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diverseRomster: could you help me out with a Pkgfile?02:51
Romsternot right now i'm heading back to work in ~5 hours time surely someone else here can help.02:58
diverseRomster: wait, you mean you are going to work in 5 hours? What are you doing in the meantime?03:07
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diversehey frinnst could you help me out?03:15
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tilmandiverse: 5 o'clock in the morning probably isnt a good time for him05:20
frinnstnot really, no06:52
frinnstwhy not just ask, instead of asking to ask?06:52
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Romsterdiverse, no i was on my lunch hour07:33
Romsterwhich was at 12pm to 1pm07:33
Romster[12:51:36] <diverse> Romster: could you help me out with a Pkgfile? <- and i leave to go back to work 10 minutes before 1pm07:34
diverseI see07:35
diverseWell good news is, I finally figure out the issue I was having with my port. I'm still playing around with it.07:36
diverseit needed this -lrt flag in the linker07:37
Romsterah easy LDFLAGS+=" -lrt"07:38
Romsterprobably not looking at glibc's pc file.07:38
Romsterthen again i don't see any *.pc files in glibc07:39
diverseyeah it was bitching about some undefined reference to symbol 'clock_gettime@@GLIBC_2.2.5'07:39
Romsterit's the newer gcc being more strict.07:40
Romsterthat is not a bad thing.07:41
diverseis it a security thing?07:42
Romstermore strict = less bugs usually.07:43
Romsterthough stuff that used to compile will not if it's sloppy.07:43
diverseI'm building a new machine and planning to overclock it, does overclocking harm the compilation?07:49
diverselike say when I pkgmk ports07:51
diverseI guess no one tried this?07:57
diverseRomster: ping08:07
Romsterno unless it is unstable.08:12
diverseRomster: you mean if the cpu is unstable?08:15
Romsteror ram08:15
diversehow would I be able to tell when the cpu and ram are unstable?08:16
Romsterrun tests with some testing programs.08:17
Romsterif you don't know about core voltages and frequencies and multipliers and stuff i'd advise against over clocking.08:17
diverseI'm learning about the core voltages08:18
Romsterwith higher frequencies you get to the point you need a hagier core voltage to make it run stable but higher core voltages makes everything run hotter.08:19
Romsterand stresses parts more.08:19
Romstergoto high on vcore and poof you'll destroy parts.08:19
Romstertoo low not stable enough.08:20
diverseWell I am planning on giving the cpu and ram lots of cooling, since I bought a good Noctua heatsink cooler and a ram cooler to go above the ram slots08:21
Romsteryou'd need heatsinked ram as well as a fan on it.08:22
diversethe ram are heatsinked as well08:22
niklaswe_does someone know any snmp oid number for private use? I have a script I will run over snmp..08:23
diverseRomster: want to see the chassis I am going to use?08:26
diverse3 140mm fans on the front, and 2 120mm fans on the rear08:27
frinnstsounds loud08:27
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Romsternot if they are speed controlled.08:29
diverseI am going to replace the 2 120mm fans that came with the case with 120mm Noctua fans, since they are famously quiet for the amount of air they push. So it should be slightly more quiet.08:29
frinnsteven slow fans make noise08:29
frinnstand 5 of them surely will08:30
frinnsti've yanked most of mine out08:30
Romsteri have that much fan noise i don't even worry08:30
frinnsti have two case fans that run at ~600rpm + cpu08:30
frinnststill too much noise for me :)08:31
diversesounds like you need to watercool your system08:31
frinnstpumps make noise too08:32
diverseyou have very sensitive ears thats for sure.08:32
frinnstas long as it keeps the interval i'll be happy :)08:35
Romsterthose things drive me crazy08:35
frinnstI replaced my corsair h60 with one of these, or some other revision of it08:35
frinnstmore quiet actually08:35
diverseFor me I will have 2 120mm Noctua fans at the rear. I haven't decided what to replace my front 3 140mm fans with, since I like having the LED fans.08:36
diverseThis is just to show you how dead serious I am about cooling.08:37
Romsteri hate case leds.08:40
frinnstmost cases have this "mod"-syndrome too. hard to buy a plain case these days08:41
frinnstfractal design usually make nice cases08:42
diversemy case:
frinnstyeah i've had a few lian-li cases during the years. expensive08:45
diversethey are worth it08:45
frinnsti like the thick steel used in my fractal. no rattling, something i experienced with lianli08:45
diverseNow if I can find some quieter led 140mm fans...08:48
diverseof course, even then, my machine will drive you nuts with all the noise :P08:50
diverseThe perfect pc build for frinnst :)08:53
Romsterwhy not just use a large tumbler fan08:53
diversetumbler fans?08:54
diversegoogle is not giving me anything here08:54
diverseor link08:56
Romsteri should of said blower fan08:57
Romster like that :D08:57
diverseI found a ton of them on amazon:
diverseRomster: those must be so loud it would make frinnst's ear drums explode.09:00
frinnstits getting harder and harder to find fanless gfx cards09:03
diversefrinnst: because they are getting more powerful and thus generate more heat.09:05
diversefrinnst: or what you could do is remove the fan coolers off the card and replace it by installing a custom passive heatsink09:08
frinnsti just bought a passive 775009:08
diversethats cool. Then just stick with sapphire09:12
diversefrinnst: you probably use only SSDs for storage right? :P09:19
frinnstno, but 7200rpm drives are quite loud09:19
frinnstatleast in my microserver09:19
diverseRomster: so with my pc build in mind, that should provide sufficient cooling for stable overclocking?09:25
Romsterhard to tell unless i was there working on it.09:30
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frinnstdepends more on the motherboard/cpu you get10:06
joacimmy mid range graphics card ten years ago just had this tiny little aluminium slab for cooling10:30
joacimpaid about 1500 NOK for it10:30
joacimThat mid-high tier graphics card require 36A on the 12V rail is a bit silly tbh. a voodoo 2 required far less and didnt need a dedicated power cable from the power supply10:38
diverseyou are giving that "back in the old days..." mantra11:00
joacimback in the old days, you didn't need a 500W power supply just to power a mid-high range video game computer =)11:05
joacimI think I had a 250W in mine ten years ago11:05
joacimupgraded to 350W after a few months11:05
joacimnot because I needed it tho11:06
frinnstmm, amd k7 required 300W :)11:06
joacimI think the TDP of Pentiums, Pentium 2s, and Pentium 3s are much lower than current cpus11:06
joacimdont know how much the tdp matters overall tho11:07
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teK_ (that's Per Steinbrueck, candidate  for german Chancellor) :>20:00
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DaViruzhe looks like the man to get your nuclear power program back on track ;)20:35
teK_even better.. the gesture fits Merkel's diamond perfectly: ;-)20:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: llvm: enable shared building, R600 support and disable all non-x86 platforms20:58
teK_frinnst: ^^^^^^20:58
tilmanlennart: ^^^^^21:02
lennartsounds nice :)21:03
teK_don't you date copying my IRC chat messages21:03
teK_lennart: you're welcome21:03
teK_*dare *homer21:05
teK_gnar :o21:05
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