IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-08-25

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drayevargi'm scared though, was it frinnst that said it took like 30 hours to compile gcc on one of those?00:16
drayevargnot that that is something one does too often :)00:17
drayevargi think the graphics power in those is actually pretty good though00:19
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drayevarg !00:23
frinnstthe cpu is pretty useless00:33
frinnstyou get what you pay for :)00:34
nogagplzhave you tried if chrooting into the pi's system with qemu is any quicker for building stuff or not00:42
frinnstits not really00:43
frinnstand you can only emulate 1 cpu00:43
frinnsti was planning on running ~8 emulated systems and either use distcc or beowulf00:43
frinnstbut havent gotten around to it00:43
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rmulldistcc works well, and ccache too03:04
rmullalso, patience :)03:04
rmullunfortunately I haven't figured out how to use ccache on the distcc server, only on the local clients03:05
rmullbut that would be cool03:05
rmullmuch faster to get a cache hit if it stays local though03:05
Romsterboost takes forever to compile.04:18
Romsteryeah i haven't put the new tool chain on every box yet to use distcc on the newer tool chain i'm messing with so is on j4 currently than j2004:18
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gstreamer-32: fixes bison 306:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.10 -> 0.16.1109:05
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Romstergood news i'm on the last of the few remaining packages for crux 3.109:14
Romsterthat i have on my system09:14
Romsterbut i have yet to bump stuff in the todo crux 3.1 list then test them. other than boost so far.09:14
Romsterand i had to hack away at glibc-32 for about 2 damn days09:14
doomicideDoes that mean the release will happen, soon?09:18
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doomicidehey nrxtx09:19
Romstermaybe i'm helping since frinnst started the new gcc toolchain09:27
Romsterjaeger, and jue are both busy09:27
Romsteri can release details on how to test if your up for it.09:28
Romsterbut i'm not quite done compiling atm09:28
doomicideYeah why not, I got plenty of free time atm.09:28
nrxtxsame for me today, if there is something to test09:29
Romsteri'll upload some stuff shortly.09:29
doomicideBtw, when are contrib maintainers expected to push their ports? After release or as early as possible?09:30
doomicideRelease of 3.1 that is.09:30
Romsterusually after 3.1 is released09:31
Romsterbut since i'm in xorg opt contrib compat-32 i'm checking everything i use on my system. patched a few things.09:32
Romsterthen i'll move onto update libjpeg and stuff... that breaks ABI09:32
Romsterand rebuild make sure nothing is broken.09:32
Romsterthen it'll be onto installing and trying it all out.09:33
nrxtxRomster: your webkit port is currently broken09:33
Romsteryeah i'm aware, i'll attend to that shortly09:33
Romsterso was gstreamer-32 until not long ago.09:33
nrxtxno hurry using 2.1.4  for now09:33
nrxtxRomster: if you hit a broken port which belongs to you is it just fine to mention it on irc or should you drop a e-mail?09:36
Romsteron irc is usually fine.09:37
Romsterprovided i'm online or the irc logger bot is working.09:37
Romsterelse file a bug.09:38
Romsterif i haven't acknowledged09:38
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Romsterdoomicide, nrxtx so far it's like this place these in this order in prt-get.conf
Romsterand compile away10:07
Romster stuff todo yet10:07
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doomicideis the url in the brewster.httpup correct? It say brewter without the s.10:24
doomicidenope it's not correct10:27
Romsterdoomicide, fixed10:29
doomicideok building gcc 4.8.1 from brew now.10:31
Romsteryou added brew then belose that brewster?10:31
Romsterugh my mistake... put brewster above brew10:31
Romsterbrewster i have copied gcc and patched it.10:31
doomicideok, but it doesn't show any changes anyway, I just do it manually with pkgmk.10:32
doomicidepropably need to enable preferhigher in prt-get.conf10:32
Romsterno leave that off.10:33
Romsterjust stick brewster above brew before core10:33
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/brewster10:33
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/brew10:33
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/core10:33
doomicideah, yeah. got it.10:33
Romsterin cases versions are the same but i've applied patches10:34
Romsterbe sure to ports -u often as i'll be making other changes.10:35
doomicidek, but I'm doing a full sysup right now10:36
Romsterthat should be ok it'll pull from the correcy repos10:38
Romsterqt4 took forever to compile10:40
pitilloqt4 nightmare10:45
pitilloon ARM is worse than that10:45
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frinnstyeah qt4 is the port that takes the longest i think11:39
pitilloqt4 and chromium are the most scary ports here...11:47
Romsterchromium is compiling now...11:57
doomicideRomster: The following ports build fine on a clean chroot with only core installed: glibc, glibc-32, openssl, kmod, perl, wget, xz. gcc is compiling now.12:11
doomicideBtw: Why are we using xz alpha? I thought CRUX was about the latest stable software.12:12
Romsterthey all should12:12
Romsterprobably due to some bug i dunno i have not noticed that.12:12
Romster22:13:10 up 5 days,  2:30,  1 user,  load average: 6.43, 6.27, 5.9312:13
Romsterhurry up compile..12:13
doomicideI'll test the opt stuff after gcc is finished12:13
nrxtxsysup started, lets see how long it takes12:14
nrxtxfor the 5-6 packages in brew/brewster?12:15
Romsterfew hours for gcc12:15
Romsterrest aren't so long12:15
Romsterthe main slowness is me installing everything i use in a chroot.12:15
Romsterincluding the big stuff browsers boost qt412:16
nrxtxgcc build started12:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: disable unneeded features12:42
Romsterfrinnst, epdfview has a dead url12:51
Romster# The official site has been down, apparently for a couple of months.12:53
Romster# source=("${pkgname}/chrome/site/releases/${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.bz2"12:53
Romsterfound that.12:53
nrxtxRomster: gcc compiled fine13:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: epdfview: fixed source url13:44
frinnstsome cpr on a dead project :/13:44
Romsteri just hope it's not dead13:59
Romster00:01:04 up 5 days,  4:18,  1 user,  load average: 6.08, 5.92, 5.8514:01
Romsterand still compiling....14:01
nrxtxepdfview looks pretty dead14:03
nrxtxwas my favorite pdf viewer but has some annoying bugs14:05
Romstergonna get some sleep later all.14:05
doomicidenrxtx: Here, too.14:26
jueif you don't need print support, try mupdf14:28
nrxtxjue: thx will give it a try14:30
nrxtxglibc 2.18 broke udev for me14:41
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nrxtxfrinnst / Romster eudev has a fix for that, there was a patch/hack in january to get it working:
doomicideRomster, all the stuff compiled fine.14:47
nrxtxdoomicide: can you still build udev?14:47
doomicidelet me try...14:48
doomicidenope fails14:48
doomicideI'll try to build every port in core now with the new toolchain.14:48
nrxtxalso something about mq_getattr ?14:48
doomicidesd-daemon.c:(.text+0x82a): undefined reference to `mq_getattr'14:49
juenrxtx: we possibly might switch to eudev with next CRUX version, a port for it is in my private repo14:50
nrxtxfor now i have 3 packages which did not build with brew and brewster when rebuilding all core packages: btrfs-progs, jfsutils and udev14:51
doomicidejue, that's good news. I thought eudev still had a long way to go?!14:51
juebut we never talked about a new CRUX version so far, so I'm a bit amazed what you are doing ;)14:52
nrxtxtesting :D14:52
juewell, seems a bit too early for me :)14:53
nrxtxbleeding edge at its best :)14:53
nrxtxjue: anyway if there will be the next version i'd be happy to support as far as i can15:00
juenrxtx: thanks, that's good to know15:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libreoffice: 4.0.4 -> 4.0.515:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 3.015:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nicstat: new port16:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nicstat: hardcode sf mirror17:23
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BitPuffincompiling 3 things at once B)17:27
BitPuffinfirefox takes the longest to compile out of all things ever lol17:33
BitPuffingotta say though, elinks is a nice replacement while it is compiling17:35
frinnstqt and chromium are worse17:37
BitPuffinreally just qt?17:41
BitPuffinyou don't mean kde?17:41
frinnstno, qt4 is a beast17:45
BitPuffinwell damn17:45
BitPuffinwhat about qt5?17:45
BitPuffinI don't even know how long firefox will take17:45
BitPuffinit's been going for quite a while17:45
BitPuffinbetween one and two hours now17:46
doomicide1-2h on : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ here17:46
RotwangI bet we could speed up ffx builds for about 5-10%17:47
Rotwangby disabling dependency tracking and making the build less verbose17:47
BitPuffindoomicide: I have intel core 2 duo e840017:48
BitPuffinso it's 3ghz dual core17:49
BitPuffinI realized how damn further away arch is than crux when I saw that no kernel modules are loaded at all haha17:49
BitPuffinI had to remove firefox and do a depinstall17:51
BitPuffinbecause prt-get sysup failed building ff17:51
BitPuffinand btrfs-progs, but I removed that since I don't use btrfs17:51
BitPuffinthe whole kernel module things explains why I don't get native resolution17:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: parrot: 5.3.0 -> 5.5.018:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nqp: 2013.05 -> 2013.0818:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rakudo: 2013.05 -> 2013.0818:37
frinnsttakes maybe 30 mins with my i718:49
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v33joacim, i was looking at the quad core ones, and, they're quite pricey but not too bad18:54
BitPuffinhmm it is still compiling18:55
BitPuffindoomicide: I suppose you were using tmpfs? I haven't set that up yet18:56
horrorStruckv33: what does this say: grep Codec /proc/asound/card*/codec#*19:03
horrorStruckk, gimme 2 minutes19:04
horrorStruckv33: <-- beware it's a config for 3.11, 3.11-rc7 should be out within today I guess.19:07
v33ah sweet, if anything, ill update the kernel to make sure it works properly! thanks so much!19:08
horrorStruckyou're most welcome my good sir19:08
horrorStruckwait for -rc7, important fixes have been pulled since -rc619:09
horrorStrucka matter of hours normally19:09
horrorStruckstable next week i think19:09
v33well, im going to be playing around with the nvidia drivers to make sure optimus works on em', then...i shall switch back. :D19:09
horrorStruckcan't help with that optimus voodoo, dont know crap about it19:10
v33lesson learned19:10
v33never getting nvidia on a laptop ever again lol19:10
horrorStruckwasnt it supposed to get better i.e. officially supported?19:11
v33they said they released a driver that supports trying to figure outw hich one to test it19:12
horrorStruckdo you know if it's supposed to work well now?19:13
v33i read soemthing on it a while ago which said it was decent, but that was released some time ago19:14
horrorStruckwhich distro are you using right now?19:16
BitPuffinoh wtf19:16
BitPuffinI can't build firefox :(19:16
horrorStruckso what happened?19:17
BitPuffinERROR: Footprint mismatch found: NEW -rw-r--r-- root/root usr/lib/firefox/browser/.purgecaches (EMPTY), NEW -rw-r--r-- root/root usr/lib/firefox/webapprt/.purgecaches (EMPTY)19:18
v33im on ubuntu...which makes bumblebee manageable lol19:18
horrorStruckBitPuffin: update the footprint if you used pkgmk and try19:18
horrorStruckBitPuffin: the packages is sthere anyway, try it19:19
horrorStrucksorry: package is there19:19
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: I used prt-get19:19
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: how do I update the footprint?19:19
horrorStrucki guess it should be there anyway19:19
BitPuffinI am in /usr/ports/opt/firefox/.footprint in vim now19:20
horrorStruckwhat did you set up for PACKAGE_DIR?19:21
BitPuffinshould be whatever the default is19:21
horrorStruckok then check in /usr/ports/opt/firefox/ for the package19:22
BitPuffinyeah I see it19:22
horrorStruckinstall it19:22
BitPuffinwith pkgadd?19:22
horrorStruckyour new files are empty files, should be harmless19:23
BitPuffinwhat do you mean?19:23
horrorStruckthat footprint mismatch19:24
horrorStrucktwo new empty files19:24
BitPuffinis it a bug in the port or what?19:24
horrorStruckno idea, i dont use it since ages19:24
horrorStruckmaybe ask frinnst_ just in case, maybe he saw it before19:25
horrorStruckdoes it run?19:25
BitPuffinwell I guess frinnst will see this conversation when he gets here19:25
horrorStruckdepends on the size of the backlog :P19:27
BitPuffintrue true19:27
BitPuffinsomething else is pretty weird19:27
horrorStruckcan you run it or not?19:27
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: yeah it runs, not sure if there is anything wrong with it or not19:27
BitPuffinI added a port tree19:27
BitPuffinand did ports -u19:27
BitPuffinand it pulled the ports tree19:28
BitPuffinand when I do prt-get search weechat it doesn't find the package19:28
BitPuffineven though I see it in the ports tree19:28
horrorStruckadd it to /etc/prt-get.conf19:28
horrorStruckthen update prt-get's cache and you should be all set19:29
BitPuffinah yes19:30
BitPuffinforgot that19:30
horrorStruckBitPuffin: BTW you might want to ignore new files footprint mismatches by default19:30
horrorStruckit's gonna bite again one day or another19:30
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: will it put my system at a larger risk of getting messed up?19:31
horrorStruckmessed up? definitely not19:31
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BitPuffinwell how do I ignore it?19:31
*** joacim has joined #crux19:32
BitPuffinwb joacim, currently using your weechat port :) cheers19:32
joacimhehe. ok =)19:32
horrorStruckBitPuffin: PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf see man pkgmk.conf19:34
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: thanks!19:35
horrorStruckBitPuffin: np19:35
BitPuffinSystem is up to date19:37
v33isn't there some 64 bit version of firefox which is much faster?19:39
joacimthere is waterfox for windows, but it isnt really faster19:40
joacimit is only outdated in my experience, but i use it since i like having 64-bit software in 201319:41
nrxtxwhat is: "if test true -o true -a false" ?19:42
nrxtxthis is always19:42
nrxtxtrue isn'T it?19:42
v33its all about text based browsers in 2013. cmon19:43
horrorStruckit's about your browser is an OS19:44
joacimi believe 64-bit browsers have more to gain from security, not so much from speed19:44
v33chromeos is terrible19:44
v33though i think they do have native netflix thats cool lol19:44
horrorStruckhow much is a movie on netflix ooc?19:45
BitPuffinv33: yeah come on, elinks all the way19:45
horrorStruckhehe i knew it ^19:46
frinnstBitPuffin: dont break firefox! :)19:46
frinnstyeah ignore_new should probably be the default setting19:46
BitPuffinfrinnst: I only did prt-get sysup I'm sorry ;_;19:47
frinnstfirefox could gain from some new cpu instructions but due to bugs they are unusable19:47
v33i once used a text based browser in class because a friend asked me too19:48
v33worst mistake ever19:48
horrorStruckwhat happened?19:48
frinnstv33 broke the internet19:49
v33one, people were staring as if i was about to do something really abd even though i was on google19:49
v33then one student asked if i was "hacking'19:49
v33then everyone suddenly started staring19:49
v33and te teacher asked me to turn off the computer since i was causing a distraction :/19:49
horrorStruck:D !19:49
BitPuffinseriously though elinks is great19:49
frinnstback in the stone age (when i was in school) i also was accused of "hacking" by using ssh19:50
frinnstfrom a "computer" teacher too19:50
BitPuffinthese days you get accused of being a hacker just by opening a terminal19:51
v33have you ever tried typing something on emacs or vim which has coloring and what not?19:52
v33are you programming? no...then you must be hacking! haha19:52
horrorStruckah crap19:53
horrorStruckseizure of his ubuntu cd :D19:53
v33prompt commands.19:55
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BitPuffinMy laptop froze, damn arch :P20:59
BitPuffinanyways I was wondering21:00
BitPuffinHow do I handle multiple kernels? I know that I can save them with a different name, but what do I do with isn't important to the system. You can call them whatever, or even not copy it to /boot.21:06
sdkmvxIt contains information that might be useful for debugging, so if you have a crash, you might want to be able to find it.21:06
BitPuffinah I see!21:07
BitPuffinwell then I guess I won't copy it21:07
BitPuffinthanks sdkmvx, gonna try and reboot now!21:09
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BitPuffinwell shieeet21:15
BitPuffinthe new kernel was unable to load the system21:15
BitPuffinfsck fail21:16
BitPuffinprobably forgot to add some driver or something21:16
BitPuffinquestion is, how should I get back in my system haha21:16
BitPuffinprobably just with the crux livecd or something21:16
sdkmvxyeah if you don't have another kernel on the disk21:17
BitPuffinI do21:18
BitPuffinsilly me to forget that21:19
BitPuffinwhat the, everything is set to y when searching for jmicron pata21:26
BitPuffinbut yet the symbol PATA_JMICRON is set to n21:26
BitPuffinhmm well I found some options that could have been the cause21:33
BitPuffinplus I forgot to do modules_install :P21:33
BitPuffinhmm nope21:35
BitPuffinstill no fsck success21:35
BitPuffinlocalmodconfig to the rescue21:39
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v33aww man, schools starting tommorow22:00
BitPuffinsteam really deserves to be in contrib22:00
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BitPuffinweird, zlib is install, and yet skype can not compile! Working zlib library and headers not found22:03
BitPuffincould it be that skype needs 32bit or something?22:05
BitPuffinHmm okay so the 3.10 boot says that it couldn't communicate to device mapper22:10
BitPuffinbut searching for device_mapper in menuconfig gave no results22:10
joacimskype is 32-bit software, so it'll need 32-bit libraries22:11
BitPuffinjoacim: what a pain22:14
BitPuffinWell I finally managed to boot on the new kernel22:36
BitPuffinbut now when I startx it hangs22:36
BitPuffinmaybe X11 needs to be rebuilt?22:41
BitPuffinah, graphics driver, modesetting22:46
BitPuffinnope :(22:49
darfo<nrxtx> what is: "if test true -o true -a false"23:00
darfogive some context. What language or program is interpreting that?23:01
BitPuffinI don't understaand, I have compiled the kernel with ati modesetting enabled and all that23:21
BitPuffinyet x11 still crashes23:21
BitPuffinLoading extension GLX \n (II) [KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported. \n xinit: connection to X server was lost \n \n waiting for X server to shut down error setting MTRR (base = 0xe0000000, size = 0x01000000, type = 1) invalid argument (22) \n (EE) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.23:23
BitPuffinthat's what it says when it crashes at least23:49
BitPuffinrebuilding mesa and libdrm23:49
BitPuffinmodprobe radeon turned out to be weird23:59
BitPuffinoh wait!23:59
BitPuffinokay so that enabled modesetting at least23:59

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