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niklasweeverytime I reboot my machine I got PTY allocation request failed on channel 0, and my /dev/md0 doesnt mount anymore.. If i dont do it manually.. I looked in /etc/rc and i cant find anything about scan after raid devices..05:32
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frinnstiirc mdadm is handled by a udev rule08:03
frinnstcheck in /lib/udev/rules.d or something similar08:04
niklaswefrinnst: I have check /lib/udev/rules.d08:13
niklaswethe biggest problem right now is that I cant get an pty :(08:13
teK__if_ you can ssh into it, you could to ssh -T user@server command  for what it's worth08:16
frinnstyou have /dev/pts in fstab?08:16
frinnstdid you upgrade the kernel?08:17
niklasweYes I recompile the kernel, ad see if that would fix the problem..08:18
teK_anyone @seen rotwang lately?08:19
frinnsta few days ago08:26
teK_libreoffice would need some love and I guess other ports too08:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.908:29
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teK_yeah we're switching hdds12:57
teK_will be back shortl12:57
doomicideok, thanks12:59
teK_I was just sent a picture of the HDD cage, a hammer and the data center :P12:59
doomicidehaha, so that's what happened :D13:00
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doomicidesomebody seems to have an anger issue at the data center13:01
teK_mavrick61: can hear that? :P13:01
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teK_its alive13:08
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doomicideyay, Cryptsetup seems to be making progress at least the wiki gets updatet a lot.13:13
doomicideIs it planned for 3.1 or later?13:13
teK_on our ISO?13:13
teK_I made patches for that a LONG time ago13:14
teK_I can put some effort into that if there's public demand [tm]13:14
doomicideWell I'd like to have the option of full encryption by default. But I guess one user doesn't count as public demand :D13:15
teK_but public demand consists of (some) single users ;)13:16
doomicideok great :) I hope it'll make it into 3.113:18
teK_md2 : active raid5 sdc6[3] sdb6[1] sda6[0] 41961472 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_] [>....................]  recovery =  1.4% (298496/20980736) finish=9.2min speed=37312K/sec13:19
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frinnstwe still have to run 1.6.18 or earlier for a customer14:46
frinnstfuck java apps14:46
tilmanso i bought a mechanical keyboard14:55
tilmanone with the cherry brown switches. they are supposed to be silent14:55
tilmanit's loud as fuck14:55
tilmanPLOT TWIST14:55
frinnsta colleague has one of those cherry-whatever keyboards. loud as hell14:56
jaegerI thought those were marketed as being loud, not silent14:56
tilmanthe cherry *blue* switches are known to be loud afaiu14:57
joacimwould something like this help?15:04
tilmanjoacim: probably.15:04
tilmantbh i dont even care that much about the noise15:04
tilmanwas just surprised15:04
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joacimwould love to have a mechanical keyboard for myself, but i cant find one for my layout requirements15:12
tilmani've been using qwerty since 2005 on qwertz (german) keyboards15:13
tilmanoriginall my plan was to buy a qwerty keyboard this time15:13
tilmanthe size of the enter key and position of \ are nice on german keyboards imo15:13
tilmannot sure i could live with repositioned \ and weird-sized us/british enter key15:13
joacimi'd like a norwegian mac layout15:14
joacimi like it. @ has its own key15:15
joacimvery comfy15:15
joacimteK_: like hitler15:16
teK_I'm german, too. So careful, buddy :P15:16
joacimnot every german is hitler =)15:16
tilmanteK_: because restrained?15:17
teK_and hateful :D15:17
tilmancriminally insane15:17
teK_or depreciatory15:17
tilmanis not what i am15:17
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teK_have checked permissions?16:19
teK_name for my daughter :D16:20
jaegerniklaswe: do you have "no-pty" in .ssh/authorized_keys or RequestPTY turned off in the sshd config? also do you have /dev/pts properly mounted?16:24
niklaswejaeger: looks like my /dev/pts isn't properly mounted16:25
jaegerfstab should have a line for it: devpts /dev/pts devpts defaults 0 016:26
niklaswebut I dont understand why it doesnt mount correctly because It started yesterday when I have power outges and after taht neither my /dev/md0 or pts got mounted when booting up the system..16:27
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niklaswewhat should /etc/mtab point to?16:29
niklasweokey, thanks.16:30
jaegerfilesystem corruption, perhaps? Seeing any mount errors?16:30
niklaswemy /etc/mtab, was a file16:32
niklaswewhen I delete it and did an new symlink to /proc/self/mounts then it started to working correctly16:33
niklasweyay finally!16:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mplayer: 1.1.1 -> 2013-09-1218:52
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