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BitPuffinDo people ever buy books that are release for free for download but you can pay for to get printed?00:00
BitPuffinwtf, nimrod isn't gpl is it? the aur pkgbuild says so :s00:00
BitPuffinthougt it was MIT00:01
BitPuffinwoop wrong channel :D00:04
BitPuffinjaeger: you should have told me about your ISOs before I installed crux lol00:06
jaegerI've bought one or two books that way00:19
joacimi feel bad when i don't pay for such things00:23
joacimwhy i never download anything from bandcamp00:24
BitPuffinwell it happens to me with bandcamp too00:30
BitPuffinand I feel bad with books00:30
BitPuffinbut do people pay?00:30
BitPuffinman, compiling firefox takes years!00:49
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Romstertilman> the point is: compromised mirror -> broken file with same md5sum as sane file <- this is why i was pushing sha256sum ages ago...02:51
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Romsterhi horrorStruck06:16
Romsteris inotify the best method to monitor what files are accessed?06:20
Romsteror is there a better framework out now?06:21
vee_horrorStruck is back106:21
vee_crap. !*06:21
Romsteroh noes not vee -_-06:21
Romsterbetter not break anything <<06:21
vee_im on ubuntu right now since i lost my kernel06:21
vee_its too idiot proof to break :/06:21
Romsterubuntu of al the systems out there.06:22
vee_it was easy to get bumblebee up on it06:22
vee_otherwise, i'd still be on crux06:22
Romsteris that still being used or was there a replacement now?06:22
vee_its weird though, this little booger boots up faster than crux06:23
vee_i think its still being used since the nvidia drivers which have optimus is still in beta06:23
Romsterprobably because of upstart06:23
Romsteryeah ubuntu uses upstart for it's init system kinda like runit06:24
vee_oh, why isn't crux on that. its pretty nifty. get like 8 second boot times ^__^06:24
Romsterhmm i guess inotify-tools it is for what i want to do.06:25
Romsterrunit is aorund for crux.06:25
Romsterbut i would not suggest you even try that since you struggle on the kernel.06:26
vee_i've used it before, but, again...bumblebee was giving me issues with it lol06:26
vee_think it was tek who suggested it...dont remember06:26
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vee_if it makes any difference though, its ubuntu minimal so it doesn't have too much crap06:28
Romsterif i were to use ubuntu i'd probably go with kbuntu06:29
Romsteror even xfce ubuntu06:29
Romsterbut to hell am i ever using anything but crux.06:29
BurnZeZInstall Plan 906:30
Romsteri have far too many things todo now than try plan 906:30
vee_why do you like crux?06:44
vee_any suggestions for an ebook reader?06:59
Romstereasy to mould it to my liking.07:19
Romsterfbreader perhaps07:20
vee_was thinkign of an actual device, like the nook07:22
Romsteryou never said...07:22
vee_anyways, what are you working on these days romster?07:23
Romsterglibc-32 2.18 atm.07:23
Romsterand more work on filter tool that i haven't touched in a few months now.07:24
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Romster17:42:45 up 3 days, 22:00,  1 user,  load average: 5.28, 5.28, 4.7807:42
Romsterthe long wait.07:42
Romsteri seriously want a faster pc something more like jaeger's07:43
Romstercan't see why the load is over 4 when i got -j407:44
Romsterhours later and build fails to compile the prick07:52
Romsterah my broken glibc-32 i should have known....07:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: obconf: update from ancient git version to 2.0.408:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: obconf: preview_c.patch doesn't work with latest openbox13:45
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vee_so many rpi alternatives, and they're all so pricey23:12
joacimwhich are you looking at?23:25
joacimi'd like an rpi, so i might as well look at the alternatives before i decide to buy one23:26
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