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niklasweGood morning guys!05:59
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niklaswehow are you frinnst ?07:11
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frinnsttired as usual07:50
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tilmanfrinnst: shouldnt you have had fika by 10? ;)09:45
tilman"XMir postponed in Ubuntu" haha09:52
frinnsttilman: nah, just a cupper first thing in the morning10:27
frinnsti think im immune to caffeine :(10:27
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joacimsometimes skyrim crashes on my computer. restarting skyrim doesn't help as it'll crash again.12:31
joacimrebooting helps. :S12:31
joacimI dont like it when rebooting actually does something.12:32
joacimi wonder if it is my motherboard. memtest reports error after about 12 minutes, even after changing the ram12:34
Romsterrun prime9512:38
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joacimmkay i will12:40
joacimoblivion crashes too. oblivion and skyrim ar ethe only games that crashes12:41
joacimand hl2 crashes when I quit the game =)12:41
joacim"hl2 has stopped working"12:41
joacimnothing else crashes. no segfaults or kernel panics on linux, nothing else on windows12:42
joacim <- valve ported "hl2 has stopped working" to os x12:42
Romsternot over clocking? not full of dust?12:43
joacimno overclock, there is dust, i cleaned out the dust a few days ago12:43
joacimi thought it could be the ram overheating, but memtest reports errors on the 12 minute mark even when i have ricer ram with giant heat sinks12:44
joacimi was thinking it might be a bad slot, or the memory controller12:45
joacimI'll let prime95 run for a while now. I know memtest86+ has issues with some asus motherboards, or at least thats what someone on some forum said.12:55
jaegerjoacim: I'd also recommend running memtest with only a single DIMM for at least a full pass13:18
jaegerif that passes without errors, move it to another slot and do it again13:18
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joacimwill do13:22
joacimi'm ok with 3 out of 4 slots. is an old computer and i dont really want to upgrade yet =)13:23
jaegerI have one at home with 3/4 used, just haven't bothered to replace the failed DIMM :)13:23
jaegerAt this point rather than replace it I'll probably just move some server hardware from a retired 1U to that box where it's quieter13:24
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joacimThat's what I'd like to do. Make my computer quieter.13:28
joacimpretty much any game that I'm interested in runs at 30-60 FPS, so upgrades isnt important to me.13:28
jaegerWhat hardware are you running?13:29
joacim <- speccy13:29
jaegerooh, a p5b13:30
jaegerHaven't seen one of those in a while13:30
jaegerRock solid motherboards13:30
joacimI like it. think i'll get my next motherboard from asus too.13:32
jaegerI've only bought asus (desktop) and supermicro (server) for my last few13:32
joacimi was picky when I chose this one. Was one of the few that were fanless.13:34
jaegerthat speccy thing is neat, never seen that before. I've used other tools from piriform, wonder how I missed it13:34
joacimpiriform has some nice stuff. that undelete tool works well.13:34
jaegerI used to use their defrag app, too, when I had spinning drives in that box13:37
jaegerhehe, speccy reports the wrong display size since I'm using RDP13:40
jaegerneat all the same13:40
joacimmine reports the wrong refresh rate =)13:40
joacimit is set to 60hz, reports 5913:40
jaegerI remember seeing that sometimes in the past, don't remember why13:41
jaegeryay for infoporn13:41
joacimvirtual clonedrive is nice13:43
jaegerLove it :)13:44
joacimso many shady applications for windows, so it is nice when something works well, looks good, and doesnt try to squeeze an ad onto your display13:45
jaegerYeah, agreed13:46
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joacimmaybe i just need a cmos reset. if it is just some bad memory settings somewhere.13:53
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joacimthats the only thing i dont like about this motherboard. I cant find anything in the bios settings. my old abit nf7-s is better like that13:53
joacimonly problem i had with that was that the diode under the cpu socket is a bit loose. it'll think it is overheating and shut down my computer13:55
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tilmanquite entertaining16:24
tilman"based on my experience and training, i know that "php" refers to a programming language used for web servers [...]"16:24
tilmani realize it's just legalese, but it still sounds hilarious16:25
tilman"based on my training and experience, i know that criminals seeking to hide their identity online will often use pseudonymous usernames to conceal their identity."16:26
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joacimRan Prime95 for 5 hours now. No errors so I guess I'm good then.18:06
jaegerIf you're unsure about your RAM memtest is more useful than prime95, for what that's worth18:09
jaegerprime95 is definitely a nice burnin or testing tool but much more CPU-focused18:09
joacimwas a nice test of my cpu cooling. 45 degrees celcius while the fan was at its lowest setting18:20
jaegerNot bad at all :)18:20
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frinnstwhat cpu?18:45
jaegercore 2 duo E760018:46
frinnstp5b \o/18:50
joacimthink my problems are gone now18:56
joacimmemtest86+ runs with no reported errors18:57
joacimcmos reset and i disabled the usb controller (some forum post hinted to a problem with memtest86+ and some of the usb features of this board)18:57
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