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teK_cheers vvvvvvv00:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mplayer-vaapi: initial import00:47
teK_please test00:47
teK_(the peeps with vaapi-compatible HW/drivers)00:48
teK_reduces CPU usage for a HD mkv from 35 to 15 percent for me00:48
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niklaswegood morning07:36
niklaswehow are you joacim ?07:43
joacimdoing just fine07:45
joacimkinda tired07:45
joacimtoo early for me07:45
niklaswehehe :) have you just arrived to the work or..?07:47
joacimnaw i'm at home still07:49
joacimabout to run out now tho07:49
joacimgotta go. have fun =)07:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libnet: fix man path, thanks Amnesia10:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libnet: increase release number11:09
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horrorStruckteK_: FWIW, i've been using mplayer-vaapi for ages but it's receiving very very little love (sync'd with mplayer upstream maybe once a year, twice if we're lucky). just recently found out that mpv does support vaapi too (not the one in our repo, only git master branch does so far) and it's a very nice project and very active too.11:36
joacimcan mpv function as a drop-in replacement for mplayer?11:51
horrorStruckjoacim: what do you mean exactly? you may want to have a look at this:
joacimfor frontends and such. i know that mplayer2 can function as a replacement for plain old mplayer with a lot of different frontends12:03
horrorStruckah no idea for frontends sorry12:04
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frinnstmm, smplayer needs to work for me to be a happy boy12:31
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teK_hm, any roadmap for mpv and vaapi?13:24
teK_I just don't want to ruin my battery with watching movies :)13:25
teK_so I took mplayer-vaapi13:25
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horrorStruckteK_: -15:47-  wm4 - horrorStruck: yes it's in git master, I'm not sure when we'll make the next (i.e. 0.2) release13:51
horrorStruck-15:51-  wm4 - horrorStruck: maybe now would be a good time indeed13:51
teK_mplayer ML doubts that there will be wide adoption of vaapi for _sure_ (depending on amd's move toward vdpau [or not])13:55
teK_which is bad news13:55
horrorStrucksurprising how difficult it is to find decent vaapi support whereas intel hw is so popular...13:57
frinnstfor videos? really?13:59
frinnsti open smplayer, move to the sofa and select a file to play from there :)14:00
frinnstfuck microsofts group policys14:00
horrorStruckfrinnst: smplayer is just the frontend, isn't it?14:01
frinnstqt based :/14:01
frinnstbut great otherwise14:02
horrorStruckso it doesn't solve the vaapi issue or i misunderstood something :P ?14:02
frinnstno, i was thinking of your mplayer replacement14:03
frinnstunless it works with smplayer as-is (ie, call the mplayer binary with misc flags)14:04
frinnstthen i will be UNHAPPY14:04
horrorStruckoh ok i get it now :)14:04
frinnstwee, seems the kswap0 bug i've been hitting on 3.12-rc has been fixed in rc414:07
teK_the ML-post reads like  there's almost no  Intel HW out there, yes..14:10
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frinnstwhat ml post?14:27
RomsterhorrorStruck, tried mplayer2?14:29
horrorStruckRomster: nope, no vaapi support to my knowledge14:35
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Amnesia lulz20:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sxhkd: 0.5 -> 0.5.120:20
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