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Romsterdiverse, easy exit xorg. rmmod nvidia. depmod -a, start xorg again01:37
jaegerhe's already solved it, heh01:38
Romsteri only just woke up.01:38
diversebut Romster's method is interesting01:39
Romsteralong with gls-select use xorg ; gl-select use nvidia. for good measure i've came unstuck before not running that.01:39
Romsterand i also came unstuck when i moved from 32 to multilib i had to rm a file that gl-select used that was 32bit only. but that was only during the upgrade.01:40
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nogagplzRomster what's the word02:55
Romsterah need to sort that out, been to melbourne and work and other stuff and haven't even looked at ports or laptop. it's charging up now.02:57
Romsternogagplz, also new vice is out.02:58
Romsteri haven't tried it yet02:58
nogagplzaho k03:06
nogagplzwhen you get a chance too you need to finish doing whatever to p303:06
Romsteroh right i'll get onto that too. escaped my mind.03:11
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nogagplzclever bait and switch07:57
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nrxtxis pitman/KonstantinLepa sometimes around on irc?10:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: abcde: remove obsolete make10:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: freeciv: 2.3.4 -> 2.4.011:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.069 -> 4.07011:11
teK_+ hey folks11:36
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: openssh: update to 6.3p111:36
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nrxtxhi teK_11:52
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abyxcosIs there a better way to test initrd scripts other than rebooting?14:43
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teK_you could use qemu14:46
abyxcosHow hard is it to boot a block device from qemu?14:47
abyxcosI've been meaning to do that, but never played around with it before.14:47
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abyxcosHmm, ports should probably have some kind of locking...15:28
abyxcosSo I can parallel build all lazy-like.15:28
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frinnstthe only time you can have a race condition is when you pkgadd, and that is usually handled very well16:54
frinnstexactly what happened?16:54
abyxcosAlsa was compiling, and another alsa started, and they both exited with a failure.16:57
abyxcosRestarting one prt-get allowed it to finish cleanly.16:58
frinnstyeah that can happen, usually not a big deal but it can be annoying16:58
frinnstpatches welcome ;)16:58
abyxcosEh, after I make a bootable system.16:58
abyxcosI still need an initrd.16:58
abyxcosI'm not sure who pointed me at mkinitramfs, but while the solution is pretty elegant, the code has stagnated over the last 6 years :P16:59
abyxcosAnd it does funny things with udev and ld :P16:59
abyxcosI suppose the simple/naive way to do this would be to drop a .lock file in either the portdir or the workdir, and just delete it after the pkgadd (or build?)17:02
abyxcosI think gentoo does something similar. They also lock before an install to filesystem to remove race conditions.17:02
abyxcos(That lock being a global lock.)17:03
abyxcosProbably the most annoying thing about debian/apt-get is that it locks at the start of execution, rather than on filesystem modifications, and exits on lock rather than spinning, so you can't do parallel downloads :P17:04
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frinnsthmm i should probably shave17:35
frinnsti look like a homeless person17:35
doomicidelet the beard grow and you'll look like a foss hacker17:40
frinnsti cant, im 33 and still cant grow a full beard17:41
teK_Vint Cerf and Brian Kernighan laugh at you17:43
teK_(and me, btw)17:43
tilmanfrinnst: having some stubble helps with the getting carded ;)17:43
frinnsti know, i usually dont17:44
frinnstnow im depressed :(17:44
tilmanbut you have alcohol to help with that, right?17:44
frinnstno :)17:45
doomicidefrinnst, I hear you man. If I let it grow I have a face full of hair but not a beard. I'm just 21, though.17:45
teK_tilman: NO that's a vicious circle :((17:45
frinnstmaybe some mindless videogame violence will make me feel better?17:46
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-server: updated to 1.14.319:49
abyxcosIs there an article on sane grub.cfgs?19:50
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frinnstoh grub19:52
frinnstread that as crux.cfgs :D19:52
frinnstfor some reason19:52
frinnstsyslinux <319:52
abyxcosDoes syslinux do efi yet?19:55
abyxcosAnd I enjoyed syslinux last time I used it.19:55
abyxcosThe latest grub2 actually makes for a really painless install. I was surprised.19:56
abyxcos(grub2-efi, not sure about the reguarl stuff.)19:56
abyxcos(And I have 3 grubs installed with minimal problems. I'm glad they fixed that regression.)19:57
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abyxcosBah, so close. Grub just wouldn't load :P20:13
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abyxcosGah, I spend more time fighting with grub than making things work.21:20
abyxcosWhy is it so hard to find out how to set grub to boot with text, and not graphics?21:20
teK_there's elilo, I don't think syslinux can boot from EFI but that's from the top of my mind21:21
abyxcosteK_: Seems like syslinux-0.6 (git) can.21:34
abyxcosNow I just need to configure syslinux :P21:36
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abyxcosStrangely enough, syslinux-git doesn't have git as a dependency.21:48
abyxcosErgo, I can't install it :S21:49
teK_poor thingy21:49
abyxcosI can't decide if laziness or explicitness should win in this situation.21:49
abyxcosAnd of course it doesn't compile :P21:51
teK_-git ports suck ;)21:52
abyxcosI just want to boot.21:52
teK_see mplayer for a somewhat more expensive version (but it's supposed to work ..)21:52
abyxcosOver half of my linux installs end at this step. Everything done except for booting.21:53
abyxcosMmh, initrd doesn't even start.22:02
frinnstcool, kswapd eats 100% cpu22:03
frinnstsilly linux-master22:07
teK_syslinux-6.01 should support EFI, too22:08
abyxcosThat's what I mean. The 6 build.22:09
abyxcosIs it released yet?22:09
teK_it's on kernel.org22:10
teK_2013-07-04 : Syslinux 6.01 released. This was a bug fix release.22:10
abyxcosI'll fight with that later.22:10
abyxcosGrub is working for the moment.22:10
teK_you ned a more recent gnu-efi package22:15
teK_I ddi not push that yet as I thought only elilo would depend on that and I did not get the latest version to compile :)22:15
abyxcosWould that prevent init from starting?22:18
abyxcosRight now as far as I can tell, initrd isn't loading.22:19
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teK_if the kernel was loaded and executed, the bootloader should not matter anymore22:20
teK_it's bootloader, kernel, initrd  (in that order)22:20
abyxcosThen the kernel isn't starting or some such.22:20
teK_vvv here you are vvvvv22:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gnu-efi: 3.0t.orig -> 3.0u.orig22:21
abyxcosFrom grub echoes, kernel loads, then initrd loads.22:21
teK_where did you get that initrd from?22:21
teK_haha.. and its content?22:22
teK_now I'm keen on testing syslinux as efi loader on my uefi desktop.. thanks mate :P22:22
abyxcosIt's content? 65Kb of files give or take?22:22
teK_whats in it22:23
teK_not how much22:23
abyxcosNah, 11Mb of junk.22:23
abyxcosinit, and presumably all the binaries I need to mount my filesystem.22:23
teK_is this crux or what?22:23
abyxcosI can upload the initrd if you want to look at it.22:24
teK_I do not really have the time22:24
abyxcosinit isn't even starting.22:24
abyxcos(Or my echoes are wrong.)22:24
teK_just curious as initrds are not really regularly used (as far as I can see) in CRUX22:24
frinnstyou *did* include initrd support in the kernel, right?22:25
abyxcosNeither is ZFS :D22:25
teK_have you tried booting with: debug or ignore_loglevel?22:25
abyxcosfrinnst: I believe so, do you remember what the symbol name is?22:26
abyxcosteK_: On the kernel boot line?22:26
abyxcosAnd yea, it's built in.22:27
frinnstsilly kswapd22:28
frinnstseems i have to schedule a cronjob to drop the cache when copying files :)22:29
joacimvery user friendly. year of linux on the desktop. ;)22:29
frinnsthehe. linus' git-master22:29
frinnstprobably related to this:
abyxcosteK_: What are the arguments for ignore_loglevel? debug did nothing.22:32
teK_none, I think22:32
abyxcosteK_: Also, what is gnu-efi?22:32
abyxcos(I don't currently have that installed, just grub2 and efibootmgr.)22:33
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teK_you are supposed to run prt-get info gnu-efi22:34
abyxcosteK_: Aye. And I don't have a browser at the moment, so it tells me nothing :P22:35
abyxcosAlso, is not good in a browser :S22:37
abyxcos*terminal browser.22:37
abyxcosNope, the website just has no info on it.22:41
abyxcosteK_: And debug ignore_loglevel didn't do anything.22:49
abyxcosteK_: When grub is loading, what does that signify for execution?22:50
joacimyou could grab the source archive and read the documentation contained within22:54
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abyxcosYea, I'm not really seeing how that's going to make grub work better?22:59
abyxcosAnd it doesn't make syslinux-git compile (not an old dep,) so I'm not sure why it was linked at me.23:00
teK_efi64 *does* compile with the newer gnu-efi.23:01
abyxcosErr, what is efi64?23:01
teK_the subdirectory containing efi64 and several modules (*.c32 files)23:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: scribus: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.323:02
abyxcosI'm failing on libinstaller (../core/ldlinux.bss)23:03
teK_not me..23:03
abyxcosThat's why I was confused about your comment.23:03
abyxcosSo I'm not entirely sure my kernel is even loading.23:04
teK_make efi64 -j4  63.25s user 9.19s system 327% cpu 22.094 total23:05
abyxcosAlthough, how do I tell what vmlinuz is compressed as?23:05
teK_feed file(1)?23:06
joacimthat'll say boot sector or something23:06
teK_ha. not anymore23:06
joacim/boot/vmlinuz: x86 boot sector23:06
abyxcosNope, still says x86 boot sector here too.23:07
teK_earlier they printed even the kernel version23:07
abyxcosMight needa update userland for that.23:07
teK_file should be quite recent.23:07
teK_stupid GNU :)23:07
joacimyou can read the compression method in the .config23:07
teK_that's boring23:08
abyxcosIt's set to xz.23:08
abyxcosCan I trust .config that xz will even work?23:08
abyxcosOr should I just recompile with .gz?23:08
joacimit should've failed building if it didnt work23:08
abyxcosHokay then.23:09
abyxcosIt seems like the kernel isn't loading then.23:11
joacimi dont know much about this shit, but building once with no compression could be worth a try23:13
joacimif it is a problem with loading xz compressed kernels23:14
abyxcosNone would be gzip :P23:14
abyxcosSo my kernel just isn't loading.23:29
teK_try booting without initrd option23:31
teK_make sure there's no 'quiet' option either23:31
teK_see, read and understand what's displayed23:31
teK_if it's still not displaying anything after the bootloader, your kernel is not loading.23:32
teK_if so, use a boot loader you do understand23:32
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abyxcosteK_: Aye, I tried booting without the initrd option, and nothing, which is how I confirmed it was the kernel. :D23:35
abyxcosteK_: And no, no quiet option either. Grub is the last thing to print anything, I'm not even getting stack traces from the kernel.23:36
teK_maybe can give you some hints23:36
abyxcosAnd as far as bootloaders go, I only understand the theory, not the software.23:36
teK_01:32 < teK_> if so, use a boot loader you do understand23:36
abyxcosYes, bootloader implementations are beyond me.23:49
teK_configuration. Not implementaton23:50
teK_I don't know a bit about implementations of boot loaders..23:50
teK_yet I got them working about every time I tried.23:50
abyxcosI have very low success rate. I think the bootloader is working though.23:51

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