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prologicruns this:
prologiclooks pretty nice10:40
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niklaswehas someone more got problem to complie kvm?? I got erroer message about it cant find autoconf.h..12:21
frinnstgeez, why is that old port still in contrib?12:29
frinnstuse the kernel module instead12:29
frinnstheh, untouched since 200912:31
niklaswehehe :P12:33
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Amnesiais there by any chance over here who's got ports for the avr toolchain?13:15
Amnesiaanyone over here*13:16
jaegerNot I13:17
Amnesiahm I'll make them them13:18
Amnesiainto the port cave!13:19
Amnesiahave I missed anything out lately?13:20
jaegerNothing of which I know but I was gone for a few days last week13:28
frinnststop rubbing it in! :)13:29
Amnesiaare there any things I need to watch out for when compiling avr-gcc?13:37
Amnesiaperhaps some specific flags that have also been used for the regular gcc port?13:37
frinnstno clue13:44
Amnesiahm ok, we'll see^^13:46
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Amnesiaugh, this is quite the bitch14:45
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klrr_i will install crux again soon17:04
klrr_and as alwahys17:04
klrr_compiling linux is pain :P17:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libquvi-scripts 0.4.17 -> 0.4.1817:45
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Amnesiaw00t done19:00
Amnesiaanyone interested in an avr toolchain?19:00
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jaegerNo need for it here but thanks20:04
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: procps: disable nls21:34
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