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pitillodoes someone know where /dev/pts /dev/shm should be initialized?11:24
pitillomounted sorry11:32
teK_% egrep '/dev/(pts|shm)' /usr/ports/core/filesystem/fstab11:32
teK_devpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    defaults               0      011:32
teK_#shm                   /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      011:32
pitilloI'm lost at boot process.. I don't know who mounts them11:33
teK_mount -a ..11:34
pitilloit should be rc init script11:34
teK_# Mount local filesystems11:34
teK_/bin/mount -o remount,rw /11:34
teK_/bin/mount -a -O no_netdev11:34
teK_lines 56-58 in my /etc/rc11:34
pitilloyes, that's what I mean11:34
pitillorc manages it but with kernel support, there is no /dev/pts11:35
teK_why would you remove the support?11:35
pitilloand it does after udev_start... and someone is telling me that it probably should be mounted before start_udev11:36
pitillono, I don't remove it, I mean I have pts support in kernel11:36
pitillothank you teK_, I'll see if I can break this stuff...11:36
teK_afaics udevd works so I don't think it requires /dev/pts?11:37
teK_what is this supposed to fix?11:37
pitillouffff a big mess...11:38
pitilloI'm putting hands on a newer arm kernel and udev is making lot of strange things11:38
teK_oh ok, funny that it seems to work for the x86 main flavour11:39
teK_will be interesting what you find out :)11:39
pitilloverified that shm/pts are managed by rc is enought to see if they can be mounted before udev start... because it's making lot of strange things at boot (freeze without errors using the hevier debug options from kernel)11:39
teK_should be easy to test, so good luck11:40
pitilloyeah, it's on the way. Thank you very much :)11:41
teK_you're welcome11:41
frinnstare you forgetting devtmpfs?11:55
frinnstalso devpts shouldnt be mounted with defaults: gid=tty,mode=062011:56
frinnstor you will see breakage with glibc 2.18 or patched 2.1611:56
frinnst( patched for CVE-2013-2207)11:57
pitillofrinnst: nah, it's supported11:59
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pitilloproblems with kernel pata driver were locking udev :)13:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.1.4 -> 0.1.514:45
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doomicideDo they have wayland support already?15:51
frinnst"Ordered-by: The Management.15:56
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v33hey guys18:39
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