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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: iproute2: update to 3.0.1107:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.3807:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to
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frinnsthaha omg. 3rd party webmonkeys were supposed to redesign one of our customers websites. They have transferred the entire domain to a new registrar, disregarding MX records, various CNAMES10:20
frinnstfuck webmonkeys10:21
frinnstunfortunately the webmonkey is very hot, so i had to be nice :(10:52
horrorStruckso you can -12:21- @frinnst - fuck webmonkeys10:56
frinnsthow can you be mad?11:03
horrorStruckespecially since she knows some black magic for sure :O11:04
nogagplzis that you frinnst11:07
frinnstno, the webmonkey :)11:08
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teK_PHP monkey - 4/10 would  not date12:18
rauzwhat is webmonkey ?!12:19
teK_see 12:20 ff. in this channel12:19
rauzah webdesinger12:20
Amnesiaw00t succesfully flashed my arduino:P12:21
rauznice you got your avr toolchain running12:23
Amnesiatook me fucking ages:P12:24
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teK_how did you fix the format issue?12:27
Amnesiausing the .nostrip functionality of pkgmk12:30
Amnesiait was breaking stuff12:30
teK_how was pkgmk involved in the building process?12:31
AmnesiaI was making ports12:31
Amnesiain them*12:33
teK_I only have a raspberry with raspbmc12:39
teK_not even sure if avr is the right thing :)12:39
Amnesianope, raspi is arm:P12:43
rauzclose enough :D12:47
teK_tbh: I downloaded the isntallation script for raspbmc and never had to tinker with Linux on the raspi again :)12:48
teK_except for one complete reinstallation ;-)12:49
rauzwhen i got my pi i broke it after 2h, dropped it and accidentally stepped on it12:52
frinnsti just rebooted my pi and it wont come back up \o/12:53
frinnstprobably used the wrong kernel config when i built the kernel12:54
pitillo... nokia ca42 xD12:59
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klrr2how do i define locales?15:38
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klrr2doomicide: i did that plus doing "export LANG="en_US.UTF-8", will that be enough to set locale? (sry if its a noobish question)15:47
teK_should do15:49
doomicideklrr2, I do export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8" in /etc/profile. It should work after a relogin.15:50
klrr2okey thanks!15:50
klrr2i have a wacky logitech keyboard that require special driver i think, might hid_logitech_dj be right one?16:02
klrr2nvm ill see what happens if system doesnt boot i chroot into it and recompile16:05
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klrr2the system boots :) the simplicity in crux is what i really like about it , tried instqll arch linux but failed since i couldnt get internet to start with systemd17:09
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z3braHi !18:27
z3braI'm trying to install jdk/jre, and the Reamde tells to download them from the oracle website.18:28
z3braBut I don't have Xorg installd, and I'm afraid I need javascript to download it...18:29
doomicidez3bra, mhm, maybe look at Arch's or gentoo's build script, to see how/where they get their sources18:32
z3braThat's what I'm doing, but maybe you had an idea ^^18:34
z3brathanks anyway18:34
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jaegerz3bra: try this:
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z3brajaeger: seems great. I'll try this out !18:44
jaegerhope it helps. :)18:45
z3braIt's working for the jdk !18:53
z3branext, jre18:53
z3braThanks a lot18:53
jaegernp, glad it works18:53
z3braThat's really great !!19:01
z3braIt could be useful to give the links in the package's README19:02
z3brajre + jdk installed =)19:06
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z3braBye everybody !20:01
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