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architektHi, what is the usual way to save changes to some config.h files in /usr/ports (e.g. dwm, slock, st) so that they preserve 'ports -u'?00:52
joacimfork them and put them in your own collection00:53
architektjoacim: all right, already thought about that. Thank you00:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lvm2: update to 2.02.10309:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wpa_supplicant: dbus support, FS#95709:50
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xkeyboard-config: update to 2.10.110:09
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elderKHey guys, I wonder if you'd happen to have any advice relating to installing Crux on an EFI AMD64 system?10:33
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roelofanyone who can and is willing to help me on a kernel panic ?13:01
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Romsteryeah if they stayed on longer.13:22
horrorStruckalmost 10 minutes, improving I'd say...13:23
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Romsternot the fist time i take it.13:28
Romsteri've been out all weekend13:28
joacimI was lagging. couldnt answer before he logged out.13:45
Romsteri was not watching the screen at that time.13:47
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roelofanyone who can help me figure out a kernel panic ??14:48
tilmanroot filesystem Y, not M14:49
tilmanthat's the quickest answer i can give before you'll run again :-)14:49
roelofSee this topic :
tilmangrep CONFIG_EXT4_FS kernel/.config ?14:52
roelofext4 is enabled. Should I paste the whole config on I have to reboot this computer the whole time. tilman ?14:54
tilmanroelof: does it say CONFIG_EXT4_FS=m ?14:55
tilmanor CONFIG_EXT4_FS=y ?14:55
tilmanwhich one of the two?14:55
roelofI checked that several times. Also I double checked the modules for the harddisk and so on14:56
jaegerdo you have the output of 'lspci -k' somewhere?14:56
tilmanjaeger: 3rd mail in the thread he linked, i think14:57
tilmanroelof: lilo config might be interesting ten14:57
jaegerlooks like ATA_PIIX is the only one, that should be =Y as well14:58
roelofoke, so you need lspci -k and the lilo.conf ??14:58
jaegernah, don't need lspci, found the mail14:58
roelofor schould I also paste the kernel config ?14:58
jaegercouldn't hurt to14:59
roelofjaeger:  the output in the topic is from lspci -n14:59
roelofoke , so paste of lspci -k, lilo.conf and kernel config? You need more or is this enough ?15:00
jaegerIt's close enough15:00
jaeger-k only adds some module info15:00
roelofoke, I will reboot my computer and will be back in some 10 minutes. Schould I also do fdisk -l ?15:01
tilmanwhat is on sda1, btw?15:01
jaegerfdisk -l could be useful, sure15:02
roelofthe disk were  Crux is installed. On sdb2  is Windows installed. I use Easybsd as bootloader15:03
roelofsorry I mean sdb is Windows installed15:03
tilmansda1, not sda15:03
tilmani'm asking about the 1st _partition_  :)15:04
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roelofsorry sda1 is the swap , tilman15:04
roelofI will reboot and provide all the info you need. Give me some 10 minutes15:06
roelofSee you later15:06
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roelofIm back and here the requested logs :15:16
roeloffdisk -l :
roeloflspci -k :
roeloflilo.conf : http://sprunge,us/JigI15:17
roelofkernel config :
tilmanJigI not found15:19
jaegernor is the lspci -k15:20
roelofback to a reboot and try another time :(15:23
roelofBe back in a few minutes15:24
jaegerCONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD=m <-- change this to =Y15:24
roelofjaeger:  may I know why without having lspci output ??15:25
jaegerbecause that's the block device support for SCSI devices, which every ATA driver uses now15:25
jaegerSD == SCSI Disk15:26
roelofoke, still need the lspci and lilo.conf ??15:26
jaegerI don't think we need the lspci but lilo.conf could still be useful if that kernel change doesn't fix the problem15:27
roelofoke, I wil try that15:27
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jaegerhrmm, wonder why he picked kernel 3.5.415:28
tilmanwonder why he was talking about crux 2.8 when he has a 64 bit kernel15:29
nkrisas long as he uses the supplied config as base for his configuration should be fine i guess?15:29
jaegerperhaps so15:31
jaegertilman: I think because he tried 2.8 when 3.0 wasn't working well for him at first and is now back to trying 3.015:31
jaegerjust a guess, though15:31
frinnstI like how he treats the ML as his personal irc-channel15:55
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jaegerI wonder if roelof got his machine working, it's been rather quiet18:38
joacimno output usually means it is working.19:24
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niklaswetime to sleep, cya tomorrow guys!20:27
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