IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2013-08-26

BitPuffinhow do I load a module at boot in crux? in arch I put it in modules-load.d but that's a systemd thing I believe00:00
BitPuffinokay so the modesetting is not the reason it is crashing00:02
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BitPuffingonna have to debug this tomorrow :/00:18
BitPuffinnight y'all!00:18
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Romsteris it always this quiet during my day time05:26
nrxtxdarfo: in configure05:44
nrxtxHi Romster05:44
Romsterhi nrxtx05:48
RomsterMerging lock elision into glibc05:48
Romstertoo soon to enable but looks promising05:57
Romsterso far only minor package breakage at compile time. i'm alsmost done with that stage and next stage will be jpeg and png and such version bumps05:58
Romsterand to fix udev jfsprogs move lcm code to udev rule05:59
Romsterlooks like a wait on mesa3d and new xorg-server too as they are both about to be bumped06:01
Romsteralso note i am only testing stuff as is of now. no idea when the others decide when to release crux 3.106:01
Romsterno harm in testing though06:02
nrxtxRomster: ok :D06:14
niklaswegood morning guys!06:15
Romsterhi niklaswe06:16
niklaswehow are you Romster ?06:16
nrxtxhave to go, cya06:25
Romsterannoyed my bonnet cable on my car just broke before when i went to go check my oil...06:26
Romsternow i have to fix that.06:26
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BitPuffinokay so someone mentioned revdep10:23
BitPuffinbut I don't have it10:23
BitPuffinand it is not in the portstree10:23
BitPuffinjust wanna check so nothing is broken10:23
BitPuffinBut it shouldn't be, it works with the other kernel :/10:23
BitPuffingotta use make oldconfig I guess, but I don't quite understand how to use it, do I need to copy it and overwrite the old config?10:25
drayevargrevdep is in prt-utils10:28
doomicideBitPuffin: When I do a kernel upgrade I copy over the .config to the new kernel-directory and do make oldconfig, that's it.10:41
BitPuffinthanks drayevarg!10:48
BitPuffindoomicide: but that starts asking me a bunch of questions :/10:49
BitPuffinbah x11 still freezes up the whole system10:57
drayevargwhat video card do you have?10:59
BitPuffindrayevarg: ati radeon hd 485011:00
drayevargBitPuffin: you're trying with xorg-xf86-video-ati ?11:03
BitPuffindrayevarg: well it is installed11:03
BitPuffinX11 works with the old kernel though11:03
drayevargdo you have CONFIG_DRM_RADEON set in your .config?11:04
BitPuffinwell I had, then I tried without, and now I am trying with again11:05
drayevargi only had a radeon laptop for a few days but i noticed in dmesg when i started x i got some messages about drm11:05
BitPuffinbut I have a hard time believing that's the cause, the 3.6 distro kernel works and I don't think it has radeon set11:06
drayevargmaybe with modesetting sure, but that's a terrible graphics experience ;(11:07
BitPuffinyeah it sucks :/11:07
BitPuffinI will switch to fglrx later though11:07
BitPuffinbut still11:07
BitPuffinwant this to work FIRST11:07
BitPuffinokay now I am going to modprobe radeon before I startx11:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: llvm: include lldb11:10
BitPuffinWell now it said that it couldn't load firmware11:11
drayevargtry the radeon-ucode port11:11
BitPuffindrayevarg: do I need to reboot?11:13
drayevargBitPuffin: i have no idea, but i would if it looks for it at boot11:14
BitPuffindrayevarg: currently it doesn't, because I haven't figured out how crux loads modules at boot, /etc/modules-load.d is apparently a systemd thing so11:14
drayevargi'm not on crux at the moment, isn't it /etc/rc.modules?11:15
BitPuffinseems to be the case11:16
BitPuffinBut X still doesn't work11:17
BitPuffinbut the firmware helped with loading the module correctly11:17
drayevargyou didn't create some /etc/xorg.conf ish file did you?11:17
drayevargsorry, i don't know then11:17
BitPuffinall that it does is starting initializing a bunch of stuff11:18
BitPuffinand then it says: xinit: connection to X server lost11:18
drayevarg/var/log/Xorg.0.log might be helpful11:18
BitPuffinwaiting for X server to shut down (EE) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file11:18
BitPuffinyeah I have looked there11:18
BitPuffingonna go look again11:18
BitPuffinnow that I have nice resolution on the screen11:19
drayevargif you feel like installing wgetpaste you could do cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | wgetpaste -r and i could look at it11:19
BitPuffinam I supposed to look at the top or bottom lol?11:19
drayevargi guess i'd look at load and unload lines first11:20
BitPuffinwell I mean like how is it ordered chronologically11:20
BitPuffinbecause it feels like the bottom is always identical11:20
drayevargit's in order of kernel time, so it's ... normal top to bottom11:21
BitPuffindrayevarg: nice tool :)11:22
drayevargBitPuffin: what window manager or so are you trying to use? i don't actually see a graphics problem11:23
BitPuffindrayevarg: well I am trying to use i311:24
BitPuffindrayevarg: however that paste is with no wm11:24
BitPuffinbecause the window manager freezes11:24
BitPuffinand X just shuts off11:24
drayevargi haven't used i3 but i would guess that a .xinitrc with only exec i3  and then startx would work11:25
drayevargit would at least rule out other problems11:25
BitPuffinbut when I do that is when it freezes11:25
BitPuffinI can't switch to another terminal11:25
BitPuffinI can't move the mouse11:25
BitPuffincan't type, not even num lock or caps lock gives me a reaction from the keyboard11:26
BitPuffinI just have to hold down the power button basically11:26
drayevargdo you have xorg-xf86-input-evdev installed?11:27
drayevargjust a guess11:27
BitPuffindrayevarg: yes11:28
BitPuffinbut it is so odd, it works with the other kernel11:28
BitPuffingonna try by loading radeon with rc.modules11:30
drayevargmake menuconfig runs make oldconfig too but i've never had it ask me any questions (i think)11:30
doomicidedrayevarg: make menuconfig just uses the default answer afaik. BitPuffin: I'd suggest using make oldconfig and going through the questions, maybe you'll find your problem there.11:34
BitPuffindoomicide: well this time I didn't use the old config11:34
BitPuffinI just did make localmodblabla11:35
drayevargyeah, as doomicide said, it might tell you exactly what the problem is..11:35
BitPuffinit's a LOT of questions though haha11:36
BitPuffinbut yeah11:36
horrorStruckBitPuffin: what does this say: zgrep INPUT_EVDEV /proc/config.gz11:37
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: it says no such file or directory11:38
doomicidethen just do grep INPUT_EVDEV <your current .config>11:39
horrorStruckBitPuffin: next time you build a kernel, enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y, it's useful11:39
horrorStruckBitPuffin: grep HID_GENERIC as well11:40
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: on what?11:44
drayevargin your kernel .config11:46
horrorStruckBitPuffin: do you have your config somewhere (as doomicide suggested) ?11:46
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: you mean in a gist?11:48
horrorStruckBitPuffin: did you save your current kernel configuration file somewhere?11:48
horrorStrucksomewhere on your machine i mean11:49
BitPuffinit's in /usr/src/linux-3.6etc11:50
horrorStruckok, then can you grep INPUT_EVDEV and HID_GENERIC out of that file?11:51
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horrorStruckbbl nutritious lunch11:56
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BitPuffinhorrorStruck: sure11:57
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: evdev thingy was y11:57
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: and so was HID_GENERIC11:58
frinnstwtf, whats with the xorg-xf86-video-ati hate?11:58
frinnstit works brilliant11:58
frinnstjust make sure you have the firmware installed (opt/radeon-ucode)11:59
BitPuffinfrinnst: nobody's hating11:59
BitPuffinfrinnst: I have that installed11:59
BitPuffinfrinnst: it is x11 that gets the hate from me :)11:59
drayevargno hate, i just said that surely xorg-xf86-video-ati is better than modesetting12:01
BitPuffinso many questions12:08
frinnstsure would be nice with some logs of your errors12:14
frinnstwhat kind of mouse do you have? some logitech wireless?12:15
frinnstalso, what kernel are you using?12:15
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drayevargfrinnst: nothing looks wrong to me here
drayevargexcept for the weird exit at the end of course ;(12:17
BitPuffinfrinnst: logitech G500, 3.10.9 with realtime patch12:17
drayevargif it were me i'd try another small wm just to rule i3 out12:18
drayevargspectrwm is pretty good </plug>12:18
BitPuffinyeah maybe12:19
BitPuffinthat's not a bad idea12:20
frinnstwell xorg-server doesnt seem to find any input drivers at all12:20
drayevargoh ;D12:20
drayevargah yeah i see no "Adding input"..12:21
frinnstBitPuffin: do you have anything in /dev/input ?12:21
drayevargls /dev/input12:22
BitPuffinfrinnst: yeah: event0, event1, event2, event3, event4, mice and mouse012:22
frinnstand xorg-xf86-input-evdev is installed?12:22
frinnstare you using an xorg.conf, or are you letting x11 autoload everything?12:23
BitPuffinx11 autoload12:23
frinnstand you have a evdev config in usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d ?12:24
horrorStruckBitPuffin: can you paste your kernel config somewhere?12:24
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: sure, just gotta get through all these questions12:24
BitPuffinfrinnst: there is a file there yes12:25
BitPuffinI didn't put it there manually though12:25
frinnstyeah the evdev-driver did that12:25
horrorStruckisn't it xorg-server12:26
horrorStruckyes it is :)12:26
frinnstBitPuffin: would be nice if you could try with a simple xorg.conf file:
frinnstbut im not holding my breath. kernel config will probably be more informative12:27
BitPuffinfrinnst: hmm why actually I have done something like that to get dvorak support, but not in /etc/xorg.conf12:29
frinnstits not gonna happen for dvorak :)12:33
BitPuffindoesn't matter12:36
BitPuffinokay here is the kernel config that I am building with rajt away12:37
drayevargit's blank12:37
BitPuffinyeah wtf12:37
drayevargcat /usr/src/linux-3.10.9/.config | wgetpaste -r (or so?)12:38
BitPuffintrying again12:38
BitPuffinremove the slash12:39
horrorStruckFWIW, you can wget /usr/src/linux-3.10.9/.config, no need for cat12:39
drayevargcool, thanks12:40
horrorStrucknp oh and i meant wgetpaste of course :)12:41
frinnstdoes dmesg show anything input related?12:43
BitPuffinwait uh12:45
BitPuffinoh come no12:46
frinnstgithub hates you12:46
drayevarghid-generic 0003:046D:C068.0001: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.11 Mouse [Logitech G500] on usb-0000:00:1d.2-1/input0  looks ok to me12:47
BitPuffinalthough I haven't tried the new kernel yet12:47
BitPuffinwith the config you were looking at12:48
horrorStruckthat would be agood start...12:53
BitPuffinlol yeah! haha12:53
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BitPuffinsomewhat weird behaviour13:05
BitPuffinwhen I boot and it loads the driver13:05
BitPuffinit goes black for a very long time13:05
BitPuffinand then it wakes up and shows me the booting stuff with tux in the corner haha13:05
BitPuffinnew error when doing startx13:07
BitPuffin(without a wm)13:07
BitPuffinthe XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xbcomp) reports:13:08
BitPuffin> Warning:    Type "ONE_LEVEL" has 1 levels, but <RALT> has 2 symbols13:08
BitPuffin>                   Ignoring extra symbols13:08
BitPuffinErrors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server13:08
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: is it just exec spectrewm?13:09
drayevargexec spectrwm yes13:10
drayevargif you can move your mouse that's good ;)13:11
BitPuffinwell mouse can move13:11
BitPuffinnow let's try with i313:11
BitPuffinhow do I exit spectr?13:11
drayevargalt + shift + q or maybe windows key + shift + q13:11
drayevargcan't remember defaut13:12
BitPuffinand i3 works too13:12
BitPuffinthen what was the cause ;_;13:12
BitPuffinthe only thing that is weird is that suddenly booting takes forever when it tries to load the driver13:13
BitPuffinin rc.modules13:13
drayevargfrom the looks of your dmesg radeon had already loaded13:14
BitPuffinlet me paste the new dmesg13:14
BitPuffinwow the performance is poooooor13:14
frinnsti need to do some work13:14
BitPuffin45 FPS in glxgears13:14
BitPuffinthat's not good13:14
BitPuffinit should be thousands13:14
drayevargi don't think you need to modprobe radeon in rc.modules13:23
drayevarg[   60.640168] r600_cp: Failed to load firmware "radeon/R700_rlc.bin"13:24
BitPuffinah well then I'll stop doing that13:26
BitPuffinjust gotta be sure to blacklist it later then when I have set up fglrx13:26
drayevargdo you have lib/firmware/radeon/R700_rlc.bin   you should, it's in radeon-ucode13:26
BitPuffinI have radeon-ucode13:26
drayevargdunno why that error that13:27
frinnstyou probably need to include it in the kernel binary13:27
frinnstis not mounted when kms is initialized13:27
BitPuffincould it be an older error though?13:27
frinnstyou didnt build the drm stuff as modules?13:27
BitPuffinI built the radeon driver as a module yes13:27
frinnsthm, thought it would autoload the firmware then13:28
BitPuffinit should13:28
BitPuffinit did when I modprobed manually13:28
frinnstbut this stuff has changed a lot in the recent kernels13:28
drayevargah, sorry then13:28
drayevargthat's odd though13:28
drayevargyou don't have any vga= option in your kernel command line, right?13:29
frinnsti usually include the firmware in my kernel binary. it started with one file, then two.. i think im up to 5-6 or something now with 3.11-rc13:29
BitPuffinnot that I know of13:29
BitPuffinfrinnst: well I won't be using the open source driver for much longer anyways13:29
BitPuffinokay let's tackle the incredibly fun task of downgrading x11! yay!13:30
drayevarg i don't know if this is true about what it doesn't support ?13:30
BitPuffindrayevarg: I have to use catalyst-legacy13:31
drayevargBitPuffin gotcha13:31
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BitPuffindoes crux have mkinitcpio hooks?13:32
BitPuffinhmm, I swear there was a catalyst-legacy AUR package just the other day13:33
drayevargi don't think there's a port of it but dracut might do what you want13:34
drayevargjust another initramfs tool13:34
BitPuffinthe mkinitcpio thing13:34
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux13:35
BitPuffingonna have to port this thing then to crux:
BitPuffinBut that comes after X11 downgrade13:36
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC13:36
BitPuffinI have to run Xorg 6.9 and Xserver 1.1213:36
drayevargif it were me i'd go with kernel 3.11 onward and stick with open source13:37
drayevargbut have fun <3 ;)13:37
BitPuffindrayevarg: are you a game developer though? :)13:38
drayevargwell, a roguelike maybe13:38
BitPuffinthen I can see why you'd use the xorg-xf86-video-ati driver :)13:38
BitPuffinIt's a good driver!13:38
BitPuffinjust not good enough yet for what I need it for13:38
BitPuffinalmost there though13:39
BitPuffinif you look at the matrix13:39
BitPuffinso close, yet so far away13:39
BitPuffinbut okay gotta find that git repo for xorg ports13:40
BitPuffinis it possible to mix xorg packages with different versions? like only downgrading Xorg and Xserver but keeping the other packages the latest?13:42
drayevargtry and see i guess, the configure would tell you... pixman might need a downgrade13:47
BitPuffinfirst I gotta figure out just how to downgrade13:58
BitPuffinI can't find a commit for xorg-xserver 1.1213:59
drayevargsorry, long link14:01
BitPuffindrayevarg: woot how did you find it, nothing showed up when I searched14:02
BitPuffinexcept other libs14:02
drayevargxorg-server-1.12 crux <-- google searched14:02
*** deus_ex has joined #crux14:04
BitPuffinah I searched for xorg-xserver14:06
BitPuffinOKay so what I should do is: remove the /usr/ports/xorg directory, and then clone the git project, check out the commits for the packages I want and install them, lock them, remove the xorg directory, run ports -u in order to get the correct xorg directory again?14:07
BitPuffindoes this sound reasonable?14:07
BitPuffinI can't find xorg/xorg 6.9 though, hm14:09
drayevargread section 4.5 of the crux handbook14:09
horrorStruckyou can have your own xorg-legacy directory or something14:09
BitPuffinthat might be easier14:10
BitPuffinokay so just clone the repository somewhere, jump around in time to find the packages I need and copy them to my xorg-legacy14:13
BitPuffinthen enter the packages and do pkgmk or whatever the command is and then pkgadd -u package-foo.pkg.tar.gz14:13
horrorStruckyes and optional add it to prt-get.conf if you want to use prt-get14:13
BitPuffinhmm I would like to use prt-get14:14
BitPuffinbut how would I tell prt-get which one it should install?14:14
horrorStruckorder matters14:14
horrorStruckyou'll need something like: prtdir /home/bitpuffin/ports/x-legacy:xorg-server before prtdir /usr/ports/xorg14:15
BitPuffinhorrorStruck: isn't it enough to just put /home/bitpuffin/ports/x-legacy above /usr/ports/xorg?14:16
BitPuffinwithout the :xorg-server14:16
horrorStruckthe :port is only to chose a few ports of a repo14:17
BitPuffinwhat the hell14:19
BitPuffinI did git clone git://
BitPuffinand I only get one commit14:20
BitPuffinfrom 200614:20
doomicidetry: git checkout 3.014:20
BitPuffinaha yeah14:21
BitPuffinwell I did remotes/origin/3.014:21
BitPuffinnow I just gotta find xorg/xorg 6.9 somewhere14:22
drayevargwhat does that provide? /usr/bin/Xorg is provided by xorg-server14:25
BitPuffinwell the package14:26
BitPuffinin the ports tree xorg14:26
BitPuffinthere should be a dir xorg14:27
BitPuffinwith a Pkgfile with version 6.914:27
BitPuffindrayevarg: I have no clue what it provides, I am just following AMD's instructions: "Automated installer and Display Drivers for Xorg 6.9 to Xserver 1.12 and Kernel version up to 3.4"14:28
BitPuffinhowever the 3.4 part isn't relevant, there are patches14:28
Romstermy gawd the backlog...14:30
BitPuffino/ Romster14:30
Romsterthis movie made no sense... "dark city"14:31
BitPuffinthe 6.9 thing is the OLDEST supported14:35
BitPuffinRomster: I am downgrading X11 for fglrx14:35
Romsterto run a old video card?14:36
Romsterwhy not upgrade video or is this a old laptop?14:36
BitPuffinRomster: desktop14:37
BitPuffinbut money you know14:37
Romsteri'd jsut go fork out a nvidia 630gtx14:37
Romstersave up.14:37
BitPuffinWell when I get money that I can spend14:38
BitPuffinI am gonna build a super beast14:38
Romsterit'll be far less painful than that old card your trying to get to work.14:38
BitPuffinwith 3 water cooled nvidias14:38
Romsterthat is over kill and i doubt SLI works in linux14:38
BitPuffinI believe it does14:38
BitPuffinnot overkill though14:39
BitPuffinnot when you do blender stuff14:39
BitPuffinand gamedev14:39
BitPuffinnot that I need that power for games right now14:39
Romsterand your doing this on this old card now -_-14:39
BitPuffinbut it should last into the future!14:39
BitPuffinyes, and I can't do too good gfx with it14:39
BitPuffinanyways, Nvidia is about to drop a new series anyway14:40
Romsterin linux?14:40
BitPuffinso I am waiting for the TITAN equivalent in the new series14:40
BitPuffinRomster: in linux?14:40
drayevargi live right by where the mall in that movie was14:40
Romstergamedev blender... in linux or windows?14:40
BitPuffinI am waiting for the next GTX series that is like that card14:41
BitPuffinRomster: Huh, I do gamedev and I use blender in linux14:41
Romsterwhat distro then?14:41
BitPuffinbut I don't use BGE all that much really14:41
BitPuffinRomster: crux?14:41
Romsterobviously not crux as you haven't get that setup14:41
BitPuffinRomster: well currently arch14:42
BitPuffinbut I am setting up crux14:42
BitPuffinmy desktop doesn't have arch anymore14:42
drayevargit looks like blender has a linux version14:42
BitPuffinit's tinkering with crux14:42
BitPuffinyeah it does14:42
BitPuffina great one14:42
BitPuffinanyways for GPU rendering with CUDA 3 of those is gonna be magnificent14:42
BitPuffinwell, 3 of the next generation of those14:43
Romstermay as well go quad channel ddr3 while your at it14:43
BitPuffinI am thinking, with hardware like that I can make games etc that look so good that by the time I am done it is standard hardware :P14:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.0.4 -> 2.1.414:48
Romsterprt-get fserach revdep14:51
Romsteris also handy to find what package it belongs too.14:51
Romsterdsearch search14:51
Romsterpays to read up on either the man page or prt-get help or both14:51
BitPuffinyeah I plan to14:51
BitPuffinI always forget the name of revdep >.< it just won't stick14:52
BitPuffinso I have to search up the backlog14:52
BitPuffinanyways, revdep is gonna run for a few years, so brb!14:52
Romsterprt-get cat prtutils .footprint14:53
Romsteryou could also do RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee ~/revdep.log14:54
BitPuffinRomster: you lost me with that last one14:56
RomsterRD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee ~/revdep.log14:57
Romsterthat'll list what libraries are broken in each package and show it on the terminal and also log it to ~/revdep.log14:57
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*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux15:04
BitPuffinit only told me that syslinux was broken15:16
BitPuffinI'll just downgrade every xorg package then15:18
BitPuffinby copying every package in xorg from that commit15:21
frinnstyeah syslinux will report brokenness with revdep15:22
frinnstsafe to ignore though, because revdep has some path issues15:23
frinnstsame with stuff like libreoffice, thunderbird and other crap15:23
Romsteryeah anyhting that includes the kitchen sink than to use system libs in non-standard place15:35
drayevargi asked a syslinux dev about that, he said it's expected behavior15:35
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:46
BitPuffinif I can get this working I think that I will be really happy running crux in the forseeable future :)15:48
BitPuffinbtw are there any particular benefits from compiling everything from source?15:49
BitPuffinthe kernel I get why it's beneficial to compile15:49
BitPuffinyou can slim it down so that it is tuned to run on only your system15:49
BitPuffinwhich is great15:49
drayevargthere are many other reasons, but for me it's just fun primarily15:50
BitPuffinbut like if you compile say blender from source or whatever15:51
BitPuffindoes that result in a better executable for your system than downloading a pre-built package?15:51
BitPuffintell mee :D15:51
drayevargmaybe -march=native will have more noticeable speed improvements but i didn't look at that code15:51
drayevargis it proprietary?15:52
drayevargno, it's not, sorry15:52
drayevargpre-built binaries have to be compiled in a really generic way with little optimization so they can run on most platforms15:54
BitPuffinand crux ports are set up in such a way that it will compile with maximum optimization?15:55
drayevargthat's more to do with your cflags15:55
BitPuffingotta look in to that15:56
BitPuffinI thought it was that there were special flags passed to the compiler in the package files15:57
drayevargwell, the makefile usually specifies flags yeah15:57
drayevargbut mostly they will respect yours too15:57
BitPuffinbut are the flags in the build script flags that optimize it for the current system? or just the general case15:58
drayevargthis is a common optimization
drayevargwith gcc if you have the cflag -march=native it will try to use all the instructions your cpu offers15:59
drayevargthe gentoo flavors add to that -O2 and -pipe by default16:00
drayevargyou can set this kind of thing in pkgmk.conf16:01
BitPuffinooh! nice16:11
BitPuffinwell then that's definitely a good reason to use crux16:13
BitPuffinrather than a pre-built package based distro16:13
BitPuffinprt-get : installing mesa3d 8.0.4-2, usr/include/GL/glu.h, usr/include/GL/glu_mangle.h, usr/lib/, usr/lib/, usr/lib/pkgconfig/glu.pc, pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)16:24
BitPuffinis it safe to use -f?16:24
BitPuffinI did prt-get remove mesa3d to remove the last one16:24
BitPuffin(9 something)16:24
BitPuffinI'll go away for a little sec, hopefully someone will enlighten me before I get back :)16:29
*** sepen has quit IRC16:45
frinnsthave you installed the ati-crap? they probably overwrite some mesa stuff. iirc nvidias driver did that a long time ago17:07
BitPuffinfrinnst: no ati crap, _yet_17:40
BitPuffinfrinnst: only xf96-video-ati17:41
BitPuffinand mesa3d17:41
BitPuffinfrinnst: so do you think it is safe to f it?17:47
BitPuffinIt's probably just that mesa3d package is a bit broken so that it didn't remove those files or kept track of them17:47
BitPuffinso they weren't removed when I prt-get removed it17:47
joacimthose glu-files should come from xorg/glu17:48
BitPuffinjoacim: ah they refactored it, thanks. Now it installed successfully17:48
BitPuffinthe only thing left now is pixman17:50
BitPuffinpixman is having trouble with cairo17:53
BitPuffinCCLD clip-test fails. libcairo gets a bunch of undefined references. like to "pixman_glyph_cache_lookup"17:55
*** nrxtx has joined #crux18:02
BitPuffinCould it be that I need to downgrade cairo?18:03
*** jturner_ has joined #crux18:03
BitPuffinhey nrxtx18:04
*** sdkmvx has quit IRC18:04
*** sdkmvx has joined #crux18:04
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*** jturner has quit IRC18:04
*** BurnZeZ_ has joined #crux18:04
BitPuffinwell at least x starts now, glxinfo and glxgears won't run though, hmm. And I don't know exactly how to deal with pixman18:09
BitPuffinokay, mesa-demos is broken according to revdep, maybe I just need to rebuild it18:14
*** twyf has joined #crux18:16
BitPuffinyeah that works, so the ONLY thing left to fix is libpixwan18:22
*** jturner has joined #crux18:24
*** joacim has quit IRC18:28
*** joacim has joined #crux18:28
BitPuffinis pixman even important for anything?18:30
BitPuffinrelatively easy to fix18:43
BitPuffinjust remove cairo and pixman, install pixman, and then cairo18:44
jturnerBitPuffin: prt-get depinst is your friend18:46
BitPuffinjturner: I did use that18:47
jturnerthen pixman would have been installed before cairo18:47
jturnersince cairo depends on it18:47
BitPuffinwell it seemed to be the other way18:48
BitPuffinor something18:48
BitPuffinI couldn't downgrade pixman when cairo was installed18:48
jturnercairo depends on pixman, ie you first install pixman then cairo, but if you ran prt-get depinst cairo this would all be handled for you18:48
BitPuffinbut cairo was already installed18:49
BitPuffinand I wanted to downgrade pixman18:49
jturnerseems like your going in the wrong direction18:49
BitPuffinso cairo had to be temporarily removed18:50
BitPuffinjturner: haha! yes18:50
BitPuffinjturner: I have my reasons18:56
jturnerhey, whatever floats your boat18:58
BitPuffinjturner: fglrx floats it :)19:01
*** Rotwang1 has joined #crux19:18
BitPuffinI just installed an arch package haha19:35
BitPuffinby renaming the pkg.tar,xz, and it seems like it works19:36
BitPuffinobviously not a good thing to do19:36
BitPuffinbut I couldn't find the source for the package19:36
*** doomicide has quit IRC20:18
*** teK_ has joined #crux20:35
teK_< afk until September 3rd be nice to my ports :p20:46
BitPuffinokay I give up now :/21:07
*** twyf has quit IRC21:07
BitPuffingetting fglrx to work on crux is not easy!21:07
BurnZeZI'm pretty sure that's true, regardless of the distro21:08
BitPuffinBurnZeZ: it is, but in arch it is surprisingly easy thanks to the work of a guy in that community21:10
BitPuffinkind of wanted to run crux though :/21:16
BitPuffinmaybe when I get easier hardware!21:16
*** joacim has quit IRC21:30
*** joacim has joined #crux21:31
*** drayevarg has quit IRC21:47
BitPuffinthanks all you guys for trying to help me out with stuff, you were great :)21:59
*** Rotwang1 has quit IRC22:03
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