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jaegerstill no successful boot?02:31
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niklaswehello =910:34
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rauzhi guys10:51
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abyxcosjaeger: Nope. Someone in #grub mentioned noticing a problem with 3.11 kernels, but a recompile solved it (recompile meaning a massive .config twiddling.)11:07
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jaegerI've built a ZFS root before but the machine I used didn't have UEFI support... pile it on, hehe13:00
jaegerHave done both separately, though, so I imagine it can be made to work13:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: llvm: remove lldb again13:15
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xinput: update to 1.6.114:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ocaml: update to 4.01.014:04
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frinnstfuuuucking hell this apple is tart14:07
juethe new maintainer of mailx formerly called nail and now s-nail seems to like CRUX ->
jaegercool :)14:11
frinnstim still sad that our iso wont fit on my 256mb usbstick :(14:13
frinnstthrow out firefox maybe? :)14:13
jaegeror get a usb stick made in the last 10 years :D14:14
frinnstit was my first usb stick :)14:15
frinnststill has a special place in my heart14:15
frinnsti should write a poem dedicated to it14:15
joacimi got my 256MB for free in 200514:20
joacimor was it 200614:20
joacimit is only 8 years old!14:20
jaegerThat's ancient in computer terms14:21
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rmulltmux attach15:23
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tilmanwe should build mesa with --enable-texture-float for opengl3 support15:39
tilmank, thanks and bye15:39
teK_haha :D15:39
teK_he said we15:39
teK_welcome aboard, Tilman15:40
tilmani could have said "you" but that might seem not so friendly15:40
teK_no excuses15:40
tilmanspeaking of poems15:42
tilmangoogle "black perl" if you don't know it yet15:42
teK_nothing happens for pe(a|)l15:43
teK_nothing happens for pe(a|)rl15:43
teK_ah yes, read that some time ago :)15:44
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doomicidehey nrxtx16:41
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jaegerhrmm... I wonder if I could export my ZFS pool in OpenIndiana and import it in NexentaStor21:04
jaegermay have to try that21:04
frinnstshould probably work, unless there are zfs incompabilities21:07
frinnsthave you run nexenta much?21:07
jaegerNever. I'd like to try it21:09
frinnstwe run it on ~5TB consumer hardware21:11
frinnstdoes the job21:11
jaegerThis would just be for my home stuff, I haven't needed the whitebox ZFS server here at work in a while21:12
jaegerTook down my FreeBSD ZFS server some time ago and those arrays are going to be resold21:12
frinnstmight be worth giving freebsd another spin with the release of v1021:12
frinnsti read there are interesting changes overall, and quite a few zfs updates21:13
frinnstbhyve might be fun21:13
jaegerworth a look at least21:13
frinnst Q: What is bhyve comprised of?21:14
frinnstA: The vmm.ko loadable kernel module, the libvmmapi library, the bhyve, bhyveload and bhyvectl utilities. In total these binaries are about 250K in size.21:14
frinnstuh, 250k? :)21:14
frinnstfloppy hypervisor!21:15
teK_and it fits on your USB stick21:16
jaegeroh snap21:16
frinnstsee, its not useless!21:16
teK__you_ are the reason quite some people cannot boot our ISO because of the 256MB limit _you_ impose!21:17
teK_I hope/know you're happy now21:17
teK_  /c21:21
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abyxcosjaeger: UEFI zfs root actually works (my current setup using gentoo and debian.)21:27
abyxcosjaeger: For some reason, the combination of everything that I'm doing on crux made it flip a tit.21:28
abyxcosjaeger: And yes, you can export your pool and import it under an OS, so long as it uses the same (or lower) version, or the feature flags match.21:28
abyxcosjaeger: Also, Nexenta *should* be using openindiana...21:29
frinnstyeah they ought to have switched by now21:31
frinnstthe version we run is still based on opensolaris21:31
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joacimugh. why do i read threads about gnu/linux on video game forums...22:39
joacimthose forums are bad enough when they talk about video games.22:40
abyxcosVideo game forums are even worse than phronix forums :P22:50
abyxcosAnd they're a gnu/linux site.22:51

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