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prologicRomster:  don't vote #LNP tomorrow - spread the word.00:22
nogagplzI voted for the socialist alliance01:07
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frinnstjaeger: thoughts about vDP? :)10:10
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klrr2when i start X everything is just plain black :/ any ideas?11:16
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pitilloklrr2: any hints on X logs?11:49
klrr2pitillo: when i do "cat /var/log/Xorg* | grep "error"" i get like 50 lines of this message: "(WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown."11:54
pitilloklrr2: wgetpaste the error and we'll see...11:58
pitillothat last sentence doesn't give much info to me at least11:58
pitilloI probably would take a look to the entire log instead of greping for EE or error11:58
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frinnsti enjoy the fact that microsoft uses postfix for office36512:09 (Postfix)12:09
frinnstwonder what OS they run on. probably freebsd12:10
klrr2pitillo: which log file do you want? 1-49 or all of them?12:11
frinnstjust paste the whole log, simpler12:15
frinnstwhat gpu do you have? amd/ati ?12:16
frinnstalso, what kernel 3.11 ?12:17
klrr2i use the default kernwl on iso and i use nvidia nonfree , i tried paste all logs as yoi suggested but it doesnr work i did "cat /var/logs/Xorg* | wgetpaste"12:22
pitilloklrr2: Xorg.0.log and wgetpaste -s dpaste12:23
pitillonothing strange there12:30
klrr2but it doesnt work :s12:35
klrr2it just get straigt black whene i run startx12:35
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pitillohave you seen if are ther any kind of conflicts between your video driver and current xorg-server?12:44
klrr2ive used gl-select use nvidia and nvidia-xconfig12:45
pitillomay be someone else with an nvidia gpu and close drivers can give you a clue12:45
pitillothat's the way to go with that driver12:45
klrr2ca it be a kenrlen thingy?12:49
pitillocheck dmesg when you load the module, may be there is something there klrr213:02
klrr2i gtg to the gym (gotta planned group thingy) bbl13:13
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jaegerfrinnst: just got to work, checking it out soon13:26
jaegerfrinnst: seems like it worked fine for the first test but I did only tell it to backup 2 VMs :)13:30
frinnstah, didnt consume infinite resources?13:30
frinnstmight be worth giving another try ;)13:30
jaegerI ended up being busy when the job ran and couldn't check, looking at the vsphere performance metrics now13:34
jaegerIt spiked up to 65% CPU for about 5-7 minutes, looks like13:34
jaegerI think it'll be more interesting to see after I add more VMs to back up13:34
frinnstyeah the "bug" we hit was quite fatal. they must have fixed it by now13:36
jaegerI hope so :)13:36
jaegerI'll add more VMs today and see how it goes13:36
frinnstkeep me informed ;)13:37
frinnstmoving >1.5TB over 1gbit is booooooring13:38
teK_so webmonkeys and cats it is13:40
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jaegerfrinnst: added a few more VMs and manually ran the backup job, it's pushed the load up to around 30 a few times but seems fine still14:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dbus: updated to 1.6.1417:23
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