IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-10-11

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vee_hello gentlemen03:30
joacimhello gentleman03:32
vee_how do you do, joacim?03:32
joacimdoing fine =)03:32
joacimand you =)03:32
vee_quite troubled. im trying to figure out why this particular thing is failing03:33
vee_als trying to get a machine to re-setup my minecraft server03:33
joacimheh. my computers have been screwing with me lately too03:34
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joacimhad some failing ram and poor customer support while returning the ram on my mac. and now i think the motherboard on my windows/linux pc is failing03:35
vee_you bought a mac? tsk tsk tsk. lol03:35
joacimin 2006...03:36
joacimisnt exactly news :p03:36
vee_man, if nvidia had optimus support on linux, i'd be REALLLY loving my laptop03:36
jaegerIsn't that what bumblebee is for?03:41
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vee_it is, but im having trouble getting it going lol04:23
vee_also, chromium failed to build on this new build of crux.04:24
vee_requires dynamic R_X86_64_32 reloc which may overflow at runtime; recompile with -fPIC04:26
vee_^not sure what that means...lol04:26
diverseIs there any tool that can check a motherboards revision?04:29
jaegerdmidecode, perhaps, if the motherboard supports it04:41
vee_you wouldn't happen to know what this libpci error is alla bout, would you jaeger?04:59
jaegerIt looked like it couldn't find libpci but I don't remember the error message04:59
jaegershould be provided by pciutils, though04:59
vee_but pciutils is installed...05:00
vee_ill do a force update, see if that resolves it05:01
vee_i guess that update helped lol05:30
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vee_out of curiosity, anyone here even use bumblebee?05:39
jaegerNot I, no optimus hardware05:40
vee_there is a wiki on crux for bumblebee, but the port it references has issues installing virtualgl05:40
vee_has anyone seen this?
jaegerNot I... looks interesting, though, will add it to the list to watch05:59
vee_he complains a lot...but i cant blame him. i went through some of his issues xD06:00
jaegercrux isn't perfect, of course06:01
vee_which is understandable. im sure if it had more contributers and more funding it would quite closer.06:03
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vee__hm. mplayer doesn't seem to find alsa06:19
jaegerI wonder if that guy ever dropped in here06:21
vee__lol im sure he did. had a question or two im sure06:23
vee__running mplayer -ao oss gives audio06:30
vee__weirdness lol06:30
frinnstwell fuck you too, UPS06:38 the things they do06:41
vee__the ups guy tried to steal my laptop06:41
Romstervee__, prt-get fsearch revdep06:54
Romsterdo a scan with that it'll find your problems06:54
Romsterrevdep that is.06:54
vee__will do romster, thanks06:57
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vee__Romster: after updating pciutils chromium installed perfectly07:41
vee__side note, how have you been, romster?07:43
Romsterquite busy otherwise well07:43
vee__oh man tell me about it07:57
Romster13 photocopiers each weigh 110kg and i got 5 left to assemble and delver and pull the old ones back out and box them up.07:58
Romsterpast 2weeks have been busy07:58
frinnsthow to you stay sane working with printers and crap like that?07:59
frinnsti had to do some printerwork for a customer a few weeks ago, aged 10 years in two days07:59
Romsteroh not to mention the run up sheet and attaching the bridge unit and finisher...07:59
Romsternew ones arn't a issue it's the weight and ramps to move them.07:59
Romsterfinding a fault in a existing one can be a pain at times08:00
Romsterbut most cases it gives a service code.08:00
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frinnstmy issues were more on the software side08:00
Romsteroh did have fun ages ago with paper trais letter heads turns out to be there custom program not the printer driver.08:01
frinnstwe have a customer with a pretty cool setup. we run all their servers and they have a direct fibre connection to us via the city's fibre net08:01
frinnstthe downside is the other crap we have to deal with08:01
Romsterso do you really live in a cave <<08:01
Romsteror is it only the data center.08:02
frinnstdata center and office08:02
diverseRotwang: could you update the pcmanfm and libfm ports?08:02
frinnstmy office is about 3 meters from the servers08:02
Romsterdiverse, no idea what you meant on "Is there way to cleanly uninstalled a previous continue"08:02
Romsterand yes i use pekwm08:03
frinnstbig concrete wall between08:03
Romsterno wifi in there i bet.08:03
frinnsti sit ~5meters from our AP so i do get some spotty reception08:04
diverseRomster: sorry for the vagueness, what I meant was: how to remove the modules from older kernel installs. I had that question answered.08:04
Romster/lib/modules/<some old verson>08:04
frinnsti fear to do a ls in /lib/modules/08:05
frinnstwonder how many dirs i have there :/08:05
Romsterhmm got me curious now08:05
Romsteronly 4 directories on this more recent SSD08:05
Romster15 on my firewall08:06
diversewow frinnst wow08:06
diverseRomster: whats the oldest kernel you got?08:06
Romsternot running that one though08:07
diverseoh course08:07
diversemight as well remove most of them08:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: orc: 0.4.17 -> 0.4.1808:11
Rotwangdiverse: sure, but after I'm back from work08:13
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: orc-32: 0.4.17 -> 0.4.1808:13
Romsteryeah if they are that old.08:13
diverseRotwang: cool, thanks.08:13
Romsteri hate feeling tired. time for coffee08:13
diverse"damn you tiredness, how dare you make me feel sleepy!"08:14
diverseRomster: do you run a multi-monitor setup?08:18
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diverseWondering if pekwm runs well in TwinView08:26
diverseits gotten too quiet in here, frinnst say/do something funny08:29
frinnstjust returned from taking a dump08:29
nogagplzthe laughs just keep on coming08:30
diversea little, but its not enough! I demand moar!08:30
Romsterdiverse, not yet08:32
Romsterugh i gotta sort out nogagplz stuff too...08:32
Romsteri need a clone of me to get everything done around here.08:32
nogagplzlet me know when you pay for the postage and I'll send it to you on paypal08:33
Romstersorry about the delay08:33
Romstersitting here safe.08:33
nogagplzit's ok I've been pretty busy attending to theatrics bs anyway08:33
Romsterhows the grandmother going?08:34
nogagplzstill wasting away, getting a bit crazier each day08:34
Romstersadly it'll only get worse08:35
diverseyou guys know each other in RL?08:35
nogagplzyeah I know, same happened to my grandfather in 200608:35
Romsterdiverse, no but close to that many years on irc.08:35
Romstermaybe i should go for a drive way up there sometime...08:35
Romsterlong trip though08:36
diversewell it sounded like you had nogagplz's personal belongings08:36
Romsterand i got friends in darwin too.08:36
Romsteri actually do08:36
Romsteri bought a laptop off ebay with his money08:36
nogagplzonly about 12 hour drive from melbourne to here08:37
Romstermy ebay bidding experience.08:37
Romsteryeah not too bad08:37
nogagplzyeah sniping that guy in the knee in the last 5 seconds08:37
Romsterso 16 hours from where i am08:37
frinnst"only about 12 hrs"08:37
diversenogagplz: thats the way to do it08:37
Romsterhehe bet he was disappointed.08:37
nogagplzlol what was it originally, $208:38
nogagplznot bad for one that works08:38
Romsternah it was more than that i probably had to pay an extra 10-15 bucks.08:38
diversehow much did you spend total?08:38
Romsteryeah is in good nick but best to format it seems it's got origional stuff on it.08:38
Romstertoo many emails to find that one08:40
Romsteri've done a few thousand over ebay now.08:40
nogagplzoh well doesn't matter after the fact08:40
Romsterthough it's not all my money08:40
diverse"Damn you ebay and your spam!"08:41
Romstergood thing i filter it into it's own directory08:42
diverseRomster: so you run one monitor only?08:43
Romsteratm yes but it's a 27"08:43
Romsteri'm gonna make transformers for a switch mode power supply nogagplz so i better find myself a winder. i hate counting turns.08:44
Romsterbasic flyback with a tl494 chip08:45
diverseRomster: what resolution you use?08:46
Romsteri know it's not really high08:47
Romsteri'll get a supper high res either 27" or 30" monitor later on.08:48
nogagplzromster get the parrot from that movie to count for you08:48
nogagplzone hippopotamus, two hippopotamus...08:48
diverselooks like its an easy fix08:52
Romsterheh counting parrot.08:54
diversealright, time to test pekwm08:56
diverseRomster: actually it looks like it just works with TwinView, although I noticed when moving a window it causing some kind of warp tearing on the screen?09:05
frinnstsuggestions for a toolbar?09:06
diversefrinnst: either tint2 or lxpanel09:06
Romsterright click menu09:06
frinnsttaskbar then09:07
frinnstor whatever09:07
frinnstthe thingy at the bottom :)09:07
Romsteri'm on pypanel09:07
frinnsthm, maybe I should play around with this at home instead09:09
diverseI'm starting to like it.09:10
frinnsttint2 looks kinda neat too09:12
frinnstbut spams "***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** :"09:12
frinnstoh well, weekend fun09:13
diversefrinnst: whats wrong with imlib2?09:13
diverseis that what showed up from building?09:15
frinnstno, from running09:16
Romsteryou didn't enable developer mode at configure?09:17
frinnstjust installed the port, pointed it to the config file it installed09:17
diverseI am still wondering why when I move the window it causes tearing...?09:22
Romsteri'm too tired to think09:25
nogagplzhow much do you like moby Romster09:26
diverseI see what you did there09:27
Romsterquite a bit why09:27
nogagplzyou'll love rage this weekend then09:27
nogagplzguest programmer09:27
Romsteroh sweet jesus09:28
Romsteri had given up on rage having anything decent anymore.09:28
nogagplzyeah it's been a crapshoot for ages09:29
Romsterwish i had my dvr setup for recording free to air.09:30
diversemoby Romster huh?09:31
diverseI see09:33
Romstermoby go :D09:36
RomsterSpeed freak (moby remix).mp3 well i got that too.09:37
Romsterby Orbital09:37
diversesigh, i fell for the e17 0.17.4 trap09:55
teK_use easy_e17.sh09:56
teK_or what's the matter09:56
diverse17.4 has a bug where if you enable or forget to disable the splash screen, starting X will cause a black screen09:57
teK_I had a compile bug with it09:59
teK_reran it ~10 minutes later -> bug was fixed :p09:59
teK_(it uses git/svn/cvs checkouts)09:59
pitilloit's fixed in 0.17.5 and efl 1.7.9 (pre-releases, not published yet)09:59
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diverseteK_: did you create a Pkgfile for that?10:10
diversepitillo: I will wait until it comes out, sounds like its close.10:12
teK_no I didn't but the script was written by a former CRUX user10:13
teK_I have a rather strong opinion on git/svn-based Pkgfiles ;)10:13
Romsteri preer picking a known working commit in the Pkgfile10:14
teK_I prefer upstream getting ther fucking shit together and providing proper tarballs10:17
teK_not like github or mplayer does10:17
pitillodiverse: I'm using it since 1 month ago and there are no news about when they will be released...10:18
pitilloteK_: but what about using easy_e17 inside a Pkgfile?... at least is a good way to keep track of files to don't let things remain on the system (I don't know how the script manages the unninstall)10:19
diverseI with pitillo on that^10:19
pitillobtw, I was pushing e17 developers to fix the 0.17.4 release which was bugged and they don't move ahead... only pre-releases and the stay there too much time10:20
pitilloit's like going backwards... provinding buggy releases (it remembers me old svn/git time) Really that wasn't a serious movement by their side10:21
diverseI find e17 still buggy in other areas, I wish they would focus more on that than their new e18 project.10:23
pitillothey are more focused in e18... always evolving project, good things by one side but lot of bad things too10:24
pitilloI don't know how many years I'm using E and one month ago, with the splash screen problem, I was near to put it on a side and going backwards to bb (I don't like how they are managing the release process really)10:25
diverseI don't like how they focus more on eye candy than the functionality of their software.10:26
pitilloI think you are confused diverse, they are more focused in performance than eyecandy10:27
diverseok, stand corrected on that10:27
pitillocheck their development and you'll see what I mean. Eyecandy is one of the good points, but the best one, is how they manage that, efl are powerfull tools, from embedded to desktops10:28
pitilloand their rendering engine is awesome (IMHO)10:28
pitillothis is what they are trying to improve, which affects eyecandy too10:29
pitilloefl provides a very good layer design10:29
pitilloand there are some comparissions outhere to see performance differences with other wm/DE10:30
diversepitillo: just for the heck of it, could you update the e17 ports to the pre-release version?10:34
diversepitillo: ?10:45
pitilloI prefer to don't do that yet... I'll wait until they release10:45
diversethere is still some issues with that?10:46
pitilloI don't think so, but I prefer to keep on last "stable" release...10:47
pitilloat least here is running better and without that splash screen bug10:47
diverseyeah and the splash screen thing was cool too10:47
pitillosed Pkgfiles and remove .md5files and it's done10:48
pitillolunch time, bbl10:52
diversecome on frinnst you can do better than that :)10:54
diverseand the race car wins! rofl10:58
diverseI never feed pidgins again11:01
diversenogagplz: here is what happened to that race car:
nogagplz more accurate dash cam11:06
diversefrinnst: funny but nasty11:10
diversebehold, the human slingshot!11:23
diversetop that frinnst11:23
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frinnstyep, read only friday11:35
frinnstno major changes!11:35
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diversefrinnst: no come back at that gif?11:35
frinnstno, i've already seen it :/11:36
joacimis freenode the only irc network with legit sertificates?11:38
diversefrinnst: how about this one?
nogagplzundernet has legit certificates11:38
joacimit is the only one i know of where I don't have to force my client not to verify them11:39
joacimi'll try undernet11:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: crawl: 0.12.3 -> 0.13.014:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: crawl-tiles: 0.12.3 -> 0.13.014:10
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vee_hey nrxtx, im the dude who emailed you :D18:04
vee_here is the error  you wanted :
vee_libjpeg-turbo is installed also18:05
diversedarn I should have made an "inb4" statement for vee_ ;)18:06
nrxtxvee_: hi18:06
nrxtxtry install "glu" seems like i missed it in dependencies18:07
vee_hm okay give me a sec18:10
vee_well, virtualgl is installing :D18:10
vee_that seems to have done it, thanks!18:11
nrxtxno problem18:12
nrxtxif other problems occur while installing, feel free to email me again18:13
vee_so you'll be maintaining the bumblebee port heh? oh man, the hero vee__ deserves! haha18:13
vee_i've been trying to get bumblebee to work on my machine for quite some time. thanks again, i'll definetly keep you posted!18:14
nrxtxvee_: be careful with the 32bit packages though, optirun has some problems there i need to fix18:16
vee_hm. i've installed bbswitch, but its complaining that it cant find it18:17
vee_tried modprobe'ing bbswitch and bbswitch-ko, but no go18:17
jaegerdid you run depmod -a after building it?18:18
vee_i did not...18:19
vee_i just ran it, and now /usr/bin/bumblebeed is not found xD18:19
vee_wait nvm. it hadn't started and i was trying to restart18:20
vee_hm...looks like it worked18:20
vee_nvm. optirun glxspheres says the bumblebee daemon hasn't started18:20
nrxtxvee_: you have to add it to your rc.conf or start it manually18:22
nrxtx/etc/rc.d/bumblebeed start18:22
vee_yes, after doing it a couple more times, it decided to play nice...but now it says [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: X unresponsive after 10 seconds - abortin18:23
nrxtxvee_: yeah that happens if you get the cores out of sync18:23
vee_would a reboot help?18:24
nrxtxjust restart, and do not restart bumblebee to often18:24
vee_okay, ill brb18:24
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diverseand there he goes18:24
nrxtxi hope the optimus support in mainline nvidia drivers get better ...18:24
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vee_that seems to have done it. thanks!18:26
nrxtxthen have fun :D18:28
vee_im trying to see if the temps will go down, and they dont seem to be.18:30
vee_usually on ubuntu or gentoo, they'd drop to about oh...55c. its at 60 right now18:30
nrxtxvee_: do you have a LED showing the currently selected gpu?18:31
vee_nrxtx: i have no idea what that is, so im giong to say no. xD18:32
nrxtxvee_: a small light usally orange/green18:33
vee_no my laptop doesn't have that18:33
nrxtxwhat does: "cat /proc/acpi/bbswitch" show?18:34
vee_says off, but i just ran  tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<<OFF just to make sure18:35
vee_now we're at 61C xD18:36
vee_i think i figured out why18:39
vee_my cpu is set to performance instead of ondemand18:40
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diverseman, where is Rotwang?18:44
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vee_this is strange. i have on demand on as my governor, but cpufreq says its using performance...18:45
diversedid you restart the daemon?18:45
vee_i mean, i restarted the computer so...lol18:46
nrxtxvee_: did you enable the others in the kernel config?18:46
vee_yes they are enabled.18:46
vee_i just edited the config manually and compiled. gunna restart and try again18:46
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vee_that seems to have done it. woot woot18:48
vee_hopefully now it'll drop to 55 ish18:48
vee_that didn't seem to help. still running at 61C18:51
teK_sweet, cinnamon does not require a full install of gnome anymore :)18:53
diverseteK_: nice18:54
vee_oh yea, they have version 2.018:55
vee_i kinda wanted to try it, but, it seems quite heavy18:55
jaegerok, yes.18:57
diverseor maybe so?19:01
jaegerwell played19:02
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frinnstdexter - australian edition:
tilmancan i click that when i havent finished season 8 yet?19:16
teK_yeah but it's not link-worthy imho19:17
tilmanthanks )19:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: updated to 2.24.2219:44
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vee_out of curiosity, what do you guys use for yoru word processing stuff? libreoffice?20:13
frinnstavoid it20:20
vee_then what do you use, frinnst?20:23
teK_frinnst uses handcrafted .sty files for LaTeX :O)20:30
nrxtxvee_: LaTeX20:35
vee_side note. youtube tends to stutter while watching videos20:38
nrxtxvee_: tends to be flash,
vee_but im not part of the trial20:42
nrxtxjust press the join thing, you don't even have to be registered20:42
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vee_still stutters lol20:42
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nrxtxonly some videos are html5 compatible, all others will be still flash20:43
vee_stupid flash20:43
joacimi use markdown formated text files and something like gimli for pdf generation20:43
joacimbyword or ia writer + marked on my mac, or vim + gimli on my linux computer20:44
vee_hm. i recall someone suggesting pepperflash20:45
joacimvee_: you can play em with mplayer20:45
joacimgecko media player and mplayerplugin20:45
jaegerI haven't needed to do any word processing in years, fortunately20:45
jaegerprobably would use libreoffice if I needed to, though20:45
nrxtxvee_: alternative is also youtube-dl + mplayer to watch youtube :)20:46
joacimboth should replace the need for flash on youtube20:46
vee_its just weird...the video is fine, the audio just cuts out -shrugs-20:51
vee_ill try the mplayer way :)20:51
nrxtx\o/ only some small stuff left for sysup: qt4, webkit, chromium :)20:54
joacimshould be done any minute then =)20:55
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vee_i was surprised at how quickly chromium finished this time around20:57
vee_i had always compiled it without makeflags so that might be why lol20:57
jaegerusing multiple cores for a big package like that should help, yeah20:57
vee_mind shattering...haha20:59
vee_i kinda wanna "rice" out my system, have no idea what to do lol21:25
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joacimminimalism and a tiling wm =)21:26
joacimlooks like thats what most ricers do these days21:26
vee_i mean, i use dwm but i dont even have a wallpaper xD21:28
frinnstvee_: I cleverly avoid doing any sort of word processing21:35
v33there, now you guys wont have to constantly use __21:43
v33well aren't you fancy lol21:45
v33im surprised irssi auto completes21:45
joacimvee__ was actually better since i don't have to stretch my hand as much to type ve<tab>21:51
joacimtyping v33 is very hard on my wrists. =)21:52
v33v <tab> works just fine here21:55
joacimyou're not the only v<tab> =)22:02
v33i can v tab myself...22:04
joacimvee__ was comfy, and now you made it all worse :p22:04
joacimnot a big deal tho22:05
joacimi dont really care. =)22:05
vee__there, now everyone can be happy lol22:06
nogagplzunderscores make me angry22:12
zzzzzzzzeveryone satisfied with z's?22:14
joacimtoo long. go back to v3322:14
Guest66299god damn it22:15
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xauth: updated to 1.0.823:10
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