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joacimI've never used technical mods with minecraft before. always been content with redstone and pistons00:24
joacimhoppers are useful too i think. but i mostly build stuff because i like to build nice things00:25
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jaegerThat's why I like the mods so much. Can build a lot of crazy stuff00:32
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v33jaeger do you have a server up? if so, lemmi join ^___^02:38
jaegerNot one that's public, sorry02:43
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v33sigh....i feel like an outcast02:45
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jaegerIt's only for some local friends so it's not just you, it's everyone :P02:46
v33i thought we were friends xD03:00
jaegerWe were until you went and bought an evo :D03:04
jaegerUnless I'm misremembering and that was someone else; if so, ignore moe :P03:07
joaciman evo... should've gotten an old ten-speed bike03:16
v33evo was my dream car03:20
v33my aunt told me i'd never amount to anything and would never have it03:20
v33i lulz when i drive by her place03:20
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tilmani wanted to get work done and now i'm stuck on imgur12:06
joacimit is sunday. you're not allowed to work on sundays.12:19
tilmani use the term loosely12:19
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frinnstyou can get that type of work done while browsing imgur with a phone/pad :)12:49
tilmani didnt say what type of work i was thinking of ;p12:50
frinnsti assumed it had something to do with the picture :)12:50
tilmanand i have already forgotten about the picture ._.12:51
tilmani wanted to link to the whole thing12:51
tilmannot just the jpeg12:52
tilman"cake for a cat-themed party"12:52
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tilman -- does the tutorial show for anyone?13:15
tilmanleft frame empty here :(13:16
joacimit is empty13:32
tilmanyeah, thanks13:38
joacim"Based on the comic books by Robert E. Howard"13:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice: add alsa-lib dependency14:54
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