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drsdoes crux have cpupower in ports?00:36
drsi guess it's part of the kernel? /tools/power/cpupower/00:36
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teK_drs: try
teK_or portdbc if you have it installed08:16
teK_now I could use a 32 bit crux 3.0..08:17
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RomsterteK_, i did one ages ago not the iso but the packages
Romsterbe a bit out dated now08:33
teK_thanks but I'm installing 2.8 right now08:33
teK_it's this machine where I cannot create lvolumes larger than 2TB08:33
teK_ claims that the limit for 32bit systems is 16TB08:34
Romsterwouldn't it make more sense to go 64bit08:34
frinnstjust use 2.8 and lock the toolchain, point the rest of the repos to 3.008:34
teK_with an Intel Pentium 4? Hell no, sir08:34
teK_frinnst: yeah will probably do that08:35
Romsterlol old cpu08:35
teK_right now I have to install 2.8 on a running 2.5 because it won't boot from USB and there's no CD-ROM drive08:35
Romsterthat could go so wrong08:35
teK_no update08:36
teK_a full installation08:36
teK_just added xz and a more recent libarchive *g*08:36
Romsteri basically did a non-multilib tool chain and rebuilt everything else frinnst08:37
Romsternone of my LV's are over a few hundered gigabytes each08:38
frinnstso you basically have the 2.8 toolchain then08:38
teK_I'm fine with that08:40
jueteK_: you can use my i686 overlay for 3.009:06
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teK_will check that later.. first I have to recover the lvm stuff...09:54
teK_and the fun must go on:09:55
teK_]# pvdisplay09:55
teK_i.e. none09:55
teK_]# dd if=/dev/sda bs=1M count=1 | file -09:55
teK_/dev/stdin: LVM2 PV (Linux Logical Volume Manager), UUID: J6ITvC-y1N8-9Yro-Ey2B-iSoD-l4Lw-hFBApf, size: 100020488601609:55
teK_thanks man09:55
teK_pvcreate won't work either10:00
teK_  Can't initialize physical volume "/dev/sda" of volume group "vg0" without -ff10:00
teK_no shit sherlock...10:01
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Romsterdo you know what your doing teK_11:34
Romsterdid you check the filter = line in lvm.conf11:34
teK_        filter="a/.*/"11:36
frinnstthis is tek:
teK_why don't I have an idea? It just does not work like it's supposed to11:53
frinnstdid you finish the 2.8 install?12:00
frinnstwhat does wipefs say?12:00
teK_I did12:01
teK_0x218                LVM2_member   [raid] UUID:  3YJApM-jwGy-lARJ-Xsem-IHug-gFXy-wneYaX12:01
teK_for example12:01
frinnstwipefs -f ?12:13
teK_too old ;)12:17
teK_there's no -f option12:17
teK_pvremove worked, though ;)12:20
teK_# wipefs /dev/{sd[a-b],hd[b-c]}  returns nothing afterwards. Satisfied? :)12:21
frinnstor -a then12:24
frinnstor whatever the flags are12:24
frinnsti think i'd rather do what you are doing right now :)12:25
teK_I don't think so12:25
frinnstI opened up "my computer" and explorer.exe crashed12:26
teK_Win + r, cmd [enter]12:26
frinnstjust running wipefs wont remove anything btw12:27
teK_I know12:27
teK_just wanted to show that pvcreate actually did something12:27
teK_fun fact: it's the same kernel where at least pvcreate worked two days ago12:28
teK_only thing I did was update the userland12:28
teK_stupid crap :|12:28
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teK_stupid udev12:51
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teK_    obtain_device_list_from_udev = 012:56
teK_made pvs work12:57
teK_yet.. I only get 1,3TB just as it was two days ago12:57
teK_[ ]   Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files13:00
teK_don't you dare say a single word13:01
teK_the original kernel config was old as hell13:06
teK_the main disk is 60GB in size, go figure..13:06
frinnsthahahah ffs13:07
frinnst<@frinnst> this is tek:
teK_not a _single_ word13:09
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teK_glad to make your day13:31
frinnsthaha i had a similar thing the previous week13:31
joacimthis is good i think. makes me more confident in my own abilities when i see others like that.13:31
frinnstripped my hair out for about a week13:31
teK_a week? nice..13:32
frinnstturned out i had to use <machinename>\<user>13:32
frinnstinstead of .\<user>13:32
teK_where is that?13:32
teK_I only know the first form (for Windows domains)13:32
frinnstyeah, windows13:32
teK_dot :>13:32
frinnstyeha, alias for local machine pretty much13:33
frinnstthe thing was, .\<user> worked with some types of connections13:33
frinnstaccording to windows logs, .\<user> was ok for authentication13:33
frinnstbut dcom/rpc didnt like it13:34
frinnstthe logs told nothing13:34
teK_the joys of logging :_)13:34
teK__ <- that's one long tear13:35
frinnstyes, windows is real shit when it comes to logging13:35
frinnstou, 30 year anniversary for gnu today \o/13:35
teK_what's 'toolchain' in your lingo? gcc, glibc and coreutils?13:37
joacimfrinnst: are you the guy who had a corsair h60 or h80?13:38
frinnsth60, yeah13:38
joacimhow is it?13:39
joacimthinking about replacing my huge cpu cooler13:39
frinnstthe pump "broke" after just under a year, so i returned it and got a thermalright cooler instead13:39
joacimjust want something quiet. almost inaudible13:39
joacimah ok13:39
frinnstthey had some issues with h60 but thats probably fixed in newer versions13:40
teK_frinnst: binutils only?13:40
frinnstno, gcc, glibc, binutils13:40
frinnstnot coreutils13:40
teK_Disk /dev/mapper/vg0-cam: 3500.7 GB, 3500717113344 bytes, 6837338112 sectors13:41
teK_call me: god of linux kernel configuration13:41
joacimyou did good13:42
teK_I did screw but not give up ;)13:42
jaegerMy h60 still works well but I haven't had it for a long long time13:42
joaciminstalling one in this case could be tricky13:46
joacimi have to take the motherboard out to install the x-brace13:47
joacimeasier than installing a huge heatsink i guess. less cramped around the cpu13:48
frinnsti doubt i'll buy another hxx or any other type of water cooling thingy13:49
frinnstcan only go wrong and doesnt really cool any better13:49
frinnstsize-wise it might have an advantage13:49
joacimi like it because it looks cleaner13:49
joacimand my case gets less cramped13:50
jaeger <-- this is what I'd get if I needed to replace it13:50
jaegerI have one of the older generation 212 plus somewhere, it was great13:50
frinnsti have this:
jaegerteK_: the late god of kernel configuration :D14:44
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drssilly question.. how/when does python3 get into crux's opt repository?16:21
frinnstprobably when something already in opt/contrib/xorg depends on it16:41
frinnstor if/when it can replace the current version16:42
frinnstthere are repos out there with python3 btw, but im sure you are aware16:55
drsyeah i saw it.16:55
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tilmansucceeding in making haskell do what i want is a great feeling19:52
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jaegerno doubt20:08
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frinnstyay, mozilla broke the firefox build again in 25.022:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spidermonkey: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: polkit: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: consolekit: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hunspell: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hunspell-en: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hunspell-es: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: freerdp: Moved from kde4 to opt23:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: openresolv: Initial import23:46

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