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jturnerin case anyone is interested, I have a version of guile 2.0.9 in my ports repo ( and at is an update to guile in contrib that updates it to 1.8.8 and installs it with a 1.8 prefix01:03
jturnerrenames it to guile1.8 as well01:03
Romsteri only see one port using guile01:36
jturneri couldn't fine any that depend on it, swig installs some file for it tho01:39
Romsteri got lilypond but i really haven't done much with that.01:40
Romsterseems some gnome stuff uses it. and optionally graphvix for bindings.01:40
jturnerit looks like with the latest graphiz it should support guile 2.001:43
Romsterhmm seems openal-32 is slightly popular01:43
Romsterjturner, you may need to email jaeger he'll likely not see the irc message been busy lately.01:57
jturnerRomster: k, thanks02:01
Romsterpoking around looks like i need to make a lcms-32 port too.02:02
Romstererr a lcms2-32 i mean02:02
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guzzanoHi, I have a package for the community, perhaps to some, it may be useful. Is pkgrmd, shows the orphaned dependencies of a package, then remove it without compromising some other package03:23
guzzanoWould need prove that to see if it works well, then go fixing some errors03:24
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Romsterguzzano, interesting jaeger was talking about some list, so when a user did prt-get depinst foo that foo was excluded from orphans list.07:40
Romsterbut if oyu installed a port that pulled in something else then went to pkgrm that port it would then remove any orphans not in the list.07:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: keyutils: update to 1.5.607:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to
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rauzdamn i so overslept for work today09:23
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frinnstim usually the last to arrive09:54
frinnstthe netflix androidbug froze my phone a couple of weeks ago (during the night). Overslept that day 3 hrs09:55
frinnstand nobody could call to wake me up09:55
rauzmy battery died from my phone in the night so no alarm went off :(09:57
rauzand i watched breaking bad till 0300am :)09:58
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guzzanoRomster, handle dependencies prt-get is a bit difficult for those cases especially the architecture of prt-get16:28
guzzanopkgrmd work nice with the package of ports of official and third16:28
guzzanoIt is a little slow, yes, but I want to try it to see how it works, install a package, look at the dependencies that were installed and then see if the same dependencies samples pkgrmd16:30
guzzanosorry my english16:30
pitilloguzzano: have you seen pkg-get?16:42
frinnstips panels are awesome. bit bright, though that might be useful this winter keeping my tan in shape17:04
tilmani'm pondering buying a mechanical keyboard17:20
tilmaneven though i'm totally satisfied with my 20 eur, 10 year old cherry17:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk3: updated to 3.8.417:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.2017:49
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niklaswegood evning19:24
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