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frinnstjoacim: hah, what forum? i need a laugh06:39
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timcowchipwassup bitches? :)07:14
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joacimfrinnst: 4chan /v/. thread is probably dead now.10:00
frinnstoh dear god10:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: llvm: remove lldb sources, too10:23
joacimi wonder why people always go to the worst boards. they always judge the whole site by that one board11:18
joacimnever mind the soldering threads in /diy/ or train threads on /n/11:18
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frinnstholy hell, firefox source tarball is 114mb13:11
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frinnstis the "hottest messages" function on lkml broken or something?14:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.2117:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] firefox: updated to 24.0.17:12
frinnsthave fun17:15
joacimnot fun17:27
tilmanyou just ruined my evening17:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: updated to 2.24.2117:45
jaegertilman:  want me to send you a copy of the built package after I make a new updated ISO? :)18:28
tilmanjaeger: no, i'm just messing with him18:38
tilmanor rather, tried18:38
jaegersorry! carry on, then :D18:40
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tilmanso i'm learning the colemak layout19:41
tilmanmuscle memory is amazing19:41
tilmanspecifically, how fast it memorizes new stuff19:47
tilmanand in colemak you can type fufufufufufufuuffufu with your two middle fingers19:48
tilmannot sure if coincidence19:48
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teK_are there female CRUX users?20:17
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abyxcosSo, what is the best way to port kernel modules?22:55
abyxcosShould I fudge around with -release magic?22:56
abyxcos(Also, updating a package removes the old set of modules...)22:56
abyxcosAnd my booting problems aren't a kernel-3.11 issues, kernel-3.10.12 still won't boot :P23:01
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jsanchez_Hello folks, How big is the update from the 3.0 iso on the mirrors?23:13
abyxcosjsanchez_: 252M.23:22
jsanchez_abyxcos, Thank you, I will think about switching for some more time then, I'd love to start using it right now, but updating kernel compiling, Too lazy to go through it atm.23:25
abyxcosjsanchez_: zcat /proc/config.gz > /usr/src/linux/.config; make olddefconfig;23:30
abyxcosjsanchez_: I also haven't been using crux for long, but can't you just update from ports? Or download the iso and pkgadd -u everything?23:31
jsanchez_abyxcos, Yep, you're right copying the config will do it, but I always had issues on updating because of broken links, and it took a whole day of download + fix links to update :(23:33
abyxcosjsanchez_: I tend to keep my stuff up to date purely by rolling release, so I may be lucky on that front.23:34

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