IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-08-27

Romsteri bet BitPuffin has glu installed and then tried to install a older mesa3d that has glu already in the mesa3d package. before it got split.01:22
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darfonrxtx> what is: "if test true -o true -a false"04:29
darfoif test is true the interpretation will stop there and the clause for the if will be executed04:30
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darfoif the the is false the -o will not stop but since it can't be true -a (and) false at the same time the if will fail04:31
darfoseems obfuscated by configure scripts are generated and can result and some odd looking statements like that04:32
darfos/the the/the test/04:32
darfowhat port is that in?04:33
darfoThis was from way back in the logs04:39
darfoNormal logic says if a test is true then the -o (or) is never interpreted04:40
darfoI'd just like to know what resulted in that crappy code04:40
Romsteryeah or does not get executed. or well evaluated.04:47
Romsterno idea where it came from.04:47
Romsterdarfo, are you under a different nick as to someone else?04:47
Romsterso many new nicks i've been seeing lately and no idea who they are.04:48
darfoUse to nicks darfo and nthwyatt cause I still don't understand IRC and my crappy ISP disconnects a lot and I find one in use04:49
darfowhen I reconnect04:49
darfoRomster, you're up early this morning. it's getting really late for me so I've gotta sleep.04:53
Romster/msg nickserv ghost nthwyatt <password>04:56
Romster/nick nthwyatt04:57
Romsterthen you can identify i do this on some networks with a script in the irc client.04:57
Romsterit's almost 3pm i've taken some days off work.04:57
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nrxtxdarfo: thanks it was in mesa configure.ac06:06
nrxtxi already sent in a patch in to fix it06:07
nrxtxthey messed up the and/or order06:07
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doomicidehey nrxtx18:59
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nrxtxthe world ends again :D19:40
nrxtxfrinnst: in the next version they will switch right and left mouse keys ;)19:46
doomicideGnome seems to seriously go downhill:
frinnstholy hell19:57
doomicidemy thoughts exactly, when I read this the first time :D19:58
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sdkmvxhow will people copy and paste if the middle button is a menu?20:27
nrxtxsdkmvx in a faster way than before: right-click move mouse select copy, move mouse right-click move mouse select paste quite comfortable ;)20:28
sdkmvxand when I'm using xterm I'm out of luck aren't I?20:29
sdkmvxstupid gnome. do they want everyone to move away?20:29
nrxtxyou have to switch to gnome-terminal :D20:29
nrxtxRomster: did you update your brewster?20:30
sdkmvxI like how their primary inspiration is iOS:
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