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diversethis channel is quiet, too quiet...04:10
HenesyHaven't touched Crux in so long....04:12
HenesyStill haven't gotten around to putting it on my MacBook04:12
diverseyeah Crux is awesome04:41
diversewont use any other distro04:42
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frinnstaww, and old lady called us because she had problems with her computer :)07:13
niklaswe_frinnst: :)07:17
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diverseyeah its quiet alright09:32
nogagplzwhen somebody starts poking and prodding the abyss, the abyss starts poking and prodding them back09:40
diverseWell thats kind of what I was expecting09:41
diversenogagplz: whats new with you?09:43
nogagplzwell, I shaved about a fornight ago09:43
teK_frinnst / lennart have you bothered testing opt/llvm+mesa3d? :)09:44
diversewhat is special about the llvm and mesa?09:45
teK_there's a special acceleration mode for radeon cards that requires special build options for llvm and mesa3d09:46
frinnstour mesa3d is too old i think09:48
frinnstlennart: you're also using a radeon-si?09:48
frinnsti have a git port if you'd like09:48
frinnsti plan to do more digging and find out what versions are required this weekend09:50
teK_latest stable is no option?09:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libelf: initial import16:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libelf: cleanups16:03
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frinnstanybody else see this?
frinnst(llvm update)17:07
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lennartteK_: not yet, no17:59
lennartfrinnst: nope, I'm using r600g18:00
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