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frinnst4 CVE's for systemd, when was the last cve for sysvinit i wonder07:40
tilmanmade up or checked?08:01
teK_reported in July 199808:02
teK_a buffer overflow08:02
teK_it's btw the only entry in the cve database08:03
teK_and it says redhat sysvinit is affected08:03
teK_so maybe this was due to an act of debianism an d vanilla sysvinit was not affected at all08:03
tilmanteK_: did you write guess_gpg_passphrase.hs for me or was it some other guy?08:07
tilman(in 2009)08:08
teK_I did not08:09
teK_as I am a polite person I do not haskell in public08:09
teK_and I dont think there's a second Thomas Penteker doing Haskell out there.. was the file signed by a ``tek''?08:12
tilmanif it was, u wouldnt have asked ;p08:14
tilmanerr, i\08:14
teK_most probably08:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sxhkd: 0.4.3 -> 0.511:01
tilmanomg, bb finale is brilliant11:05
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frinnsttilman: yep11:33
frinnstlot better than dexter =)11:33
rauzyeah dexter finale was a little disappointing11:44
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jaegerargh... grrr... NFS with tons of small files14:09
jaeger1.7GB data over 35166 files in this test. 132m50s to send it to the server and write it to NFS via DICOM. 71m32s to "delete" it (where "delete" is actually a copy and remove)14:12
frinnstnfsstat -rc ?14:14
frinnstrunning out of threads?14:15
deus_ex1Is pulseaudio dep for freerdp these days?
jaegernot at all :/14:15
jaegerIt's just a boatload of files that average 46k each14:15
frinnstdeus_ex1: no, you should be able to build around that14:16
frinnstoh, the port in opt..14:17
frinnstyeah its listed there14:17
frinnstthat's why i guess14:17
pedjafrinnst: :)14:17
pedjajaeger: since you maintain pwgen port in contrib,this might be interesting to you
frinnstyeah i read about that, something todo with lack of randomness unless its from a tty14:19
jaegerAnything specific? There's no readme in that repo14:19
frinnstforgot to forward that to you14:19
pedjajaeger: not really, someone posted a link to this on twitter.14:23
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pedjait's all greek to me, anyway :)14:24
pedjaI see consolekit and polkit landed in opt, thanks for that :)14:24
frinnsteew :)14:25
pedjafrinnst: I just know that you can't wait for systemd to land in core ;)14:26
frinnst09:40 <@frinnst> 4 CVE's for systemd, when was the last cve for sysvinit i wonder14:26
frinnst[ANNOUNCE] Graylog2 v0.20.0-preview.1 has been released14:27
pedjaall the cool kids are using it.and I was never a cool kid, so...14:27
frinnstgrsecurity ?@grsecurity 18 Sep14:29
frinnstSo I guess it's not such a hot idea to allow vuln, racy userland code to make authorization decisions: ... *kit14:29
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tilmanfrinnst, rauz: havnt seen dexter finale yet either!!!1115:24
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teK_this virtual machine has no network cards.. yet it 'will wait 60 more seconds for network config'15:33
teK_BUT it does shutdown way faster than CRUX. I wonder why that is15:36
teK_ok.. so I may do sudo install sudoers /etc/sudoers  but sudo install sshd_config /etc/ssh is forbidden? wtf Ubuntu, wtf15:37
teK_my bad :}15:38
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frinnstomg, i just lost all hope in coming generations16:45
frinnsti just saw two teenage girls, walking a dog, stopping, and....16:45
frinnst... TWERKING16:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: rsync: update to 3.1.016:49
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.816:49
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rauzfrinnst: what is twerking17:40
rauzhas anyone a suggestion for a good movie17:42
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frinnstrauz: google it and despair18:07
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elderKHey guys! I need some help. I screwed up when I was messin' about in ports.18:58
elderKI did a chown / chmod that wound up running over everything in /usr18:58
elderK:P I'm not sure how to determine the original permissions or how to restore them18:58
jaegerelderK: you could compare .footprint files in ports or compare with another live system19:02
elderKAye. That'll be the best approach?19:03
elderKthe footprints, that is.19:03
jaegerI think so, unless someone's written a script to do it automatically and I'm not aware of it or something19:04
jaegerInteresting idea, actually, to script an automatic check like bsd does or tripwire19:04
elderKI'll write a simple script. Nothing fancy.19:09
elderKI can put it up on Zerospace for your perusal if you'd like.19:09
frinnstor you could restore your btrfs snapshot :)19:21
frinnstalso, fakeroot is your friend19:22
frinnst <319:24
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elderKNuts. I use XFS :)19:35
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elderKRight. Time to repair. Thanks frinnst, jaeger :)20:13
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tilman"If the US government shuts down, do the British get to resume colonial control?"20:54
tilmanTIL there is a word called 'furlough'21:00
jaegernotice it starts with "FU" :D21:01
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