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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xkill: updated to 1.0.400:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xmodmap: updated to 1.0.800:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xrdb: updated to 1.1.000:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xinit: updated to 1.3.300:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xinit: Use sysconfdir instead of libdir for config files00:01
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chris1Does Crux have a sort of roadmap describing planned features/changes?00:12
pitillochris1: TODOs00:13
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chris1Where might one find that? I was unable to seek it out on the homepage00:14
pitillo at the end you'll see them00:14
chris1At least with a quick glimpse00:14
chris1I see, thank you!00:16
chris1Why not switch to an init system, which provides parallel startup of services?00:18
chris1I mean as a default00:18
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abyxcosCan't you do parallel service start with rc?00:29
abyxcosAlthough I guess that's more a binary thing, no polling on deps...00:30
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abyxcosErr, how do I install/bootstrap crux from a running system?01:03
abyxcosAlso, what all packages do I want to install from the cd?01:22
abyxcosAlso, how do I interpret a footprint missmatch? It seems everything listed as missing is actually there...01:42
abyxcosAhh, I see, it's complaining about a chmod of 0/0 instead of root/root.01:44
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abyxcosI can't find the place in usr/bin/setup where stuff like /etc/passwd and /etc/group are created...01:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: talloc: updated to 2.1.010:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dialog: updated to 1.2-2013090210:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: desktop-file-utils: updated to 0.2210:55
abyxcosRomster: I'm using that page, but it waasn't getting me a working install. No /etc/{groups,passwd}11:09
jaeger-abyxcos: they're owned by the filesystem package and created when you install it11:13
abyxcosjaeger-: Where is the filesystem package?11:14
abyxcosI don't see it in core.11:14
jaeger-It's in core. Missing some ports/packages?11:15
abyxcosNor in opt.11:15
abyxcos3.0 iso, md5 matches.11:15
abyxcoscore/file#5.12-1.pkg.tar.xz ?11:15
abyxcosOh wait, I see it now.11:16
abyxcosAhh. It failed because /dev was already mounted...11:17
jaegerBest to install the packages before mounting anything into the chroot11:17
abyxcosEh, probably.11:17
jaegerAFK for a few minutes, heading to work11:17
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-util-macros: update to 1.17.111:21
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libx11: update to 1.6.211:21
jaegerabyxcos: get it sorted?11:52
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abyxcosjaeger: I think so. Tmux compiled and installed cleanly, but wouldn't run. I didn't have time to debug that though.13:07
abyxcosI don't know if it was something as simple as a bad termcap.13:08
jaegeror maybe /dev/pts missing or similar13:11
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frinnstfuuuu iscsi13:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: 9.2.4 -> 9.3.014:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: monit: updated to 5.614:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualbox: updated to 4.2.1814:56
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frinnstromster & nogagplz being friendly17:39
tilmanfrinnst: get off reddit and back to work you sloth17:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-vesa: updated to 2.3.319:42
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-dummy: updated to 0.3.719:44
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-dummy: removed obsolete patch19:45
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abyxcosjaeger: Yup, no /dev/pts. Who's supposed to make that?20:57
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep devpts /etc/fstab20:57
tilmandevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    defaults               0      020:57
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >20:57
abyxcosAhh, thanks.21:00
abyxcosI probably bollocksed up /dev when I pkgadded filesystem on top of host's /dev.21:01
tilmansee also: vi21:07
tilmanwhat am i reading?21:08
frinnstheh, didnt click that.. seems broken21:08
jaegerabyxcos: I made some zimple spl/zfs ports if you want to play with them. No extensive testing yet but I was able to create a mirrored pool without issues as a quick test21:24
abyxcosjaeger: Sure. I'm also interested in seeing how they're created.21:25
abyxcosAlso, what DE do I want to install that'll make me hate myself the least?21:25
jaegerWell, that's a very subjective question :)21:26
jaegerI'm currently using MATE on some machines and i3 on others21:26
abyxcosIt's tarballed? Why is it always tarballed?21:27
jaegerWhy not?21:27
abyxcosIt's a text file, no?21:27
jaegerIf I continue to use it I'll put them into my ports repo but for now I didn't21:27
abyxcosWell, two.21:27
jaegerit's several text files21:28
jaeger3 for each port (Pkgfile, .footprint, .md5sum)21:28
abyxcosI actually want to try the new QT lxde... Are there any ports of that?21:28
jaegerIf they're not listed in the portdb, no idea on that21:29
abyxcosApparently there's only an lxde icon theme...21:29
jaegerIf none have been made yet, perhaps that'd be a good learning project for you21:29
abyxcosNot really.21:31
abyxcosThings I have interest in unravelling the dependencies for include tmux, player, and zfs. Things I have no interest in involve qt.21:31
jaegerqt is likely done for you, it would be the lxde bits you'd need to make, for what that's worth21:32
abyxcosI've never used it before :P21:32
jaegerto sort out tmux you probably just need to add "mount -o bind /dev/pts /path/to/chroot/dev/pts" to the activation section. That page needs some updating21:35
jaegerAFK to gleefully yank one of my old NAS devices out of the racks21:36
abyxcosAye, I did that, and it works now.21:36
abyxcosBut I mean tmux deps are more at my level of patience. libevent and ncurses.21:36
teK_you need to show more willingness for suffering ;)21:38
abyxcosI did my time.21:38
abyxcosI have don't have much patience for linux software idiocy.21:38
abyxcosI can't say BSD software is unilaterally better, but very few of my headaches stem from it.21:44
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abyxcosBah, qt has a bad checksum :P21:49
abyxcosMmh, how do I coerce a server to not give me corrupted downloads?21:55
abyxcosMrr QT deletes old tarballs the instant a new minor is available?21:57
abyxcosThat's just obtuse.21:57
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chris1window splitdel22:09
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abyxcosIf a port builds fine after my fiddling is SOP to just mail diffs to the maintainer?22:16
teK_that's the preferred way22:17
teK_at least for me22:17
abyxcosjaeger: How do you target kernel module builds against non-running kernels?22:25
abyxcosjaeger: Do I just need to pass prt-get some configure flags?22:25
jaegerNever tried but I don't think it's that smart. Would have to look at the pkgmk logic for it again23:10
jaegerI've been at work for 11.5 hours, though, going to drive home23:10
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abyxcosjaeger: It would be basically emulating DKMS (not entirely the best system...)23:45

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