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frinnstmm, yawn08:55
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niklaswedoes someone has any packages for virt-install?10:44
teK_virtinst                     kris           httpup sync virtinst10:46
niklasweteK_: hehe thanks.. shame on me :/10:48
teK_portdbc for the win10:52
teK_% portdbc search portdbc10:52
teK_portdbc                      opt            rsync -aqz portdbc10:52
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doomicideteK_, that's really cool. Didn't know about that.11:05
teK_say thanks to sepen :)11:05
doomicideI will, when he's online.11:06
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teK_oh and doomicide / niklaswe you have to checkout mpup, too11:28
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Romsterandroid 4.4 kitkat15:22
frinnstyeah i know15:23
frinnsti think i'll buy something else15:23
Romsterand why?15:23
frinnst17:22 <@frinnst>
Romsterthat was n 197715:24
joacimthere is a norwegian/american alternative. i cant remember what it is called tho15:24
frinnststill ongoing15:24
frinnstanyways, google it15:24
Romstermight as well boycott every single company out there, because they all do stupid shit15:24
joacimowned by kraft foods15:25
Romsterthank you for ruining my mood frinnst15:25
joacimheh. it is like those windows/android users who hate on apple, but think ms/google is better.15:26
joacimit is all the same shit15:26
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tilmanfrinnst: after looking at, and seeing it's a nestle product, i wonder if you linked their respective spot earlier15:35
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Amnesiafor the ones interested:
Amnesiaavr toolchain16:55
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klrr_nrxtx: yo sup?18:49
nrxtxgetting home, having some free time, updating crux :D18:50
nrxtxin which state is crux on arm?18:58
tilmannrxtx: works for me18:59
tilmanheavily depends on the board i'd guess ;p18:59
nrxtxports there are still maintained?19:01
nrxtxor better said up to date?19:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: figlet: fix standard font, closes FS#95019:03
pitillonrxtx: ports are overlayed... currently we are playing with newer toolchain versions to build a new 3.0 release (but overlays from 3.0 are working right currently and frinnst is maintaining core-arm ports in 3.0)19:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rtorrent: list libsigc++ as a dependency19:06
nrxtxhi teK_, how was your holiday? :D19:13
teK_awesome, thanks19:14
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frinnstnrxtx: i cut out the back. only raises the temp by maybe ~3C instead of >10C19:19
Amnesiaanyone well known with C & compilers over her?19:23
Amnesiahere* -.-19:23
nrxtxAmnesia: if you want to generate a toolchain easily you can also you crosstool-ng19:27
nrxtxfrinnst: cut it out completely?19:27
Amnesiathat's not the crux way to do it:p19:27
Amnesiaall the packages build just ifne..19:28
frinnstso its just the sides + the door19:28
nrxtxAmnesia: that's why i said the easy way ;)19:28
Amnesia/usr/bin/avr-ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/avr/4.7.3/avr5/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc19:28
Amnesiadoes that error make sense to you folks?19:28
pitillo3.0 host Amnesia?19:30
Amnesiabeen fucking around with this issue for 2 days now19:30
pitilloprobably we are in the same state in ARM too...19:31
pitillohave you tried to build crosstools on a 32bit system? (or jail?)19:31
AmnesiaI've just installed avr-libc,avr-gcc and avr-binutils19:32
pitillowe started on 2.8 jail and we hadn't problems with ld19:32
Amnesiathe compilation of the crosscompiler is fine19:33
pitillocurrently we are stoped19:33
Amnesiabut when I try to compile an atmel binary, avr-ld is spitting out the message I posted previously19:33
pitilloyes Amnesia, we have an up to date 3.0 cross-toolchain, but try to crossbuild something...19:33
Amnesiainteresting, so with arm you've got exactly the same behaviour?19:34
pitillosame or near... ld is making strange things on a 64b multilib host when cross building19:34
Amnesiald or arm-ld / avr-ld ?19:34
Amnesiacause it're two different binaries19:35
pitilloI meant *arm*-ld19:35
Amnesia(do not that during compilation it fails to strips object files due to "incompatibilities")19:35
Amnesiahm ok19:35
Amnesiacurrently I've got exactly the same flags as the arch packages...19:36
Amnesiaaccording to that multilib needs to be enabled, it didn't do the job for me though19:37
tilmanpitillo: seems to work for me19:37
tilmani'm crosscompiling stuff just fine19:37
Amnesiatilman: for the arm architecture?19:38
pitillotilman: which toolchain are you using?19:38
tilmanpitillo: my own ;)19:39
tilmanrealized that after i finished typing19:39
tilmanit's kinda outdated as well19:39
pitilloand is it somewhere to compare to current 3.0 branch of crux-arm one?19:39
tilmanarm-crosscompiler.git i think19:40
pitillothank you, I'll take a look to see what's happening19:41
Amnesiatilman: do you have any clue what's causing avr-ld to whine?19:41
frinnstHynix makes 30% of the world's memory in this area, and now it will lose half its production, so world production will drop by 15%.19:49
rauzdid anyone by chance tried to make a static build from Qt5 on windows ?19:51
joacimi guess now is the time to hoard memory19:54
tilmani think i'm maxed up at 16 gig20:01
AmnesiaI'm going fucking insane..20:07
joacimthinking about maxing out mine, but i dont really have a need for more ram20:12
joacimexcept i need to replace one bad stick20:12
teK_chromium fits in 8GB RAM iirc :20:12
joacimmy browser seems to stay under 1GB20:15
teK_building it20:17
teK_was what I meant20:17
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AmnesiaI think the wrong toolchain is shiet from my avr toolchain20:19
Amnesiadoes one of you folks have any idea how to get gcc to use a specific binary to strip?20:20
joacimoh. i had 2GB on my desktop. had trouble building firefox because of it. should be fine now that i have 4GB, but I suppose I should have more.20:31
pitilloAmnesia: export STRIP="$TARGET-strip" ?20:33
pitillocheck sources, if it's hardcoded there... patch...20:34
AmnesiaI guess both /usr/bin/strip and /usr/bin/avr-strip are required..20:34
Amnesiastrip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `usr/lib/gcc/avr/4.7.3/avrxmega2/libgcc.a(_sf_to_df.o)'20:34
Amnesia^ that's spitted out during compilation20:34
pitillotake a look to clfs and try to isolate you target... that's the problem in cross...20:35
Amnesiaisolate your target?20:36
pitilloI'm not sure what are you doing really, but clfs could teach more and better20:36
pitilloI mean to don't mix things between your host and your target20:36
Amnesiaalready checked clfs out20:36
AmnesiaI'm doing exactly as I'm supposed to do:/20:36
Amnesia <- afaik I haven't mixed up stuff20:37
pitilloummm check toolchain, pkgutils-cross and crossrootfs repos in crux-arm, may be it can give you an idea about how we are doing cross20:47
Amnesiawill do ty..20:51
Amnesiathis does remind me of the strip option of prt-get..20:56
Amnesiaor pkgmk20:56
pitillothat option is to avoid striping binaries, I think it's not related with you want to do20:58
Amnesiait might be20:58
Amnesiado you know whether it's possible to prevent stripping binaries for specific packages only?20:58
pitilloyes, check glibc for example and you'll see an example of .nostrip20:59
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Amnesiapitillo: is it documented somewhere?21:05
pitillowhat? the nostrip option isn't... someone else asked about it some days ago21:11
Amnesiaah ok21:12
Amnesiathis might do the job..21:12
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