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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-savage: updated to 2.3.706:17
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teK_hey folks11:52
teK_I have issues with lvm211:52
teK_% sudo vgs VG     #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize VFree camera   5   1   0 wz--n- 3.18t    011:52
teK_i.e. 'camera' is 3.18TB in size11:53
teK_I created a lv  taking 100% of the vg (check with lvs(1) which also says 3.18t)11:53
teK_parted now claims that the lv is only 1302GB:11:55
teK_Disk /dev/mapper/camera-datengrab: 1302GB11:55
frinnstchecked with any other gpt tool?11:58
teK_the only 'uncommon' thing about my setup should be that I pvreate(1)d /dev/sd[a-z]* instead of partitions on the disks11:58
teK_no I didn't parted should work just fine?11:59
frinnstit should, but it was the best i could come up with :)11:59
frinnstwhat were the sizes of the disks?11:59
frinnstany over 2tb?12:00
teK_3x465.76g and 2x931.51g12:00
teK_I want to plug them together to one 'datengrab' ;)12:00
frinnstbtrfs! :)12:01
teK_not in production!12:01
frinnstoh, hehe no12:01
frinnstwas ages since i used lvm for anything12:01
frinnsthave you tried using partitions instead? maybe there's something wierd with using the whole disk12:02
teK_will do next12:02
teK_but the first thing will be to remove any metadata/caches in /etc/lvm* and dd zeros to the first MBs of each disk..12:03
frinnstwipefs will probably be enough12:03
teK_the 3x465 were part of a lv before (which I accidently shredder earlier today)12:03
frinnstoh first mb12:03
teK_no wipefs for me, rather old installation12:04
frinnstthere must be some issue with the metadata12:05
frinnst<- captain obvious12:05
teK_here's your medal, my hero :p12:06
teK_btw have you watched Ray Donovan?12:06
frinnstty, ty. I enjoy being unhelpful :)12:06
frinnstno, not yet12:06
teK_haha :D12:06
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frinnstoh sweet, the first season is completed12:07
teK_and let me tell you: it's awesome12:07
teK_took me one day to watch it *g*12:07
frinnstyeha my boss said the same thing12:07
frinnstand now to find out why "NT Kernel & System" is using ~50% cpu12:08
frinnstwindows joy12:08
teK_pstools is your friend?12:08
nogagplzthe forced obsolescence update they just rolled out12:08
teK_or how the tools are called.12:08
frinnst10 seconds to open powershell12:11
teK_I hate {s,c}fdisk and parted12:13
frinnstSystem                4   8 118  597    108     2:16:45.96412:13
frinnsthow informative12:13
teK_I just want to create one partition taking all space12:13
teK_yeah that's windows :)12:13
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frinnstparted is soooo userfriendly12:13
frinnstand on bsd its completely different12:14
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teK_multiple arguments? how dare you?? *wine* *quit*12:15
teK_there's n patch for fdisk to support GPT?12:16
teK_fdisk is just perfect..12:16
frinnstthere's experimental support for it in crux's fdisk12:17
jaegerteK_: "parted /dev/sdwhatever mklabel gpt mkpart primary 2048s 100%" :)12:17
frinnstgptfdisk is quite lovely, except for the icu dependency that will infect everything12:18
teK_it's a rather installation12:19
teK_btw frinnst ..12:19
teK_Using the whole disk as a PV (as opposed to a partition spanning the whole disk) is not recommended because of the management issues it can create. Any other OS that looks at the disk will not recognize the LVM metadata and display the disk as being free, so it is likely it will be overwritten. LVM itself will work fine with whole disk PVs.12:19
jaegerI don't like that gptfdisk makes assumptions for you such as automatically converting mbr disks to gpt12:19
frinnstbut why else would you use *gpt*fdisk? :D12:19
jaegerNo reason, probably, but that's bad behavior (my opinion)12:20
frinnsthehe yeah12:20
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teK_stil the same problem12:23
teK_Disk Drive: /dev/vg0/data12:23
teK_Size: 1301685469184 bytes, 1301.6 GB12:23
teK_that's from cfdisk12:23
teK_maybe I have to increase the PE size..12:25
jaegerpvdisplay,lvdisplay, and vgdisplay should show all the info you can get, somewhere in one of those there's likely the answer12:25
teK_ if you care12:27
teK_parted whines about Error: /dev/mapper/vg0-data: unrecognised disk label12:30
frinnstyeah because it doesnt contain any partitions12:34
teK_well I can add one but it will be 1.3TB in size which sucks ..12:35
jaegerI was expecting some PEs to not be allocated but it looks like everything is12:36
jaegerteK_: can you paste the parted print or fdisk -l outputs from them all? If your fdisk doesn't have the experimental gpt support, then parted12:38
teK_I'm rather puzzled right now12:38
jaegerthe physical devices, I mean12:38
teK_sure, one second (takes ages because this stupid thing tries to access /dev/fd0 etc)12:39
jaegerok, all the physical drives have msdos labels, which should be fine12:41
teK_could it be taht it only counts the three 500GB disks for vg0/data?12:41
frinnstyeah the size suggests that12:42
teK_the sata-drives are connected to some shitty dawicontrol ''raid'' controller in simple S-ATA mode12:42
jaegercan vgdisplay be made to print all the pvs in the vg?12:43
teK_parted still is not finished listing partitions..12:43
teK_vgdisplay -v I tink12:43
teK_a sec.12:43
jaegerso it thinks it's using them all, at least12:44
teK_frinnst: haha :D (as a dad I'm looking over grimly)12:44
teK_I also deleted caches in /etc/lvm2/cache/.cache12:45
jaegerweird that lvdisplay shows 3.18TB12:46
teK_this is a 32bit kernel/cpu but I read that its limit are 16TB for linux 2.612:46
jaegerSeems like lvm knows the right number, at least12:46
teK_I even enables EFI_PARTITIONS in linux-3.4.612:46
teK_yesterday I boasted that the extension would take some 20 minutes and the data will be safe. Now I wiped the whole thing and it still does not work :P12:47
teK_I will destroy the lv/vg and recreate a vg using only the 1TB disks12:48
jaegerit kinda smells like an msdos/2tb limit thing but I'm not sure12:49
teK_Iwill find out as soon as I add one of the 500GB disks afterwards12:49
teK_Disk /dev/mapper/vg0-data0: 2000GB12:52
teK_{vg,lv}extend results in:12:58
teK_Error: Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/mapper/vg0-data012:58
teK_and the mount-point is not accessible with I/O error12:58
teK_I did:13:00
teK_sudo vgextend vg0 /dev/hdb113:00
teK_sudo lvextend -l +100%FREE vg0/data013:00
teK_and xfs_growfs13:00
jaegerI wonder if you made each disk use a single partition with the lvm flag in parted if that would work13:01
teK_I could do that13:01
jaegerIt's a guess, might not help at all13:01
teK_even the docu I read states that whole disks are supported, too13:01
jaegerSeems like it should work either way, really13:02
teK_reboot didnt help btw.. still illegal arg during seek13:03
teK_wtf :D13:03
teK_Did I mention this was CRUX 2.5?13:03
teK_I could use md-raid, too.. hmmmm13:04
teK_stupid lvm ;_;13:05
jaegermaybe that lvm version just can't handle >2TB LVs or something?13:05
teK_I could upgrade libdevmapper and lvm13:05
teK_it's from 201013:05
teK_that'd be really odd13:05
teK_theeeere we go13:06
teK_Requested 'libudev >= 143' but version of libudev is 14113:06
teK_ok upgrading to udev-145 made libdevmapper not find udev at all.. how hard can it be?13:23
teK_because pkgconfig has no libudev, just udev13:24
teK_oh gawd. Linux can be terrible sometimes13:24
jaegerindeed, especially where things like udev are concerned13:25
teK_i.e. kay sievers or that other enfant terrible :D13:25
joacimit is good enough for the desktop, right?13:25
teK_joacim: been using linux on at least two desktops for almost ten years now :-)13:26
teK_with short detours to NetBSD13:26
jaegerIt can be a lot of work, though13:26
joacimkinda the same here, except my desktop is more like a server these days13:27
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teK_fuck it, I'm installing 3.0 on this machine on Friday14:11
teK_stupid crap14:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: file: updated to 5.1515:02
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tilmanteK_: i missed my 10th anniversary of linux _and_ my 10th anniversary of switching 100%. so sad :'(17:07
teK_I don't even  have a year i mind17:27
drswhat were you using 10 years ago? :)17:55
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joacimI switched 100% with fc3. dont remember when that was18:16
joacim04 or 05?18:16
joacim04. so next year then.18:16
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drsmy history goes back to '99 or so with RedHat 5.0, then Slackware, then OpenBSD, ArchLinux, back to Slack and now crux (as of couple days ago).18:32
teK_firstLinux Contact was with Corel Linux 1.018:34
tilmandebian hamm in 9918:36
drsguess 5.0 was more of a 1997 thing.18:37
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joacimi wanted to try it back during the late 90s, btu i didnt have my own computer back then18:40
joacimand my mom was very crazy when it came to technology.18:40
jaegerI started with RH 3.0.3 and slackware in 9618:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.11 -> 5.0.1220:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gimp: adjust footprint. Closes FS#95420:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-gtk: 0.20 -> 0.2120:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: 9.9.3-P2 -> 9.9.420:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vlc: 2.0.8 -> 2.1.020:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: keychain: 2.6.8 -> 2.7.1 closes FS#95520:54
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