romsteri have no idea what yoru running pastebin lspci -j14:28
Romsteroops lspci -k14:28
BitPuffinwell that's hard to do when I don't have a web browser on that computer lol14:28
Romsterhmm is it on the net yet?14:28
Romsterprobably not....14:28
Romsterlook for ata chipset.14:28
Romstertry searching / for the chipset or even googling it for the right kernel module to enable.14:29
BitPuffin03:00.0 SATA controller: JMicron Technology Corp. JMB363 SATA/IDE Controller (rev 02) Subsystem: Giga-byte Technology GA-EP45-DS5 Motherboard. Kernel driver in use: ahci14:29
Romsteri once got mad and used the crux config off the iso and sed the M to a Y but that's really going over board, but worked.14:30
BitPuffinlike I said earlier though, I plan to compile linux 3.10 later so this only really needs to bootstrap me14:30
Romsteryeah but you can use make oldconfig14:31
Romsterwith that config on the newer kernel14:31
Romstermake help14:31
BitPuffinI'd rather just get this one running14:31
BitPuffinand then do all the hardcore configuration stuff when I have a working fallback kernel14:32
Romstertry looking for / JMicron14:33
frinnstwhat, doesnt the ahci driver for your jmicron chip work?14:34
frinnstKernel driver in use: ahci14:35
BitPuffinfrinnst: it does work14:35
BitPuffinI think?14:35
frinnstyeah it should14:35
BitPuffindo I even need to muck about in device drivers?14:36
Romsterjmicron only has a pata module is ee14:37
Romsteri see*14:37
BitPuffinyeah I saw that too14:37
RomsterPrompt: JMicron JMB36x support14:37
BitPuffinbut do I need to mess with this if I only want this to work?14:37
BitPuffinfor getting up and running14:37
Romsterwell you need it as Y for the kernel to be about to mount root file system14:38
BitPuffineven with ahci driver?14:38
RomsterAHCI is an added bonus for what mode the controller works in...14:39
Romsterbut it isn't the sata/pata controller itself.14:39
RomsterAHCI jsut allows hot swapping drives. among a few other features.14:40
Romsterprovided the hardware supports that.14:40
Romstergo and enable that and hopefully you'll be all good.14:41
Romsterfrinnst, you can take over i'm gonna sleep this off soon.14:41
BitPuffinI am trying to find it14:41
Romsterhmm but that's for IDE mode....14:41
Romstercould it be that your notebook is that old they stoped supporting it's device driver?14:42
Romsterhave no idea.14:42
BitPuffinthis is a desktop14:42
BitPuffinI am chatting from a laptop though14:42
Romsterwhy not loat a live cd of some sorts then do lspci -k on it14:42
BitPuffinit's what I have done!14:42
BitPuffinI am in the livecd14:42
BitPuffinfor crux14:42
Romstersorry i jumped into the chat late.14:43
BitPuffinI am installing crux and I am at the kernel compilation state14:43
Romsterfrinnst, you can take over i'm not in any state to comprehend stuff....14:43
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Romsterhey doomicide14:44
Romstercongrats on contrib14:44
doomicidehi, thank you :)14:44
BitPuffinIf I managed to boot the livecd, doesn't that prove that it is already working?14:44
Romsteri think i confused you sorry pitillo14:45
Romstererr BitPuffin14:45
tilmanhas anyone suggested 'make localconfig' yet to you?14:45
Romsteroh that might do it....14:45
BitPuffintilman: what does it do?14:45
Romstermake help14:46
Romsterread it14:46
tilmani really want to tell you to RTFM14:46
Romsterin the kernel source directory14:46
RomsterBitPuffin, crux is for advanced users some reading is required. perhaps you need a break and try again tomorrow14:47
BitPuffinthere is only localmodconfig and localyesconfig14:47
BitPuffinRomster: I am willing to read14:47
tilmani'd go with localmodconfig then14:47
BitPuffinmaybe make localyesconfig then14:47
tilmandoesn't matter too much at this point14:48
BitPuffinjust gonna check so that it is compiling with ext4support first then before compiling14:48
BitPuffinand I should be set?14:48
BitPuffinyes ext4 is indeed enabled14:48
BitPuffinyes that seems to look pretty good, let's give this a roll :)14:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.1.2 -> 0.1.314:51
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BitPuffinRomster: I am actually switching to crux mainly to learn, I was an arch user before this14:55
Romsterah well you will learn for sure.14:56
Romsterand have a more streamlined system14:56
BitPuffinplus crux seems like a pretty clean system14:56
BitPuffineven compared to arch :)14:57
BitPuffinthat built faster than I expected14:58
BitPuffinI guess `make` is the same as runnig `make all`14:59
Romsterit usually is15:00
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BitPuffinare arch/x86/boot/bzImage and arch/x86_64/-||- the same on a 64 bit system?15:01
*** joacim has joined #crux15:02
jaegerx86_64/boot/bzImage is a symlink15:02
doomicideBitPuffin, Protip: If you have multiple cores you can speed up make by using make -j <Number Of Cores + 1>15:04
BitPuffindoomicide: I have 2 and I did make -j4 :)15:04
BitPuffindoomicide: probably why the compilation was so fast :)15:04
doomicidehaha, ok15:05
BitPuffinOkay I have run make, make modules_install, copied bzImage to /boot/vmlinuz and installed grub and run grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg anything else before I can reboot you think?15:06
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doomicidecp /boot15:06
BitPuffindoomicide: ah yes, did that too15:07
BitPuffinguess it is time to reboot then!15:09
doomicidegood luck15:09
BitPuffinI'll still be here ofc15:10
BitPuffinthis is a separate computer15:10
BitPuffinhmm, well grub was loaded, but in shell mode15:12
BitPuffinno menu entries were added probably then hehe alright, booting on cd again15:13
jaegerYou can still boot manually from grub at that point15:14
BitPuffinah, well I have already run setup-chroot from the livecd to make the changes15:17
jaegerEither way works15:18
jaegerIf I remember correctly grub-mkconfig looks for versioned kernel files so you might need to rename the file to vmlinuz-x.y.z15:19
BitPuffinyeah that was correct15:22
BitPuffinit doesn't find windows though15:22
BitPuffinbummer hehe15:22
BitPuffinprobably needs osprober or something15:23
BitPuffinanyways I can at least boot crux now, so that's a +15:26
BitPuffinwow! 6 seconds until it reaches login!15:29
frinnstpro tip: "make install" copies the kernel to /boot/vmlinuz and moves the previous kernel to /boot/vmlinuz.old15:32
frinnstdoes the same with system.map15:32
frinnstand runs lilo too, if you use that15:32
frinnstotherwise make sure lilo is not installed15:32
BitPuffinI use grub15:32
BitPuffinfrinnst: but I have the system booted now so it worked out :)15:32
BitPuffinnow I am trying to get networking to work15:33
BitPuffinone might say I am trying to get the net working *badum tsch*15:34
frinnstdhcp, static?15:34
BitPuffinI have been doing dhcp from arch I believe, no idea if it is actually static or not15:35
BitPuffindhcpcd sit0 timed out though15:35
jaegersit0 isn't useful in this case, it's a tunnel interface15:36
jaegermost likely you want eth0 for ethernet or wlan0 for wireless (with few exceptions)15:36
BitPuffinwell ip addr only shows that and lo15:36
jaegermissing kernel support for your driver, probably15:36
jaegerwhat does 'lspci | grep -i eth' say?15:36
BitPuffin03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 01)15:38
jaegerlook for R8169 in the kernel config15:38
BitPuffinSymbol: R8169 [=n]15:40
BitPuffinjaeger: how did you know what driver it was?15:40
jaegerThat's a very common controller and I have a couple machines with those15:40
BitPuffinI see15:40
BitPuffinIs it the Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support option in Device drivers, ethernet driver support?15:42
jaegerdevice drivers -> ethernet -> realtek devices (something like that)15:42
jaegeryou can search in menuconfig using the slash key15:43
jaegerDevice Drivers -> Network device support -> Ethernet driver support -> Realtek devices (from 3.9.7)15:43
BitPuffinwell then I am probably in the right place15:46
BitPuffinyeah I did search, unfortunately it only shows the result and doesn't allow me to make the change afaik15:46
jaegerwell, it shows you what section you need to be in to make the change15:47
jaegerAlso tells you the dependencies in case you're missing some other kernel option15:47
BitPuffinI think your text was different though15:47
BitPuffinprobably some other kernel version than what I have then?15:47
jaeger3.9.7 here15:48
BitPuffinthis is the stock kernel15:48
BitPuffinwell Realtek 8160 ethernet support sounds spot on15:48
jaegerIf you mean stock crux 3.0 it's 3.6.11, right?15:48
BitPuffinjaeger: yeah something like that15:48
jaegerShould be in a similar location15:48
BitPuffinoh noes15:50
BitPuffindid I need to copy again?15:50
BitPuffinyay internet :)15:51
jaegerIf you build a new kernel you should copy both bzImage and again, yeah15:51
BitPuffinwell I think I have internet at least hmm15:52
jaegerlooks like the location was the same in 3.6.1115:53
BitPuffinmaybe ping wasn't working because of System.map15:53
BitPuffinWell okay dhcpcd eth0 works but not ping -c 3
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*** joacim_ has joined #crux16:12
BitPuffinjaeger: any ideas on why it doesn't work?16:17
jaegercan you ping without name resolution? for google, for example16:21
BitPuffinjaeger: yeah that works16:24
jaegerhost ?16:25
jaegerSo what's the problem?16:26
BitPuffinwell ping didn't work so I thought it didn't work lol16:26
jaegerDoes it now?16:27
BitPuffinwtf why ;_;16:27
jaegerperhaps dhcpcd hadn't fixed /etc/resolv.conf yet the first time you tried16:27
BitPuffinis AutoNet configuration from the wiki adapted to eth0 an okay configuration for rc.d/net?16:28
BitPuffinjaeger: is your i3 up to date? :)16:33
frinnstthe first thing i do in a new crux system is to segregate ip configurations for each interface to its own /etc/rc.d/<iface> file and add that to rc.conf16:40
frinnstso /etc/rc.d/lo, eth0 etc16:40
BitPuffinfrinnst: I see, well I am not sure what to put in those, where can I read about that?16:41
BitPuffinjaeger: oddly enough I can't view your ports files :s16:47
BitPuffinnot on the website at least16:49
BitPuffinbut yes, i3 was up to date :)16:49
BitPuffinjaeger: i3status also depends on wireless-tools I think17:00
BitPuffinjaeger: yep, so you should add that to the dependency list!17:00
frinnstBitPuffin: you can use rc.d/net as a template17:09
frinnstthey are just simple scripts17:09
frinnstthe services=() line in rc.conf are just names of scripts in rc.d/17:09
BitPuffinThat's very nice and simple17:11
frinnstthats how we roll!17:13
BitPuffinwhy can't a user change its own password?17:13
frinnst"passwd" doesnt work?17:14
BitPuffinnow it worked17:15
BitPuffindidn't work the first time17:15
BitPuffinbut after changing it once with root it now works as that user17:15
BitPuffinweeeird :D17:15
jturnerprobably didn't type your password correctly both times :/17:16
BitPuffinnah it said something like "the password of user foo could not be changed"17:16
BitPuffinnot could17:16
*** lasso has joined #crux17:47
*** sepen has quit IRC17:48
BitPuffinhmm, think X might be loading both vesa and radeon driver currently17:50
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux18:12
jaegerBitPuffin: I didn't include it because it's not a hard dependency... i3status can use it but it doesn't require it to build, etc.18:15
jaegerBitPuffin: you can't view them from the portdb because they're served by rsync rather than http18:16
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux18:21
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC18:24
BitPuffinjaeger: Hmm, well I didn't manage to build i3status without it :/18:28
BitPuffinjaeger: by portdb you mean /usr/ports?18:33
BitPuffinwell that is exactly what I was using18:37
rmullYou can view the files locally after you sync18:38
BitPuffinyeah it is what I did18:38
BitPuffinhow do I use prt-get to update every package on the system to the latest?18:40
BitPuffinprt-get update needs a package18:40
doomicideprt-get sysup18:41
doomicidebut please do 'man prt-get' first :)18:41
BitPuffinoh it was right there18:41
BitPuffinI was looking in prt-get help18:41
BitPuffinproblem is that 'man x' is really strange right now18:42
doomicideoh what's the matter?18:42
BitPuffindoomicide: Well it is riddled with ESC's with a black background18:43
jaegerBitPuffin: I'll take another look at it but it probably won't be until I get back in town next thursday18:43
teK_BitPuffin: echo $PAGER18:43
BitPuffinjaeger: okay! No rush, I installed wireless-tools in the mean time, although I don't have wireless hehe18:43
teK_I use: less -F -i -X -R18:43
BitPuffinteK_: outputs an empty line18:44
teK_set it an test again18:45
teK_ or set it in /etc/man.conf18:45
BitPuffinteK_: it is currently using less -is18:46
BitPuffinah well it's the -s option18:47
rmullBitPuffin: Are you ssh'd in, or at a local terminal?18:47
BitPuffinrmull: local18:47
BitPuffinteK_: much better, thank you very much :)18:48
BitPuffingonna let the sysup do its thing, then I am going to try to tackle the graphics stuff18:50
BitPuffinTo make x11 start on log in, do I add an x11 file in /etc/rc.d that contains "startx" and then enter x11 in the services? Or am I misunderstanding?18:51
jaegerat boot or login? If you want it to start at boot look at slim or another login manager18:52
jaegerIf you want it to start at login, add startx to your .bashrc or something similar18:52
jaegerThough if you go the latter route make sure you don't start it every time you open a terminal, etc. :)18:53
*** Rotwang has joined #crux19:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gimp: 2.8.2 -> 2.8.619:11
BitPuffinjaeger: hmm well I would like to have it at log in19:12
BitPuffinjaeger: but I don't want to use slim19:12
BitPuffinjaeger: I basically want the standard log in and have it start x at log in, except I don't want it to start x every time I open a terminal. How can I set this up?19:14
jaegerDo you mean before login when you say "at log in"?19:14
jaegerOr after you've already authenticated19:14
BitPuffin`[[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]] && exec startx` in .zprofile?19:15
BitPuffinjaeger: after19:15
jaegeryeah, you could do something like that19:16
BitPuffinarch wiki is useful for crux too hehe :)19:19
BitPuffinOkay so when this system update is done I am going to tackle the whole X11 and fglrx thing19:23
BitPuffinIs there a nice and clean way that I can set it so that it always prioritizes the X11 version I want and don't upgrade it when I do prt-get sysup?19:23
BitPuffin(xorg-xserver 1.12)19:24
jaegerprt-get lock19:24
teK_update spreeeee19:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cryptsetup: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.219:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnupg: 2.0.20 -> 2.0.2119:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.8 -> 4.4.919:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: openbox: 3.5.0 -> 3.5.219:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.8 -> 5.0.1019:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: oprofile: 0.9.8 -> 0.9.919:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: cacti: 0.8.8a -> 0.8.8b19:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: syslog-ng: 3.4.2 -> 3.4.319:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.41.0 -> 4.42.019:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.6.3 -> 2.719:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rdesktop: 1.7.1 -> 1.8.019:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tig: 1.1 -> 1.219:25
BitPuffinjaeger: nice! that is exactly what I wanted, man crux is great ;_;19:25
BitPuffinthank you!19:25
teK_einen hab ich noch, einen hab ich noch19:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nmon:  ->19:27
teK_stupid, little... alias.. going.. to teach you to not work...
BitPuffinguess what I is going to be more difficult than locking will be the actual downgrading, but that's for later when I am done updating19:29
BitPuffinone thing that I can't really figure out though is, is crux rolling release? There are version that are released but the portstree seems to be rolling..19:31
frinnstBitPuffin: both19:31
BitPuffinfrinnst: hmm19:31
frinnstnew releases are governed by bigger changes19:31
frinnstsuch as newer toolchain19:32
teK_I'd still love to see official online updates between releases :\19:33
BitPuffinso boost won't be updated in contrib for anyone running crux 3?19:33
Rotwangwhy are we using ancient udev?19:34
frinnstbecause we dont use systemd19:34
BurnZeZBased CRUX19:35
teK_BitPuffin: yes it will if you switch your ports files to the 3.1 trees which can be.. dangerous ;)19:35
BitPuffinI see19:36
BitPuffinso all third party ports trees are rolling?19:36
RotwangI didn't know that newer udev releases need systemd to function19:36
Rotwangignorance is bliss19:36
BitPuffinHow are upgrades between versions handled then?19:36
BitPuffinI noticed there was an upgrade via cd19:36
BurnZeZPoettering is the second coming of GNU19:37
BitPuffinbut is there a way to do it easily in the system without things breaking?19:37
frinnstRotwang: it doesnt really, but you must build systemd to build udev (and you need the deps to do that)19:37
frinnstBitPuffin: yeah you can edit the /etc/ports/*.rsync files and run prt-get sysup19:37
frinnstexpect breakage tho19:38
BitPuffinfrinnst: :/ I don't want things to break!! lol :D19:39
BitPuffinfrinnst: so what's the way to do it without breakage? Upgrade with CD?19:41
BitPuffinis there a way to do a cd like upgrade without doing it with a cd?19:41
frinnstor mount the cd, upgrade the packages on it19:42
BitPuffinI guess we'll get to that when 3.1 is released19:42
frinnstyeah its usually not a big deal19:43
frinnsti always do my upgrades by just changing the ports repo19:43
BitPuffinI see19:43
BitPuffindoes the release notes tell you what breakage to expect?19:44
frinnstbut you need to be prepared to do a lot of rebuilding (depending on the changes)19:44
frinnstno, thats what irc is for :)19:44
BitPuffinrebuild all the packages even if there isn't a new version? or what do you mean?19:45
BitPuffinis there a prt-get command that rebuilds everything? :O gonna go and see what I can find19:46
BitPuffinsysup -fr?19:48
rmullmaybe prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)19:58
doomicideBitPuffin: revdep checks installed ports for broken links. I think you can do: prt-get update -fr $(revdep)19:58
BitPuffinrmull: I was thinking that would be an option too20:00
BitPuffindoomicide: Hmm!20:00
BitPuffindoomicide: prt-get should add a command for that in that case20:00
*** lasso has quit IRC20:04
jturnerBitPuffin: a lot of people use github to host20:04
BitPuffinjturner: oh really? How would one set that up?20:05
BitPuffinRomster: your ardour is out of date :)20:06
rmullBitPuffin: prt-get does not need a command for it if it's a simple shell oneliner20:06
*** doomicide has quit IRC20:06
BitPuffinrmull: well isn't most things a simple shell oneliner in prt-get really?20:07
rmullThat's the idea20:07
BitPuffinrmull: well I mean the things that prt-get does20:08
*** twyf has quit IRC20:10
*** twyf has joined #crux20:12
*** joe9 has quit IRC20:24
BitPuffinjturner: does that really cover github though? o.020:41
*** Rotwang has quit IRC20:44
BitPuffinno gpasswd command in crux?20:46
jturnerBitPuffin: it's the same, push your shit to githubg and use for the URL20:46
BitPuffinjturner: Hmm, do you think the same works for bitbucket?20:46
joacim_more or less the same20:47
*** joacim_ has quit IRC20:47
*** joacim has joined #crux20:48
rmullIf possible, should port maintainers write Pkgfiles to download available .asc files that signed the sources and verify them?20:50
rmullI guess there would be a gpg dependency to do that20:52
BitPuffinrmull: md5 checking is probably enough20:57
BitPuffinrmull: lets you be sure that the data downloaded is the same as what you expected20:58
rmullmd5 is broken, and it also doesn't ensure that the author of the data is what you expect20:59
BitPuffinI guess sha512 is better to use21:00
rmullthe problem of authorship remains21:00
BitPuffinrmull: unless the attacker somehow modifies the data to be malicous and somehow still manages to get the md5 output to be the same then it won't work yes, but that's not really an easy feat21:01
rmullcompromised mirrors exist - a port maintainer could use a compromised mirror to set up their port and then get a flawed checksum21:03
*** s44_ has quit IRC21:03
rmullBut I guess the packager could verify the signature if it existed21:03
rmullthe only problem then is that crux ports aren't signed21:06
BitPuffinrmull: well you don't download the md5 sum from the author of the software, the sum is packaged with the port21:07
rmullthat's my next point - someone could mess with a crux mirror and change all of it, and nobody using crux would know21:08
BitPuffinrmull: so if the mirror gets compromised and altered, then the md5 sum will change21:08
rmullSomeone tampering with crux ports at the mirror can change the md5sums21:09
BitPuffinthe attack vector is really the crux port collection21:09
tilman<     rmull> md5 is broken [...]21:09
tilmanthe point is: compromised mirror -> broken file with same md5sum as sane file21:09
rmullso we should sign ports21:15
rmullarch does it, at least21:15
BitPuffinmight be excessive, and not 100% bullet proof since private keys can be compromised too!21:16
BitPuffinrmull: for AUR? don't think so21:16
rmullDon't know about AUR, I've never used arch. I was just looking at pages like this one:
BitPuffinrmull: well AUR basically work like ports, pacman repositories however work more like debian packages21:17
BitPuffindebian repositories*21:17
rmullI see21:19
BitPuffinin fact I believe the AUR was inspired directly by the crux ports system21:20
rmullAUR authors don't have the ability to sign, or is signing optional?21:20
BitPuffindon't think they have the option to sign21:20
BitPuffinbecause there is nothing to sign21:20
BitPuffinyou download a PKGBUILD21:20
BitPuffinwhich is basically just a bash script that downloads the data and compiles it and installs it21:20
BitPuffinman I am definitely not used to updating by building all the packages from source :P takes time!21:25
rmullCrux is not very eco-friendly21:31
rmullso many CPU cycles21:31
joacimEU will ban source based distros one day21:41
joacimor enforce taxes21:41
BitPuffinHmm yeah the amount of time it takes to update the system is pretty insane o.O21:45
jaegerBitPuffin: I occasionally produce updated ISOs to help with that22:05
jaegeractually have one bootstrapping now22:05
BitPuffinWell that's good :)22:10
BitPuffinjaeger: sort of like 3.0.1 releases or what?22:10
jaegermore or less, yeah22:12
jaegeran ISO with updated ports22:12
BitPuffinare these official?22:12
jaegernearly, I guess :)22:13
jaegernot enough to be called "official", hehe22:13
BitPuffinso they aren't up on the main site?22:13
jaegernah, they're at
*** twyf has quit IRC23:11
rmullanyone here use calibre for managing ebooks?23:57

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