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jaegerI'm quite happy with my x220, no experience with the x131e in particular00:03
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prologicYou run CRUX on it?00:19
prologicAnd what about UEFI? Is there usually just an option to disable this?00:19
jaegeryou can disable it but it works fine. Lenovo's UEFI doesn't suck like HP's01:46
jaegeryeah, I run crux on it01:46
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prologicI might get myself the X131e then02:53
prologiclooks nice enough02:53
prologic$900 is not a bad price either02:53
prologicwith added ram and a few extra tie bits02:53
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niklaswedoes someone know if you can setup rsyslog so you can join a socket and get live logs from the socket instead of tailing a logfile..08:38
diversecompiling firefox on 8 logical cores at 3.5 Ghz is still a beast to compile...08:44
diversearg I can't get X to work anymore...09:25
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niklaswedoes someone known an easy way to firmware dell poweredge c1100 if you dont have any os insatlled ?11:05
frinnstno drac or whatever its called?11:23
frinnstilo allows you to flash firmwares11:23
frinnstasdf, syslinux issue and ofcourse is down11:26
teK_use google cache .)11:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: realpath: 1.18 -> 1.1912:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.112:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-agent: 1.5.1 -> 1.6.112:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.112:14
jaegerniklaswe: perhaps you could do it with freedos on a usb drive but DRAC would be a better option if it's available12:48
niklaswedoes dell have packages for debian to?12:51
niklaswethe problem I have is that it find my 4 3TB as 750GB disk12:51
niklaswewhen it support 3 TB disks12:51
jaeger750GB is what you'll see if your hardware doesn't support large disks or you use msdos partition labels12:52
jaegerit's 3tb modulo 2tb, basically12:52
niklasweso how should you do to fix it?12:53
jaegeruse GPT disk labels12:53
frinnstand dont to what tek did :D12:54
niklasweI think its msdos lables on the disk.. , but I dont have any os on it yet12:54
jaegerThen it should be easy to fix :)12:54
frinnst(kernel support for large filesystems)12:54
niklaswemaybe I should boot up and install cd and then format the disk..12:55
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jaegeryou could just do it whenever you install an OS12:55
niklasweand maybe then the raid will find the right disks..12:56
jaegersoftware or hardware raid?12:56
niklaswehardware raid, I have just get the server, I put my 4 3TB disk in it, and the disk shows up as 750GB12:57
jaegerdoes it show up as 750GB in the RAID controller's management BIOS?12:57
jaegerThat's a bigger problem, then12:57
niklaswewhen it has support for 3 TB12:57
jaegerThe RAID controller needs to support 3TB before the OS does12:57
jaegerIt doesn't look that way, heh12:57
niklasweIn the spec for the server it says it has support for 3TB disks12:58
niklaswethats why I will firmware upgrade it..12:58
jaegerYou can get quite a few different RAID controllers from Dell, though12:58
jaegerBetter make sure the RAID controller itself does12:58
jaegerIf it's not running the latest firmware that's a good place to start12:58
jaegerwhich model PERC is it?12:59
niklaswestupid question.. PERC?13:00
jaegerPowerEdge RAID Controller13:01
jaegerwhat Dell calls their RAID controllers13:01
jaegerIf it's older than I think 11th generation it won't support 3TB drives... which is why I asked about the model13:02
jaegerIt'll be something like 5/i, 5/iR, 6i, H710, H810, etc.13:03
niklaswewait 1 min, I will go down to the basement and check..13:03
jaeger <-- here's a list of some of them13:04
niklasweI will boot the machine again.. and look if I can see it there..13:07
frinnstjaeger: do you guys run any dell hw?13:09
jaegerNot at my current job, though a) that was all we used at the university where I used to work and b) we're planning to buy some Dell this year to offset vendors13:10
jaegerSo my dell knowledge is somewhat outdated, I have to admit13:10
frinnstyeah we have a quote out for some storage to a customer. we plan to run that on dell hw with nexenta13:10
frinnstshould be fun13:10
frinnstim bored with hp13:10
jaegernice :)13:11
frinnstalas, no fun stuff with stec cache tho :/13:11
jaegerI'm quite happy with our oracle servers but we want to have some variety13:11
jaegerNo support in that hardware or no budget for them? :)13:11
frinnstno budget13:11
frinnstthe customer just wants storage for offsite backups13:11
jaegerunderstandable, those are high13:11
jaegerAh, ok13:12
jaegerDoesn't make sense to buy them, then13:12
frinnstnah, no need for iops13:12
jaegerhaha, smooth13:15
niklaswejaeger: how can I see the module on the raid-controller?13:15
niklasweI mean in bios, I cant find it P13:16
jaegerNo idea, it's been a while since I used one of those... did you buy used or was it new? Should be in the paperwork if it's new13:17
jaegerIf not, boot up a linux CD and run lspci, perhaps13:17
niklaswejaeger: can it be ICH10R/DO13:18
niklasweIntel (R) Matrix STorage Manager13:18
frinnstsounds more like disk-firmware13:18
frinnstah, yeah intel onboard thingy13:18
niklasweI can choose create raid from it13:18
jaegerThat seems likely since it's a C-series server, anyway13:21
jaegerthey came with SAS/SATA backplanes but usually no hardware raid controller13:21
niklaswethen I must buy raid-controller then..13:23
jaegerDo you need hardware RAID for this? What's the purpose of the server?13:23
niklasweI mean controller so the server can find my disks corecctly13:25
jaegerWell, you could try updating the firmware first13:25
frinnstICH10 should support big drives without issues13:27
jaegeryeah, if the OROM is new enough13:28
jaegerLooks like B23 is the latest BIOS for the C110013:30
frinnstexactly what program only displays the drives as 750G?13:39
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joacimthis conversation makes me scared14:11
joacimgot a 3TB drive and now I'm wondering if it'll work with my old controller ;)14:12
diversedoesn't sound likely14:12
diversejoacim: could you update the firmware?14:14
joacimis on the motherboard. already on the latest bios14:16
joacimi guess it shouldnt be a problem.14:17
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joacimthe bios has troube recognizing TB drives it seems. but linux has no problems with it14:37
joacimnoticed now that my old 1 TB drive is reported as 100 GB in the bios14:38
diversethats strange...14:40
joacimwell. I dont think TB drives were a thing back in 200614:40
joacimand it doesnt matter anyways. bios is old news, and the OS recognizes the drives with no problems14:41
diversethen screw the bios :)14:41
teK_anyone interested in qxl-xorg driver and the vdagent guest part for spice (in qemu)?14:55
teK_and usbredir for.. well. usb redirection :o14:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: new port usbredir16:56
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jenbnIn section 3.2 of Crux 3 handbook, how do I include drivers needed to bring up your root filesystem or set things like SATA_AHCI=y ?19:28
teK_before setup?19:29
teK_there's no other way than rebuilding the ISO at present19:29
teK_what you can do of course is to use a different live cd that supports your disk controller, boot that, mount the CRUX iso and start setup manually19:30
teK_we plan to include a whole lot more  drivers on version 3.1, afaik19:30
joacimi guess you could edit the .config, or you could locate the options in menuconfig and set them there19:30
teK_you still have to rebuild and replace ther kernel19:30
joacimteK_: I believe section 3 talks about building your kernel19:31
jenbnmenuconfig is a bit dense, don't you think?19:31
jenbnyes the kernel19:31
joacimYou'll probably need all three variables set to get a bootable system. A lot of people seems to forget BLK_DEV_SD19:33
joacimI know I sometimes forget the filesystem.19:33
jenbnthe problem i face is this  - i dont know this so i skip this step, the kernel builds and when i copy it as vmlinuz & reboot, it panics, i'm sure it's because of this.19:34
jenbni know its foolish to mess my system like that19:34
joacimenable those three options and rebuild your kernel =)19:35
jenbnso i can just append these things at the end of .config file, and they'll be enabled?19:35
jenbn& rebuild & replace the kernel..19:37
joacimI assume that'll work19:38
teK_I wouldnot bet on that19:38
jaegerDepends on how the build handles overlapping values. Would be safer to change or remove the old ones19:38
jaegerif ATA_PIIX=m and then later ATA_PIIX=y, which does it use?19:39
joacimI think it would just be commented out on a fresh config19:39
jenbnwould make mrproper contribute something to this?19:41
jenbnstar on the kernel all over again and then change the .config file?19:42
joacimi dont think you'll need that. make menuconfig, and search for those three options to see where they are located in the menu structure19:43
joacimor you could search for the three options you need enabled in the .config, uncomment, and appent =y to all of them19:43
jenbnok i'll try menuconfig first; then someday i'll try the editing thing just for the sake of it :)19:45
jenbnthanks a lot!19:45
jaegergood luck :)19:48
jenbnok, have a good day people!19:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dbus: updated to 1.6.1621:42
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